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jodyblue1 Posted: Nov 19th 2007


cool chris Posted: Apr 16th 2008

nick park is part of aardman so both

bronny8425 Posted: May 17th 2008

sort off he just helps them out a bit

black Posted: May 25th 2008

nick park makes cooler films then aardman.

Lucky Ducky 13 Posted: Jun 28th 2008

I'll take the creator of W&G, Creature Comforts and Chicken Run over those people who made Flushed Away, any day. But seeing as how Nick Park can be credited with providing Aardman with their greatest successes, it's kind of hard to divide the two into separate entities. After all, Nick is the centrifugal creative force in the Aardman lineup. Without Wallace & Gromit, where would Aardman be today?

Gromit27 Posted: Jul 14th 2008

black.. nick park works for aardman! he created w and g and aardman animated and filmed it!:-|

Lucky Ducky 13 Posted: Jul 16th 2008


Josephine Posted: Jul 17th 2008

The Almighty Nick P without Aardman would be like Tom without Jerry etc.

I deliberately put Nick's name before the Aards because they saw a goldmine of skill, potential and imagination, took him on and Nick ran with the ball big style!

He is one of the Directors of Aardman alongside the two founders Peter Lord and David Sproxton - it isn't fair on the other equally talented Aards to single him out as THE reason for Aardman's success - what about Steve Box and Rick 'Golly' Goleszowski (sorry, Golly, if I spelled your surname wrong - is it Eastern European???)?

Behind the great man Nick P, there is a strong team for sure!


Sock Eye Salmon

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