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Oakes Posted: Sep 30th 2008

do you prefer the old shaun the sheep, or the new shaun the sheep? i ask this because he has changed A LOT between the time, hes lost his jumper, leanrt to walk upright, stopped eating everything in sight, grown brain cells, and much much more! BRING BACK OLD SHAUN PLZ AARDMAN!!!!!!!!!

person 1 Posted: Oct 1st 2008

i like the old shaun because it was a slightly original character. the new one is just a sheep gromit.

Oakes Posted: Oct 2nd 2008


Oakes Posted: Oct 2nd 2008


Oakes Posted: Oct 6th 2008

its saying do u prefer the old shaun the sheep or the new shaun the sheep

hanwell footie Posted: Oct 7th 2008

i want the old Shaun back as well

Oakes Posted: Oct 8th 2008

good on you

Chocachoc Posted: Oct 8th 2008

I know Shaun's character has changed slightly, but I personally don't think its too bad. Its what makes children enjoy it because, afterall, aardman is a busness that needs to make money. That show is for children so Shaun's character has been suited to what Aardman think children like. Another reason why they changed his personality was so Shaun seems like more of a hero. Aardman want children to think Shaun like the leader of the pack and a hero, if Shaun stayed a greedy little sheep that is quite quiet, the storylines wouldn't be as easy to think up and probably wouldn't be as good. His character has also changed because he's in a pack of sheep and guiding them. When he was in Wallace and Gromit, Wallace and Gromit didn't need to be bossed about by him because they don't look up to him like the pack do.

Overall, I think his personality has changed for the good.

jills Posted: Oct 8th 2008

I think all the changes are ok except the physical ones... he used to have such skinny legs! I think even if he stayed with w&g he would eventually have to walk upright to allow for more action/involvement. He was already smart and did a little rescuing in A Close Shave, and Wendolene calls on him for help. I like the old Shaun but I can also see the point that he was a bit one-dimensional and had to change in order to have his own show.

Oakes Posted: Oct 22nd 2008

also new shaun has ruined w&g a little bit because aardman admitted that they only stopped the w&g magazine to focus more on the shaun the sheep one!!!

crackersandcheese Posted: Oct 26th 2008

I like the old shaun, hes really cute!!!

crackersandcheese Posted: Oct 26th 2008

why dosnt he wear his jumper anymore ?????8)

crackin cheese Posted: Oct 26th 2008

the old one is better because he's more funny BRING BACK THE SHAUN WE ALL NO AND LOVE

Oakes Posted: Nov 4th 2008

good on you cracking cheese, and crackersandcheese too ( what a coincedence, practically the same name!!!)

still dizzy Posted: Nov 4th 2008

Well i like both Shaun`s,to me,they are both great in there own ways.

Oakes Posted: Nov 7th 2008

how on earth is new shaun good?

Oakes Posted: Nov 7th 2008

this lil guy owns new shaun any day

crackersandcheese Posted: Nov 11th 2008

I luv the old shaun, bring him back!!! LOL!

Oakes Posted: Nov 29th 2008

yay another vote!

crackin cheese Posted: Nov 29th 2008

The new shaun is good but he's lost his individuality I want SHAUN BACK bring him back to his old roots

crackin cheese Posted: Nov 29th 2008

Though Chocachoc has a point

Rioley Posted: Nov 29th 2008

I want old Shaun::(:'(

Timorg33 Posted: Nov 29th 2008

I think they should bring back old shaun

Sammy the lamb Posted: Dec 4th 2008

My sister HATES the new shaun. The new shaun is Perfect, and everyone hates the prefect guy. The old shaun had faults we could relate to - Greed and baldness.

Gromitfan115 Posted: Dec 13th 2008

Old shaun was good, but the new Shaun was more up for it

Old shaun was my fav but New shaun is okay

so...both really

thetopbun Posted: Dec 15th 2008

I don't mind! I want... *thinks really hard!* The... new shaun because he is more adventurous and Chocahoc has a point! ;)

thespazicat Posted: Dec 23rd 2008

the new shaun vs old is like saying "i liked wallace and gromit better when they made a rocket, not window cleaning"

so would it really matter, its up to nick what he does with his characters.

Brand Posted: Dec 24th 2008

old shaun 10/10 :D
new shaun -10/10 boooooooooo!

themoonofcheese Posted: Jan 10th 2009

BRING BACK OLD SHAUN (and his jumper)

hutchrocks Posted: Jan 10th 2009

me and my sister loved the old shaun! hes so cute.

lee-enfeild Posted: Jan 12th 2009

I like both

Oakes Posted: Jan 12th 2009

but which dya like better?

GROMO FAN Posted: Feb 28th 2009

I love old Shaun Ive seen Shaun's shows and said that can't be Shaun. I loved how Shaun could get people out of trouble by just eating everything in site, annoying Gromit and well being a sheep. I love that little baahhh when Shaun appeared on Wallace and Gromit! He was the sheep Gromit became jealous of and Wallace cared for- thats the way I think Shaun should be. And I'd also love to see his jumper come back into favour!

chees3gromit Posted: Apr 2nd 2009

i dont think there was any way to keep old shaun and make a series, it would've been too hard. They had to make a new, leader of the pack, shaun.

and think about it everyone, they didnt change the dynamic duo, so can it be that bad.

Oakes Posted: Apr 25th 2009

as a matter of fact they did, didnt you notice that the new " shaun the sheep " magasine came out as they ended the wallace and gromit comics? and that the editor actually said that they stopped comic to focus on shaun?

Fifi1997 Posted: May 23rd 2009

Hrmmm Well The Old Shaun Is The Best But Think Bout This

This is not W&G Shaun the Shepp yes it`s Shaun but It`s Not A w&g Shaun Hv You Seen Him On Cracking Adventures The OLd Shaun Yes Os Better But It`s Not THe W&G Shaun is it

Lucky Ducky 13 Posted: May 30th 2009

Not that I think it will make any difference, but I agree. I miss the old "eat everything in sight" Shaun. He's too smart now and basically is less sheepish.

Cinder The Kitten Posted: Jun 2nd 2009

I think that Shaun has changed, or maybe grown a bit, but it would be nice to see the old Shaun again. " BRING BACK SHAUN "

w&g rules Posted: Jun 3rd 2009

im not sure

w&g rules Posted: Jun 3rd 2009


ben 2 Posted: Jul 12th 2009


Oakes Posted: Aug 26th 2009

yes we want poor old shaun back hes been eaten by a noob new sheep >:( ) (<---shaun eating shaun )

Oakes Posted: Aug 26th 2009

oops that mucked up oh well

Oakes Posted: Aug 26th 2009

menna look like this >: ( )

shaunsgr8 Posted: Sep 4th 2009

hi! does anyone no wat channel shaun the sheep is on ? and wen is it on? it might be on a diff channel though if i live in a diff place to you?!!:-(|)

shaunsgr8 Posted: Sep 4th 2009

someone answer quick:'(

green shell Posted: Sep 10th 2009

Oakes Posted: Nov 5th 2009

umm, cbbc not sure what time sorry, but you might be able to watch via bbc iplayer?

Oakes Posted: Nov 5th 2009

also its nice to see people still posting here :D

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