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jordan Posted: Oct 1st 2008

9 Days To AMOLAD Filming Deadline hope we get some cool updates , the filming seems to have gone so quick now, im getting more excited.

Nathan M Posted: Oct 1st 2008

OMG i didet know that it was only 9 days left on filming :O:D

Oakes Posted: Oct 1st 2008

if it is ment to finish on 10th then WAT A BIRTHDAY TREAT FOR ME!!!! my b-day is on that day!

Hermes Posted: Oct 1st 2008

my b-day is the :D:-(30th october

Nathan M Posted: Oct 2nd 2008

my birthday is on the 22/04/1994 :D

Michael2008 Posted: Oct 2nd 2008

mines on 23/12/93 so it should come out near 2 mi bday!

Oakes Posted: Oct 6th 2008

does anyone know wen it will be out for all to see? the official date?

jordan Posted: Oct 7th 2008

eek 3 days

Chocachoc Posted: Oct 7th 2008

Oakes@ Around christmas.

Mark the shark Posted: Oct 17th 2008

Can't wait! I need to see it now! :D

Oakes Posted: Oct 22nd 2008

ty chocachoc

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