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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Oct 1st 2008

Wallace and Gromit are set to be at the heart of a new major government-backed exhibition at the Science Museum, London, designed to inspire a new generation of British innovators.

This exciting news was announced today at Aardman studios in Bristol by the Minister for Intellectual Property, Baroness Delyth Morgan.

The £2m exhibition, due to open in spring 2009, will tap into Wallace and Gromit's famous flair for invention with interactive exhibits, creative activities and animated displays, all of which will be themed around the fictional characters’ house.

It will also have a serious side – encouraging innovators young and old to protect their intellectual property to ensure they derive the maximum value from their ideas, and to encourage a positive respect for the intellectual property of others.

Nick Park, creator of Wallace and Gromit said:
"Inventiveness has always been central to Wallace's character and I have sketch books full of Wallace's eccentric inventions that have never made it to the screen. It is fantastic that Wallace & Gromit can excite young kids about innovation in this way."
For more information about the Science Museum visit

Ursrut Posted: Oct 1st 2008

WOW!!!! :O

mr joe kidd Posted: Oct 1st 2008

wow is it the science musiem in london?

jordan Posted: Oct 1st 2008


jills Posted: Oct 1st 2008

Oh that's a great bit of news! Thanks for the info.
Mr joe kidd I read that it's the one in London (South Kensington). I'm definitely going when it opens

mr joe kidd Posted: Oct 1st 2008

thanks jills you are so kind.
thanks for your comments on my creations.
mr joe kidd

Gelert Posted: Oct 2nd 2008


Gelert Posted: Oct 3rd 2008

thats cracking

jills Posted: Oct 3rd 2008

You're welcome, mr joe kidd

firempress Posted: Oct 6th 2008

How wonderful to have some of the very creative inventions recorded for posterity!!

Kingfisher Blue Posted: Oct 10th 2008

I should be able to go!

plasjas Posted: Oct 10th 2008

i will go see you their guys :)

efraga Posted: Oct 10th 2008

I need a date to start looking for cheap flights.

I dont want miss this

DinoHF79 Posted: Oct 11th 2008

Please include some pictures after the event on the website or in the newsletter. I'm in America and will be unable to fly that far. It sounds cool!:-X

Unique DramaQueen Posted: Oct 11th 2008

Cool !!
as DinoHF79 said.. please include pictures after the events.. :D

still dizzy Posted: Oct 12th 2008

see its still gone passed staffordshire again, would love to go,but London to far, when you don't drive.Still dizzy.

choi0813 Posted: Oct 12th 2008

it's so cool!!! in science museum!!!!

i would like to go with my class mates in canterbury...

choi0813 Posted: Oct 12th 2008

it's so cool!!! in science museum!!!!

i would like to go with my class mates in canterbury...

ffrrooggss Posted: Oct 13th 2008

Have to go to it

morgano15 Posted: Oct 13th 2008

gromit9 Posted: Oct 18th 2008


Oakes Posted: Oct 22nd 2008

when is the exact dates its open? or is it really open all through spring?

shauntimyhamygromit Posted: Oct 23rd 2008


crackin cheese Posted: Oct 25th 2008


Adri Posted: Oct 27th 2008

I wish I were there....:'(

crackersandcheese Posted: Oct 28th 2008

cool !!!:D

dan13 Posted: Oct 29th 2008

cant wait to see it

duffelgoat Posted: Oct 31st 2008

it will be brilliant!

lovegromit Posted: Oct 31st 2008

i'm definately going to see it! Its such a fab idea- having it at the Science Museum! its going to be great!!!

Oakes Posted: Nov 2nd 2008

i luv wallace he is da best i definately goin man

bleaugh i luv cheese

Adam_The_Time_Lord Posted: Nov 3rd 2008

WOW its going to be grate i hope they have like a Shop and Resturant in fact you could make a name for the shop and the resturant what do u think and its in london wicked

ebenezer66 Posted: Jan 8th 2009

Just got an email from the Science Museum. This is available now:

peter kay is pc mac Posted: Jan 11th 2009

wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rebel Posted: Jan 11th 2009


Oakes Posted: Jan 15th 2009

so can i ask if anyone knows if it is actually wallace and gromit stuff or just inventions that have been called wallace and gromity just because wallace invents things? anyone know?

wag_nw Posted: Mar 16th 2009

Is this the same as the touring one (like the one in Leicester and Liverpool last year). I keep meaning to take my son, but will make an effort with this one

I don't suppose it will come to Manchester will it :D (probably not if it came to Liverpool)


ryster102 Posted: Jul 8th 2009

I Want To Go To That Exhibit!!!

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