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kieran Posted: Nov 20th 2007

i first heard about wallace and gromit when i was in the co.op shop.

jodyblue1 Posted: Nov 20th 2007


Josephine Posted: Nov 20th 2007

I came across them by accident on BBC2 one Bank Holiday Monday about 16 or 17 years ago...and I've loved them ever since!

plasjas Posted: Nov 22nd 2007

i don't really know... it feels like i have known about them forever

connor-james-gorman Posted: Nov 24th 2007

Ive None Them Since I Was A Baby My Mum Put It On, On Christmas Eve

springwizard Posted: Nov 25th 2007

Dear Me. I've only recently discovereed Wallace and Gromit even though,as I have read,they have been around since waaaaaaay before I was born.:O

Ginafish Posted: Nov 29th 2007

Um..I'm an old fan. The Grand Day Out was nominated for an Academy award in 1990 and I've kept up with them since then. :)

mrpianokeys Posted: Dec 17th 2007

when i ordered some free piano books for me to play they sent me the wallace and gromit theme tune and thats how i knew about them until i watched a grand day out on the tv a couple of years ago.

Flapjak Posted: Dec 17th 2007

I saw it first when I was really, really small. I can't remember because I've known them for so long.:D

jordan Posted: Dec 18th 2007

when i was younger the best thing that ever happened to me!

angela_spain Posted: Dec 18th 2007

This summer,when i was in London(i'm from spain)

J-Snake Posted: Dec 19th 2007

A friend of my famly lent us the vids. i was like 3 years old then :O. every time i wach a grand day out I got a box of crackers and some cheese but I didnt really get interested in them untill i started doing clay animation

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 21st 2007

I've been a fan since I saw them one Christmas holiday in about 2003. Then Curse of the Were rabbit came out and then I was firmly stuck!;)

kldwallace Posted: Jan 5th 2008

by playing the games

Seb Moderator Posted: Jan 5th 2008

I've always loved them for sure, but I really became a 'superfan', to coin a phrase from Aardman, in April 2006, I've got the actual date written down somewhere!

I remember it all - I went shopping in the morning and when I got back I had the urge to watch all the Wallace and Gromit films again. I then played the game all day, and by night I'd entered a new stage of fandom it seemed. A few days later I started to build my 'shrine' of their merchandise and in the summer I built my website! I've never looked back!

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 6th 2008

THERE you are, Seb! You've been gone a while!:D

doodler Posted: Jan 6th 2008

I've been a fan of Wallace and Gromit since I was very young. My parents made me a tape featuring "The Wrong Trousers" and "A Close Shave", and whenever I was in a bad mood, watching the tape would always cheer me up!

cinders1 Posted: Jan 6th 2008

you know ive been thinking about this, and i cant remember!!!i cant remember them not being around!!! ;)

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 6th 2008

Think, Cinders1! THINK!;)

Prof Chip Posted: Jan 6th 2008

I've known about w&g since I was a tot!!!

claymo Posted: Jan 8th 2008

ive known about them since i was like 2 or 3 years old:-(|)

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 8th 2008

All of you have known them longer than me!:D

cinders1 Posted: Jan 8th 2008

no its still not come to me when? its like asking me can i remember what it was like before i had teeth!!!!!;)

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 8th 2008


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