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person 1 Posted: Oct 2nd 2008

how was morph able to walk armature? :D

person 1 Posted: Oct 2nd 2008

Sorry i meant to say "without an armature.:-(|)"

iantimothy Posted: Oct 2nd 2008

im pretty sure he had an armature.

person 1 Posted: Oct 2nd 2008

no, he was made of complete plastecine, so he was able to morph.:D

iantimothy Posted: Oct 2nd 2008

hmmmm? well they might have had one withought an armature so they could swap em out when he had to morph

person 1 Posted: Oct 3rd 2008

yes, thats a good explanation. But, does any of the aardman staff know, if they do could they please post a message here.:D

iantimothy Posted: Oct 3rd 2008

katie might know. but you know i bet conty would know!

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Oct 3rd 2008

Yes, Conty has first-hand experience of making a brilliant Morph! Jordan also has the modelling kit so he might be able to give you a few tips.

Morph is one of the few Aardman characters without an armature and so I think he's a lot more bendy, but a bit more difficult to balance! There's other tricks the animators can use to position him using magnets, fishing wire, pins through the feet etc. as well as bending him into shape

There's loads of interesting stuff about Morph in Aardman's Cracking Animation book, which you might be able to get from your local library or buy from Amazon.

We're also giving away some Morph modelling kits in our creations competition this month, so if you fancy entering you might be able to win a kit for yourself!

iantimothy Posted: Oct 3rd 2008

huh? i would have figured he had an armature.

jordan Posted: Oct 3rd 2008

morph could have never moved the way he did if he had an armature it would be impossible to animate his moves if he had one.

plasjas Posted: Oct 3rd 2008

yeah he had no armature but you have to tease him out of one bit of clay so he doesn't fall apart

person 1 Posted: Oct 3rd 2008

thanks everyone!:D

duckclay Posted: Oct 8th 2008

conty Posted: Oct 11th 2008

sorry im a bit late answering this thread. and you are right there's no armature in morph. although i found morph really simple to make at home, i didnt find it as easy to make at aards. when you have to use the exact amount of plastercine and all proportions all the same as the original its really tricky to make indentical twins. i did do it and got a good result but morph isnt as easy as he looks;) many morphs would be made to do a clip so thats why they all have to look indentical so that the model can be swapped out without anyone noticing.

morph is 6 inches high, so its not difficult to make him walk without an armature:) hope thats helped

tiptopgolfy Posted: Dec 27th 2008

i have got the morph modelling kit but cant make him very well because i cant pull the legs out of one piece of clay

cj100896 Posted: Feb 17th 2009

ha tiptopgolfy dont worry i couldent do that when first tried but now i the way morph is not 6 inch high because if you watch the morph videos you can tell if you look at stuff in the backround like th pencil pot he is a bit smaler then that?

tiptopgolfy Posted: Jun 5th 2009

i got some newplast but am struggling to shape the head and pull out the hands

cavor Posted: Jun 11th 2009

Two reason why morph worked well with-out an armature is as conty said he is only 6" tall plus his feet never leave the ground, here is a similar 6" tall character demonstrating a walk cycle:D

concon Posted: Jul 19th 2009


prenllew Posted: May 4th 2011

How many frames per second were they using with morph then? cos when he walks its very clear.I have difficulty with my characters,the legs move like the Road Runner!!

mmasonghi studios Posted: May 5th 2011

I would try 12 fps they use that is W&G

fateme Posted: May 26th 2011

u can use big feet or use a tiny stick to hold the charecter and then try to walk

Amiiex3 Posted: Jul 5th 2011

Well you probably would move a leg up and then put it down and move the other leg up!! That made no sense!!:D

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