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person 1 Posted: Oct 5th 2008

Hi everyone. I want to know how people make their puppets for stop motion. i know how to make stop motion models, but everyones got their own way of making their own puppets.

Harry Posted: Oct 5th 2008

I make my puppets by starting with the Armature.

I make a Wire armature that has the right strenghth for the height and weight of the model. When I have made all the parts for the armature I (used to) glue the together, now I will use Milliput. After that I start by making the feet on the armature so I can model it when it is stood up. If I am making a human model I will start with the head and that is seperare to the Armature and I can fit that in. After the feet I build up onto the legs which are proberly the easiest part. But if you are Animating the model and the Wire inside the model is too thick for the legs the wire can sometimes break through the plasticine and show itself. After the legs are done I start on the Torso, on that I always start with the stomach or chest. If I will not be moving the top and have the arms seperate I will make the top out of Oven Baked Sculpey and when I am modelling the sculpey I put in wire holes and then there is space for the wire to fit in when the sculpey is dry. Then on the arms I always see where my Arms go down to and make it the same. I then make the 2 hands which are like mittens and then cut out through the plasticine 4 fingers. When I make the head fit in it always fits in where the neck is and I make a hole in the neck and the models neck will be extended to fit in there.

Hope you liked it,

The plasticine I use is Newplast.

plasjas Posted: Oct 5th 2008

yeah just the same as harry. When i don't plan on animating i just make t out of newplast. But if so then armature and clay....sometimes foam but i don't realy like that

person 1 Posted: Oct 6th 2008

ok, great!

plasjas Posted: Oct 7th 2008

if you are making one currently you could post some pics on this thread or on pics of models you've made on general chat

person 1 Posted: Oct 8th 2008

sure plasjas you can expect some photos in general chat in the next few days, or maybe even today:D

person 1 Posted: Oct 8th 2008


yianni Posted: Apr 2nd 2012

I usually use plasticine but i have tested using this rubber tube stuff. i'll send a picture

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