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Production Staff Aardman Staff Posted: Oct 9th 2008

Hello W&G fans!

If you’ve been following our blog then you might know that our shooting deadline is tomorrow! We’re still finishing off 6 shots for 3 scenes towards the end of the film which are on track to be completed by our deadline tomorrow.

Once we’ve finished we’ll send all the footage to Nick Park. The next stage is called the ‘picture lock’ where Nick finalises all the shots he wants to use in the final cut of the film. The finalised version is then passed on to several departments to add the finishing touches. This includes finishing off the visual effects in the CGI department and adding music and sound effects. This process is extremely important - we have already gone through 2 versions of the music trying to make sure that it is right for the look and feel of the film - it’s amazing how much of a difference it can make!

Even though the film will be out of our hands soon, the crew at Aztec won’t be twiddling their thumbs. There’s still promotional material to produce for AMOLAD including a lot of stills shoots, plus we will also be arranging for two thirds of the of the studio floor to be taken over by new productions including Shaun the Sheep. To make room for the new productions all the unused W&G sets and models will initially be put into storage. The team will then sort through and save any pieces they might be able to re-use for exhibitions and future productions. The new productions will start in just over 2 week’s time and so there’s still plenty for us to do!

To celebrate the end of filming on AMOLAD we’re holding an official wrap party next week to say thank you to all the team who have been involved. Most of the crew will then start work on new productions over the next couple of week. As for me, I’ll be taking a nice relaxing holiday before it gets busy again! We’ll get someone from the post production team to update you on next month’s progress and so for now I’ll say farewell and hope you enjoy watching ‘A Matter of Loaf and Death’ as much as we’ve enjoyed filming it!

All the best, over and out.


Chocachoc Posted: Oct 9th 2008

Cool! Thanks for that Beeky!


mr joe kidd Posted: Oct 9th 2008

can i come to the party

jordan Posted: Oct 9th 2008

thanks beeky i been doing a countdown!

i hope the sets will be revealed in lots of pics after the film , i still hope a ART OF Book is made please please please

DinoHF79 Posted: Oct 10th 2008

Our family is so excited! I've been keeping everybody up on the films progress. Thanks for the updates!

Ravilious2 Posted: Oct 10th 2008



Seb Moderator Posted: Oct 10th 2008

You certainly deserve both a party and a holiday! Congratulations - I'm sure it's going to be incredible.

I still can't quite get my head around us getting a new W&G film - it's such a dream come true!

Michael2008 Posted: Oct 10th 2008

OMG! thnx Beeky

plasjas Posted: Oct 10th 2008


jills Posted: Oct 10th 2008

Thanks so much! Amazing

Fish Posted: Oct 10th 2008

Thanks, Beeky!:D I can't wait to see the film!!!

Ryan7447 Posted: Oct 11th 2008

Sounds great, thanks for the news!!!:D

conty Posted: Oct 11th 2008

enjoy your hard earned rest beeky, congratulations to all of the staff that have worked so hard on this film. i cant wait to watch it:D

Hobbit6524 Posted: Oct 11th 2008

Fantastic!!! Really can't wait for the new film. I've been looking forward to seeing it soooo soooo much Wallace and Gromit inspired me to start making small animations of my own:) I love it!

Cheers Beeky, have a great holiday lol!

Chunkomatic Posted: Oct 12th 2008

Should Be good !

I wonder if any of the new characters from 'COTWR' will be in it..

sthrnfilly Posted: Oct 13th 2008

I can't wait. I wonder when, how, if AMOLAD will be shown in the States?

materialmoose Posted: Oct 14th 2008

Hey Beeky, Thanks soo much for the updates! I'm so bored at work, and the exciting report really cheers me up! I am so looking forward to the production.
Thank you for your work that is full of fun and heart!

Audrey2 Posted: Oct 14th 2008

Thank you Beeky.
Enjoy your holiday.
You have earned it!

Mark the shark Posted: Oct 17th 2008

Great! I can't wait! :D

Chunkomatic Posted: Oct 17th 2008

Does anybody know if any characters from 'Curse of the Were Rabbit' (Mrs Mulch, PC Mackintosh) will be in it ?

Oakes Posted: Oct 20th 2008

oh my, i have read this just now and it was posted two days ago! so that means its completed now!!! oh my !!!!!!!!! also will we see any familiar faces?

Beanyyy Posted: Oct 20th 2008

I can't wait!!!!!!!

should be great!

do you have a date for realese yet? snd will we see any familier faces?

orpansky Posted: Oct 21st 2008


shaunybabes Posted: Oct 21st 2008

Whens it coming out?

markl Posted: Oct 21st 2008

AcrossThePond Posted: Nov 2nd 2008

I absolutely love Wallace & Gromit and can't wait till AMOLAD is available over here in the U.S.!!!!

entish Posted: Nov 3rd 2008

WAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! W&G AMOLAD IS COMING OUT SOON!!!!! OK, calm down Entish. . . But it's SO DIFFICULT!!!!!

cool chris Posted: Nov 8th 2008

im going to the primiaie

prickly_hedgehog Posted: Nov 8th 2008

do you mean premiere?

prickly_hedgehog Posted: Nov 8th 2008

wait, did i spell that right?

cool chris Posted: Nov 9th 2008

ah thats how you spell it

wandgfan21 Posted: Nov 23rd 2008

thanks beeky for all your news on the latest film! we never would have lasted the wait with out these updates. hope to see you on the forum in the future!

dan13 Posted: Nov 26th 2008

cant wait to see the film getting a bit board waiting

theblackcat Posted: Nov 26th 2008

This is so cool

pepper52 Posted: Nov 28th 2008

i love animation

fossie Posted: Nov 30th 2008

wow i watched all of the wallace and gromit films yesturday lol they were cool:D

cool chris Posted: Dec 1st 2008

not all amolad
and i have seen it

LufseN Posted: Dec 6th 2008

one question. does it happen often for you when you animate that the plasticine gets small "ctacks" that you have to blend over when you animate? I'm working with plasticine and have that problem sometimes.............

wandalassiter Posted: Dec 11th 2008

There are so many amazing shooters that have come and gone, and I am sure they will be listed by others.

Squish Posted: Dec 12th 2008

Does anyone know when it will be released in the US?

kabell Posted: May 19th 2009


Gromit lad Posted: Jun 23rd 2009

When will It be on DVD! I WANT IT!

mcgraw Posted: Jun 24th 2009

is a matter of loaf and deaf cheap to buy

bellawithjacob Posted: Jun 25th 2009

Thanks SO much!!!!!;)

gromit and owen Posted: Jul 4th 2009


number Posted: Jul 18th 2009

yeah!!!!!!!!!! wahoo

buggus Posted: Aug 1st 2009

When can we expect it in America

skibaro Posted: Aug 11th 2009

will this be in the USA?

iantimothy Posted: Aug 11th 2009

september 21st

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