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person 1 Posted: Oct 10th 2008

Hey, does anyone know when filling the mould if you fill the mould completely or half way? and if your brushing the foam latex in to 2 parts how to put them together without foam latex spilling out? :D

plasjas Posted: Oct 11th 2008

i don't know

animation boy Posted: Oct 14th 2008

you fill both halves to the top, in fact, so a little rise's out, then when they squash they stick together though some seeps out the sides :-|

Harry Posted: Oct 14th 2008

I would like to know aswell about what you said Animation Boy. when you put one over the other to squash wont it all tip out?

plasjas Posted: Oct 14th 2008

yeah that is what i thought

jills Posted: Oct 16th 2008

I don't know from experience, but I watched a bit from the making of The Nightmare Before Christmas, and they either poured or injected it into the mould when the two halves were already put together, so they filled it all the way. They had the mould standing up so it could be poured in an opening in the top.

The short movie on the making of that film was quite informative in that it followed puppet-making from conception all the way to finishing and animating through the various departments.

animation boy Posted: Oct 18th 2008

it doesnt tip out, its very viscous (thick) and stays in tact.

hangeraun Posted: Nov 12th 2008

Is foam latex a two part compound?

Nofby Posted: Nov 14th 2008

You have the latex and cataylst, so yes, it is sort of two part compound.

hangeraun Posted: Nov 19th 2008

Who makes it? Is it smooth on? I can only find liquid latex and two part polyeurathane?

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