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mynameiskris Posted: Oct 13th 2008

I'm a student doing a degree in animation and we have started a project on 3d stop motion. I need to research into this area of animation and i wanted to know if anyone knew of a link to a site that details the making of the characters and the process involved.
I mean i know they are made from plasticine but everytime a type the making of wallace and gromit into google all i get is the making of the film not the characters themselves.

mr joe kidd Posted: Oct 13th 2008

hi mynameiskris
this is a link to the aardman website,432,BA.html
hope this helps and where are you taking your degree?
mr joe kidd

mynameiskris Posted: Oct 13th 2008

Thanks alot Joe, you have really helped me out and i appreciate it!
I'm doing my degree at Newcastle college in the north east but the actual degree is ran by Leeds Met Uni. Its great fun and a pleasure to do, tough but when you enjoy it its more like a challenge. Are you doing a degree or looking to do one in the future?

jills Posted: Oct 13th 2008

I've not found anything myself on W&G puppet construction online, but p. 101 of Cracking Animation (by Lord & Sibley) gives you Gromit Construction 101 with photos ;) Sorry I can't help you out with Wallace (there is a pic of his armature in the book however). Best wishes on your course!

plasjas Posted: Oct 14th 2008

jills in cracking animation the gromit construction looks fairly easy...if you had a dog armature ;)

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