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romitwkimgallace Posted: Oct 16th 2008

hello i guess everyone on this website just shout out im your biggest but im gunna be reasinable.
ive loved wallace and gromit since i was literaly 4 years old.
i was in a store and saw this film which looked good because it looked like a cartoon.
mym mum decided to get the set so i could watch them and i thought they were amazing. all of my life ive been collecting the things of them and i have loads :)
i just cant stop0 thinkiing about it thanks kim.

cheesefanatic Posted: Oct 26th 2008

aw, you're a real fan! i am to, but i don't know if i was 3 or 4 when i first saw them!

SavedbyBishop Posted: Oct 30th 2008

I think i'm a HUGE fan of them. I've loved them since i was young

cool chris Posted: Nov 23rd 2008

i remeber sitting waching a close shave and thinking when will they make a new one now theres 2 new ones
i am a big fan:D

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