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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Nov 23rd 2007

A machine that keeps you awake even when you are bored or tired has been named as the winner in the biggest ever project to encourage innovation amongst primary school children.

The Waker-Upper 3000 was designed by nine and ten-year-old pupils at East Allington Primary School, south Devon, and is the national winner of the 2007 Cracking Ideas project.

Oscar® winning animator Nick Park, whose creations Wallace & Gromit front the initiative which has gone in to all UK primary schools, picked the Waker-Upper 3000 as the winning invention.

Year Five children and teachers around the UK have been logging on to and following lesson plans linked with the National Curriculum which are designed to encourage innovation.

The competition within the project, which is run by the UK Intellectual Property Office, encouraged pupils to come up with a design to solve an everyday problem.

This Tuesday (NOVEMBER 20) finalists from six schools attended an awards ceremony at The Lightbox, Woking. The pupils from East Allington were presented with an original trophy created by Nick Park’s studio Aardman Animations. Each regional finalist also received a laptop computer.

The Waker-Upper uses a mallet, headphones, a jet of water and eyelid openers to keep people awake during boring activities such as homework.

Among the other finalists was a machine for walking dogs, an invention to deal with pollution and a window and bathroom cleaner.

Nick Park said the Waker-Upper triumphed because it helped with a problem which every child faced.

“There was a fantastic range of entries showing how innovative children can be. The children at East Allington came up with an unforgettable solution in a creative way which made use of a wide variety of materials.”

Lord Triesman said Cracking Ideas had been a tremendous success and confirmed that the government would continue to back the initiative with a new competition and activities planned for 2008.

Pictured below: this year's 'Cracking Ideas' National Winner - the Waker Upper designed by children at East Allington Primary School, South Devon.

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Nov 23rd 2007

Pictures of the Regional Winners:

Harry Posted: Nov 23rd 2007

Cool, Looking Good!

ChesterTheSnake Posted: Nov 23rd 2007

I have Narcolepsy :O and a machine like that would be really useful. Can I try it out. :D

connor-james-gorman Posted: Nov 24th 2007

Wow Good

GROMIT ROX Posted: Nov 25th 2007


littlechesney Posted: Nov 25th 2007

Cheeeeeeeeeese Gromit 0:)

Mibso Posted: Nov 25th 2007

Excellency in the making! Cracking contraption, surely!

cool red Posted: Mar 30th 2009


Rebel Posted: Mar 30th 2009

Those tropheys look grand, wish W&G came to our school!

Sammy the lamb Posted: Mar 31st 2009

Can only schools enter? What about home educators? There are a lot more of them than you think, and rumors that they aren't socal are just rubbish...

cool chris Posted: Mar 31st 2009

yearh you can do it at home

Piella1 Posted: Apr 2nd 2009


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