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springwizard Posted: Nov 28th 2007

Me Neighter,but beleive me,Sid from Flushed away is just a teddy Bear in rodent's clothing. He looks so squeezably cuddlly,but I still don't know if his cute little bellybutton is an innie or an outtie. Have you looked at him closely enough to tell?

gromitlove Posted: Feb 18th 2008

She is wonderful-- really very brave when the Were-Rabbit grabs her and carries her off and then just calls him "you, you.. whatever you are" instead of telling him off or doing something un-ladylike. And her hair and lipstick are always perfect!

curt t1 Posted: Feb 27th 2008

shes anoying. i hate her

arthur Posted: Apr 28th 2008

mr crowbag isa great character though the same as lady totington he is only introduced in the one film

8766 Posted: May 2nd 2008

I just love her She andshould get marri:-Xed

kld loves wallace Posted: Aug 27th 2008

Gromitt Posted: Aug 27th 2008

looks like something in a deranged nightmare

DancingShauny99 Posted: Aug 27th 2008

I do like Totty in some way.I hate Victor Quartomine so Totty basically saves Wallace(aka the were rabbit).I also like Wendolene,but she can be strange at times.And my favourite character is COTWR is Hutch and the little bunnys.They are so cute!

Gromitt Posted: Aug 27th 2008

yeah, those bunnies are really cute

PoisonIvy Posted: Aug 28th 2008

Aah! I can't remember what she's like but never mind, I'm sure I do love her,,, though not quite ,,, yes well I'm sure she's greeat! Why haven't we got a smiley of her?

kld loves wallace Posted: Aug 29th 2008

heres a photo of wallace and lady campanula tottington

Gromit-Ownz Posted: Aug 31st 2008

I like lady totty but im glad that she is just going to be in the W&G film. She is just not a brilliant popular character.

kld loves wallace Posted: Aug 31st 2008

go awy gromit-ownz:'(

jills Posted: Sep 1st 2008

I find Totty fascinating and charming in the way that sometimes you can see all a person's faults on the outside and even find them somewhat irritating, but there is just something about them that makes you sympathetic and choose to love them anyway 0:):D

Gromit-Ownz Posted: Sep 2nd 2008

sorry kld kid loves wallace but she was a good and important charecter its just in loaf and death she proberbly wouldnt fit in right for a good story line she is the new and important charecter like there has been in every film well almost she is just like

lady tottington
oh and i cant put my finger in the new loaf and death.

sorry if i hurt your feelings

xIzzyx Posted: Sep 2nd 2008

well. loves lady totington

kld loves wallace Posted: Sep 2nd 2008

hey yhoos am online noo am a celtic supporter and i love wallace

kld loves wallace Posted: Sep 2nd 2008


RandomPerson Posted: Nov 2nd 2008

I love her.
It's a shame she probably won't appear in any more W+G films. :'(

BJWanlund Posted: Nov 28th 2008

I do like Tottington.

However, it would probably make sense to keep her as a one-shot IMHO.


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