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crackersandcheese Posted: Oct 27th 2008


crackersandcheese Posted: Oct 27th 2008

crackin cheese Posted: Oct 27th 2008

not telling im working on 1

crackersandcheese Posted: Oct 27th 2008

pretty please!!!:D

SavedbyBishop Posted: Oct 28th 2008

What if Wallace and Gromit were on the Poseidon and it capsized and they had to make it threw the ship with a small group of people.

new things:
-Lady Tottington has a daughter named Tricia in her tw
twenties and is married
-Wallace made an invention that was kind of a whiteboard that had a microphone on the bottom for all dogs to talk.
-Wallace is almost marreid with someone
-Gromit and another dog who is a stowaway are in love
-In someother stories i have Gromit's family appear
-New characters.

DancingShauny99 Posted: Oct 28th 2008

well it would be called wallace and gromit visit the zoo

-they would visit a local zoo
-gromit meets a dog
-wallace gets fasinated by zebras
-gromit and wallace lose each other
-the other dog helps gromit find wallace
-they find each other
-the other dog becomes gromits girlfriend:-X

SavedbyBishop Posted: Nov 4th 2008

What if Wallace and Gromit went back threw a time machine that Wallace made with some other characters to the titanic

-Sophie from my poseidon adventure story falls in love with Jack thayer and he goes back with them to get married.
-They would try to get people who died in real life off the ship
-Lady Tottington has an ancestor who looks just like her daughter Tricia and the ancestor Angela Tottington has a daughter who looks just like Lady Tottington

Harry Posted: Nov 4th 2008

Wallace and Gromit in a Pain't'ful Pot!

Wallace and Gromit are getting loaded with Phone Messages from regular Artists from around the streets of West Wallaby's town to see if a Painting of theres can be placed in 'ARTonWALLS' Gallery. Wallace is amazed by a picture sent of a(nother) Woman. He is roaming around the Yellow Pages for the name Dear-Dree Ifound (Dear Dree, I found...) and the Gallery is left for Gromit who is getting on the bad side of the job. Gromit cant talk to the locals to tell them if there painting can be placed. So Gromit is making a Contrapton himself...

It dosent go well. It makes it so Gromit can write not speak and Gromit already could write. So Gromits desprate for Wallace to be back on the job before they get shut down for life! Wallace is lucky to have Dear-Dree come in for a look at the painting but he does not see her until she walks out the door of the Gallery. The streets are full of people and its a challenge for Wallace to find her, he knows her hair and it shines in the croud. He is promising that his Super-Stilts will let him see her from Birds Eye View. He spots her in seconds. But its the challenge of getting to her that is hard...

SavedbyBishop Posted: Nov 4th 2008

That sounds good Harry

crackersandcheese Posted: Nov 6th 2008

That sounds really good Harry !!! |-)

SavedbyBishop Posted: Nov 11th 2008

Has anyone ever read Wallace and Gromit a peir to far? Because i wrote that story on the computer but i have some changes to it.

-Instead of Sam kind of being a funny guy he only cares about the peir but still he's a nice guy
-He has a dog named Star and all she wants is to have three wishes come true.
-Gromit and Star both want to become famous instead of just Gromit in the last story
-Gromit and Star are interupted two times before kissing each other.
-The big kiss at the end:-X

crackersandcheese Posted: Nov 11th 2008

awwwwwwww, gormit and star sound really cute together!! your story sounds really good SavedbyBishop :D

SavedbyBishop Posted: Nov 11th 2008

It's really cute imagining it over and over

crackersandcheese Posted: Nov 12th 2008

have u posted your story on the forum??? I wud like to read it (if thats OK?) ! ;)

SavedbyBishop Posted: Nov 12th 2008

I'm sorry but i can't really post stuff on my computer but i'll write some funny scenes from it on here like:

Barry: We plan not to become clumsy people.
Larry: We're not clumsy. [Slips on pipe and falls in water]
Barry: See. [Later]
Johhny: Larry did you get wet by accident or were you just being clumsy?
Larry: Clumsy.

Nancy: Of course when we have kids they can play with him.
Wallace: [Spitting out tea]
Gromit: [Threw whiteboard] What?!
Nancy: Why didn't you do that?!
Wallace: I think it's a little to early to talk about that.
Nancy: Yeah yuor right.

crackersandcheese Posted: Nov 13th 2008

Thats so cool LOL!!! :D

SavedbyBishop Posted: Nov 13th 2008

[Gromit and Twilight all of a sudden kiss each other]
Gromit: What the hell just happened?
Twilight: I think we all of a sudden just you know...
Gromit: Kissed.:-X

crackersandcheese Posted: Nov 14th 2008

LoL will u write sum more, your story is well cool LOL!!! ;):)

SavedbyBishop Posted: Nov 14th 2008

Star: You shouldn't be kissing that stowaway it's only a matter of time before death occures.
Gromit: What is your problem Star?
Star: My problem?! I'm trapped in a ship, my owners cheating on another woman, and her.
Twilight: Why me?
Star: Because stowaways cause bad things to happen so this is all your fault.
Gromit: Why don't you just go away Star.
Star: Fine with me.

crackersandcheese Posted: Nov 15th 2008

so does gromit not like Star but star lkes gromit but gromit likes Twighlight??? :D

SavedbyBishop Posted: Nov 16th 2008

I have made many different Wallace and Gromit stories.

-In some POSEIDON adventure stories i have Star as mostly Gromits love but in one story i had Twilight as gromit's love and mostly she's the snob but in the sixth story Star is the snob instead of his girlfriend so then Twilight is his girlfriendin that one.
-Wallace dates Wendy mostly but then the difference is that in the sixth story Nancy is.
-Sometimes Sam is the entertainer of the ship but sometimes it's Mike and his family.
-In other stories Wendy is Sam's sister in one story she is his wife.
-Sometimes Clair and Melissa are without parents but in some their with Heather and Sam who are their parents.
-Sometimes Sam owns Star and sometimes she's a stowaway.
-Tricia eaither apeears as age 19, 29, or 24 in stories.
-Sometimes Gromit and all of his family appear sometimes it's just his sisters.
-The adventure is always different: Gromit stays behind, Gromit goes with them, they all go but not all go olong, some are left in their rooms and make their way to the others, different deaths and different people... E.T.C

See it's kind of confusing sometimes

SavedbyBishop Posted: Nov 17th 2008

I also have Wallace play the guitar and sing The Girl Walking Down the Street

crackersandcheese Posted: Nov 18th 2008

yeah it is a bit confusing but your storys are still good though!!!!!:D

SavedbyBishop Posted: Nov 18th 2008

Wallace: [after a sad song] Nancy are you alright?
Nancy: [Crying] Yes.
Lady Tottington: You can just say that you are.
Nancy: Oh what's it to you!
Mike: While i see we have some people crying out their like you.
Nancy: My eyes are just... sweating!
Mike: [Laughing] stop lying.|-)

crackersandcheese Posted: Nov 19th 2008

cool ! :D

SavedbyBishop Posted: Nov 19th 2008

This is one chapter that is good called
Chapter 41: Danger coming

Mike: Alright here we go 10... 9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...0 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! [A lot of people kiss, clink glasses and blow horns. Party streamers go out of holes. In the entettainment center balloons go up. The Chief Officer enters the ballroom.]
Chief Officer: Oh their you are!
Officer Lookout: I'm not going up their! [He chases after him. On the bridge officer Handy looks at the radar and sees a tiny red dot coming closer and closer to the ship]
Officer Handy: Guys take a look at this. [The officers come away from the window exept Officer Smart]
Officer Bright: Do you tnink this is bad?
Officer Handy: it looks bad i think i should get the Captain up.
Officer Smart: NO! OH MY GOD!
Officer Handy: What is it?!
Officer Smart: Take a look at this!
Officer Handy: Officer Alert you stay their at the controls!
[The officers all look out the window to see the huge wave coming towards them]
Officers: [GASP!] [Officer Alert goes up and looks out]
Officer Alert: OH MY GOD!
Officer Handy: I told you not to come over here! [Officer Alert presses the emergency button. In the ballroom people are having fun. We see Gromit and twilight in the hallway they are about to kiss when they hear the alarm]
Oficer Alert: All people report to your main stations this is not a drill. [Everybody start to get out of control]
Officer Jones: People... I think... I...I...I think... [Nobody listens to him]
Nancy: Wallace come on!
: Wait where is Gromit?!
Nancy: I'm sure he'll catch up with us!
Star: Hey come on let's get to the stations!
: I think we're safe here.
Star: If you say so but if I die i'm haunting you!
Brenda: Oh my god i wonder if it's bad.
Mark: Mom come on let's go.
Ellen: Can't we just stay here.
Mark: No let's go. [In the entertainment center Tracey and Harry get caught in the crowd]
Tom: I'm sure we're okay here.
Mrs. Black: Stay close by me Rudy.
Faith: What do you think that is?
Sam: I don't know i think we're safe here.
Harry: Tracey come on!
Tracey: Wait i just need a few more shots.
Harry: Come on!
Tricia: Hazel stay up their we're coming!
Officer Smart: COME ON TURN!
Officer Alert: DUCK!!! [The wave hits the ship! It starts to capsize. People hit their bodies the side it's capsizing. Brenda's bed starts to tip]
Brenda: What's going on?!
Groove: Brenda open the door! [The ship keeps capsizing. Water floods in the bridge. Hazel let's go of the amp and falls off the stage]
Zeke: HAZEL! [Hazel hits a tabl and hold on. and Nancy are sliding down and then grabs a table. Nancy falls out of his grip but then something hits hand and he falls. , star and Twilight try not to falls out of the hallway. Star gets hit and falls out. and Twilight look down but something hits them and then they fall in. Sam and Faith fall on the ceiling and the couch lands on them. Brenda's bed falls on her. Melissa and Frank keep falling in the hallway. Tom grabs on to something in the entertainment center but then falls and his legs land in an electric thing and get stuck. The ship roles on to it's side. The engine roome gets flooded with water. holds on to a table. The elevater breaks in the looby and falls on to a stack. A girl screams all the way to the bottom. In the oven the kitchen fall on the chefs. The ship is almost upside down when all of a suddeen it stops.
Person in Hallway: We stopped. [But then theirs an explosion and fire comes down the hallway killing people. The ship immidiatly turns upside down. is still holding on to the table but then falls to the floor. POSEIDON is now upside down.


crackersandcheese Posted: Nov 20th 2008

OMG i wanna know what happens next!!!!! :D

SavedbyBishop Posted: Nov 20th 2008

CHAPTER 42: An upsidedown world
We go back to the ship underwater and hear the faint screaming of passengers. The lights go out but then the emergency lights come back on. We see every person in the ballroom panicking. In the entertainment center electricity is going off. Clair is looking for Tom.

Clair: TOM?! [ She hops down and she finds him caught in the electricity thing unconcious]
Clair: Tom?
Tom: HUH?
Clair: You okay?
Tom: Yeah but my legs are pinned under this thing. Get it off! [They try to get it off but it's to heavy]
Clair: Tracey Harry!
Tracey: We're right up here! [Tracey hops down from something and lands on glass with her knee]
Tracey: [Yell of pain]
Harry: Tracey asre you okay.
Tracey: I think i landed on glass but i'm alright.
Clair: Hurry we have to get Tom out.
Tracey: Luckily my camera still works.
Tom: Hey people i'm kind of pinned here.
Harry: Come on let's get it off. [They try but it's stuck to tight]
Harry: It's stuck pretty tight.
Clair: We need more help. Hey... Help...Can you... EVERYBODY STOP SCREAMING!!!!!! [Everybody stops screaming and running around]
Clair: Look i know your all scared but i need some help getting my boyfriend out.
Tom: Hello ladies.
Clair: So i need some people to try to find something that can lift this thing up and then we can all work together... [During the time emergency water is spraying on wires. Then electricity goes off in the room]
People in entertainment center: [Screaming in pain!]
Harry: Guys crouch down so you won't get hit! [They crouch down away from electricty. Then it stops and all of the people who were in the entertainment center are dead]
Tracey: Oh my god.
Clair: We have to do this quick.
Harry: I'll go find something to lift this thing up. [Back in the ballroom]
: Nancy are you alright?
Nancy: Yeah. Some grip you have with me.
: You just came out of my grip. But something hit me in the hand and it's all red.
Lady Tottington: Get off of me.
: Campanula. [He helps her up]
: You okay.
Lady Tottington: Yeah i'm fine.
Tricia: MOM!
Lady Tottington: Tricia are you alright?
Tricia: Yeah but we don't know where Hazel is.
Lady Tottington: We have to find her she could be anywhere. [Meanwhile in a hallway near the ballroom entrance]
Melissa: Frank?
Frank: Oh my god that was insane!
Melissa: I know but where is the entrance to the ballroom?
Frank: I see the light coming from their.
Melissa: Let's get threw this junk.
Mark: Mom you okay?
Ellen: Yes but i hope the baby is okay.
Heather: Spirit angel are you okay?
Spirit: I think so.
Heather: Did Faith ever come down here.
Spirit: No haven't seen her.
Heather: What about Hope and Peace have you seen them?
Spirit: No. [Captain Jones sees the Cheif Officer in the ballroom]
Captain Jones: Cheif Officer.
Chief Officer: Captain!
Captain Jones: What are you doing down here your supposed to be on the bridge.
Chief Officer: Everybody's probably dead on the bridge. Officer Lookout as down here so i had to come down here and get him and keep watch to see what it was but it's to late now.
Officer Lookout: Oh hey guys.
Captain Jones: Your fired. [ wakes up in one of the holes on the floor. His head is bleading to death under his black eye]
: Twilight? [Ethan wakes up in another hole next to .Twilight gets up eight feet away from them. Ethan notices her and takes out the picture of her and knows that its her]
: TWILIGHT! [Ethan quickly gets up and runs after her. Twilight doesn't know that he's coming]
: Twilight look out! [Ethan pounces on Twilight]
Twilight: [SCREAM!] [He keeps punching her on the head]
: STOP! [Star stops him from running.
Star: Are you crazy he already saw you and he will realize that you were lying and he will kill you!
: OH!
Ethan: Listen up! [Everybody keeps panicking]
Ethan: I said listen to me! [He fires shots from his gun. Everybody stops]
Ethan: Now listen here this girl is a stowaway on the ship! Now she could be dangerous!
Twilight: I'm not dangerous!
Ethan: SHUT UP! [He kicks her]
Twilight: [screaming in pain]
: [GASP!]
Star: I'm going to find Wendy. [Star leaves. Blood gets into 's eye and stings him]
: OW! [ and Nancy see him]
: Lad are you alright?
: I don't know. [He sees the huge cut in his forehead.
Nancy: Oh my god. Thats not even worse then looking at an open eye dead person and... [We see her widen her eyes below her meaning it's a dead body. Nancy faints]
Mrs. Black: Is everything okay over here i'm a proffesional docter.
: I think he needs stitches.
Mrs. Black: I'll say he does. Luckily i stayed in the ballroom tonight. [Nancy comes round]
Nancy: How long was i out?
: Just sit here.
Bess: Stella are you alright?
Stella: No my finger is bent back and i can't get it back in place.
Bess: Theirs the doctor who helped with your noes. But your bandage has gone off your nose.
Stella: Good. [They go over to Mrs. Black]
Bess: Hey can you fic Stella's finger up?
Mrs. Black: I can't do it now but i'm sure Rudy will be happy to.
Stella: Oh no not my lousy dancer.
Rudy: Just sit down. Now put this in your mouth.
Stella: Why put cotten in my mouth i'm not getting my teeth pulled.
Rudy: It's so you don't make a big scream.
Stella: Mom i have a bad feeling about this.
Rudy: Alright you ready?
Stella: No. [Rudy pulls it fast]
Stella: I'm sure it won't hurt that bad since... [SCREAMING ACROSS WHOLE SHIP AND OCEAN]
Mrs. Black: Rudy you should have done it lighter.
Rudy: I had to do it to get it over with.
: Is he alright?
Mrs. Black: Yes he's doing fine. Alright now i have to pull this string off so now!
: OW!
Mrs. Black: Now hun don't touch it.
Nancy: Man this is like an upside down world.
Captain Jones: Get her over here now put her in the cuffs.
Ethan look after her until we find a better spot to look after her.
Ethan: Yes sir. [They go away]
Ethan: Your in big trouble.

crackersandcheese Posted: Nov 21st 2008

WOW. how long did it take you to write all that!?:D

SavedbyBishop Posted: Nov 23rd 2008

It took me like thirty minutes just to upload all of this on the computer. Would you like me to write the next chapter?

crackersandcheese Posted: Nov 23rd 2008

yes please :D it's really good

SavedbyBishop Posted: Nov 23rd 2008

Chapter 43: We have to go to the ballroom
In Sam and Faiths room they get the couch of of them

Faith: Oh my god we're upside down.
Sam: It can't be.
Faith: Sam is this what you saw in your flash forward?
Sam: The couch falling on us was.
Faith: You should have told the Captain!
Sam: Well i didn't know it was real!
Faith: Sam do you think we're the only ones alive [Sam joins in] We could never be found.
Faith: How did you know i was going to say that?
Sam: You said it in my flash forward.
Faith: This is just like it.
Sam: I should have told my wife and kids this.
Faith: How do you think this happened?
Sam: It could have been a huge tsunami wave that knocked us over.
Faith: Oh yeah their commen during this time of year.
Sam: We can't stay in this room?
Faith: Why not?
Sam: Because it could start flooding and we shouldn't be trapped in here.
Faith: How do you know if people are actually alive in the ballroom?
Sam: Because if I saw them alive in the flash forward then they are alive.
Faith: Sam their could be no telling what happened in the ballroom. Right? They could all be gone.
Sam: Well if i'm alive and your alive some how their alive.
Faith: So how do we get out of here?
Sam: Lets move this couch. [They move the couch to the wall and put the chest on the couch]
Sam: Now lift me up. [Faith lifts sam up into the hallway and he makes a splash that gets Faith all wet]
Sam: I thinknig it's flodding in here.
Faith: So i see. [Sam helps Faith into the hallway]
Faith: Now which way to the ballroom?
Sam: I remember that their was a corner that i went around so it's over their. [Meanwhile in Groove and Brenda's room Brenda wakes up]
Brenda: Oh my god we're upside down. I wonder if Groove is alive.
Groove: Brenda are you in their.
Brenda: [Ignoring Groove]
Groove: Brenda! She tries to open the door. [Brenda walks behind the bed so Groove won't see her. Groove can't get the door open. She walks down a pile of junk and puts a drawer near the door]
Groove: [In her mind] I know she's still alive i'll meet up with her. [Fifteen minutes pass and Brenda opens the door to get out]
Brenda: So that's how she got out. [She goes up the drawer and makes it out of the room. She looks around for Groove and then she goes off in the hallway to look for the ballroom]

SavedbyBishop Posted: Nov 24th 2008

Chapter 45: The adventure

Captain Jones: Alright people calm down I think I know how this ship turned over.
Passengers: HOW?!
Captain Jones: Well Tsunami wave are very common during these years so I think one might have come and then flipped us over.
Officer blab: Wow that seems very bad and you know I think my family would be worrying about me and if I survive I’m going to get some great wonderful things if I get…
Captain Jones: Officer Blab I’m glad that you survived but can you please not talk forever.
Officer Blab: Sorry.
Captain Jones: But I think we should all just stay down here till rescuers come for us.
Johhny: We shouldn’t do that.
Captain Jones: What?
Trevor: He’s right we shouldn’t stay down here.
Johhny: Because my father told me about ships and ships can’t last even 24 hours upside down.
Jessie: You mean we’re going to die?!
Becky: Jessie I’m sure we’re not going to die.
Johhny: Look we have to make our way through the ship so we can get to the rescuers.
Captain Jones: I think that is dangerous. Just look at people around they are injured and not to mention your child is blind.
Trevor: We can all help these people.
Ellen: Well I am pregnant.
Ethan: And we have one stowaway here. What if she tries to get away?
Captain Jones: We could leave her hear to die.
Twilight: But I tell you I am not bad I am good. I don’t have any guns.
Ethan: Shut up.
Johhny: Well at least some of us can try to get rescuers and bring them to you.
Trevor: Yes I can lead you to.
Connie: The world’s richest man can?
Trevor: Of course I can.
Marie: But how do we get out of the ballroom?
Dana Pendleton: Couldn’t we go through this way?
Johhny: No that leads to another place where you can get lost.
Casey: Then how do we get out?
Johhny: Up that balcony. There was another direction there except the middle.
Captain Jones: Then how do you get up their? [Then all of a sudden the Christmas tree falls to the ground. People get out of the tree so it won’t land on them]
Johhny: Well we should try to get that tree up to the balcony then climb it. And then we can start our adventure of a life time.

P.s.: I couldn't upload my other chapter because the site wouldn't let me for some reason.

SavedbyBishop Posted: Nov 24th 2008

Chapter 44: How do we get them down?
Back in the ballroom some people are looking for the children

Tricia: HAZEL?!
Wendy: MELISSA?!
Heather: HOPE?! PEACE?!
Connie Twin: JON?! DON?!
Tricia: Captain you have to help me!
Captain Jones: What is it Ms. Tottington?
Tricia: Hazel is missing!
Captain Jones: Who knows where she is. [Meanwhile with the four twins they are stuck on a ledge on a wall]
Don: Guys how are we going to get down?
Peace: Well I don’t know how!
Hazel: MOM?!
Tricia: Hazel is that you?
Hazel: Where are you?!
Tricia: Johhny where is she?
Johhny: Look up.
Tricia: Hazel your right under me.
Hazel: I’m not sitting on you.
Zeke: Hazel she means you’re on the back end of the table on the ceiling!
Hazel: I’m on the ceiling?
Melissa: Yeah she’s right you’re on the ceiling.
Wendy: Melissa!
Melissa: I’m alright Mom Frank is here to.
Ethan: Franklin!
Peace: And we can see her from up here.
Heather: Where are you? I don’t see you two on a table anywhere.
Hope: We’re over here on the wall.
Heather: Oh the wall?
Jon: We’re on this ledge and I think it can hold us good.
Tricia: We have to get Hazel down. Hazel do you still have you glasses on? [Hazel feels her face and their still on]
Hazel: Yes they are and I’m that high up that you can’t see my face?
Johhny: Yes.
Tricia: Do you have your stick up their?
Hazel: No it’s missing.
Zeke: Actually I found it I’m afraid it’s broken.
Tricia: Well how do we get her down?
Melissa: Mom do you think I could just jump down here?
Captain Jones: No hun there is glass at the bottom so you could seriously be injured. [Then theirs an explosion and everything shakes around]
Captain Jones: Careful everyone it’s an explosion. [Peace almost falls off but Jon grabs her but then Jon falls off the ledge]
Don: JON! [The explosion looses a bolt on the table and it comes loose]

Here's only some of it. Sorry.:-(

Other things to it: Hazel jumps in. The three twins jump, Melissa and Frank Jumps, Ethan and Twilight fight, Twilight is hand cuffed so she can't get away.

crackersandcheese Posted: Nov 26th 2008

it's ok if u can't download it. I like what youve downloaded anyway! :D

Timorg33 Posted: Nov 29th 2008

I'd have it where Wallace invents a new machine that can see the futre and he sees lady tottingham get arrested for a crime commited and wallace try's stopping it but then he ends up getting framed for crime and it's up to lady tottingham and gromit to save him. near the end threatens gromit with a gun and gromit is saved by lady tottingham who ses wallace's bully-proof vest and feathers is sent back to the zoo where he is put in a maximum security cell to be looked at by people visiting the zoo for the rest of his life the end

wallace and gromit fan no1 Posted: Dec 3rd 2008

thats a good subject, but i dont know, i will think of an idea and tell you later;)

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