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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Nov 26th 2007

To celebrate the announcement of Wallace & Gromit’s next adventure, 'Trouble At’ Mill', we offered 5 lucky fans the chance to win tickets to an exclusive screening before its official release in winter 2008.

Thank you to everyone that entered the competition. The correct answer to the question "What is the title of the new film?" was of course 'Trouble At’ Mill'.

5 winners were picked at random from all the correct entries and we are happy to announce the winners are:

• Mark Stickley
• Anna Hardman
• Tom Baker
• Timothy James Marchant
• VJB Hand

The premiere is due to take place in November/December 2008 and we will reveal more details about this exciting event in the New Year.

Didn’t win this time? You can be in with a chance to win other W&G goodies by entering our monthly 'Your Creations' competition. For more details click here

cavor Posted: Nov 26th 2007

Wasn't Tom Baker the 4th Dr Who? dont forget your sonic screw-driver. only joking have a great day everyone.

Mibso Posted: Nov 26th 2007


Harry Posted: Nov 27th 2007

Well Done Guys,

jodyblue1 Posted: Nov 29th 2007


bamboo27 Posted: Dec 1st 2007

jordan Posted: Dec 2nd 2007

is it just me or none of the people who have won have not been on the forum??

jack-O Posted: Dec 2nd 2007

I am looking forward to the new film!

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 6th 2007

Oh! I'm so jealous of you guys. I hope you have a good time! I'm soooo looking forward to seeing the new film!

gromitrules Posted: Dec 8th 2007

i wish good luck to you guys that nothing bad happenes

conty Posted: Dec 12th 2007

maybe they are on the forum, after all my real name is not conty;)

jordan Posted: Dec 12th 2007

my real name is Jordan lol

conty Posted: Dec 12th 2007

i guessed it might of been :D he he

Josephine Posted: Dec 12th 2007

Well done, everyone! Have a cracking time! Enjoy! ;)

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 26th 2007

Enjoy. And by the way my real name is Mark.:)

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 19th 2008

Why wasn't it me!!!:'(

policeman95 Posted: Jan 20th 2008

and me

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 30th 2008


cool chris Posted: Feb 1st 2008

i did not enter in time

but there might be a 2nd time!

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 3rd 2008

No sorry, Cool Chris. There won't. :'(

cool chris Posted: Mar 2nd 2008

an other competion

42westwallabystreet Posted: Mar 29th 2008

wahay!i am a very lucky person! I haven't been told a date yet though

AnnaHardyman Posted: Sep 9th 2008

hi guys.
i feel very lucky too!
i'll let you know how it goes (but not the actual plot - no spoilers from me, that would be mean)

...exciting stuff:)


cool chris Posted: Nov 8th 2008

im going on 27th
(i paid):)

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