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DancingShauny99 Posted: Nov 1st 2008


Name: Close Shave
Creator(s): Aardman
Favourite Character: Shaun
Least Favourite Character: Wendoline
Favourite Part: Hmm,so hard to choose,I can't decide!
I recommend this film to all and I really hope you watch it.It is a great film but I think The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit is way better.

plasjas Posted: Nov 3rd 2008

DS99 their are sooooo many threads on this subject you didn't even review it also don't create a thread that will get no replies

prickly_hedgehog Posted: Nov 3rd 2008

i think this was a nice review, none of them were sorted out by subject like this. but i guess you could've posted this on another thread but sometimes its hard to remember.

DancingShauny99 Posted: Nov 8th 2008

plasjas,I am allowed to make another thread + I did reveiw it!
And prickly,it is hard to remember.

Rioley Posted: Nov 27th 2008

i also liked the film but i kind of liked wendoline. she is quite nice to wallace:-|

Rioley Posted: Nov 27th 2008

ps i also liked were rabbit. it was very funny.

wallace and gromit fan no1 Posted: Dec 3rd 2008

it is a good film and so is curse of the ware rabbit, also i would also agree that my least favorite charactor in it is wendoline

iantimothy Posted: Dec 3rd 2008

i love COTWR and ACS so its hard to pick between them, i think COTWR has alot more jokes and little funny stuff, but i think ACS has more charm, and its still very funny, but i really dont think i could pick one favorite W&G film, but ill just have to wait til christmas, i might have a new fav

fluffles the poodle Posted: Dec 29th 2008

i would like wendoline but she doesnt like cheese-not even wenslydale, so u know its hard to like her,besides lady totington is more suitable for wallace

lee-enfeild Posted: Jan 12th 2009

loved it

mooncheesegromit Posted: Jan 13th 2009

a close shave is so good

619 Posted: Jan 18th 2009

You tell them Fluffles the poodle;)

GROMO FAN Posted: Feb 28th 2009

I havent seen a Matter of Loaf or Death so it is hard to compare Close Shave to it. But out of all the other ones I've watched I can't decide which is better. I really like the twist with As a small child it totally blew my away that he was a robot not an actual dog! captured my heart and Gromit, wow I wish I had his aeroplan! and he did a good job defeating preston!! Well done Gromit !!!
Wallace was his normal self, creating diaster and adding to the tension which was just what Wallace should do! I loved it along with the Grand Day Out and soooo many others

sheperdess Wendolene Posted: Feb 17th 2012

Wendolene was a lovely character! So nobody likes her just because she was allergic to cheese?! That is not very fair!

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