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nathan Posted: Sep 1st 2007

can any one tell me how to make wallace and gromit?

anti-pesto Posted: Sep 2nd 2007

if you get newplast plasticine then thats a start. the colours you will need will be stone,pink,green,red,brown(mixed with black),black,white and some beeds and black paint.

Modelmaker93 Posted: Sep 2nd 2007

you can go on the internet and there are some wallace and gromit kits you can buy wich show you how to make them thats how i learnt to make him this is mine.

jordan Posted: Sep 2nd 2007

i dont think the kits are available anymore

Modelmaker93 Posted: Sep 3rd 2007

you can get them off of ebay or go on the internet and type in wallace and gromit modellin kits and you will find a website wich does themlike amoson i got mine from there that how i lernt how to make him. You get plasticine,eys,noses,wire and a booklet thier are different ones the one i got showed me how to make Wallace,Gromit and Feathers

debeller Posted: Sep 28th 2007

I was just thinking that the newplast colour that aardman use for Wallace's trousers and Gromit's ears could be the dark brown newplast instead of the brown because Wallace's trousers are the same colour as Gromit's ears i was just thinking this it might not be ture

anti-pesto Posted: Sep 29th 2007

hi debeller i am wondering the same question iv been looking 4 ages its stupid newplast dont have it. i started a discusion on it but i was only told that aardman mix colours. maybe thats the case. i really dont no and no dark brown is discusting dont get it trust me! i no how wrong it looks.

debeller Posted: Sep 29th 2007

Ok thanks for warning me about that dark brown anti-pesto

anti-pesto Posted: Sep 29th 2007

thats ok because its sort of a chocolate brown were looking for. well have to mix it for now!

connor gorman Posted: Oct 5th 2007

hi anti pesto ebay have the best for plasticine or amazon

MARLOW NATHAN Posted: Apr 7th 2008

i started this thread with my old account

Modelmaker93 Posted: Apr 7th 2008

yes the colors are the same

squigly Posted: Apr 8th 2008

modelmaker, you sure have come a long way since last september. now you're creating your own designs and characters and they look so professional. great work!

Modelmaker93 Posted: Apr 8th 2008

thanks i think i am come along way too i think the model i made ages ago were alright back then but i prefer the ones i make now well of to go do an animations with jane

Janique1 Posted: Apr 8th 2008

hehe. model maker 93, your models r so good that, ... its 4 me 2 know and 4 u 2 find out!!1

Modelmaker93 Posted: Apr 8th 2008

what do you mean

haribo 05 Posted: Jan 22nd 2011

wow there amazing

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