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peter kay is pc mac Posted: Dec 26th 2008

That episode was bloody brilliant. It made me laugh so much!
And Peter Sallis and Sally Lindsay were excellent in it!

cool chris Posted: Dec 26th 2008

i had flu so i ended up coughing at it!

cheeseplease Posted: Dec 29th 2008

awesome! when does it show in the us? or is it just airing on BBC? llove them!

peter kay is pc mac Posted: Dec 31st 2008

I watched again today on VHS and this is the 6th time I've watched it and i still love it!
Piella is such a horrible and mad person killing bakers and is brilliantly voiced by Sally Lindsay. I hope she comes back somehow!

theorangefroggy Posted: Dec 31st 2008

It was awesome!!!! People in non-uk atreas can see it on bbc iplayer (search for it on google) untill the 1st of dec! hope that helps!!

go go Posted: Dec 31st 2008

OrangeDragon Posted: Jan 2nd 2009

It has just been added to iTunes and I would like to know why it is £4.99, I know it is top quality and everything but TV episodes on iTunes are usually £1.89, including Wallace and Gromit. Is this an error or deliberate?

Joruus Posted: Jan 4th 2009

I'm disappointed this episode... :'(

master max Posted: Jan 11th 2009

IT IS PREATY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>:-)

roxysnoopy Posted: Feb 3rd 2009

roxysnoopy Posted: Feb 3rd 2009

do you like my gromit

windows xl Posted: May 3rd 2009


Livetemple Posted: Jun 13th 2009

When is "A Matter Of Loaf And Death" gonna air in the us?
Is it gonna air in Syndication, on PBS, or on BBC America?

ryster102 Posted: Oct 14th 2009

I did'nt see it!!!!!!!!!!!

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