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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Nov 4th 2008

This Christmas Wallace and Gromit UK fans will be treated to the duo’s latest adventure in the BBC ONE premier of ‘A Matter of Loaf and Death’.

After the incredible success of Curse of the Were-Rabbit, Nick Park is pleased to be returning to the 30-minute format. “I love making films for the cinema but the production of Chicken Run and Curse of the Were-Rabbit were virtually back to back and each film took five years to complete. A Matter of Loaf and Death will be so much quicker to make. I’m delighted to be back into production and back with BBC One with Wallace and Gromit. Over the years the BBC has been incredibly supportive of Wallace and Gromit, this film feels like their homecoming.”

The new film reunites Park with writer Bob Baker who co-wrote both The Wrong Trousers and A Close Shave. Sally Lindsay (Coronation Street) will be the voice of Piella Bakewell, alongside Peter Sallis who voices Wallace.

In this new masterpiece viewers will catch up with Wallace and Gromit who have opened a new bakery – Top Bun – and business is booming, not least because a deadly Cereal Killer is targeting all the bakers in town so competition is drying up. Gromit is worried that they may be the next victims but Wallace couldn’t care – he’s fallen head over heels in love with Piella Bakewell, former star of the Bake-O-Lite bread commercials. So Gromit is left to run things on his own when he’d much rather be getting better acquainted with Piella’s lovely pet poodle Fluffles.

Before long Gromit makes a shocking discovery which points to the killer’s true identity. Can he save his master from becoming the next baker to be butchered? And does Fluffles know more than she is saying? It’s a classic ‘who-doughnut’ mystery, as four-time Academy Award winning director Nick Park creates a hilarious new masterpiece in the tradition of ‘master of suspense’ Alfred Hitchcock.

Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting news coming soon, plus a website makeover!

Cameronl Posted: Nov 4th 2008


Harry Posted: Nov 4th 2008

Hehe, WAHOO, Great Picture! I saw it in a shop today. Good News, I have read that text before in the bottom 2 paragraphs. Thanks for posting. A Website Makeover, 60minuite?

mr joe kidd Posted: Nov 4th 2008

wow that came quick
cant wait now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jordan Posted: Nov 4th 2008

its already done some AMOLAD web stuff apparently ;)

Joel the pole Posted: Nov 4th 2008

when does it come out?

still dizzy Posted: Nov 4th 2008

Christmas just got even better,so when will it be shown.

conty Posted: Nov 4th 2008

wow love the pic katie thanks for the update:)

Josephine Posted: Nov 7th 2008


Bakers bun and bread!!!!

Tee hee!
Sock Eye Salmon

wandgfan21 Posted: Nov 7th 2008

so by christmas do you mean christmas day?I know that the bbc cant say for definite for the christmas line up but will it be on the day?

jills Posted: Nov 7th 2008


cool chris Posted: Nov 8th 2008

im recording it

wandgfan21 Posted: Nov 9th 2008

i am sure many people will be recording it. But i hope people don't start putting it on youtube or selling bootlegged copies.

i assume it will be available to watch on bbciplayer for the 7 days after christmas?

iantimothy Posted: Nov 10th 2008

katie, is there an american release date and yet?

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Nov 10th 2008

No dates as of yet, I've been told mid-November is when they'll all be announced so I'll keep you posted :)

iantimothy Posted: Nov 10th 2008


Fish Posted: Nov 14th 2008

Will the new film be on BBC America as well?

iantimothy Posted: Nov 14th 2008

i hope

Fish Posted: Nov 14th 2008

More people would see it if it ran on one of the original channels - CBS, NBC or ABC. Those channels can generally be tapped into without buying cable. But BBC America would definitely be great! |-)

Chocachoc Posted: Nov 15th 2008

Our main channels are BBC 1, BBC 2, ITV 1, Channel 4 and Channel 5 (channel 5 is normally blurry).

I used to have just these channels. Freeview includes much more but they are the channels that everyone has.

Fish Posted: Nov 15th 2008

So BBC isn't a cable channel for you? People will get to see it even if they don't pay for cable?

Chocachoc Posted: Nov 16th 2008

Yeah. Its the main channel.

Fish Posted: Nov 16th 2008

COOL! Then most everyone will have a chance to see it - at least in England.

iantimothy Posted: Nov 17th 2008

hopefully in the US to

Mutmuts Posted: Nov 17th 2008

At last something well worth looking forward too amongst all the doom and gloom surrounding us all!

cool chris Posted: Nov 17th 2008

do u know what rating it is like u. pg

Fish Posted: Nov 18th 2008

The movie was rated G - so I bet the new film will be G too.

Michael2008 Posted: Nov 18th 2008

Fluffles is such a cute name! thnx for the pic Katie cant wait for the "website makeover" (not sayin the website lks bad lol!)

plousia Posted: Nov 19th 2008

YAY!!!! A new W&G! I can't wait, this is excellent! Thanks guys :)

tacobell35 Posted: Nov 21st 2008

When will this be shown in the US? I love Wallace and Gromit. So Much my dog is named Gromit.

Chocachoc Posted: Nov 21st 2008


amc Posted: Nov 21st 2008

Is there any chance we can get to see it here in Canada?

gromit9 Posted: Nov 22nd 2008


Traci Posted: Nov 25th 2008

We love you Wallace & Gromit!!!!!!
From Texas:D

bronny8425 Posted: Nov 26th 2008

omg i cant wait for it to be out what is the date specifically?

wendoline07 Posted: Nov 26th 2008

lmao its gonna be awesome
Fluffles is so cute lol

Po99 Posted: Nov 27th 2008

Guess what?
It is not coming out till 1.1.09 acouning to "the sun" newspaper tv giude out 27.11.08!
Good news is that form 30.12.08 to new years day they are showing all of the shorts in bbc one (one per day)and the film is on aswell!
with all of the news,

theorangefroggy Posted: Dec 2nd 2008

Yeah i still don't understand!!!!!!!!When is it going to be screened in England (time and Date if pos) Thanx

jordan Posted: Dec 2nd 2008

Chistmas Day BBC one 5:05pm

NKitty Posted: Dec 3rd 2008

We (Australia) got it tonight on our free to air ABC TV. |-)
Remarkably fresh, still top class entertainment, & the animation is getting better all the time.
Thankyou Nick Park, and you all have something worthwhile to look forward to.

SockEyeSalmon Posted: Dec 3rd 2008

G'day, NKitty!

With a ringing endorsement like that, my phone will go on to answerphone, DOUGH-NUT DISTURB be plastered on my TV room door for when the dynamic duo appear on the good ol' BBC...

Right, jordan - 5.05pm BBC One... now I can time cooking the Christmas din-dins!

Tee Hee!

jordan Posted: Dec 3rd 2008

now ive seen 8.05pm!!

Chocachoc Posted: Dec 3rd 2008

I saw 8:30?

jordan Posted: Dec 3rd 2008

i know lol, i keep seeing different times all over

SockEyeSalmon Posted: Dec 3rd 2008

Crumbs! It's best to wait for the double edition of the Radio Times (other listings magazines are available!) to find out for sure...

jordan Posted: Dec 3rd 2008

Wallace And Gromit – A Matter Of Loaf And Death
Thursday 25 December
8.30-9.00pm BBC ONE

Timorg33 Posted: Dec 3rd 2008

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i finally know the date for the new wallace and gromit movie

HutchLover Posted: Dec 3rd 2008

I thought Britain would see it first? I live in Australia and in was on ABC (a free to air channel)last night! Poor Britain :-(

theorangefroggy Posted: Dec 4th 2008

hi ya all! i am with a friend who wants to know what happens in this. it is not my request!!!!!!

jordan Posted: Dec 4th 2008

erm Jordan's seen it!

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