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Modelmaker93 Posted: Sep 2nd 2007

hey you lot,
Fellow model maker here (modelmaker93) why dont you take some snaps of your creations and show um me I can give tips to you and you can give tips to me this is one of the 73 models i have made.;)

jordan Posted: Sep 2nd 2007

i can give tips, but dont want to show of my models yet as im doing my film, i have been modelmaking/animating since i was 12 , (6 years ago that was) so i have experience

Modelmaker93 Posted: Sep 2nd 2007

cool i started last year:)
I am working on two new films this is a small one.

jordan Posted: Sep 4th 2007

keep it up, maybe you should get a youtube account as the videos of your animations dont seem to be working. :'(

Modelmaker93 Posted: Sep 4th 2007

they work for some people:'( i will try an get an account though

CheeseGromit Posted: Sep 4th 2007

I Have Seen Your Video I Think Its Good But Here Is A Tip

I Think It Would Of Been Better If It Was Longer But Dont Think Im Saying Its Bad


Jenny Posted: Sep 9th 2007

I think it needs more facial expressions and a litle bit longer but I think its really good! :D

Gromits little bro Posted: Sep 15th 2007

Here is a model I made, but I don't think it's very good

anti-pesto Posted: Sep 16th 2007

my pic wont send

Modelmaker93 Posted: Sep 17th 2007

good job mate nice model

Joruus Posted: Sep 17th 2007

All my model are on my web site - . I the 'Galeria' :P.

anti-pesto Posted: Sep 17th 2007

Jenny Posted: Sep 18th 2007

That is so cool! :D

CheeseGromit Posted: Sep 18th 2007


Lol you have used a fantastic 4 car hehe

Its good though!

anti-pesto Posted: Sep 25th 2007

thanks jenny and cheese gromit!

debeller Posted: Sep 27th 2007

heres my first model i made with the &
modeling kit, hope you like it.

anti-pesto Posted: Sep 27th 2007


debeller Posted: Sep 28th 2007

Thanks anti-pesto i was 10 when i made this i had the kit for chritmas 2005

Modelmaker93 Posted: Oct 27th 2007

Nice Pics Everyone i have just made a couple of models here they are.

connor gorman Posted: Oct 27th 2007

Good Film But You Needed To Keep The Same Lighting Heres My Model

conty Posted: Oct 28th 2007

thought id give you all a terrible shock, seeing me model making (scruffy or what!!!) oh well my models dont mind, when i need a break, i just swing round and pick up my guitar ave a coffee and back to it, conor :D

Harry Posted: Oct 28th 2007

Well That Looks Really Cool Conty Do You Have MSN

conty Posted: Oct 28th 2007

no, avent got alot of free time im afraid for msn, busy wiv my music, model making and i love my sport, theres not enough hours!!!! oh and of coarse hundreds of homework!!!

connor gorman Posted: Oct 28th 2007

Conty Did You Put A Armature Inside Those Models

conty Posted: Oct 28th 2007

yes, as they are large, had quite alot of trouble trying to get it right and trying to figure it out on my own, hasnt always gone well, but i guess you learn from your mistakes!! conor

connor gorman Posted: Oct 28th 2007

How Much Did You Pay For Your Armature And Were Did Yiu Get Them From Many Thanks connor

conty Posted: Oct 28th 2007

i never paid for any armatures i made them myself out of some old electrical wire and some modelling wire that you can buy from newclay products.conor

connor gorman Posted: Oct 28th 2007


Modelmaker93 Posted: Oct 29th 2007

To Conty,
Really good Models Youve made are you making any other models?? I have just finished my film Called Wallace and Gromit's Halloween It isn't that good but it is ok. I am going to make another one but a christmas version wich i hope will be 10 minuets long. Good On you for Winning aswell. Also have you got any tips for me?? Here is my Video.

Hope You all like it.

conty Posted: Oct 29th 2007

well done modelmaker! i liked your animation although it was short! i dont feel that i can give you advice myself as i am a bit of a amateur myself, ive only made one animation ,sorry, i guess practice makes perfect! conor.

conty Posted: Oct 29th 2007

Heres my first attempt for an animation!!!! what do you all think you can be honest and i wont be offended!! ive just put it on creations so you can view it there instead, conor:D

Modelmaker93 Posted: Oct 30th 2007

Really good animation conty 6/6 better than mine. What do you use for you models?? Please tell me.

conty Posted: Oct 31st 2007

newclay, ive left you a message on the creations on my lady totti creation
i am happy to answer any of your questions, i dont have any secrets :D

J-Snake Posted: Oct 31st 2007

Here is a modle i made of a super hero a while back

jills Posted: Nov 2nd 2007

The pictures of my models on the Creations page were really small, so here is a larger one. The joke was supposed to be that the pumpkin carving went pear-shaped when the extractor went in reverse. I didn't know to use wire for anything so this is a good thread I appreciate tips people are writing.

conty Posted: Nov 2nd 2007

jill your models are so good, try using some modelling wire, it does help, but be carefull how much you bend it, it can snap, but it does help with the ole standing up buisness!!!;)

cavor Posted: Nov 2nd 2007

There are some superb models on this post.

jill great expressions on wallace & gromits faces.

conty lovely carrot dress on Mrs T

Have up loaded a picture of a couple of my models.

The Quans Posted: Nov 2nd 2007

Different views and angles of Preston vs. Cooker.

conty Posted: Nov 3rd 2007

wow cavor and quans, great pics of your work,

cavor is this what you do as a job, as you have some great models and those wrong trousers are great?

jills Posted: Nov 3rd 2007

Modelmaker93 do you use Newplast? The colours for Gromit look very good. The Sculpey I used turned out too translucent and shiny.

Cavor, those models are truly outstanding. There is a very cool feel about them.

Wonderful extra pics of the Cooker and Preston, The Quans.

J-Snake what does your superhero do?

Connor Gorman are you doing an animation with that model?

Debeller I can't believe you made that at 10 8)

Also, thanks again for the advice, conty, can't wait to see your next product.

Whew, long post! |-)

Modelmaker93 Posted: Nov 3rd 2007

Jills hi its me agian lol. errm no i was going to by some newplast Plastercine but i didn't i just get n ormal plastercine i think yor gromit is the right colour anyway.

J-Snake Posted: Nov 3rd 2007

Hey Jills my super hero can morfh his hand into any shape he wants to. and he trys to fly but dose not succed.

connor gorman Posted: Nov 4th 2007

Hi Jills Sorry Im Nt It Was Just For Creation Of The Month But Im Creating My Own Characters Thanks For Asking Anyway

cavor Posted: Nov 4th 2007

Conty & jills thanks for the comments.
conty unfortunately i dont make models for a living i would dearly like to, maybe one day.

My robot i made 11yrs ago for film project, he was very heavy and clumsy which probably added to the robot feel.

My other model i made last year he has an aluminium wire skeleton with the body,legs & feet which were moulded in latex & foam, the head and hands are in plastercine with hair moulded(and baked)in fimo oven clay.

here is my robot in action

hop2it Posted: Nov 4th 2007

i made these just today and it was my first atempt at model making

hop2it Posted: Nov 4th 2007

i made these just today and it was my first atempt at model making

hop2it Posted: Nov 4th 2007

i made these just today and it was my first atempt at model making

hop2it Posted: Nov 4th 2007

that film really good cavor how did you get it to be so smooth

cavor Posted: Nov 4th 2007

nice first atempt hop2it keep up the good work.

My animation has improved since i made that robot clip(in jan 2003) it is all about reading all you can about animation and practice practice practice.

A good tip is to use a stop watch and work out the timing say of a walk etc, by doing this you start to brake it all down, try acting out your animation before you do it, you will soon get a feel for it.

Modelmaker93 Posted: Nov 4th 2007

Wow great movie Covor What do you use to make the maddels, please pleas give me tips for making models, Animation, and io think you should have your own tv show lol

Keep[ up the animations/moddels ]

From Modelmaker93:O

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