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jills Posted: Nov 4th 2007

Yeah, cavor, that film is fab. Did you go to school for film or animation then?

J-Snake I'd love to see an animation of a superhero failing at flying ;)

cavor Posted: Nov 4th 2007

Modelmaker93 thanks for the comment. The robot i made was made out mdf, wire, piro cable plus any bits and bobs i could find, oh the glass dome was a top of a 2 lt coke bottle
but he was my first mistake far too heavy!! prone to falling over.
Try to use lightweight materials.

Recommended books:

Stop Motion: Craft Skills for Model Animation (Focal Press Visual Effects and Animation) by Susannah Shaw

Cracking Animation: The Aardman Book of 3-D Animation

jills thanks for the comments.

The robot film thing was one i hurried to get on a video showreel to apply for a Three month model animation course in bristol, it did the trick as i managed to get on the course.
I was a bit embarrased by the film as the 2nd character looked as robotic as the robot.

J-Snake Posted: Nov 5th 2007

jills i will post it when i finish it. but its on hold right now beacause i am working on my entry for the contest.

hop2it Posted: Nov 5th 2007

cavor what type of camera did you use???

kld wallace Posted: Nov 5th 2007

Joruus Posted: Nov 5th 2007

I'm working at Predator 30 cm. He has't head :D.

cavor Posted: Nov 5th 2007

for that (robot)film i used an old sony hi8 camcorder.
I now use a Panasonic NV-GS180EB (3ccd) camcorder connected
to a laptop via a firewire card and capture frames on the laptop using the software stopmotionpro 3.5.

Modelmaker93 Posted: Nov 5th 2007

wow great predator how did you make it? is it made out of modelling clay?

Modelmaker93 Posted: Nov 5th 2007

I have sone loads of drawings of but never thought of making him, i might make the alien lol good look on making him

hop2it Posted: Nov 6th 2007

this is my first ever try at animation so go easy on it because it is quite hard to get it smooth and if there are any tips please let me know

Modelmaker93 Posted: Nov 7th 2007

Tke loads mor pictures and don't use Play doh

anti-pesto Posted: Nov 10th 2007

heres victor

anti-pesto Posted: Nov 10th 2007

anti-pesto Posted: Nov 10th 2007

Harry Posted: Nov 10th 2007

Here Is A Sketch Of My Character Mike

Joruus Posted: Nov 12th 2007

Modelmaker93: I make Pred from modeling paste, boil and paint. Here is head =>

The Quans Posted: Nov 12th 2007

cavor, did you submit your animation in the contest?

cavor Posted: Nov 12th 2007

The Quans great pictures of your models "Preston vs. Cooker" getting ready for this months creation contest i see!.

No i didn't submit my animation for the contest as i feel it is more for the youngsters, although i could not resist from entering into last months contest my Wrong Trousers fancy dress costume, i made this summer ( )

PS will we be seeing Preston & the Cooker being animated in the near future perchance!!

The Quans Posted: Nov 13th 2007

I don't have the best camera to work with, I still could. I was thinking of animating something more simplistic first. Either way it would take a while. I'd have to remake Preston and Cooker in mostly plasticine. I had used sculpey and fimo and baked them, so not a whole lot of movement there. Thanks. :)

cavor Posted: Nov 13th 2007

Hi Quans
you dont need a very good camera to get going in animation but having manual settings would give you an advantage. If you can animate as well as your model making skills you should do well.

I have not used sculpey before is it simmilar in properties to fimo?.

Good luck if your do have a go at the animating.

Harry Posted: Nov 14th 2007

I Have Used Sculpley And It Is Really Floppy:D

The Quans Posted: Nov 14th 2007

not after it's baked it's not

conty Posted: Nov 16th 2007

another one of my models:D

conty Posted: Nov 17th 2007

harry this is for you, only got a few pics of when i was making it

Harry Posted: Nov 17th 2007


So When You Make The Model You Make, Say, The Body, Then The Head Seperate Then Stick The Wire Left From The Head Into The Body?

Thanks For The Pic,

Harry XD

conty Posted: Nov 17th 2007

it doesnt really show my armatures so i will try to explain, i start with the head, then make the body, then i wire the head to the body, with the legs to make them more stable, i use one thick wire and bend it into leg shape and wire the feet aswell, push the whole lot into body, and back fill the great big hole with plastercine (im sure aardmans dont do it this way!!!) then when its balanced i add the arms, but i wire them seperatly as i want them to move independantly, i hope that helps,

Harry Posted: Nov 17th 2007

Ok I Think You Should Go On

And Make A Website Showing All The Images. And Maybe To A Step By Step Picture Guide For Making A Model. Thanks For That Picture, Looks Like He Is Having A Dip In The Paddling Pool.

Thanks, Harry

Joruus Posted: Nov 17th 2007

Asajj Ventress from Star Wars Clone Wars ;)

conty Posted: Nov 18th 2007

wow jorus did you make this, its very supernatural8)

Harry Posted: Nov 18th 2007

You Will Of Seen This On Creations...

Harry Posted: Nov 18th 2007

wendoline07 Posted: Nov 18th 2007

ive got the wallace and gromit kit aswell
and ive made models of them, and one of me!
Ill be uploading pics soon!
well done everyone for yours!

wendoline07 Posted: Nov 18th 2007

wendoline07 Posted: Nov 18th 2007

...and here's the other, with the model of me in it!
Hope you like them =]

Modelmaker93 Posted: Nov 18th 2007


The Quans Posted: Nov 18th 2007

sculpey is alot like fimo. To me fimo seems more waxy. I like both, it just depends on what project and what scale; on what i would decide to use. Plus what happened to be on sale. Hopefully animating soon. Working on some test runs.
Thanks. :D

conty Posted: Nov 18th 2007

im looking forward to seeing your animation, i bet its going to be good, as your last models you posted are great:D

plasjas Posted: Nov 18th 2007

do any of you guys use Brass k&s tubing?

Modelmaker93 Posted: Nov 19th 2007

Thx conty i am working out the story at the moment, then i will start shooting, Oh Yeah i use a Vivita digital camera from Argos ( ARGOOOSE) LOL

what are brass kits anyway plasjas?

Oh yeah Conty i know that you like to play the guitar do you lke this desighn i made??

Pls pls write bck

cavor Posted: Nov 19th 2007

Yes plasjas i have used Brass k&s tubing to make the hands and feet detachable for maintenance on my last puppet.

conty Posted: Nov 20th 2007

modelmaker i was talking about the quans animation, but im looking forward to seeing yours too,

how did you get that put on your guitar is it a transfer or something? ive got five guitars in my collection i love um!! can you play?

conty Posted: Nov 20th 2007

cavor, can you tell me what the brass k3ts tubing is please, and what its used for, i havent heard of it, you probably laugh at me wiv my electrical wire, but no one has ever tought me how to make models, ive just gone about it trail and error, and used whatever i can find that i think will do the job:O thanks conor

Modelmaker93 Posted: Nov 20th 2007

I conty it isn't a tranfer but it might be soon i desighned it on the computer and Put my Logo on it. And yes i can play I have a fender and a gibson, and a effects pedal

Modelmaker93 Posted: Nov 20th 2007

cavor really good models please give us all some tips thankyou

Modelmaker93 Posted: Nov 20th 2007

Hi this is my lastest Inproved Gromit Hope youall like it (for the Armetuer i used cheap garden strimmer wire) it is really good, please rate this image on the Your Creations page.

Thx Alot

Modelmaker93 Posted: Nov 21st 2007

Hi there here is a few more Models:
Hope you like them

plasjas Posted: Nov 21st 2007

Conty K&S brass tubing are brass tubes(obviously) and you can use them for making arms and feets detatchable and what u can use is epoxy glue to glue them to aluminium wire cause they are something to grab on to so like a forearm and stuff you have a space between two on the arm so the bit in the arm that isn't got b tubing is the joint elbow below is a picture the gold bits are the k&s tubing

plasjas Posted: Nov 21st 2007

not a very good explanation sorry

conty Posted: Nov 21st 2007

i can see how that would work for the arms and legs, but i dont get how the feet are detatchable, or is that a modelling term for movable?

cavor Posted: Nov 21st 2007

Have done a picture to help explain how my last aluminium wire armature was made.
Solid body parts were made from wood, Ali wire was joined to the K&S tubing and the wooden parts with a hot glue gun.

Great armature plasjas

Conty my robots armature is made with electical fire alarm wire see you're not the only one.

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