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I love Bitzer Posted: Mar 4th 2010

And at least Timmy:

concon Posted: Mar 4th 2010


I love Bitzer Posted: Mar 4th 2010

Thanks :)
The gras was made self by using dreid hay, the other things are made of modelling clay! The only thing I now need is how to make the tree you can see on the pictures on page 80.....

concon Posted: Mar 4th 2010

Im not sure how to make trees, sorry. I've never made a set other than a water fountain that was in a episode of William and Wilma The Worms (And their pal SHeldon too!)

shaun the lamb Posted: Mar 11th 2010

Nice, your shaun model is very realistic!

concon Posted: Mar 11th 2010

I love Bitzer Posted: Mar 11th 2010

Thank you! I'm just making some more modells, just a moment then I can post some pictures of them.....

concon Posted: Mar 11th 2010

concon Posted: Mar 11th 2010

concon Posted: Mar 11th 2010

I love Bitzer Posted: Mar 11th 2010

The alien from STS:

666joshy666 Posted: Mar 11th 2010

Stop spamming Concon! Excellent work, I Love Bitzer!

I love Bitzer Posted: Mar 11th 2010

A part of Timmy: His head. I'm just making the rest of him but I thought it would be interesting for you to see his head. Please say what to improve there or on one of the other modells

I love Bitzer Posted: Mar 11th 2010

Thank you, 666joshy666 =)
Bitzer's head, he isn't ready, too, but I made the head so that you can change his mouth. Like the real Bitzer you only need one head and all the different mouths to express his feelings....

concon Posted: Mar 11th 2010

Shut up Joshy! How was I spamming? Because Im on moderation the staff have to check my pictures first. :-|

666joshy666 Posted: Mar 12th 2010

Don't tell me to shut up. Go back to STS where you are wanted.

kldceltic Posted: Mar 12th 2010

oh be nice to concon joshy he's ma friend;):-(

you shut up joshy;):D:)

ajmole Posted: Mar 13th 2010

Okay, I'm gonna talk in a nice way. joshy, how was concon spamming? He wasn't on this thread that he spammed. Please be nice to him.

Purple&Brown Posted: Mar 13th 2010

Here is a character I've been making for a good month now:

Ursrut Posted: Mar 13th 2010

nice one purple&brown!

Purple&Brown Posted: Mar 13th 2010

Thanks Ursrut! :)

666joshy666 Posted: Mar 14th 2010

When I looked, there were no pictures. This website is absolutely awful now. Nice model P&B!

kldceltic Posted: Mar 14th 2010

joshy it;s no awful:-(:'(

Purple&Brown Posted: Mar 14th 2010

Thanks Joshy! :D

I love Bitzer Posted: Mar 14th 2010

Nice, P&B.
@666joshy666: Because concon is on moderation, the Aardman Staff has to approve his/her pictures forst before they can be seen by the community! So he uploaded the post with the picture in it but had to wait until aardman Staff approved it. And so there first only was the text but not the picture
=> He/she wasn't spamming!!
@concon: But anyhow you shouldn't say "Shut up", that's not very nice! Why don't you all be a little bit more friendly to everyone else, joshy and concon (and the rest)?

concon Posted: Mar 14th 2010

Okay sorry.

666joshy666 Posted: Mar 15th 2010

Fine. I am sorry as well but I am not going to be on here very often from now on.

Purple&Brown Posted: Mar 15th 2010

Thank you I love Bitzer |-)

I love Bitzer Posted: Mar 15th 2010

You're welcome 0:)

Purple&Brown Posted: Mar 20th 2010

For a peice of Art homework, we have to create a series of pictures to show a story, and they said they will put 3 forward from the class into a competition. I decided to make mine using stop motion characters. Here is what I have come up with as a test to see what it will look like, as it is a test, it isn't perfect. So you can see some bits of green from the greenscreen and the character is missing a hand. Enjoy. ;)

Clay Fighter Posted: Mar 20th 2010

oooh,looks cool, wats the story about?

Purple&Brown Posted: Mar 21st 2010

Thanks, well, its about him just reading a newspaper and suddenly a safe falls down from the sky, and the safe is magical and does some weird stuff, havnt really progressed the idea on from there though.

Ursrut Posted: Mar 21st 2010

very nice purple&brown!

Purple&Brown Posted: Mar 21st 2010

Thanks again Ursrut!

Purple&Brown Posted: Mar 21st 2010

Thanks again Ursrut!


Oops, didnt mean to post twice!

thespazicat Posted: Mar 29th 2010

sup guys, heres a different model for u, a cgi one i made through boredom, hes called mummys little angel.

666joshy666 Posted: Mar 29th 2010


cavor Posted: Mar 30th 2010

There are some super things going up in here! haven't been looking in much lately been busy!!
But I have had a little time to spare to work on a Wallace & Gromit style tea pot.

Just about ready to go in the kiln for it's first firing:)

Ursrut Posted: Apr 1st 2010

Nice ones spazicat and cavor! they both loook great!

Donald327 Posted: Apr 3rd 2010

i cant see the pics there all just black

Clay Fighter Posted: Apr 3rd 2010

you have to wait for them to load!!!:-|

I love Bitzer Posted: Apr 4th 2010

Some weeks ago I was searching for a picture to build the alien from one episode in the first STS series. But there weren't good pictures in the web. Then I found yours at the STS page with which you had been a runner up in the Art Yard. Because that alien looked so good, I printed the picture and built my alien out of modelling clay using your picture of the alien as original!

Now I'm ready with a part of Shaun's farm and want to take a picture of it to take part wiht it in the art Yard competition of April. But in this picture I'd need the alien....
Now my question to you: Would it be OK for you if the alien, I've build by using your picture, will be in this photo, too? I want to take part in the competition so I thought before taking the picture with `your` alien in it it'd be better to ask you!
Thanks for answering,
I love Bitzer

EDIT: This is the alien I made with the help of your picture:


Clay Fighter Posted: Apr 4th 2010

looks amazing ILB!

I love Bitzer Posted: Apr 5th 2010

Thanks, Clay Fighter! If everything of the scenery is ready and the photos are taken I can upload some more pictures of the alien but also of the other characters!
But the original alien is made by joshy ;)
That is the alien he/she made:


Clay Fighter Posted: Apr 5th 2010

so is that one the one you made or joshy made?

Gromits little bro Posted: Apr 5th 2010

Joshy I think.

I love Bitzer Posted: Apr 5th 2010

The picture where you can see only the alien is joshy's one.
The picture above with the aline and the other things is mine!

sloger Posted: Apr 5th 2010

wow thats is brill

concon Posted: Apr 7th 2010

Nobody commented on my pictures of Shaun, Timmy, Lady Gaga or William & Wilma that I posted up there. ^^^^

Clay Fighter Posted: Apr 7th 2010

well i was having rouble viewing them, but i can see them now

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