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springwizard Posted: Nov 28th 2007

Is anyone familiar with The Giga Pet adventure game TV. Plug in thingamy by Tiger Electronics Inc.? Well,you see,I'm on this realy tricky level that I wanna know how to get off of,and if any of you have any idea how to pass this level I would be most gratefull. You see,there's this chef who is a warthog that lives on the beach,he sends me up the mountain to dig up three jalepeno peppers and a bottle of hot sauce. I find the three peppers right away,but I can't find the bottle of hot sauce,and the other characters in the game aren;t much help eighther. If you tell me where to find this hot sauce,I'd be most gratefull.

springwizard Posted: Dec 17th 2007

Hello.....anybody???? Appearantly Tiger Electronics doesn't even SHIP to the UK,so you wouldn't know what I'm talking about anyway.

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 17th 2007

No, I am not fimiliar with this game. In fact, I've never seen or heard a trace of it. Sorry.

springwizard Posted: Dec 17th 2007

Mark,your spelling's waaaaaaaayyy off. That should be an "a" not an"I" In the word "familiar".

springwizard Posted: Dec 17th 2007

What's a good name for a Webkinz Hippo,I've been trying to think of one four weaks. I have a hippo,but I haven't thought of a name yet. If you have any ideas,PLZ Post them here.

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 19th 2007

Well, I've never considered myself a good speller so you'll just have to put up with that whenever you see one of my comments. For your hippo's name, how about Gloria if it is a girl and if it is a boy try...well, I don't know. I'll think about it.:D

springwizard Posted: Dec 19th 2007

Well,It IS gonna be a girl,but Gloria was a Penguin in "Happy Feet."

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 20th 2007

AND a hippo in Madagascar!

springwizard Posted: Dec 20th 2007

Lol! Looks like my AUNT GRACCIE!Don't tell her I said that. I don't want her to think she's a human "Hippopotamus" Or anything. Actualy,I was hoping some other Webkinz hippo owers would give me THIER names for Hippos.

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 21st 2007

Yeah, good idea. And I won't be telling that aunt of yours. My lips are sealed!

springwizard Posted: Dec 24th 2007

Is it my imagination,or do I see a belly button on that hippo? I don't know why,but I just like to say "belly button" alot,I guess 'cuz it's just fun to say. Try saying"belly button" over and over again as fast as you can and I guarantee youu will LAUGH!|-)

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 26th 2007

Yeah, it does make me laugh. Yes, that hippo does have a belly button. AND A BIG ONE! |-)

springwizard Posted: Dec 27th 2007

Well,at lest you now know a new trick to help you cheer up when you are in....,say,.....not such a good mood.;)

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 27th 2007

Thank you.;)

springwizard Posted: Jan 8th 2008

Say,Mark,I've had a bad earache lately and could use some cheering up. Make me laugh,tell me a joke,a Lymerick,something....PLZ!

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 9th 2008

Okay. Er, what do you call your mum's sister that is very small? An ant!!! :D I just came up with that on the spot!!!

springwizard Posted: Jan 9th 2008

Oh,man,that is LAME!!! Can't you think of something else???? (No offence)

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 10th 2008

Well, thanks. It seemed to make my friends laugh a lot.:-(

animationking Posted: Jan 11th 2008

which madagascar that is so funny

springwizard Posted: Jan 11th 2008

Finaly,someone besides that ANOYING Mark The Shark Kid. What's up,buddy?

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 12th 2008

EXCUSE ME!!! Aardman Staff, I feel as if I am being bullied! Please make him stop this pathetic nonsence! It's making the website less friendly! It's so unfair! Please make him STOP!!!

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 12th 2008

Aardman staff...

terminator987 Posted: Jan 12th 2008

I am familiar with that game i played it just one month ago and i think my spelling is good beacouse i am not from England or U.S.A i am from f****** Bosnia and Herzegovina... but bottle with hot sauce is justnear the big rock... well... it is actually under it hope this helps!!!...???***

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 12th 2008

Now, now Terminator987. This is a fun website so don't swear. I'm cool, just don't do it again. Are you new, if so, welcome to the site!;)

cinders1 Posted: Jan 13th 2008

mark i agree that wasnt very nice of springwizard, when all youve been is friendly, like in the playground, if someone doesnt play nice stay away from them;)

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 13th 2008


springwizard Posted: Jan 14th 2008

Sorry,I lost my temper before,Mark.It's just that sometimes we girls just like to be alone and girl chat with other girls about girlie girl stuff and we don't want any boys to bother us,but you were right about telling Terminator987 not to swear. 4give me??????:-( PLZ!!!????:'(

terminator987 Posted: Jan 15th 2008

WHAT???????????? i wasn't searing i put "*"

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 16th 2008

That beeps out swearing. Emm, you're a girl, Springwizard. I thought you were a boy. You are forgiven. :D

terminator987 Posted: Jan 19th 2008

oh my gosh no1 beleives me and by the WAY CAN ANY1 TELL ME HOW TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT I WANT TO DELETE IT!!!!!!:'(:'(:'(

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 19th 2008

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Aardman Staff, tell Terminator to stop posting that!

Secretagent Posted: Jan 23rd 2008

Uh,Mark,I came to appologize for how foolish I acted,I never realy intended to hurt or offend anybody:'( I can't belive how stupid I was to over react the way I did. It's just,that,well,sometimes I get so angry that I loose self controll and say things that I don't realy mean. Like I didn't realy mean to hurt your fealings. I just though you were a grown up,possing as a kid to threaten me. I guess I should have realised that there was a possibility that you actauly WERE a kid. I was originaly "Springwizard" Btw,this is my new account that I started so that hopefully it won't happen again and we can patch things up. So,can we call it a truce????:-(I was STTTTOOOOPPPIIID! 4give me PLZ!

Secretagent Posted: Jan 25th 2008

Mark,are you there???? Helloooo?????Oh....(sniffles) What have I done? I'm such a terrible PERSON!!! BAAAAAAWWWWWWWLLLL!:O

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 26th 2008

No, no, I am here. You're forgiven. Welcome back. I hope you enjoy it.;)

Secretagent Posted: Jan 26th 2008

I'd love to invite you to my Webkinz virtual birthday party in February. But before I can invite you,you have to be two things,1 a Webkins User,and 2 on my friends list. If you are a user,you'll have to tell me your Webkinz user name and how often you are on the site so that maybee I can work out a good time for us bioth to meet on Webkinz.

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 28th 2008

Have you been banned again?:O

Cybergurl Posted: Jan 29th 2008

You who....It's me. There's this naughty little bird that peck-peck-pecks on our roof all the time,do you know how to get rid of him?

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 30th 2008

Is this ME you're talking about. If it is, I advise you to shut up before you get banned ONCE again. If you say one more thing against me, then I will report you to Katie and RichD! NOW STOP!!!

Cybergurl Posted: Jan 31st 2008

Heavens,NO. I don't mean YOU mark,you're like a pure 0:)compared to this little pest who won't stop pestering me with his countless practical jokes. I'm talking about my bratty brother Richie who lives with me,a real pain in the *beep* bum. If you know what I mean. Any advice on how to stop him.

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 1st 2008

Oh riiiiiiight. Right. Right, sorry about that.0:)

Cybergurl Posted: Feb 3rd 2008

So,do you know how to stop him from bugging me?

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 6th 2008

Who's him?:-|

Cybergurl Posted: Feb 9th 2008

My Pesky brother seems to think that since he's a boy,he should have the upper hand,but realy,he should respect an older sister who just had her Bat Mitzva ceremony three day ago. SHEEEEEESSSHHH!!!

cavor Posted: Feb 9th 2008

Bat Mitzva ceremony's I thought that was only for boys (aged 13)
You learn something every day!!:D

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 9th 2008

Yes, you really do Cavor!!! :D I have no idea, Cybergurl since I am a younger brother to my big sister but just kind of be nice to him I'd say. My sister's nice to me and we get along fine (usually).:D

Cybergurl Posted: Feb 9th 2008

For Boys it's called a bar Mitzva,but for girls,it's a bat Mitzva. And if the family tresures their dog enough to consider him human,then that dog just might have a "Bark Mitzva." Get,it,dog,bark. LOL,hope that clears it up for you folks.

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 9th 2008

Oh hello!:D

cavor Posted: Feb 9th 2008

Thanks I though it was a bar Mitzva for boys but I thought there maybe a funny pronunciation thing being spelt like bat;)

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 10th 2008

Hi Cavor!;)

Cybergurl Posted: Feb 10th 2008

Tomorow's my Webkinz kitty's birthday,I wanted to have a little party for her and invite some friends to see my Webkinz house,and well,you have to have a Webkinz Account before I can invite you. So if you could just give me you user name on Webkinz(if you have an account,that is.) Maybee I can invite you to the virtual shindig.

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