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cavor Posted: Feb 10th 2008

I think this is what cybergurl is talking about here's a link;)

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 10th 2008

OK. Er a username on Webkinz. "Devil!!!";)

Cybergurl Posted: Feb 11th 2008

Um,mark,you have to be a webkinz user,and in order to do that you'ld have to have a Webkinz Plush toy WITH A CODE!!!! Sheesh. What do I have to do to get that through your thick little skull.

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 12th 2008

Excuse me. I do not have a thick little skull. I refuse to do it then. You have countlessly called me stuff and now I just refuse to talk to you.

Cybergurl Posted: Feb 12th 2008

Oh,pardon me mark,ARE you a Webkinz user at all? There went my temper again,my bad. If you are a Webkinz user what is your user name on that site?
This is my thrid account and I'm tring my best not to offend anybody. It's just that when I loose my temper I tend to, know....Get carried away.

Cybergurl Posted: Feb 13th 2008

Sorry about that,I lost my temper. What I Ment to say was I didn't think you understood that you had to havea webkinz account to Join Me. But DO you you have a Webkinz account at all?

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 13th 2008

No I don't. And I don't think I will because I am slightly busy with my film projects at the moment but maybe later.;)

Cybergurl Posted: Feb 14th 2008

Well,my User name on Webkinz is "Springwizard". Meat me there when you join.

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 14th 2008


Happypapy Posted: Sep 14th 2008

I really wish i had a webkin.:-(

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