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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Nov 12th 2008

Hello W&G fans!

A month on from the last blog entry and a Matter of Loaf is almost ready to be released! In fact, our lucky winners from last year’s online competition will be some of the first to see a special preview screening in Bristol this weekend.

Last month Beeky told us that shooting had finally finished, and so this month I spoke to Andy Ward about his role as First Assistant Editor on “A Matter of Loaf and Death” to get a bigger picture about how the shots were put together to make the final film…..

Andy and the edit team started work on A Matter of Loaf and Death in July 2007, long before shooting even began. At the beginning a story reel/animatic was created by editing together storyboards into a digital ' flipbook ' with temporary dialogue, sound effects and music. Each sequence / scene was then looked at in detail by Nick Park and Editor David McCormick and then once they had been signed off for production the shoot could begin. This process was ongoing and happened throughout the shooting process.

Shots were edited as soon as they came in from the studio floor, submitted for approval and then once approved, the shooting would continue. Some sequences were trimmed along the way to tighten them up and make them play well.

At the same time the CGI department were working on visual effects including rig removal, comping, fixing and adding brand new CGI elements. These were then be submitted for approval and then edited into the final working version.

Towards the end of shooting Nick and David were editing the film as a whole. One of the main considerations was that the film needed to be delivered at a specific length, ready to be broadcast on TV. This meant that throughout the process there was a need to review and monitor the total running length of the film

The final cut was complete on the Monday after the final shot came in on the Friday – what a speedy turnaround! Adding music recordings, sound mixing, getting final Visual Effect approval and colour grading were the final steps before marrying the sound and picture to create the final film!

Exciting stuff, eh? Keep your eyes glued to over the coming weeks to find lots of exciting news and brand new features ready in time for the release of A Matter of Loaf and Death this Christmas. We’ll also update the blog with any news from the preview screenings.

Not long to go now, hope you’re all excited!

jordan Posted: Nov 12th 2008

thanks katie, will there be extras for the DVD? Oo i hope its lots of behind the scenes coming our way!!! like pics and vids & games/ wallpapers . Oo what about dwonload posters! ;)

Nathan M Posted: Nov 12th 2008

thanks for the input katie

Mark the shark Posted: Nov 12th 2008


SavedbyBishop Posted: Nov 12th 2008

Thanks Katie. I can not wait any longer to see this! It feels like i'm being tortured!!!

Audrey2 Posted: Nov 13th 2008

Will it have the same release time in Oz?

Harry Posted: Nov 13th 2008

Thankyou Katie. Not Long At All!

cheesefanatic Posted: Nov 13th 2008

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkk! i can't wait! eeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkk!

w&g Posted: Nov 15th 2008

thanks katie good to know

Oakes Posted: Nov 17th 2008

im upset coz all w&g events are never anywhere near my county, basically all countys around norfolk, essex etc etc are never near enough to a w&g event to be able to go there, do the event, then return home in a day which id like to be able to do, plz aardman! do more events near NORFOLK!!!!!!

Michael2008 Posted: Nov 17th 2008


Cameronl Posted: Nov 17th 2008

i would of been right near all the events because i was born and lived in bristol for 8 years. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wallace loves kld forever Posted: Nov 17th 2008

edit ur post u should not have put ur age on website cameronl by klk

Cameronl Posted: Nov 18th 2008

srry my mistake

gromitisthebest Posted: Nov 19th 2008

YEY!!!!!!! the greatest characters to ever hit the t.v. screen and big screen are coming back, im 21 and i still love them like a kid! they're great love watching Gromit trying to save Wallace from making a wolly of himself and the contraptions are brilliant each time, Nick Park is a genius hes brilliant that guy! that goes for all the guys and girls that help him create them

joef Posted: Nov 19th 2008

My daughter is 3 and I have never seen her as excited as yesterday before bedtime when I told her there is a new Wallace and Gromit coming on Christmas day. This is the first year she has got the concept of Christmas, and has already been getting so excited, but this news has tipped her over the edge.
She already knows all the words to all the films so I'm really pleased that there's a new one coming, because she can't get her fix quick enough (even though Shaun the Sheep has kept her hunger for all things W&G a little at bay)
The best thing about watching W&G with your child is that really it's the best way for an adult to start the day as well. Put's you in a great mood for the rest of the day. It's going to be GREAT!

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Nov 19th 2008

Great to hear, joef! I hope your daughter enjoys the new film, do let us know what you all think once you've watched it at Christmas! :)

Nathan M Posted: Nov 19th 2008

i cant wait to watch it

wandgfan21 Posted: Nov 23rd 2008

thanks katie! only 32 days to go........

Rioley Posted: Nov 24th 2008

I can;t wait! Thanks Katie! Will this site be open after the new movie? I sure hope so!:D

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Nov 25th 2008

Absolutely Rioley, I'll want to hear what you all thought of the new film! :)

jordan Posted: Nov 25th 2008

wheres the modelmaking pics ;)

cheesefanatic Posted: Dec 9th 2008

i still can't wait!!!!

wasps Posted: Dec 11th 2008

cant wait to matter of loaf and death

thetopbun Posted: Dec 11th 2008

That is great news! And the trailer has finaly come out! Can't wait to see it! Thanks guys for letting me enjoy another one of your great films!

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