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Harry Posted: Nov 30th 2007

What Is The Grand Day Out Moon Set made From, And How Big Is It, By The Looks Of It It Looks Gigantic, There Must Be A Carry On Back Drop Somewhere, Do Any Of You Know What Its Made From, I Can See That Well I Think The Bumps Are Plasticine But It Matches Great With The Floor And That Cant Be All Plasticine, Well If It Is It Would Cost £100's, I Think The Answer Will Be Best From Nick But Theres Not Much Chance He Will Be Rummaging On Here, So Can Any Of You Help Me Because I Am Planning On Doing A Animation On The Moon And That Would Be A Great Help, Please Answer Back, Maybe Katie RichD Or Sep Will Have The Answer But I Certanly Dont At The Moment, Please Help Me, Harry XD

Seb Moderator Posted: Nov 30th 2007

I think I can help here.

It is obvisouly worth a large amount, and the last I heard of it was that it was on display in an exhibition over in Japan.

It's pretty large obviously, but actually not as large as it seems... It's all just a trick! For example, when you see Wallace and Gromit walking on the horizon, it's actually just small cardboard cutouts that when put together look like they're walking!

I don't actually know exactly what it's made of, but I highly doubt that it's really plasticine, as that would have melted by now!

Hope that answers your question!

Harry Posted: Nov 30th 2007

Thanks Seb,

Do You Know What I Could Maybe Use For Mine?

Seb Moderator Posted: Nov 30th 2007

Depends exactly what you want for it, and I can't make a final decision without knowing everything about your project, but try different things.

If there's a dollshouse in your home, try using that, or try to build a set using wood and furnish it.

More money will make a better set, so it's about how much you want to spend really!

Harry Posted: Nov 30th 2007

I Want To Make A Set For Animation Of The Moon,

jordan Posted: Dec 1st 2007

plasticine doesnt melt lol

luke Posted: Dec 1st 2007

I use polystyrene for all of my sets.

Harry Posted: Dec 1st 2007

With Help From All Of You, Mostly Seb And Jordan I Know That I Can Make The Set Wahhooo. From Harry,, Thanks Guys:D

cavor Posted: Dec 2nd 2007

This is just a test as any long post on this thread it keeps rejecting!

Seb Moderator Posted: Dec 2nd 2007

When I say melt, I mean how it can fall apart if not in the right conditions.

Basically if you want a proper project, you could make a bit of a set out of wood, perhaps using paper machie to add texture. Do as much as you feel is right!

cavor Posted: Dec 2nd 2007

If you start with solid base( ply wood, MDF etc ) like seb said you could use plaster bandage( stretched over carboard shapes then plaster of paris to make the craters.

If it goes well post some pictures of your set.

good luck

Harry Posted: Dec 2nd 2007

I Will, Thanks For The Tips All Of You, Why Would I Need DAS Modelling Clay, An dHow Much Do You Think The Whole Set Will Cost?,Harry

jordan Posted: Dec 2nd 2007

plasticine becomes very soft in heated conditions i know what im talking about ive been making animated films since i was 12

jordan Posted: Dec 2nd 2007

DAS clay is awfull clay it has a horrid smell to it and it doesnt dry proply it cracks.

Harry Posted: Dec 2nd 2007

This Is What I Have So Far, What I Like The Sound Of,

Base, Ply Wood, Foam Board, Thanks To Jordan And Cavor
Crators, Wire&Paper Mache, Thanks To Jordan
Floor, Paper Mache, Thanks To Lots Of You

Thanks You Lot I Might Start With The Characters Next Week

cavor Posted: Dec 2nd 2007

Hi Harry if you are referring to the link I left earlier on the top of the page you will find Das clay but if you scroll down the page you will find plaster of paris & plaster bandage as I suggested.

Sorry for any confusion

James Posted: Dec 2nd 2007

Seb what dose it mean by you being a modartor :O

jordan Posted: Dec 3rd 2007

ahem i also mentioned paper mache on MSN before anyone else did.

Harry Posted: Dec 4th 2007

I Might Just Buy Some Plaster Bandages From Boyes

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