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gromit9 Posted: Nov 22nd 2008

All you have to do is make up your own Wallace and gromit charecter and tell me whats there name,what they are, where do they live,what speciel abelties do they have and are they a goodie or baddie.once i found a winner and two runners up i will give them something to if you have a picture of them that you have drawn it will be great if you sended them in.
good luck.:D

crackingtoast Posted: Dec 26th 2008

name: Sidney Johnson
species: Human
live: London
Special Abilities: luring people into appearing on TV

he's the TV presenter for a show called 'amazing inventions' in my new w&g film.
it turned out he's stealing ideas off wallace and calling wallaces inventions his own.
no model picture yet but here's a drawing

FlufflesRocks-xx Posted: Dec 26th 2008

Character Name: Lizzie Kipper
Type: Goodie!
Species: Human
Live: London (Two doors from Walace & Gromit)
Abilites: Cleaning, decorating & making things look presentable.

Lizzie Kipper is a maid that lives two doors down from Walace and Gromit,Walce highers her to take care of the house when he's away on inventing trips and so on; Gromit likes her as she treats him and Fluffles well. Her enemie must be her evil mother who wants her to work full time in the house so she can be rich.
I have no photo but if she was a actor/human being in real life I'd say she'd look like Anne Hathaway!

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