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crackersandcheese Posted: Nov 23rd 2008

I reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllyyyyyyy like your story, how do u think of all the ideas, it's really cool. I'm still getting confused though whether gromit likes star or twighlight or are they both differnet stories where gromit likes star in one story and twighlight in another story??? please help me understand otherwise ma brain will go POP!:D

SavedbyBishop Posted: Nov 23rd 2008

I just make up my idea's from my head an from the other Poseidon adventure movies.

Gromit, Twilight, and Star:

In stories it's a difference. In five of my Wallace and Gromit Poseidon stories Gromit and Star are in love with each other and Twilight is the snob. But in my sixth story i changed it around to have Twilight as Gromit's love and Star as the snob. But in the sixth story i didn't really feel any love between Gromit and Twilight bacause it was always Gromit and Star together.

SavedbyBishop Posted: Nov 24th 2008

Some other differences:
-Sam and Heather are married, Sam and Wendy are married, Sam is not married.
-Sams dying or not dying
-Different deaths
-Star is a stowaway or Not a stowaway
-Sam cheats with Faith in two story or in the others they fall in love
-Wendy is either Sam's sister, his wife, or a rival
-Clair appears as 14 or Clair appears as 17
-Melissa appears at 8, 14 or 15
-Zeke etheir dates Hope or Hazel
-Tricia either appears as 19, 24, or 29
-Tricia sometimes has a daughter sometimes not
-Wallace and Wendy are high school students who are in love, Wallace and Nancy are in love high school students, Wallace and Wendy just meet

crackersandcheese Posted: Nov 26th 2008

OK! confusing but i understand! :D

SavedbyBishop Posted: Nov 26th 2008

Should i keep uploading my story up on here or on the other one?

crackersandcheese Posted: Nov 27th 2008

on this thread. This is the Crackersandchees luvin SavedByBishop's cool story thread!!!:D

SavedbyBishop Posted: Nov 27th 2008

Chapter 46: Staying Behind

Johhny: Alright everyone let’s get this tree up to the balcony. [The men lift the tree up and carry it to the balcony and put it against it]
Johhny: Ah does anyone have any rope?
Mark: Here’s some.
Johhny: Where did you get this?
Mark: From my pants.
Johhny: Okay.
Mark: I have big pants. [Johhny climbs to the top of the tree and hooks it on their. He climbs back down the tree]
Johhny: Alright now let’s see who’s going to come.
Barry Sinker: Hey me and my brother are coming.
Johhny: Go on up guys. The same way you saw me climb up that tree.
Mark: Mom are you going to stay here?
Ellen: I was planning to why are you leaving with them?
Mark: I was.
Ellen: Then keep up with them. Be like your father and keep up with them.
Mark: Alright.
Ellen: I’ll see if Tracey comes back.
Mark: Hey Spirit you coming with me?
Spirit: No I’m going to tell my mother that I’m not coking in case Faith comes back.
Mark: See you. You were the best girlfriend I’ve ever had.
Spirit: You were the best boyfriend I’ve ever had. [They kiss each other goodbye. Lady Tottington is trying to find Tricia]
Tricia: Here let me fix that arm up mame.
Hazel: Can I help you out Mom.
Tricia: Sure I guess.
Lady Tottington: Tricia. [Tricia helps up Hazel]
Tricia: Mom give this Johhny.
Lady Tottington: You don’t won’t to give this up.
Tricia: It’s the only thing that Johhny has to remember me.
Lady Tottington: Your staying behind with Hazel?
Tricia: Yes I am.
Lady Tottington: Well it’s really brave for you to stay.
Tricia: Mom while I was in high school I never told you but I entered health and injury class.
Lady Tottington: You did.
Tricia: Mom I want to be a doctor most of the time when I’m future Tottington.
Lady Tottington: I guess that’s okay.
Tricia: Thanks Mom. Oh and do you have a marker?
Lady Tottington: Uh yes.
Tricia: Then you have to mark the ways for me so I know which way to go. Hazel let’s go say good bye to Daddy.
Hazel: Okay.
Tricia: Johhny.
Johhny: Go right up with Hazel.
Tricia: I’m staying here actually.
Johhny: Luckily I have a marker in my pocket I’ll mark the ways for you.
Tricia: Thanks honey. [They kiss each other goodbye]
Johhny: Goodbye Hazel. [He kisses her on the cheek]
Johhny: Be careful Hazel.
Hazel: I’ll touch where I’m going.
Tricia: Come on Hazel.
Zeke: Hey Hazel are you staying?
Hazel: Yes.
Zeke: Great. [Hey goes over to Jocelyn and Mike]
Zeke: I’m staying here.
Jocelyn: Alright Zeke.
Zeke: [In his mind] Wow no sobbing or kissing.
Jocelyn: My fifteen year old son isn’t coming!
Mike: Now their, their hun I’m sure our twenty year old Gina will come with us.
Gia: In fact you’re wrong. Luckily I took health and injury class in school so I will be staying. Here’s medal necklace for you to keep for proof. Good bye and good luck. I will look after Zeke. [Jocelyn stays still]
Mike: Honey?
Jocelyn: Just go up the tree.
Gia: Hey guys I’m staying.
Sophie: Oh here comes my Mom probably to take me with her.
Susan: Sophia.
Gia: Sophia?
Sophie: That’s my first name.
Susan: Your Dad has decided that…
Sophie: You and I go and he stays here in case after a while any else wants to go.
Susan: Well no.
Sophie: Then we’re all going to go or are we all going to stay.
Susan: Well you were right about your father staying here. But you had an A++++ on your health and injury class so we were thinking that you could stay here and help these people.
Sophie: But Mom…
Susan: Be brave for me Sophia.
Sophie: Okay. [Susan goes to the tree]
Tricia: Sophie you okay.
Sophie: I guess I’m staying here to take care of people with my Dad.
Gia: Do you and your Dad get along with each other?
Sophie: Not that much.
Trevor: So Sophia I see we can just bond together like we’re husband and wife. [Everyone widens their eyes at Trevor]
Sophie: Uh no Dad I have people to work on so when I’m done we can bond.
Trevor: Oh. Okay then. [Trevor goes away]
Sophie: I need tons of people to work on!
: Alright you go on up I’ll go get .[ sees Ethan leave Twilight and go over to Frank. He runs over to Twilight]
: Twilight!
Twilight: I didn’t think he’d ever go away. He’s been kicking me to death.
: Look was he just talking to the captain?
Twilight: Yes why?
: Were they going to take you along?
Twilight: No but if another group goes they might take me along.
: Then I’m staying with you.
Twilight: You can’t look after me he is.
: When ever he leaves I’ll come over.
Twilight: Thanks so much. [They hug each other. But the Twilight sees Ethan coming]
Twilight: Oh you better go Ethan is coming.
: . [ walks over to ]
: Come on lad we’re leaving the ballroom.
: I’m not going.
: What why.
: [Lying] Because I want… to help out. [ looks at ]
: You really are a brave dog for someone to have. Look before I go I want to. Show you something last night in the ballroom Nancy…
: Gave you an engagement ring.
: Were you spying on us at the time?
: No it was last night. [Lying] I was getting up to get a drink of water when I heard you guys talking.
: I promise you she is a great person to have around like you’ve already gotten to know her well.
: I’ve already had.
: Promise me two things please lad.
: I will.
: One I want you to make it out of the ship for me.
: I promise and two?
: Don’t hit your head on anything or it will bleed like crazy.
: Promise. [The two can not bear to hug each other. They quickly hug each other and pulls away]
: Now get going.
: Alright. [He goes back to the tree]
Johhny: Get up their Ms. Courage.
Marie: Well it’s hard to get up a tree when theirs are almost thing holes then you got up with a long a dress on!
Johhny: Then you should have you cut your dress like I asked you to!
Marie: You mean you want to see my gigantic fat legs that are fat as a pig?
Nancy: That would be gross!
Marie: Thank you. [Marie tries to get up the hole but she ends up being stuck.
Marie: Hey I’m stuck!
Nancy: Oh brother.
Johhny: would you do the honor of giving her a little push.
: I will but I will not like this at all. [He goes up the tree and puts his hand on Marie’s bum. But then she farts. almost gets sick but keeps it down in his throat]
Marie: Who’s down their?
: Grab her hands! [Some people pull her and she gets free]
Nancy: Okay I think she’s free. Now get up here. [Marie and climb up the rest of the way]
Nancy: Can you believe it they made me cut my dress because it’s to long. Now it doesn’t seem glamorous.
Lady Tottington: I had to cut my new dress and nobody has ever seen a Tottington’s legs ever.
Nancy: Does anybody care let me see a show of hands. [Only Nancy razes her hand]
Jocelyn: We rather like her legs.
Marie: They didn’t let me cut mine.
Nancy: Then your dress is gonna get in the way.
Marie: Would you want see a fat woman’s legs?
Nancy: [Changing subject] So didn’t come?
: He’s staying behind to be brave.
Heather: HEY!
Nancy: What?!
Heather: Get my daughters up. [They get Hope and Peace up]
Peace: Wow can you believe it Hope we’re actually going on the adventure of the lifetime!
Heather: Don’t get to excited girls you never know that we could die.
Hope: Oh like Spirit is going to die.
Wendy: Melissa come along.
Melissa: I’m staying with Frank. Plus you never know that Dad and Clair would come back.
Wendy: Melissa you are 14½ and you are not going to die.
Melissa: Mom I’m old enough to take care of myself.
Star: Wendy I’m right over here you don’t need to yell to my perfect little ears. Now let’s go.
Wendy: You’re staying here with Melissa.
Star: What do you mean?
Wendy: Be careful you two. [She kisses them both. Star has an angry face. Melissa pats her on the head but Star pulls away]
Melissa: Come on Stary cheer up we’ll have fun. [She keeps patting her]
Star: First of all don’t call me Stary. Second of all if you keep patting me on the head I will bite your hand.
Melissa: Rude.
Star: Then don’t ever play loud music in the house when I’m trying to get my perfect little beauty sleep.
Captain Jones: Officer Eferon!
Officer Eferon: Yes sir?
Captain Jones: I would like you to go with them.
Officer Eferon: Yes sir. [He goes over to the tree]
Officer Eferon: Excuse me the Captain says I should go with you guys.
Johhny: Alright climb on up Officer. [He goes up the tree]
Johhny: Alright I think that’s everybody. [Johhny goes up the tree]
Johhny: Alright are their any questions before we get moving?
Marie: Yes would you happen to loose weight at all by any chance?
Johhny: You might.
Marie: Good because I really want to loose pounds.
Larry Sinker: Are we al going to die.
Johhny: NO!
May tissue: Can you get me out because I’m only thirteen years old and my parents died.
Johhny: Why of course I can uh…
May: May.
Johhny: Alright any more questions? [Nobody razes their hands]
Johhny: Alright and this is my favorite quote to use “Let’s move out!” [ is about to move but sees sitting don and then going over to a wounded person and then trying to fix the up]
Nancy: come on!
: Alright let’s go. [Back in the entertainment center the guys are still trying to get the electricity thing off of Tom]
Tracey: Wow viewers this is such a heavy thing in fact let’s see what Tom has to say.
Tom: Right now I really want to get this thing off of my legs!
Clair: Tracey your really not helping right now.
Harry: Guys I found something to lift it up it’s a stereo.
Tracey: I think we’re aware of what it is but it’s broken.
Harry: We can lift it up with this pole. [They put the amp down and get the pole under and they lift the thing up]
Clair: Alright Tom get your leg out now! [Tom removes his leg out of the thing]
Tracey: Alright people he is out!
Clair: Now let’s get out of this place it’s starting to creep me out. [Then theirs an explosion. The electricity goes off again. Harry is holding on to an electric thing]
Clair: Harry don’t hold on to that. [The electricity goes into Harry and drops to the ground]
Clair: Oh my god is he breathing. [Tracey feel now pulse on his wrist]
Tracey: No.
Clair: Come on this place is no longer safe. [They get out the upside down door of the entertainment center]
Tracey: But where do we go?
Clair: To the ballroom.
Tracey: I must be safe their. I’m getting great footage already.
Clair: Did you get Harry’s death.
Tracey: Yes because I want to remember this.
Tom: Come on let’s go their must be some people still alive in the ballroom to fix my leg.
Tracey: Well you never know that we could be the only ones that could be alive right now.
Clair: Well I feel as if there are people dead and alive through out the ship.
Tracey: Okay that’s weird though but let’s go. I want to get out of this freaky nightmare.

crackersandcheese Posted: Nov 28th 2008

awsomealicious! wot time do u go on the wallace and gromit website cos then we don't have to wait for ages before we get each others messages. cos i write a amessage but it's not till the next day till i get your message. :)

SavedbyBishop Posted: Nov 28th 2008

Usually in the morning, afternoon, and evening on weekends.
In the weeks i can only do it in the evening because i have school.

crackersandcheese Posted: Nov 28th 2008

OK. keep postin your story please cos it's cool!!! :D

SavedbyBishop Posted: Nov 28th 2008

Chapter 47: The broken staircase
Back with the group they are making their way through an upside down hallway. Johhny’s foot goes through the floor.

Johhny: Careful everyone your feet go right through the floor.
Officer Eferon: Careful Ms. Courage.
Peace: This is like romping in snow.
Heather: Be careful girls I don’t want you to break an ankle.
May: Your right it does feel like it. [They enter flooded water]
Nancy: Great I’m going to ruin my shoes now.
Johhny: I think we have to get out of this water.
Officer Eferon: Yeah you should go up that way.
Johhny: We need some rope to get up their.
Mark: Here’s some.
Johhny: Where the heck did you find that it’s not even wet either?
Mark: I always have some in the pocket of my pants. [Everybody looks at Mark weirdly]
Mark: I don’t have a problem.
Johhny: Just give me the rope. [He throws the rope up and then it hooks to the railing. Johhny climbs up the upside down stairs and then officer Eferon makes it up]
Officer Eferon: Alright ladies are first so May your first. [The teenage girls make it up the stairs]
Nancy: Alright I’m next. [She keeps falling down but she makes it]
Nancy: That’s going to leave bruises on my knees for falling down.
Johhny: Lady Tottington your next.
Lady Tottington: Alright. [She falls tons of times while going up. Fifteen minutes pass as their going up the upside down staircase. Officer Eferon and Johhny are pulling Marie up]
Johhny: Oh this is like pulling a huge whale out of sea that’s dead.
Marie: Hey two things don’t make fun of my weight and two I am not dead yet. [They get Marie up and keep going on their adventure. Then theirs an explosion and they hear something breaking in the hallway]
Wendy: What the heck was breaking down that hallway?
Johhny: We’d better find out then. [They follow where the noise came from and then they find that it’s a broken staircase that is twenty feet down to the ground]
Nancy: I guess we’ll have to go another way.
Johhny: This is the only way that we can go.
Officer Eferon: I don’t if we can get down their.
Johhny: Oh I’m sure that we all can let’s go.
: But how do we know if it’s safe?
Johhny: I’m going to test the thing out. [He gets on the pipes and slides down. He hangs on to one pipe and then jumps down to one pipe and then slides and stands down the rest and makes it down to the ground]
Officer Eferon: Great job Johhny!
Johhny: Officer Eferon your next to come down!
Officer Eferon: Alright. [He goes down the same way as Johhny and he makes it down]
Johhny: Alright Wallace you next.
Nancy: Can two go on at the same time?!
Johhny: No it could break.
: See you down their. [ carefully makes it down but when he’s putting his feet down to the last one he accidentally slips and falls on the ground]
: OW!
Johhny: You alright?
: Yes.
Johhny: Good.
Larry: I’m going next. [Larry goes down and makes it]
Larry: Alright let’s see you beat that Barry with no bones broken!
Harry: Alright [Harry is going down the pipes]
Harry: Hey do you think that I can jump the rest of the way down?
Johhny: If you can.
Larry: You can’t jump you couldn’t even beat something even if you have to jump in a video game!
Harry: Well watch this because you’re going to eat your words because I’ve been practicing. [Harry jumps the rest of the way down and lands on two feet. Larry’s mouth drops]
Harry: See I’ve been practicing.
Larry: I’ll be able to beat you if we ever get out of this ship.
Nancy: Alright I’m going next.
Johhny: Wait throw down your high heel shoes! You could slip and fall with them on.
Nancy: Alright catch them! [She throws them down and they hit Harry and Larry on the head]
Harry and Larry: [Together] OW!
Larry: That just hit me in the face.
Harry: No it just hit you in the head like me!
Nancy: Just hold them for me till I get down their alright! [Nancy climbs down the pipes]
: Keep a good grip Nancy!
Nancy: That’s what I’m doing as you can see! [Then Nancy makes it down]
Nancy: Woo I was a good rope climber in gym. [Then Peace and Hope go down]
Heather: Be careful going down girls you don’t want to have an accident.
[Then May climbs down the pipes]
Mark: This seems easy for me to do. [Mark climbs down the pipes and makes it down]
Mike: Jocelyn you go first and then I’ll go after you. [Jocelyn climbs down the pipes and then Mike goes down after her. Lady Tottington puts Tricia’s name on the wall for her]
Johhny: Hey Campanula you might want to take off your gloves.
Lady Tottington: Why?
Johhny: Because you never know that you could slip and fall.
Lady Tottington: But there could be all kinds of germs on here.
Nancy: So you have a fear of germs?
Lady Tottington: Slightly.
Johhny: Just throw them down to me. [Lady Tottington takes off her gloves and throws them down to Johhny. She steps on to the pipes and starts to slide down. When she is halfway down theirs an explosion and she slips off and falls]
Lady Tottington: [SCREAMING!] [ runs over to where she is falling and leaps out and catches her and they role over and then Lady Tottington is on top of ]
Lady Tottington: you saved me.
: Your welcome. [The two gaze into each others eyes. Then Nancy comes over and gets Lady Tottington off of ]
Nancy: Alright that was nice that you saved her.
Heather: Alright I’ll go next before old big fat Marie goes and breaks this thing.
Marie: You know it’s hard being very plump person sometimes.
Heather: What ever. [Heather makes it down the pipes]
Johhny: Okay Marie your next to come down.
Marie: Well you never know that I could break this whole thing and fall to the ground.
Wendy: Marie have confidence in your self just try for it go on down now.
Susan: Yeah Marie I believe that you can make it down
[Marie steps on the pipes. On the way down they make a lot of creaking noises]
Johhny: See you made it Marie.
Marie: I didn’t think that I would.
Wendy: Uh you can go first Susan.
Susan: Alright Wendy. [Susan goes down the pipes and she makes it down to the ground]
Wendy: Great job Susan.
Susan: Thanks Wendy now it’s your turn.
Wendy: Alright. [Wendy gets on the pipes and keeps sliding down. She hops down on the other pipe and Johhny and Officer Eferon help her off the pipe.
Wendy: Oh thank you.
Johhny: Alright guys let’s keep moving. [They keep on moving through the upside down hallways]

SavedbyBishop Posted: Nov 29th 2008

Chapter 48: What Great Doctors
The group walks through the hallway when they come to a door and theirs a red light that flickers

Nancy: I’m guessing that a flashing red light isn’t a good thing.
Johhny: It’s the sign of fire.
Officer Eferon: How bad do you think it is in their?
Johhny: Everyone put your faces back! [Everyone moves their faces away from the door when Johhny opens the door and theirs thick orange red fire. Johhny closes the door quickly]
Heather: So is their another way that we can go
Johhny: I’m afraid not.
Officer Eferon: So should e go back the way that we went.
Johhny: No we have to go through.
Jocelyn: Are you crazy we could be burned to death.
Wendy: And how would we know which way to go?
Johhny: I’m going in to see if theirs another way out. Officer Eferon you lead the way if I’m not back in 60 minutes.
Officer Eferon: Alright.
Marie: But what should we do?
Johhny: Everybody think of good things that you want to live for once you get out of here. Wish me luck. [He goes into the burning kitchen and everyone puts their faces back from the hot red orange fire. Back in the ballroom the doctors are going around to every person who is injured]
Rudy: Here now let me just rap your finger in this Stella then just don’t move it for like two days.
Stella: How do you know if we’re going to live?
Rudy: I have confidence.
Stella: you’d better say good bye to your confidence when you die.
Mrs. Black: Now let me see that scratch on your arm. [He pulls his sleeve up and theirs a lot of blood]
Mrs. Black: OOH! Keep this red wet cloth on you.
Frank: I’d better. [Frank’s shirt is slightly up on his side and Mrs. Black see a slight bruise]
Mrs. Black: Wait you seem to have a bruise right their. Let me see it.
Frank: Wait no you can’t it’s..! [Mrs. Black sees that it’s a huge bruise]
Mrs. Black: Oh my goodness look at this bruise! [Melissa hears this and walks over]
Melissa: I saw that on him before we capsized.
Mrs. Black: Wherever did you get this? [Melissa nods her head to tell her that it was Ethan who did it]
Frank: My step father.
Mrs. Black: You mean Ethan did this to you.
Frank: Yes.
Mrs. Black: Ethan get over here now! [Ethan is about to hit Twilight again but goes over to Jenny. goes over to Twilight]
: How are you doing Twilight?
Twilight: He keeps hitting me to death.
Tricia: Alright I haven’t checked over here so I’d better check you up.
Twilight: Well I have a lot of bruises since he has been hitting me. [Ethan sees Tricia putting something ion Twilight]
Ethan: Hey do not put anything on that dog!
Tricia: Oh come on she seems so nice to be a stowaway.
Ethan: She’s probably just trying to trick you so she can get out of here.
Twilight: I’m not going to do that!
Ethan: Shut up! [He’s about to punch her but Tricia stops him]
Tricia: Stop hitting her!
Ethan: fine but I’m still keeping watch on her. Now you two get of here! [Meanwhile Hazel is working on a person and does everything correctly]
Person: What a great doctor you are.
Hazel: Thank you.
Person: Even though that your blind you can do everything right.
Hazel: Yes I’d better get back to my mother now. [Hazel walks over things. Zeke sees her coming and then Stella looks over at her]
Stella: I’ll be right back Mom.
Bess: Alright hun.
Zeke: Hey Hazel here take my hand
Stella: Hey!
Zeke: What Stella.
Stella: You’re not blind!
Hazel: Yes I am.
Stella: What do I look like?
Hazel: I don’t know what you look like.
Stella: Then what color do you think my hair is?
Hazel: Is it gold?
Stella: Yes. And how did you know?
Hazel: Because that’s the color of hair for all of the snobs.
Stella: OH! That’s it! [She’s about to punch her but Hazel senses that she’s going to hit her so she quickly punches her in the face hard]
Stella: OW! [Zeke and Hazel quickly go away]
Hillary: Stella are you alright.
Bess: I need a doctor!
Mrs. Black: Oh my god your faces is bleeding! [Tricia comes over]
Stella: You you’re the mother of that girl she punched me.
Tricia: Now don’t go blaming my baby you know she can’t hit.
Stella: Oh well fine don’t believe me!
Ellen: Oh nurse can you check if my baby inside of me I want you to check if my baby is still alive in here. [Mrs. Black checks Ellen up]
Mrs. Black: Well you’re going to have a healthy baby girl.
Ellen: Oh thank goodness if we ever get out of here.
Fortune Teller: So that’s your fortune.
Jake: That’s a great fortune now can you get up. [He helps her up and she falls into Jake’s arms]
Jake: Whoa that was a close call.
Sophie: Let me check her up.
Fortune Teller: Do you want your fortune?
Sophie: No thank you mame. [She fixes her up]
Fortune Teller: What great doctors.
Sophie: Thank you mame.

crackersandcheese Posted: Nov 30th 2008

thats really good, do they find a way out in the end or do they go through the fire???

SavedbyBishop Posted: Nov 30th 2008

They go threw fire and threw water

SavedbyBishop Posted: Dec 1st 2008

Chapter 49: Threw the burning kitchen
Back in the group they are still waiting for Johhny to come back. May looks up at everyone and looks around

May: I have a Grandmother who is very ill. My father and I were going to see her but I know that I can get out to see her. But Johhny said to think of what we want to live for so let’s just say what we would really want to live for.
Marie: I plan to get out and loose as much weight as possible.
Nancy: [Whispering] I’ll say.
Marie: What did you say?
Nancy: I didn’t say anything.
Mike: Well I would like to keep my business going as long as I can.
Nancy: We plan to be a happy couple once we all get out of here.
: Hopefully survives with us.
Heather: I plan for my two twins to graduate from high school and have a great life.
Peace: Well actually Mom I plan to raze my D+ in science to an A+.
Heather: You’d better nobody ever gets a D in the Mcrennalds family!
Wendy: I plan to try to make up with my husband and try to become a better family again.
Lady Tottington: I plan for Tricia to become a great future Tottington and maybe Hazel doing a good job.
Nancy: You actually think that a blind girl can become Tottington.
Lady Tottington: Every single Tottington has to become one.
Mark: And I plan for my mother to have her baby and we’ll have a great life together.
Susan: I plan for my family to be a great long lasting family forever.
Barry: We plan not to be two clumsy boys right Larry.
Larry: We’re not clumsy! [He starts to walk to him but slips on a pipe and lands in the water]
Barry: See.
Officer Eferon: I plan to go back to my family because I haven’t seen them in two years.
Nancy: That’s a long time to be away. [Then Johhny comes back and everybody puts their faces back from the hot fire]
Nancy: So is their good news or bad news or both?
Johhny: Both.
: Let’s hear it.
Johhny: Well we have to go threw here and it’s the only way to go.
Jocelyn: Well what’s the bad news?
Johhny: Theirs poisonous smoke and little oxygen to breath in there so we all need something to cover our faces. [Nancy unzips her dress and takes it off]
: Nancy what are you doing?
Nancy: Here.
Johhny: What am I suppose to do with this.
Nancy: To breathe in for air.
Heather: Well you’d better put something over yourself I don’t want my kids to be looking at you with that bra and panties.
Nancy: give me your jacket.
: Alright. [Wallace takes his jacket off and he puts it on Nancy and she buttons it up]
Nancy: How about now?
Heather: We can still see your panties.
Nancy: Their not that bad to look at. [Johhny rips the dress up and gives a piece to people. He looks at Larry who is all wet]
Johhny: Did you just go for a swim or were you being clumsy.
Larry: Clumsy.
Johhny: So don’t fall in here please there is a ton of fire.
Barry: Don’t worry we won’t.
Johhny: Alright let’s go people. [They quickly go inside the burning kitchen]
Heather: don’t touch anything girls. [Lady Tottington puts Tricia’s name on the wall first and then writes another thing for her and then she heads in last]
Johhny: Campanula close the door so the fire won’t spread!
Lady Tottington: Oh alright. [She goes back and she closes the door]
Hope: Come on May!
May: I’m going as fast as I can.
Johhny: Come on Campanula hurry! [Then theirs a noise from above Lady Tottington]
Johhny: Quick get over here! [Then a burning stove lands ten feet behind Lady Tottington and falls to the ground]
Lady Tottington: [Coughing!]
Johhny: We’ve got to help her out of their. [ goes with Johhny and they both help Lady Tottington out of the burning Kitchen]
: Campanula are you alright?
Lady Tottington: My dress is ruined even more now.
Nancy: Your dress I don’t even have a dress so how do you think that I feel?!
Johhny: Guys we have to go now. [They go threw the hallway and they come to a flood of water]
Nancy: Do you know where this flood of water goes to?
Johhny: No I didn’t really go threw it so this is the way to go. [Lady Tottington marks the way for Tricia]
: Could be a little slippery.
Johhny: The water could get a bit deep so you could… [His foot slips and he goes underwater and then he comes back up]
Johhny: [Spitting out water]
Wendy: So I guess it’s right their that it’s deep.
Heather: Here girls go across these things it will keep your heads out of the deep water.
: Careful Nancy you could…
Nancy: [SCREAM!]
: Slip.
Nancy: [Spitting out water] Gee thanks for the warning. [Then theirs a huge explosion and they all rock around]
Johhny: Hang on everyone! [Then it stops and everything is silence. Then all of a sudden a water tight compartment gets blown up and it keeps closing and rushing in water and it sucks in Larry]
Barry: LARRY!
Johhny: Come on quick we have to get out of here! [The group hurries through the flood of water]

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Are you very busy because you don't seem to answer a lot?

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Chapter 50: Threw the elevator
The group travels through the elevator and then come to an elevator door.

Officer Eferon: So now what do we do?
Johhny: You should know what to do since you’re an officer.
Officer Eferon: We could try to open this elevator up.
Johhny: Then let’s get it open. [The two open the elevator up. They look on the top and that’s where the elevator is]
Officer Eferon: That elevator might not hold for long.
Johhny: Quickly get this thing across. [They put a ledge across the elevator and it hooks to the other side]
Johhny: Officer Eferon hold this ledge tightly.
Officer Eferon: Alright. [Johhny walks across the ledge and he tries to open the elevator but it’s stuck. He looks up at the elevator above him]
Johhny: Hey can you walk across here.
: Yeah I think so. [ walks across the ledge and makes it over to Johhny]
Johhny: Do you think you can lift me up to that elevator?
: Yeah. [ helps Johhny up to the elevator and he’s able to get the elevator open]
Johhny: I got it open! [He gets into the elevator]
Johhny: stay down their so you can get these guys up.
Lady Tottington: I’ll go first. [Lady Tottington goes across and lifts her up]
Marie: Can I go next.
Nancy: No because I am going next. [Nancy goes across and makes it over to and he lifts her up]
Johhny: May I want you to come next. [May easily makes it across]
May: Just like the balance beam. [Then Hope goes]
Peace: It’ll be like going for a walk on the train trestle and then ducking down under it when the train comes.
Heather: WHAT?!
Hope: PEACE!
Heather: You two walk across the train trestle?!
Officer Eferon: Peace why don’t you go Heather you can yell at her when you go over their. [Peace walks across and she makes it]
Hope: What a big mouth Peace.
Heather: Now if we get out of this ship you’re grounded for two months and have to walk with me! [Then Wendy goes across. Then Barry goes across]
Marie: Now can I go across?
Johhny: Alright but we don’t want you breaking the ledge and you falling to death. [Marie goes over to and tries to lift her up]
: [Grunting] Come on grab her hands me neck and back are breaking! [Johhny gets her hands but can’t get her up]
Johhny: help me out!
Barry: I’ll help you with her. [They keep trying to get Marie up into the elevator]
Barry: Man Marie you have to loose some pounds for once! [Then they finally get Marie up]
Barry: Oh that was like getting a ten pound whale into a boat.
Marie: Stop making fun of my weight. [Then Mike and Jocelyn go up]
Mark: Ah you can go first Mrs. Heriman after all ladies first.
Susan: What a great gentleman you are. [Susan goes across the ledge and makes it]
Mark: Officer Eferon you can go first.
Officer Eferon: No I’m going last go on.
Mark: Fine. [Mark goes across but then theirs an explosion and one of the edges comes off a bit. Then we see the elevator above them and it’s still not hanging on that well]
Johhny: Straighten it Officer Eferon! [Officer Eferon straightens it out]
Officer Eferon: Mark keep going! [Mark makes it up top of the elevator]
Johhny: Officer Eferon close the elevator door behind you. [Officer Eferon closes the elevator door behind him and then heads across]
Officer Eferon: Uh you go first!
: Alright. [The two switch sides carefully]
Officer Eferon: Give me your foot! [He puts his Foot in Officer Eferon’s hand. Up above the elevator falls off the stack and then lands hard on another stack causing a big vibration. The ledge falls out from under Officer Eferon’s feet and and still holding on to Johhny’s hands]
Wallace and Officer Eferon: [Screaming!]
Johhny: I still got you.
Nancy: Oh my god hang in their ! [The elevator isn’t holding on the stack that long]
Johhny: Come on guys you have to work with me to get you up.
: Wait give me one of my hands. [Johhny holds on to one of hands and Wallace tries to grab Officer Eferon’s hand. Then the elevator comes off of its stacks and falls down to the bottom]
Johhny: Shake him off!
: What?!
Johhny: Shake him off!
Officer Eferon: NO!
Johhny: Shake him off or we both die!
: I’m so sorry! [ keeps trying to kick Officer Eferon and then he looses his grip and falls to the bottom of the elevator]
Officer Eferon: [Screaming] [They get up just in time the elevator comes dashing down]
Johhny: Close the elevator quick! [We see Officer Eferon crash on the bottom of the elevator and then the elevator smashes on to him and does a big explosion. They close the elevator just in time fire hits the wall. The vibrations could be ah heard from the ballroom]
People in Ballroom: [Screaming!]
Captain Jones: People be quiet!
People in Ballroom: [Ignoring Captain Jones]
Captain Jones: Ethan.
Ethan: Yes sir.
Captain Jones: Can I have your gun please.
Ethan: Here. [He fires two shots in the ballroom]
Captain Jones: People just be quiet!
Ellen: But what the heck was that?
Ethan: I know what it was. It was a bomb and it was set by that stowaway!
Twilight: I never had any bombs when a came on this ship!
Ethan: Be quiet and tell the truth or i'll shoot you!
Tricia: I believe her!
Ethan: How can you believe a stowaway?!
Tricia: She’s innocent.
Ethan: And I have a gun and I’m not afraid to use it on here. [Back with the others]
Johhny: Everybody okay?
Nancy: It was just very big rumbling.
Lady Tottington: But we lost another person you know.
Johhny: Yes thanks for reminding me.
May: Now is the rest of the journey going to be seriously dangerous like this.
Johhny: I’m sure it will be. Let’s move out.
Nancy: I hope I don’t loose my life because the world needs me so much.

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thi is the biggest page ive ever seen

SavedbyBishop Posted: Dec 4th 2008

Really? Do you like my story?

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sorry i havn't been replying 4 ages. It's cos i hav not been on the site for a bit. I like chapter 50 it's really cool. Like iantimothy said: this is the biggest page i have ever seen!!! :D 19 days till christmas.

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Chapter 51: Getting to the Ballroom
Meanwhile in another hallway far from the ballroom and the group we see Sam and Faith walking through a flood of water up to their hips

Faith: Did you happen to imagine all this in your flash forward Sam?
Sam: It looks just like this.
Women: Help!
Faith: Who’s their?
Women: I’m over here. [Sam grabs a flashlight. On the way he steps on glass]
Sam: OW! [Sam gets to the wounded woman]
Woman: Is my husband still alive? He’s wearing a dark blue suit and brown hair. Is he gone?
Faith: I’m afraid so.
Sam: Do you think you can walk?
Women: No I just wanted to know about him. [He head falls to the side and closes her eyes]
Sam: To think he knew.
Faith: What.
Sam: How much she loved him.
Faith: That doesn’t matter right now. [She pours out water from somebody’s shoes]
Sam: What are you doing?
Faith: There for your feet. You want to live don’t you? [Sam looks at the women]
Sam: Yes. Yes I do. [They keep going but Faith stops Sam]
Sam: What?!
Faith: I think that’s the way out of here.
Sam: You really think so?
Faith: I remember going up that way to the ballroom so now we go down.
Sam: Alright let’s go. [Meanwhile in another hallway close to Sam and Faith Brenda is walking to get back to the ballroom]
Brenda: Wow this is so much like an upside down world. [In another hallway close to Brenda Groove hears her voice and then she sees her in the hallway]
Groove: So she is still alive. [Groove waits in the hallway to pounce on Brenda. Then when Brenda is close to where Groove is Groove comes out from where she is in pins Brenda on the wall]
Brenda: Groove your still alive!
Groove: And I’m happy to see that you’re still alive so I can kill you right now! [She takes her gun out]
Brenda: HELP!
Groove: Silly girl now one can hear you now! [Meanwhile with Faith and Sam they hear Brenda’s screams]
Faith: That’s a girl screaming for help!
Sam: We’d better help her. [They run to where Brenda is]
Brenda: Groove please don’t!
Groove: Sorry probably theirs nobody surviving on this ship and then I can kill you and then I’ll be the only survivor and I will kill that friend of yours.
Brenda: You can’t!
Groove: You’ll die at a young age now!
Sam: No she won’t! [Sam punches Groove down. Groove drops Brenda in the flood of water. Faith hurries around Sam and Groove fighting and gets Brenda out of the way]
Groove: Now you will die!
Sam: Not today Groove Rich! [Many shots go off from the gun during the fight. Then Sam is on top of her and keeps punching Groove till she is knocked out. Sam gets up off of Groove]
Faith: Sam are you alright?
Sam: No she shot me in the arm.
Faith: Oh my god.
Sam: But are you alright young lady.
Brenda: Uh huh. Hey aren’t you Melissa’s father?
Sam: Oh so you were friends with her.
Brenda: Yes I was.
Faith: Well don’t worry Brenda your safe with us now.
Sam: Now come on we have to get out of here before Rich wakes up and kills us all. [They go back to the door that Faith and Sam were at]
Sam: Now we have to get this door open.
Faith: We just have to give it a little push. [They all push the door open but then a huge flood of water bursts threw]
Sam, Faith, and Brenda: [SCREAMING!!!] [The water takes them through the hall. Sam sees a vent open near by and grabs it. He grabs Faith coming by and Faith grabs Brenda]
Sam: Come on get up here!
Faith: You first Brenda. [Brenda gets into the vent]
Faith: Come on Sam!
Sam: OW!
Faith: Oh now what do we do you can’t swim in the water with that arm.
Sam: Wait we have to go right in this vent and it leads us to the ballroom.
Faith: Oh then let’s go. [Meanwhile with Tom, Tracey, and Clair who are still trying to make their way to the ballroom]
Tracey: Alright people I’m sure that I heard a gun shot through the ship but it might have been this capsized ship.
Clair: Tracey you’ve been talking on that camera for hours.
Tom: Yeah can you just give it for rest for now.
Tracey: Oh alright catch you later audience.
Tom: Wait a minute I see a light at that corner.
Clair: It might be the ballroom. [They all go towards the light]
Clair: This is the hallway to the ballroom!
Tom: Oh my god!
Tracey: Come on let’s go. [She takes out her video camera]
Tracey: Hey people I think we’re reaching the ballroom finally! [They climb threw the damage of stuff and they see the wounded people in the ballroom]
Tracey: YES WE MADE IT EVERYBODY! [Captain Jones hears Tracey]
Captain Jones: Hey who are you people?
Melissa: Clair!
Clair: Melissa!
Ellen: Tracey!
Clair: Captain how do we get down?!
Captain Jones: Climb down the tree.
Tom: I don’t know if I can climb down my leg is injured.
Girl: Oh Tom Brady is injured.
Clair: Tom I know you can make it down. [Tom climbs down the tree]
Captain Jones: Great to have you back Tom Brady.
Mrs. Black: Come along honey I’ll have that leg fixed right up.
Melissa: Clair.
Clair: Oh thank god you’re safe. Where’s Mom.
Melissa: There was a group who didn’t want to wait for rescuers so she went with them. Star is here to.
Clair: I suppose that you haven’t heard from Dad.
Spirit: I haven’t heard at all from Faith either.
Melissa: And do you know Brenda.
Clair: I think you’ve told me about her.
Melissa: Her Mother had a gun but did you hear a gun shot?
Clair: Now that you mention it I did. Hey Tracey.
Tracey: Yeah?
Clair: You got the sound of a gunshot on your camera right?
Tracey: Yeah I did. [She opens her camera and rewinds back to the scene where she heard it]
Melissa: That was Brenda!
Clair: I don’t know if we’re all going to live.
Melissa: So how are you and Tom?
Clair: Look I need to show you something. [They go sit somewhere]
Melissa: Well what do you want to show me?
Clair: This. [Clair shows Melissa the ring. Melissa’s mouth drops open]
Melissa: You mean..?
Clair: Yes Tom asked me to marry him but I don’t know if we’ll get out of here alive.
Tricia: You shouldn’t say that we shouldn’t all loose help right now. Hope is the only thing we have left like for all of these injured family.
Tom: OW!
Mrs. Black: would you stay still?!
Tom: My leg is supposed to hurt when you’re putting on stitches which I never did before.
Mrs. Black: Just thank me after this because I’m a professional doctor.

crackersandcheese Posted: Dec 6th 2008

awsomelicious chapter!!!

SavedbyBishop Posted: Dec 6th 2008

Chapter 52: The lobby
Back with the group. May walks over to Johhny who is looking at a door to the lobby.

May: What are you doing?
Johhny: Thinking.
May: So am I. [They don’t say anything for a while]
May: What are we thinking about?
Johhny: I’m trying to think about where this door goes to.
May: I think it’s the lobby.
Johhny: How do you know?
May: Because it says lobby upside down right there.
Johhny: Oh. [May reaches for the door handle but Johhny quickly grabs it and puts it back]
Johhny: Whoa I wouldn’t do that.
May: Why not. [Johhny takes out a bottle of water]
May: You had that in your pocket this whole time?
Johhny: I forgot that I did. [He throws it on the door and steam rises off of the handle]
Johhny: Hey guys I think I found a way to go. [Everybody walks over to Johhny]
Nancy: Now I hope that this is not going to be dangerous like that other thing.
Johhny: We’ll have to see how big the damage is in the lobby first so we can get over to the other side.
Nancy: Then what are you waiting for let’s go on in. [Johhny stops her]
Nancy: What what’s wrong?!
Johhny: The doors are burning hot!
Barry: Then open it with this have crushed mop.
Johhny: You can open the door while I’ll use this fire extinguisher in case theirs a fire inside.
Barry: Okay let’s do it! [Barry opens the door quickly and Johhny sprays the room with the fire extinguisher and the fire is out]
Johhny: Must have been a flash fire. Let’s go people. [The group enters the lobby and we just see the look on the faces of how wrecked the place is.
May: WOW! [We see the picture of the wrecked lobby and we see the fallen elevator on the stack that it fell on to]
Johhny: We have to cross that elevator to the other side.
Nancy: Oh no I’ve had enough of going across elevators for now.
Johhny: Come on we have to. [The climb through stuff on the way over to the elevator. Mike goes over first]
Jocelyn: Mike be careful it might not hold that long.
Johhny: She’s right Mike we have to go quick on this thing so I’ll go last.
Heather: Careful girls.
Hope: This will be easy it’s just like walking across the train trestle.
Heather: Just how many times did you walk across that train trestle?
Peace: Uh like twice every month.
Heather: Then if we get out of here you two will be grounded for two whole months.
Johhny: Keep going heather don’t even stop!
May: Oh god.
Johhny: Don’t even stop for a break May! [Before Lady Tottington leaves she writes Tricia’s name on the wall]
Johhny: You’d better go across first Campanula then Marie can go alone on this thing so she can go alone and not break it with you two on it together.
Marie: HEY!
Barry: I wonder what this is. [He opens it up and he thinks that it’s water but it’s really whiskey. He drinks it]
Barry: Hmm funny tasting water. [While Marie is on the elevator it makes a lot of squeaking sounds like if it’s going to break]
Marie: This thing seems like it’s going to break if I keep going!
Johhny: Just keep going.
Nancy: You know you shouldn’t have gotten fat! This should be a lesson to learn!
Marie: well I never even wanted to get fat!
Johhny: Why don’t you guys go on?
Nancy: Are you kidding if Wallace and I go on that thing with Marie it’s would get to much weight with Marie on it and then we’ll collapse down below in that pool of fire.
Johhny: Oh yeah you have a pretty good point.
Marie: Hey I’m not deaf you know!
Wendy: Come on Marie!
Susan: Yeah I know that you can make it [Wendy and Susan help Marie off the elevator]
Marie: Oh thank you girls.
Susan: No problem Marie.
Nancy: Hey where did clumsy Barry Sinker go?
Johhny: Oh no he can’t get lost now not in this ship! BARRY WHERE ARE YOU?!
Barry: [Drunk] Here I am.
Nancy: What’s with you?
Barry: Want some [hic] water it’s very [hic] good!
Johhny: Uh sure. [Johhny takes a sip of it but spits it out]
Johhny: EW!
Barry: What’s wrong with it its just flavored water that tastes like raspberries.
Johhny: No wonder your drunk its whiskey!
Barry: Yeah right can I be a monkey [hic] and go across here! [HIC!]
Johhny: You’re not going across clumsy boy.
Barry: Clumsy boy?! No one calls me clumsy boy. I’m a sinker! [HIC!]
Nancy: So you remember that you’re a sinker. How amazing.
Barry: You’re kind or cute!
Nancy: Back off I’m with Wallace!
Barry: So let me a [HIC!] Monkey boy and [Hic] go across.
Johhny: Alright go for it. [Barry climbs on to the Elevator and falls on to the flat side and keeps walking on it]
: He could fall off that thing.
Johhny: Oh I never thought of that before.
Nancy: That didn’t even come to your mind?
Johhny: No. Barry come back now!
Barry: To late now I’m a… [The whiskey bottle slips out of his hands]
Johhny: Don’t think about the whiskey bottle just get across so these two can! [Then they start to hear noises. They see holes in the wall coming out]
Barry: Hey who’s shooting at us?
Johhny: Oh no Barry get over their right now!!! [The ceiling keeps cracking. Then a huge mechanical thing comes bursting out of the ceiling and falls to the bottom]
Johhny: Barry get out of the way! [Barry tries to get out of the way but it lands on top of Barry and breaks the elevator and falls to the bottom of the water and slight fire]
Nancy: Oh god now both of the Sinker boys are dead. [Oil falls from the ceiling]
Johhny: Oh no get away from here now!
: Why what’s going on?!
Nancy: Yeah what is going to happen are we going to die?
Johhny: Hopefully not! [Then fire bursts up from down below and goes up for a long time.
Johhny: Stay down! [Back in the ballroom. Everybody hears the rumbling of the elevator crashing. Everybody begins to panic again]
Captain Jones: Everybody calm down! [Officer Blab blows his whistle and everybody stops and has ringing in their ears from the loud whistle]
Tricia: Its okay people it stopped so I’m sure that we’re going to be alright.
Clair: That must have been the group that mom was in.
Melissa: I hope their all okay. [Meanwhile in the vent]
Faith: What the heck was that?
Sam: I don’t know but we just have to take two rights and then one left and we’re in the ballroom and we’re safe. [Back with the group]
Johhny: Is everybody okay over their?
Mike: Yes we’re all okay over here!
Mark: So how are you guys going to get across now?
Nancy: Yeah Johhny how? We can’t jump in just look at that fire down their.
Johhny: Yeah well I’ve got an idea. [He breaks a glass and takes out a fire hose. He ties it around a pipe and raps it around his body]
Nancy: What are you doing?
Johhny: You’ll see. [He jumps into the water with fire down below]
Nancy: Oh my god is his brain going crazy right now he knows that he’ll be killed!
: We’ll have to see if he makes it to the other end first. [Johhny swims through underwater below the fire up above. He passes through all kinds of wreckage under water. Then he reaches the surface which is free from fire]
Johhny: He guys miss me?
: Oh my god! [Everybody’s mouths drop. Johhny climbs up the stacks. He ties the hose on to the other pipe]
Johhny: Guys come on let’s go.
: How do we get across?!
Johhny: Use one of those pipes.
Nancy: Works for us.
Johhny: Wait Nancy you go on Wallace.
Nancy: Works for me. But why?
Johhny: Because we have to leave some for the others when they come through here.
Nancy: Then works for me to go on Wallace. [Wallace puts the thing over it]
: You ready?
Nancy: Does a ship go underwater?
: Uh yes.
Nancy: Yes?! Why yes.
: We’re right under water right now.
Nancy: Oh yeah.
Johhny: Come on guys get over here now we don’t have a lot of time!
: Now are you ready?!
Nancy: Totally. [Wallace and Nancy go across with the pipes]
Nancy: Hey this is kind of fun. [Then they get to the end of the rope and they help them not fall]
Johhny: So how am I doing?
: You doing great.
Nancy: So far.
Johhny: So far?
Nancy: We lost three people already.
Johhny: Let’s move out.

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I can't wait for christmas either. AMOLAD will be on Tv that night.

PoisonIvy Posted: Dec 8th 2008

Oh bother! this is such a long page.

crackersandcheese Posted: Dec 8th 2008

it is such a long page but it is a cool page aswell . good chapter SavedByBishop :D

SavedbyBishop Posted: Dec 8th 2008

Thanks. Who is your favorite character so far?

crackersandcheese Posted: Dec 10th 2008

eeeerm, I don't know cos I like them all but i think i like captain jones cos he's funny! great story by the way Is that the end? please say no!!! :D

SavedbyBishop Posted: Dec 10th 2008

No it's not the end here comes another chapter called

Chapter 53: Finally in the ballroom
Back in the ballroom with Ethan looking after Twilight. Ethan finds a small whip in her pocket.

Ethan: What’s this in my pocket? Oh what do you know I have a small whip in my pocket?
Twilight: Wow.
Ethan: Did I say that you could speak?
Twilight: Uh…
Ethan: Did I say that you could?
Twilight: Well you were asking a question. [Ethan grabs her wrist and whaps it with the whip three times]
Twilight: [Screaming with pain]
People in ballroom: [In shock]
: Oh my god he’s hurting her to death.
Star: She’s a stowaway all stowaways have to be whipped and death has to happen to them.
: I don’t want death to happen to her!
Star: What ever.
Captain Jones: Ethan can you come over here?!
Ethan: You’re not going away from me. [Ethan goes over to the captain. quickly runs over to Twilight]
: I saw the whole the thing.
Twilight: That thing stings me so bad!
: Let me see. [She shows her wrist to and it’s bleeding all around her arm.
: Oh this is my entire fault.
Twilight: It’s not your fault that I was caught. It was the ship because we were separated.
: No I promised you that no one would ever catch you on the ship. I didn’t want you to get hurt and you’re stuck with bruises and a whip mark.
Twilight: But if we get off this ship and get on to a rescue ship then they would still shoot me death. But if this ship is going down they would shoot me first so I’d be dead.
: Then if we get on a rescue ship I’ll explain everything and nothing will happen!
Twilight: You really keep your promises don’t you?
: Always. [ puts his hand down on Twilight’s. The two look into each others eyes and are about to kiss]
Melissa: I wonder what Dad is doing right now. [Then Sam kicks the vent through the ballroom]
Ballroom survivors: [Startled by the vent opening] [Twilight and turn their heads but they don’t kiss but they are startled]
Sam: WENDY?!
Clair and Melissa: DAD?!
Sam: Girls?
Faith: Mom?!
Spirit: FAITH!
Spirit: SPIRIT!
Faith: Where’s Mom?
Spirit: She’s gone…
Faith: Mom’s dead?!
Spirit: NO! She’s not dead!
Faith: Then why don’t I see her hear in the ballroom?
Spirit: There were some people who didn’t want to wait to be rescued so a group of people went out to find rescuers. Hope and Peace went with them to.
Faith: So I guess it’s just you and me.
Spirit: Yeah.
Faith: Are you still mad at me for cheating on Sam.
Spirit: No but I’m really happy to see you still alive.
Sam: So that’s where your mother went. [Brenda climbs out of the vent]
Melissa: BRENDA!
Brenda: MELISSA!
Hazel: Brenda’s here?
Melissa: Yeah Hazel here she is. [She helps her to see Brenda]
Brenda: Well it’s great to see you still alive Hazel.
Stella: Oh great another one of your nerd friends.
Brenda: Why don’t you go away Stella and stay out of this.
Stella: fine with me.
Sam: Is Star here?
Clair: Yeah but she’s really mad at you still.
Sam: Where is she?
Melissa: Right over their. She saw you come in though. [Sam goes over to Star]
Sam: Hey their Star. [Star doesn’t look at Sam]
Sam: I know your still angry at me but you should at least be happy to see me.
Star: [Acting] Yeah! Yay! I’m so glad you are safe and not dead. I love you so much.
Sam: Come on Star I don’t want you to be mad at me because I love Wendy.
Star: So you love Wendy so much that you broke her heart to make her happy.
Sam: No it’s not like that Star I mean… [Sigh] You know I know that I saved you from the streets!
Star: Don’t even say that out loud in this ballroom people might hear you!
Sam: Then I don’t want you being a snob I want you to cheer up right now!
Clair: So how did it go?
Sam: Not so well.
Melissa: Don’t worry.
Clair: Oh my god Dad what the heck happened to your arm?
Sam: I was shot in the arm by Groove Rich.
Melissa: Groove?!
Brenda: I thought I was out of her life for good till she found me in the hallway and almost shot me.
Melissa: Oh yeah I heard that.
Mrs. Black: Excuse me sir did you say that you were hurt.
Sam: Yeah I got shot.
Mrs. Black: Luckily it was your arm. But I need your help from one of your daughters. Some one who can handle blood?
Clair: That would be me.
Mrs. Black: Come on let’s go. [Ethan sees Frank. He sees the Captain talking with Faith and Mrs. Black working on Sam. He walks over to Frank]
Ethan: You children out of here now!
Zeke: We’re not kids we’re teenagers!
Ethan: Do you think I care?
Zeke: Uh come on let’s get out of here!
Melissa: No way there is no way I’m leaving Frank with his heartless step father.
Ethan: What was that little teenager? [He gives the teenagers a look and they run off]
Frank: Thanks for staying guys you’re the best.
Ethan: Now Frank…
Frank: The Captain says you can’t come near me!
Ethan: Well he’s not looking right now.
Frank: My friends might.
Ethan: Well to bad because right now I am going to…
Becky: Come on Veronica get on up there quick before someone sees us! [Ethan pushes Frank back down to the ground]
Becky: Keep your dress up while you’re climbing honey so you won’t fall!
[Ethan pushes Becky out of the way and she lands on something sharp and hits her head. He pushes Jessie to. He pulls Veronica off of the tree]
Veronica: Hey watch it!
Ethan: This tree is off limits!
Veronica: Nobody said anything about that.
Ethan: Well if we get out of here you could be arrested for doing that!
Veronica: What no?!
Sophie: Trish what’s going on over their?
Tricia: It’s Ethan! [Sophie and Tricia run over to the scene. Ethan pulls out something to hit Veronica with]
Frank: Dad stop she didn’t know that’s all!
Ethan: Get out of here Frank. [He pushes Frank back and Sophie catches him. Tricia grabs Ethan’s arm and turns him around and punches him to the ground]
Tricia: Veronica why were you trying to escape?!
Veronica: We had to get out of here.
Jessie: Veronica. [Veronica walks over to Jessie]
Veronica: What’s wrong?
Jessie: Mom isn’t moving.
Veronica: Mom are you alright?
Tricia: What’s wrong?
Jessie: This something wrong with her.
Tricia: JENNY!
Jenny: Do not move your arm in any way.
Sam: Okay. [Jenny walks over to them]
Jenny: What’s wrong here?
Veronica: Ethan pushed her but I think she might be knocked out. [She checks if her heart is beating or not but it’s not. Hazel walks over to see what’s happening]
Jenny: I’m afraid your mother Becky is dead.
Hazel: Dead?!
Tricia: Hazel you shouldn’t have come over here. [Hazel starts to cry]
Tricia: Now Hazel don’t cry you know what it does to your eyes.
Hazel: I know but she was a great nanny.
Jessie: Oh come on Hazel let’s get the tears out of your eyes. [Tricia and Ethan glare at each other when they walk past each other. Jenny goes back to work on Sam]
Sam: [In pain] Do you almost have that out?
Mrs. Black: It’s just a bit out. [Then she immediately rips it out]
Mrs. Black: That hurt very badly I guess.
Sam: Yes it hurt me so much!
Mrs. Black: Here now let me put it into a little cast. [Mrs. Black looks at Twilight’s wrist]
Mrs. Black: Do you want me to fix that wrist up?
Twilight: UH…
Chief Officer: No this girl will die in her own wounds.
Mrs. Black: Alright.

crackersandcheese Posted: Dec 14th 2008

great chapter, is that the end?:-|

thetopbun Posted: Dec 14th 2008

I'll see if I can animate this because it is quite humorous and it would be a challenge! :-| Hopefully it will be done by next year because it is so long!

SavedbyBishop Posted: Dec 14th 2008

Yes it's a very long story but keep checking in on it. And no Crackersandcheese it's not the end because you know that they have to get out of the ship

Chapter 54: Balance and leap
Back with the group they are traveling through a hallway when they see an upside down light that’s hanging on tightly by the two ends

Nancy: So how do we get over this one?
Johhny: We have to go across.
: Go across that?
Marie: do you think that could hold me on their?
Johhny: I’ll go across to see if it’s safe first. [Johhny gets on to the upside down lights and crawls across the light and then he gets off at the end]
Johhny: Alright come on everyone it’s really easy.
Nancy: What if we slip and fall down below?
Johhny: I don’t think that you’ll do that. [First Lady Tottington writes Tricia’s name on the wall with the black marker]
Lady Tottington: I’ll go first on it. [Lady Tottington gets on the upside down light and crawls to the other side]
Johhny: Great job Campanula.
Nancy: If it’s easy for her then it’s easy for me then.
: Why don’t I go first so I can be at the end for you?
Nancy: Do you think I can’t do this by myself?
: No!
Nancy: Good then go on first.
: Alright. [ crawls across the light and he makes it across]
: Alright come on Nancy you can make it.
Nancy: I know that I can make it!
Johhny: Just get over here.
Nancy: Alright just don’t loose your patience.
Johhny: I’m trying not to. [Nancy walks across the light]
Johhny: Nancy you shouldn’t walk you should crawl!
Nancy: Theirs no way I’m crawling on this thing.
Johhny: Well if theirs an explosion you will fall into the pit of fire down below.
Nancy: Okay good point I’ll start crawling on this thing. [Nancy crawls to the end of the light]
Peace: Can two girls go on it.
Johhny: Just you to.
Hope: This will be just like walking across the train trestle. [The two crawl across]
Heather: Well it’s good that you two have good balance on things but it’s my turn now. [Heather crawls across and when she gets off at the end she sees that her dress is filthy with all kinds of dirt on it]
Heather: My dress is disgusting now!
Johhny: It will get even more disgusting on the way.
Heather: This was my best dress!
Johhny: Come on May!
May: Do I have to go next because I sort of have a fear of fire.
Johhny: Don’t look down just look straight at us alright.
May: That works for me. [Wendy and Susan help her on to the light and she makes it across]
Hope: See May we knew that you could make it over here. [Then Wendy crawls across the light and then Susan goes]
Mike: Uh Jocelyn you go first.
Jocelyn: Mike are you scared that you’re going to die?
Mike: No I just want ladies to go first and then I’ll go.
Jocelyn: Okay. [Jocelyn quickly crawls across. Then Mike crawls across]
Mike: See Jocelyn I was scared.
Jocelyn: Okay. [Then Mark makes it across the light]
Johhny: Wendy. Susan you should come over her first and then Marie can go last.
Marie: Oh you think that I’m going to break the thing on them?
Johhny: Well I just think it’s the best thing for you to come last that’s all.
Marie: Alright that’s fine with me to go last Johhny. [Susan and Wendy crawl across the light and make at to the end]
Johhny: Now it’s your turn Marie.
Marie: Alright. [Marie makes a ton of creaking noises on the light and it bends a lot]
Johhny: Come on Marie your almost their. [Marie is helped off the light by Wendy and Susan]
Marie: Thank you girls.
Johhny: Let’s keep going on. [The group keeps traveling through the hallway. Johhny stops the group when he sees a hole in the ground in front of them]
: What do we do now?
Nancy: Is their another way to go?
Johhny: We’ll have to jump.
Marie: Jump that are you crazy I could easily fall through the floor when I’m over their!
Johhny: Marie will you please stop moaning. I’ll jump first so you can see that the floor is steady. [Johhny runs and jumps across the one foot hole]
: I guess I jump this now.
Nancy: Make it for me .
: I will see you over there. [ moves back and runs and he jumps across the hole and grabs the railing to steady himself so he won’t fall]
Hope: This would be like jumping to each balance beam in the gym at school.
Heather: Hope that is really unsafe to do you could get hurt or injured that way.
Hope: Mom there were cushy mats below to land on and I never fell off yet.
Heather: Except theirs steaming fire below so be careful you to.
Peace and Hope: Yes Mother. [Hope moves back and then jumps across the hole and makes it]
Hope: WOO! I made it let’s see you beat that Peace!
Peace: Your on! [Peace moves back and jumps and when she gets over there she jams her foot on Hope’s foot]
Hope: OW!!!!!!!!
Heather: Peace did you just do that on perpous to your twin sister.
Peace: No it was her fault that she had her foot out where I was going to land.
Heather: Well here I come now. [Heather jumps across the hole. Lady Tottington puts Tricia’s name on the wall]
Lady Tottington: I’ll go next.
Johhny: Wait throw me your high heel shows. [Lady Tottington takes off her shoes and throws them to Johhny. She moves back and runs and she lands in ’s arms]
Lady Tottington: Oh wait let me catch my breath.
Nancy: Oh brother.
Lady Tottington: Okay I’m good now.
Nancy: Now it’s my turn.
Johhny: Throw me your high heels.
Nancy: I’m not taking my high heels off of my feet.
: Nancy do you want to break an ankle?
Nancy: Well no I don’t.
: So throw them over here!
Nancy: Okay Mr. Bossy cheesy pants! [Nancy throws one show to Johhny. And she accidentally does a fast one and hits in the face but falls into his hand]
Nancy: Oh I’m sorry I never had a great throwing arm.
: That’s alright.
Johhny: Now come on will you just jump across!
Nancy: Fine. [Nancy moves back and is about to run]
Nancy: You know I wasn’t such a great runner in school and I had the…
Johhny: COME ON!
Nancy: Alright! [She runs and she jumps across and lands on the edge of the hole]
Nancy: WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! [ grabs her by the hand]
Nancy: Thank you . [Then the Anderson family jumps and then Susan jumps across the hole]
Mark: Go first Mrs. Growler.
Wendy: Alright thank you Mark. [Wendy jumps across the hole]
Susan: Marie do you want to go first?
Nancy: Are you kidding she could jump over here maybe break a hole then when you jump you could fall through to.
Marie: You know I’m sensitive about my weight.
Nancy: Then why did you ever get so fat.
Marie: I love to eat.
Johhny: Susan you jump first then Marie will jump last over here.
Marie: That’s fine with me I’ll show you that I won’t make a hole in the ground.
Johhny: Come on Susan quick!
Susan: Well I wasn’t really the best jumper in school.
Johhny: Don’t worry we’ll catch you and just do your best with the jump across. [Susan moves back and then she runs and jumps across the hole]
Susan: Oh that was easy to jump over.
Johhny: Now it’s your turn Marie.
Nancy: Now let’s see if you can make it Courage. [Marie moves back and then she runs to the hole and jumps across. When she lands on the floor everything shakes around]
Nancy: Whoa that was just like a miniature earthquake.
Marie: See I knew that I wouldn’t break the floor I just shook the floor.
Johhny: Come on people let’s keep going.

thetopbun Posted: Dec 15th 2008

Woah! Is that the last chapter?!:O

SavedbyBishop Posted: Dec 15th 2008

NOT YET! I still have a ton more chapters to go.

Chapter 55: Don’t give up Hope!
Back in the ballroom Mrs. Black goes over to Sam

Mrs. Black: How are you doing Sam?
Sam: I still have tons of pain in my arm and it won’t go away.
Mrs. Black: I wish I had Herciset medicine in my box but I can’t find it.
[Clair looks in back of her and she sees Ethan eating something and drinking water]
Clair: Dad I’ll be right back. [She walks over to Ethan behind her]
Clair: What are you eating?
Ethan: Nothing.
Clair: Your eating something now let’s see it! [Clair takes his hand out and Ethan was eating the pills Herciset]
Clair: Herciset that’s powerful pain killer!
Tricia: What’s going on over here?
Clair: Trish look what Ethan had this whole time.
Tricia: Herciset?! There are a ton of people with bad wounds and you just sit hear eating these?
Ethan: [Lying] Well the stowaway had them the whole time.
Twilight: No I didn’t I never stole anything on this ship!
Passenger 1: Why do we need something to our pains we’re all going to die anyway?
Tricia: [GASP!]
Ethan: See it’s all her fault that we’re loosing hope and I know that we’re all going to die.
Passenger 2: I agree.
Officer Giveup: Yes why don’t we all just give up on Hope and say we’re all going to die.
Tricia: No we’re not all going to die!
Ethan: How do you know you’re just a passenger on this ship!
Tricia: Passengers don’t listen to Ethan! He’s just heartless man who kicks innocent stowaways and his own stepson. But right now I think that the group there is doing the best that they can to get out of the ship and bring back rescuers. Sure they might have lost a few people but they’re still keeping up with the journey. Hope is all we have left right now and we can’t give any of it up in our hearts.
Twilight: I agree because…
Ethan: Don’t speak!
Tricia: Let’s hear what she wants to say.
Twilight: Even though that I’ve been on the streets for years I hoped that one day I would have a family.
Chief Officer: It’s too bad that we’ll still have to shoot you since you’re a stowaway and that’s the rule if theirs a stowaway on a ship.
Tricia: So who has hope in themselves now!
Passengers in the ballroom: We do!
Ethan: UGH!!!!! [He turns around to see Captain Jones in back of him]
Ethan: Oh hello Captain Jones what do you need?
Captain Jones: I want you to be fired if we ever get out of this ship.
Ethan: Okay.
Clair: Now Ethan I need those Herciset pills for my Dad.
Ethan: Who says that you can have them?
Captain Jones: Ethan.
Ethan: Here.
Clair: Thank you Ethan.
Mrs. Black: Clair I can I have one please I need one for your husbands leg.
Clair: Sure here.
Sam: Clair she said that he was your husband you should have corrected her because he’s just your boyfriend.
Clair: Wait Dad I need to show you something. [She takes the box out of her pocket and opens it up and shows Sam the engagement ring]
Sam: That’s a … You mean…That… that…
Clair: Yes Tom asked me to marry him. What do you say if we get out of here?
Sam: We’ll have to see with your mother.
Clair: come on Dad you’d better eat the pill.
Sam: I can’t eat a pill without water.
Clair: Wait a minute I believe Ethan had water. [She walks over to Ethan who is talking to the captain]
Clair: Hey Ethan where did you find the bottles of water?
Ethan: Why should I tell you?
Captain Jones: Ethan tell her where you found the bottles of water now!
Ethan: Oh yes sir. Right away sir. [Ethan walks over to where he found the waters]
Ethan: They’re right here.
Clair: [Shouting at the ballroom survivors] Who wants water to eat their pills?
Passengers in the ballroom: WE DO!
Clair: Alright then I’ll go around to people now. [She goes over to where Sam is sitting]
Clair: Here you go Dad.
Sam: Thank you Clair. [Sam swallows the pill and drinks the water and the pain is gone immediately]
Sam: Wow these pills work great on big pain.
Mrs. Black: And it will last for twenty four hours.
Sam: That’s great.

crackersandcheese Posted: Dec 16th 2008

chapter 54 is great. I havn't read chapter 55 but it looks cool!:D

thetopbun Posted: Dec 16th 2008

Too much! To read! *Collapses*

SavedbyBishop Posted: Dec 16th 2008

How do you like the story so far? What other charicters do you like the best? Do you like the relationship with and Twilight? Theu're almost about to kiss! Oh and just so you know my chapters get a little bit violent

thetopbun Posted: Dec 17th 2008

It is very very good! There is so much and I think you should send it to Aardman! The thing is why does speak?

SavedbyBishop Posted: Dec 17th 2008

Well in the beginning of the story I said that Wallace invents a white board for dogs to talk and there is a little microphone on the bottom. So when Gromit puts his hand in the middle of it, what Gromit would say would come out of the microphone.

thetopbun Posted: Dec 18th 2008

Ohhh okay! I didn't see that!

crackersandcheese Posted: Dec 18th 2008

good chapter. Hey thetopbun, do u like the story too??? this may sound stupid but what is your avatar? I know it's red but i don't know what the picture is :D

thetopbun Posted: Dec 18th 2008

It is BondTottington! You know when the woman are in the flames like dancing! Urmm it is for my Quantum of Wallace poster and animation! Yes I do like the story lots.

crackersandcheese Posted: Dec 18th 2008

I like the story lots too. How does SavedByBishop think of such cool ideas? I hear u are gonna try and make it into a movie. That wud be really cool! Like your avatar! BondTottigton sounds cool! :D

thetopbun Posted: Dec 18th 2008

Hehe thanks so much do you understand it now? He/She is a dictionary of ideas!

SavedbyBishop Posted: Dec 18th 2008

I think of millions of idea's in my head. She

crackersandcheese Posted: Dec 19th 2008


SavedbyBishop Posted: Dec 19th 2008

Chapter 56: Up the shaft
Back with the group Johhny is looking into a vent. He kicks the vent door and it falls out

Nancy: So where do you think that vent goes to.
Johhny: I don’t know we’ll have to go in.
Marie: Are you kidding I wouldn’t be able to fit in that hole I could get stuck.
Johhny: Somebody has to be in the back of Marie and that’s not me because I’m leading the way. [He gets into the vent]
Nancy: I’m going in next in case old fat Marie gets stuck I won’t look at the back of her the whole time.
Marie: That was rude to say!
: I’m right behind you Nancy.
Jocelyn: I’m going in.
Mike: Theirs no way I’m going behind you Marie. [Lady Tottington quickly writes Tricia’s name on the wall]
Lady Tottington: I’m going in next.
Heather: There is no way that’s I’m going behind you Marie.
Hope: Neither am I.
Peace: I am so not either.
Mark: I’m so not going behind you either.
May: I’m going in after you. It’ll be like being behind a big whale in the ocean.
Susan: Marie I’ll come behind you.
Wendy: And so will I.
Marie: Why thank you girls. You are two great young women. [They go into the vent]
Marie: I think I might be able to fit inside this thing.
Johhny: Let’s keep going people. [they’re in the vent for a while. Nancy sees a vent as they go by]
Nancy: Johhny couldn’t we go through this vent here?
Johhny: We can’t go that way?
Nancy: Why not?
Johhny: Because we won’t be able to get Marie out that way and we might get lost.
Marie: Hey you know that I am not deaf!
Johhny: I know that your not Marie I’m just saying that you wouldn’t be able to fit through it. [They keep on going through the vent when they come out to a smokestack]
Johhny: We’ve come to a smokestack people.
Nancy: Wow this smokestack is very wide.
Johhny: Now we’ll have to climb this thing. Come on everyone let’s go on up.
Nancy: You expect us to climb up this thing?
Johhny: Yeah come on let’s go. [He grabs the ladder and begins to climb up]
: Go on Nancy your next I’m right behind you. [ helps Nancy on to the ladder and then gets on the ladder]
Mike: Careful Jocelyn I’m right behind you.
Jocelyn: Yes I know you’ll be right behind me. [Then Lady Tottington gets on the ladder. Then reaches a vent]
Johhny: I think we have to go in this vent. [Johhny kicks the vent and falls down the smokestack]
Johhny: Hey heads up down their!
Nancy: That almost hit our heads you know.
Johhny: Sorry Nancy I had to throw it down somewhere.
Hope: Come on May this looks easy to do. [May gets on the ladder]
Marie: I can’t get up this and I’m not even cut out for it.
Wendy: No one is Marie.
May: I’m sorry Ms. Courage.
Marie: About what honey?
May: I didn’t mean to say that you were a big whale.
Marie: That’s all you’re worried about right now?
Susan: Go on up May we’ll take care of Marie right now.
Wendy: Now put your foot on here and grab the ladder. [Marie goes up the ladder]
Johhny: You’re going well so far Marie.
Marie: Johhny if I get out of this ship alive it’s because of you!
Johhny: Thanks Marie. Come on guys you can catch up with us. Come on everyone.
Nancy: But shouldn’t we wait for them Johhny you never know they might get lost.
Johhny: Well we don’t have a lot of time.
: What do you mean?
Johhny: Well the ship will sink at like 7:45 AM.
Mark: But it’s only 2:00 AM.
Johhny: It’ll go by fast. [Jocelyn gets in the vent]
Jocelyn: Oh!
Lady Tottington: Are you alright Jocelyn.
Jocelyn: Yes are you still behind me Mike.
Mike: Don’t worry you haven’t lost me yet on this capsized ship. [May gets in the vent]
Marie: Oh I feel as if my heart is racing!
May: Do you need some help Marie?
Marie: Why thank you so much May. [May helps Marie into the vent]
Marie: Thank you. You are a swell girl.
May: you’re welcome.

thetopbun Posted: Dec 20th 2008


SavedbyBishop Posted: Dec 20th 2008

Who is you favorite chacter thetopbun?

crackersandcheese Posted: Dec 20th 2008

very good SavedByBishop. I don't know who my fave character is because I like them all!!! :D

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