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thetopbun Posted: Dec 20th 2008

Well savedByBishop I like Johnny because that is my name but mine is Jonny...:D

SavedbyBishop Posted: Dec 20th 2008


Chapter 57: Johhny feels lost
Johhny sees a vent up ahead of him.

Johhny: Hey I see a vent up ahead of us! [They all crawl towards the vent. Johhny kicks the vent open and everybody gets out of the vent]
Johhny: Alright let’s keep going everyone. [Then theirs another huge explosion and everybody rocks around in the hallway. Things crash in another hallway and they can’t get through one hallway]
Johhny: Oh no not this hallway.
Nancy: You mean we’re lost?!
Johhny: We’re not lost Ms. Inpatient.
Nancy: Don’t you call me that I’m always patient you bad leader.
Johhny: Is that what you say to me for leading you all the way to this point so far?!
Nancy: I say you’re lost!
Johhny: I say I’m not Ms. I’m-so-perfect. [Nancy punches Johhny in the eye]
Johhny: OW!
Nancy: Serves you right for calling me that!
: Nancy why did you do that to him?!
Nancy: You heard what he was calling me!
: That’s no reason to do that!
Nancy: He can’t find us a way out because he’s lost and won’t admit it.
Johhny: Oh yeah I bet I can find the way and be back to tell you that I found that way.
Nancy: Alright then we’ll see you in thirty minutes from now.
Johhny: But I don’t have that much time.
Nancy: You’re wasting time. [Johhny goes down the middle hallway. Ten minutes pass and Johhny still hasn’t come back]
Nancy: Ten minutes have passed and he’s still not back with good news.
Heather: He might not be back how do you think we’d ever get out of here.
Susan: I don’t know if we will get out of here though.
Marie: I could be our last day alive and I won’t ever see myself slim again.
Nancy: Right like you were ever slim and can’t even imagine that and I will never see that because we’ll die very soon.
May: Well for my last moments alive I will go find Johhny.
Hope: Why are you going to do that?
May: Because I’m the only one who has hope here so good bye and good luck to you all. [May goes into the hallway the same way Johhny went. Meanwhile with Johhny he is looking for a way to go. He tries to get a pile of stuff out of the way but it won’t budge]
Johhny: [Frustrated scream!!] [May hears Johhny’s scream and follows where it came from. Johhny runs off to a space and clears it and jut stay in that spot and tears come out form his eyes. May shows up in the hallway where Johhny is.
May: Johhny?
Johhny: [ignoring May]
May: Johhny?!
Johhny: Shouldn’t you be with the others May?
May: I want to be with you the others are just loosing hope right now. [Johhny gets up and he walks over to May]
Johhny: May you’re a really great girl for a person to have.
May: Johhny you’ve already wasted fifteen minutes.
Johhny: Then what are we standing here for let’s go. [The two of them go off into the hall. Back with the others in the hallway. Lady Tottington goes over to . Nancy looks over at her and she sees her face close to and talking to him. Nancy goes over to them and pushes back]
Nancy: What do you think you’re doing?
Lady Tottington: Talking to .
Nancy: No you weren’t you were about to kiss him!
Lady Tottington: No I wasn’t…
: Nancy she wasn’t we were just talking.
Nancy: look if I don’t want any women near you then I will always keep that promise since our child and if I don’t want you to be…
: Nancy would you just shut up for once.
Nancy: did you just tell me your fiancé to shut up?
: Nancy I’ve changed over the years but I see you haven’t.
Heather: Maybe you’ll change when Johhny gets us out of here.
Nancy: Why does everyone think that we can get out now he just won’t admit that he’s lost?
: Nancy would you just change!
Nancy: Oh you want me to be like old fat Marie over there complaining about her weight this whole time that’s annoying to everyone here!
Marie: What ever happened to you honey?
Nancy: What do you mean?!
Marie: If theirs a person who has a bad personality or is mean all the time then something bad has happened during their life so what happened.
Nancy: Alright if you really want to know and you never knew this either but when I was only twelve years old my father died in a car accident.
People in the hallway: [GASP!]
Nancy: See.
Marie: Then now don’t you feel better after telling us that?
Nancy: I feel a little bit better now. [Meanwhile with Johhny and May. They walk into a flood of water]
May: How are we going to get over this?
Johhny: We’ll have to swim for it.
May: I can’t go across that with you?
Johhny: Let’s see it’s been twenty minutes so far so we only have ten minutes left. So if I’m not back in ten minutes go tell the others, tell Nancy that I was wrong, and have someone their lead the way out of here okay?
May: Got it.
Johhny: Good luck to you all.
May: Good luck to you two Johhny. [Johhny jumps in the water and he splashes May]

thetopbun Posted: Dec 21st 2008

Cool haha at: We’re not lost Ms. Inpatient.

I like this chapter.

SavedbyBishop Posted: Dec 21st 2008

Who do you think is the funnieast character?

thetopbun Posted: Dec 21st 2008

I don't know actually... I'll think about it...

SavedbyBishop Posted: Dec 21st 2008

What do you predict will hapen next in the chapter?

thetopbun Posted: Dec 22nd 2008

I don't know actually... when is the next chapter up?

TopBun out of Chocaspazibunianby staff

crackersandcheese Posted: Dec 22nd 2008

Sorry thetopbun and SvedByBishop, I havn't replied for ages. :-(I really like this chapter! Does wallace kind of secrtetly like Lady Tottington? :-(|)

SavedbyBishop Posted: Dec 22nd 2008

Yes he does like her but Nancy is his fianca

Chapter 58: Getting out of the ballroom
Back in the ballroom with the others.

Sophie: Trish I think everyone here is already needed now.
Tricia: Do you think we should try to go find the others now?
Gia: Yeah I’ll get the others. [Gia goes over to Tyler and Jake]
Gia: Hey guys I think we’re ready to go now.
Tricia: Come on Hazel we’re leaving to find the group now.
Hazel: Okay.
Gia: Come on Zeke you have to come and I’m in charge of you.
Zeke: Are you glad of it.
Tricia: Veronica, Jessie your coming with us.
Mrs. Black: So I guess your going now.
Tricia: Are you and Rudy going to come with is Mrs. Black or are you going to stay here and help out more?
Mrs. Black: Well you never know that if somebody might get hurt on this journey.
Tricia: Good point.
Mrs. Black: Come along Rudy. [ looks over at the group going to the tree. He gets up but looks over at Twilight and sits back down]
Clair: Dad it looks like they’re leaving now we’d better go with them to find Mom.
Sam: Alright Melissa go get Star.
Melissa: Hey Star come on we’re leaving.
Star: Finally I’ll have something to do then just sit down in this ballroom.
Melissa: Frank come on we’re leaving the ballroom.
Frank: Now to get away from my Dad.
Clair: Faith Spirit we’re leaving.
Spirit: Alright let’s go. [Melissa helps Frank up and limps to the tree]
Sophie: Dad come on we’re going.
Trevor: You didn’t once talk to me while we were down here Sophie.
Sophie: I was busy.
Tricia: It looks pretty simple.
Frank: It could be hard for me to get up they’re.
Sophie: do you think you can make it up?
Melissa: I know that he can do it.
Tom: I guess I’ll try for it to. [Ethan looks over at the group that’s at the tree]
Ethan: Excuse me! Out of my way! What do you think you’re doing?
Tricia: Go away Ethan.
Ethan: This tree is off limits to people!
Tricia: Zeke I want you to help Hazel up. People who are wounded should be helped up. I’m going to try to get some people to come with us.
Melissa: Okay Frank I’ll help you up. [Frank gets on the tree and starts to climb.
Ethan: No! Nobody is going up that tree! Nobody!
Tricia: Get out of my way! [She pushes Ethan out of her way]
Ethan: Hey Frank get off of that tree!
Frank: Let go of me Dad!
Ethan: Get off!
Frank: NO!
Sophie: Let go of him! [She punches him in the stomach]
Tricia: Get away from this group. [She pushes him to the floor]
Captain Jones: What’s going on over here?
Tricia: Ethan won’t let us go on the journey.
Captain Jones: Ethan you know that you’re fired!
Ethan: Well maybe I should go with them and bring that stowaway along.
Captain Jones: Well I want that stowaway to go with you.
: YES!
Twilight: Yes I’m going!
Captain Jones: I want the Chief Officer to take her!
Ethan: Why not me?!
Frank: Because the Captain said that you can never be near me again!
Ethan: Frank get over here!
Frank: NO!
Ethan: NOW! [He pulls him by the shirt]
Frank: Let go of me!
Ethan: You’re staying here!
Tricia: Ethan let your son go!
Ethan: Fine. [He pushes him back to the group and Sophie and Gia catch him]
Gia: Be careful with your son Ethan.
Ethan: You think I even like my stepson?!
Captain Jones: Chief Officer!
Chief Officer: Yes sir?
Captain Jones: Go get that stowaway.
Chief Officer: Yes sir.
Captain: Good luck to you and the group Ms. Tottington.
Zeke: Wait Hazel I’m going to get Stella. [He walks over to Stella]
Zeke: Stella you have to come with us!
Stella: Who says that my Mother and I are coming with you?
Zeke: Stella come on please!
Stella: NO!
Zeke: Fine you can die here if you want to.
Chief Officer: Alright stowaway it looks like your coming with us.
Twilight: I guess if I get out of this ship I’ll only see the light of day for a little while till I get shot.
Chief Officer: That’s right stowaway. [ gets up and goes to the tree]
Tracey: Perhaps we should go Mom.
Ellen: Only to find Mark not to die! [She helps her up]
Casey God: Excuse me. My child and I are going with you.
Tricia: Your child better keep up with us.
Angela “Angie” God: I will.
Tricia: You can go on up.
Casey: Let go on up Angie.
Tricia: Is that everyone who wants to come.
Sophie: Yes I think so wait.
Trevor: Wait I think that I should stay here.
Sophie: Dad what do you mean?
Trevor: Some of these people might want to go so I think I should stay here in case someone else would like to go.
Sophie: But Dad I thought you wanted to see Mom you said that she was important.
Trevor: Sophia this is more of a situation and is important because somebody else might want to go later.
Sophie: Then what should I tell Mom if I meet up with her?
Trevor: Then give her my ring and stay that I’ll be with here soon.
Sophie: Okay Dad.
Zeke: Through here Hazel. You’re almost up. [Hazel makes it to the top]
Chief Officer: Alright you need these cuffs in front of you so you can climb up. [He puts the cuffs in front]
Chief Officer: Now get up that tree right now. [Twilight goes up with the Chief Officer right behind her]
Chief Officer: Now just grab her and then set her over their.
Sam: Clair I think you should cut your dress.
Clair: Alright luckily it’s just a pin on dress so I have pants on under them.
Melissa: Oh that looks so nice Clair. [Time passes by]
Tricia: Alright I’m going on up next.
: Star get up their!
Star: Who says I have to go?!
: Probably Sam would want you to come along with us.
Star: Who says I’m listening to him.
: Well cut that long dress of yours.
Star: There is no way that I’m cutting this great dress of mine because it means a lot to me!
: alright then just climb up and it will probably get caught a lot on the tree.
Star: Yeah and I’m not going up there so I’m but going to come… [Then theirs a huge explosion]
Star: [SCREAM!] Okay I’m coming! [She climbs on up the tree]
Tricia: [Screaming to the ballroom] Good luck to you all!
Captain Jones: Good luck to you to. [Meanwhile in the hallway where Groove is. She begins to come round]
Groove: OH! My head! [She sees all the water around her]
Groove: Oh I’ve been sitting around in this flooded hallway knocked out?! That girl she escaped from me but luckily I still have my gun. [She walks out of the place and walks through the water]

mamcdonald Posted: Dec 23rd 2008

SavedbyBishop Posted: Dec 24th 2008

Merry Chrismas guys! I can't wait to see AMOLAD tomorrow night!

thetopbun Posted: Dec 24th 2008

Yeh! Wooh!

SavedbyBishop Posted: Dec 25th 2008

What did you guys get for Chrismas? I get a Wallace and Gromit wall calender

SavedbyBishop Posted: Dec 26th 2008

AMOLAD was awesome last night! But do you guys think it was a little to fast because i thought it should have longer.

thetopbun Posted: Dec 26th 2008

Same saved by bishop! Yeh it should have been 45 mins! :)

SavedbyBishop Posted: Dec 26th 2008

Here's my next chapter. Hope you like it.

Chapter 59: Thinking about the others
Meanwhile in the hallway with the group. Johhny and May have still not returned.

Lady Tottington: I wonder what Tricia is doing right now.
Nancy: Probably trying to get out of this ship right now like us.
Susan: Or they could be coming to find us.
: I sure hope Gromit is with them.
Nancy: You love that dog don’t you?
: To pieces.
Heather: Maybe Faith is with them.
Hope: Are you going to hug her and not ground her.
Heather: That’s wrong I’m going to ground her for a year…
Wendy: But she’s twenty and she’s in collage you can’t ground her.
Heather: She shouldn’t be dating your husband.
Wendy: I know but some how I’m worried about him but right now he might be keeping my girls safe.
: Gromit will be safe with us once we get out together and get married together.
Nancy: Hopefully.
Marie: My Jimmy is waiting for me at his house.
Mark: And who is Jimmy.
Marie: Jimmy is my son he’s twenty years old and he’s sick with the flu. So I have to get out for him.
Wendy: Why did this ship ever have to capsize on a wonderful night like this?
Susan: I can’t believe that we’re actually still alive down here in this ship.
Lady Tottington: But Tricia doesn’t make it out and if Johhny might not I’ll have Hazel.
Mark: You really think that blind girl get out alive?
Lady Tottington: Hazel can sense many things so I believe that she can do it.
Mike: Hopefully Gia is looking after Zeke.
Jocelyn: I’m sure that she won’t let us down.
Susan: I feel as if this journey will make a big change to our lives.
Peace: Maybe this would be a good time to pray to god and to help us all out of this place.
Heather: That would be a great idea Peace why don’t we do that. [They all put their hands together and all pray to god]

thetopbun Posted: Dec 27th 2008

Ohh cool! Finaly a shorter chapter!

SavedbyBishop Posted: Dec 27th 2008

Well here's a long chapter enjoy reading this

Chapter 60: Spirit’s injury
Back with the group. The group just comes to the broken staircase

Tricia: This says my name on it so we should go on down this way.
Gia: They must be crazy.
Tricia: Gia I don’t see any dead people down there that we know so they got through okay.
Sophie: So why don’t you go first to see how it is?!
Tricia: Sophie when I’m down they’re I want you to bring Hazel down. [Tricia heads down the broken staircase. Everyone watches her from up top]
Tricia: See guys it’s easy. [She makes it to the ground]
Tricia: I don’t think there should be two on this actually.
Hazel: So I should try to come down by myself Mom?
Tricia: I’ll try to tell you where to come down. So first just step on to it and slide down the ways. Now just hop on to that one holding the one that your on! [Hazel keeps going down the pipes and Tricia helps her down]
Tricia: Great job honey!
Chief Officer: So how should this stowaway get down their.
Tricia: Throw the cuffs and key down to me.
Chief Officer: Okay I trust you to get down here but put her hand cuffs as soon as she’s on the floor!
Tricia: Got it. [Twilight crawls down the pipes and makes it down to the ground. Tricia put the cuffs back on Twilight. Then the Chief Officer comes down quickly. The Sophie and Gia slide down the pipes]
Zeke: I’m going next!
Gia: Just be careful going down!
Zeke: Oh Gia I didn’t know that you actually care about me.
Gia: I don’t Mom and Dad just say I should and believe me it’s painful.
Zeke: WOO! I’m doing it so far!
Gia: [Whispering in muttered voice] Yeah if an explosion happens then he would… [Then theirs a big explosion. Zeke falls off a pole but is still hanging on]
Tricia: Gia do something!
Gia: Well what should I do?
Sophie: Rescue your brother!
Gia: I don’t know how to do it! [Then one of Zeke’s hands comes loose from the pole and then falls down to the ground]
Zeke: [Screaming!] [Gia runs to where he is falling and she catches him]
Zeke: See Gia I knew that you cared about me. [Gia drops him out of her arms]
Zeke: OW! [Wipes her hands]
Gia: I have to stick to what Mom and Dad said and I hate doing that so much.
Faith: I’ll meet you down there Spirit.
Spirit: Alright. [Faith goes down the poles fast]
Faith: It’s your turn now Spirit. [Spirit sits on the first pole and just looks down]
Faith: Come on Spirit we don’t have all night for you to get down here!
Spirit: I’m trying. [Then theirs another big explosion. Spirit falls off the pole but grabs on to the second one]
Spirit: [SCREAMING!!]
Faith: Hold on Spirit! [Spirit is dangling from the pipes and can’t get back up]
Faith: Somebody help her! [Jessie slides down the pipe and holds on to the pipe by her hand and holds one hand down to Spirit]
Jessie: Come on Spirit grab my hand! [Spirit tries grabbing Jessie’s hand but can’t reach it. But the Spirit grip comes loose from the pipe and falls to the bottom]
Faith: Spirit! [While Spirit falls she hits many of the pipes and hits the ground hard]
Faith: Spirit!
Mrs. Black: Is she alright?!
Faith: I don’t know!
Mrs. Black: Here Rudy bring this sponge down immediately.
Rudy: I’m on it Mom! [Rudy makes it down the pipes with the sponge and then puts it on Spirits head]
Tricia: Everybody keep coming down!
Mrs. Black: She must be hurt bad!
Faith: Spirit wake up! SPIRIT! [She shakes her]
Mrs. Black: Ms. Mcrennalds she won’t hear you if you keep shaking her!
Faith: I’m sorry I’m just really scared about this right now.
Mrs. Black: Why don’t you go over their so I can work in peace and wait.
Faith: I can do that I guess but I still won’t keep quiet from over there. [Thirty minutes pass by as she fixes Spirit up and she comes round]
Mrs. Black: Spirit do you remember what just happened?
Spirit: I think I just fell and got knocked out. [She gets up but her arm hurts her]
Spirit: OW!
Mrs. Black: You have a dislocated shoulder Spirit.
Spirit: That’s all I need.
Mrs. Black: Now I believe your sister is waiting for you. [The two help her up and bring her over to the group]
Faith: OH! Spirit I was so worried.
Spirit: Faith I should have told you before I’m scared of heights.
Faith: Oh yes you should have.
Mrs. Black: Now she just has a dislocated shoulder and it will be good in just about eight months to heel up.
Faith: Think about what Mom will say when she sees you.
Spirit: I can’t really think about that.
Tricia: Come on guys we’d better keep going.
: Star come on down!
Star: I’m not crawling down this not after what happened.
Sam: Star now we’re not going to wait till we’re all dead!
Star: Then go ahead without me.
Clair: Come on Ms. Cranky!
Star: Don’t call me that! [She sits on the first pole but still doesn’t come down]
Tricia: Star we’re waiting!
Star: Fine with me you can wait till this ship goes down. [Then theirs another explosion and falls to the bottom]
Star: [SCREAMING!] [ runs to where she is falling in slow motion and then he catches her and role on the ground]
Star: Get off of me!
: Aren’t you going to thank me for saving your life.
Star: I could have grabbed on to something.
: Well it was very lucky that I caught you!
Star: I didn’t want to be caught!
: Did you want to end up like Spirit over there with a very bad dislocated shoulder.
Star: Well I don’t want anything to happen to my perfect little body so I was lucky.
: Yeah lucky that I caught you.
Star: Look it was just luck that saved my life!
: No it was me that saved your life not luck!
Tricia: Guys come on let’s go let’s get out of here!
and Star: [Fighting still while on the way]

thetopbun Posted: Dec 28th 2008

*Snores* Ohh is it over! Jeeze! He saved her :)

SavedbyBishop Posted: Dec 28th 2008

No it'd not over yet! It will say the end on it and you know that they all have to get out of the ship first

crackersandcheese Posted: Dec 29th 2008

Phew he saves her! :D That was a really long chapter!

SavedbyBishop Posted: Dec 29th 2008

Did you like hjow the two were fighting at the end. It always makes me laugh
This next chapter might be a little sad also

Chapter 61: Marie’s brave goodbye
Meanwhile with May it been so long since Johhny hasn’t come back through the water. She goes back sobbing to the group

Lady Tottington: It’s been over thirty minutes we should really go now.
Susan: But they might come back and then they wouldn’t know where we went.
May: Guys are you still their?!
Lady Tottington: Yes May we’re still in this hallway.
Wendy: May where is Johhny?
May: [Sobbing] I don’t know he was going to see where this big flood of water and he said that if he wasn’t back in thirty minutes then somebody else should lead the way out.
Johhny: I don’t think that’s a good idea to do.
May: Johhny!
Johhny: You left to early May. I just popped up when I saw you running back to the group.
Nancy: You’re soaking wet!
Johhny: I hope that you can all swim well because now we have to go under water. [Everyone looks at Johhny. Then we quickly go to the flood of water and the group is already there]
Johhny: Now does anyone have any rope so we can swim across this flood?
Mark: I always have some rope.
Johhny: Thanks Mark. Now can someone bring this rope across to the other side for us? It’s a very long swim and I think it’s about ten miles.
[Marie touches her medal necklace on her neck. She goes over to Johhny]
Marie: Mr. Manson I believe that I can do this on my own!
Johhny: Other then you Marie!
Marie: Johhny I can do this!
Nancy: Marie you can’t do it!
Marie: Why doesn’t anybody believe me? [Nobody answers her]
Marie: It’s because I’m fat and old isn’t it? Fine then if you think that I can’t do it then Johhny can do this by himself.
Johhny: Thanks Marie. [He kisses her on the lips]
Marie: Oh why what was that for?
Johhny: For good luck coming to the other end.
Marie: That was so nice of you!
Johhny: If something happen while I’m down their I’ll pull the rope four times if something’s wrong and if I’m at the end a pull two good jerks for your signal to come to the other side. Got that everyone?!
Everyone: We got it good. [Johhny jumps into the water. He swims through the water and looks at all the wreckage around him. He swims up a hatch and through another wreckage thing. Then he goes through a doorway but something collapses on top of him and can’t get out. He tries to pull the rope but it’s caught in the door. Back on the other side the group notices that the rope isn’t moving anymore]
Mike: He’s not moving anymore.
Susan: He’s not giving us a signal either.
Marie: He’s not at the end he would have given us two good jerks by now!
: Then something must be wrong.
Marie: I’m going in.
Wendy: No Marie he’ll give us something soon.
Marie: You people think that I can’t do anything well to tell you the truth I can! I won a gold metal in high school for a great swimmer and for holding my breath the longest!
Susan: Well that’s very nice Marie we’re all in shock. [Marie starts to get mad and then she jumps in the water and splashes everyone]
Mike: What the heck is she doing?
Susan: I guess she’s showing us what she can do! [In the water Marie swims through the wreckage to find Johhny. She follows the rope up the hatch she almost gets stuck in the hatch but makes it through. She rips her dress on something pointy and then makes it to the doorway where Johhny is. She tries picking up the door and Johhny is able to get out of the door. The two keep going through the water and then make it to the top]
Marie and Johhny: [GASP!!!!!]
Johhny: Oh thank you so much Marie I thought I was going to be killed!
Marie: Well your not thank goodness. [Back on the other side]
Mike: It’s not moving anymore.
May: They could be at the end. [Marie goes over to the wall and puts her hand on her heart]
Johhny: Are you alright Ms. Courage because you look a little bit dizzy.
Marie: [weakly] Don’t you worry about me just do that thing for the others. [Johhny pulls the rope the first time for the signal]
Mike: That’s the first one. One more pull and then we’re off. [Johhny pulls the rope the second time]
Mike: Alright let’s go! [Lady Tottington writes Tricia’s name down on the floor where they should go. Everybody gets in the water]
: Come on Nancy get in the water!
Nancy: I am not getting in there!
: Come on Nancy I know you can’t swim but you have to try for it!
Nancy: If you think that I’m getting in their your crazy!
: All you have to do is swim and hold your breath!
Nancy: I’m not getting in!
Lady Tottington: Nancy if you don’t go then we don’t go!
Nancy: What?
: Get her in!
Nancy: No put me down! [Back on the other side with Marie and Johhny. Marie is breathing heavily. She collapses to the ground all of a sudden]
Johhny: MARIE! [He picks her up]
Johhny: Marie what happened?!
Marie: [Weakly] A heart attack!
Johhny: Marie you should die on us now I promised you to get you out!
Marie: [Weakly] I didn’t think that you’d keep it!
Johhny: I wanted to keep this one!
Marie: [Weakly] You’re very sweet. [Then we see the people coming through the water. Nancy is struggling to hold her breath a long time]
Johhny: Marie is their anything that I can do for you?
Marie: Yes give this necklace to my family and they can give it to my son!
Johhny: I will Marie.
Marie: Thank you so much! [She tilts her head back and closes her eyes. Johhny lets go off her hand and puts his head down. Then the others appear. One by one we see their faces of surprise when they see Marie dead. Underwater and Nancy are still coming. Nancy is loosing more breath and then make it to the top]
Nancy: [BIG GASP FOR AIR!] [Lady Tottington helps her out of the water]
: Nancy are you alright?
Nancy: I think so.
Johhny: We just had another death.
Nancy: Oh my god Marie.
Johhny: But we have to move on right now!

SavedbyBishop Posted: Dec 30th 2008

Did you guys think that chapter was kind of sad? Because i almost got teared up while writing that chapter. Sometimes when i'm writing a story and have to kill a character off you really get to know that character when your writing about them.

thetopbun Posted: Dec 30th 2008

It was funny when she said she couldn't swim and then he says you have to try for it... haha :)

SavedbyBishop Posted: Dec 30th 2008

Yeah when he just pikcs her up LOL! This next chapter might be a little violent.:D
Chapter 63: The end of the ballroom
The group travels through the hallway when they come to the upside down light.

Tricia: Now we have to cross over this.
Sophie: This looks easy.
Tricia: Come on everyone let’s get on. [Everybody gets on the light and crawls across]
Chief Officer: Now let’s put your cuffs around this so you won’t fall in.
Twilight: So you don’t want me to be killed so you can have fun killing me when I get out of here?
Chief Officer: Uh something like that.
: Okay come on Star.
Star: I’m not getting on that dirty thing with this dress!
Sam: Star get up their! [Clair and Sam put her on the light]
Star: Alright fine I’m going.
Casey: Come on let’s go Angela. [They go across the light easily]
Tricia: Good job Angela! [Then everyone gets off the light. Hazel keeps going straight across]
Tricia: Come on Hazel your almost their.
Tricia: Let’s keep going. [They see the big hole in front of them]
Gia: So they expect us to jump over this?
Tricia: Well come on let’s jump. [Tricia jumps over. Then theirs another explosion]
Tricia: WHOA! Careful everyone hang on to something! [Back in the ballroom. Hillary goes over to Stella]
Hillary: Stella I think the group is right.
Stella: Hillary you believe them?
Hillary: Yeah I think we should go with them.
Stella: Hillary that is dumb.
Bess: Actually Stella I believe that we should go find them.
Stella: Do you really want to do it Hillary.
Hillary: My Mother is dead and I have nothing else to do so let’s go.
Bess: Mr. Heriman we’d like to go with you now.
Trevor: Alright come on everyone. [Stella and Hillary are already up the tree and Bess is going up]
Trevor: Faster Bess!
Bess: I’m going as fast I can go what do you think I am a cow moving slow?
Trevor: Something like that. [Then theirs a shot from a gun]
Bess: OW!
Stella: Mom are you alright?
Bess: I just got shot in the foot!
Trevor: Who ever it was get up their… [Trevor is shot in the back and falls to the ground. Stella and Hillary get Bess up the tree]
Hillary: Oh my god!
Captain Jones: Mr. Heriman!
Groove: Don’t even touch him! [Everyone looks over at the vent where Groove is]
Groove: Is their a child named Brenda Rich here?
Captain Jones: Ms. Groove! A girl named Brenda Glorious already left!
Groove: That was my best dancer!
Captain Jones: Oh my! You mean…
Groove: You finally figured it out! [She walks over to Trevor. She turns him over]
Groove: Looks like I just killed the world’s richest man! [Captain Jones is going up to Groove behind her]
Dana Pendleton: Mommy is he going to get her?!
Priscilla Pendleton: I don’t know baby. [Captain Jones makes a noise and Groove turns around and she shoots him and he falls to the ground]
Groove: And now your handy Captain Jones is dead. So everyone sit down now! [The passengers in the ballroom obey and sit down]
Stella: Mom shouldn’t we help them?
Bess: I don’t know how we can! [Then three passengers come near the tree]
Hillary: Come on hurry up! [Groove shoots one of them and drops to the ground]
Groove: Sit down you two! [Ethan goes up to her quietly and pounces on her]
Groove: Let go of me! [The gun goes of some of the time. The Groove punches Ethan with her elbow and he let’s go]
Groove: You’re next!
Ethan: Go ahead I hate my life! [She shoots him and drops dead]
Groove: Do all you people want to be dead or wait because be happy to shoot you and run out of bullets! [Nobody says anything]
Groove: Fine then! [She shoots off her gun and it hits a red button. Safety doors start to close. Oh the balcony the first and middle door closes and the three go under the left door. The Pendleton’s quickly jump over a door that they said about before. Some people try to get to a door that closes but are shot by Groove or are to late]
Groove: And now for our grand finale. [Groove walks over to the tree. The people that got out of the ballroom listen through the doors]
Passengers: [Whispering] What is she going to do to all of us?
Groove: Thank you for asking I will be glad to kill all of you. [She aims at the glass window underwater and shoots and makes a hole in the glass and water starts to pour into the ballroom]
Passengers: [SCREAMING!]
Groove: [Evil laugh] [She fires two more shots at the glass and then the window breaks and a flood of water comes dashing into the ballroom drowning all the people]
Bess: Come on we have to get out of here! [The three girls run away from the door to the ballroom]
Dana: Mommy what do we do now.
Priscilla: We have to go right now. [They run off to try to find a way out. Back with the group]
Hazel: Mom what was that shot?
Tricia: Seems like it came from the ballroom.
Gia: You don’t think…
Brenda: Groove!
Melissa: You think Groove did it?
Sam: She must have shot people to death!
Faith: This is awful!
Tricia: Come on let’s keep going! [Then in the ballroom the door that Hillary, Bess, and Stella went through the water starts to go through the door and then breaks]
Bess: Girls get up on here now! [The girls get up on something to be safe on and the water rushes through them and they don’t fall off. In the lobby the water that was down below starts to float up. The water makes a very funny noise. Meanwhile the group they are just at the vent]
Tricia: What is that noise?
Jake: I’ll check. [Jake runs through the hallway and jumps over the hole that they just went over and then turns the corner and sees the flood of water burst around the corner]
Jake: That is not a little bit of water! [He runs back the other way. The water pours into the hole where the light is steam comes up out of the flood and quickly fills but keeps coming up and follows Jake. Jake jumps back over the hole]
Jake: Quick get in the vent now!
Tricia: What’s wrong?!
Jake: Theirs an enormous flood of water coming towards us! [Everybody gets in the vent]
: Star get in the vent!
Star: There is no way I’m getting my dress dirty or wet in fact this vent has…
: Twilight give me your pin for your bow. [Twilight pulls out and gives the pin to ]
Star: …Why that vent even has a… [ hits the pin on her and falls into the vent]
Star: [In pain] [ puts Twilight bow back in for her]
Twilight: Thank you!
Chief Officer: Now get inside that vent!
Star: that was a really rude thing for you to do!
: Well you had to get in the vent!
Star: Well you hurt my perfect little bum.
Faith: So this is what it’s like for you and Star isn’t it.
Sam: Oh yeah.

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Cool! Awesome!

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Happy new year guys!

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Happy New Year!

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chapter 61 is sad :'( it's good though!!!:D

crackersandcheese Posted: Jan 4th 2009

great chapter! :D

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sorry i accidently skipped over chapter 62 so her it is

Chapter 62: Through the ship
Back with the others. They are still going through the ship and and Star are still fighting with each other.

and Star: [FIGHTING!!!!!!] [The group is getting agitated by their fighting]
Gia: Oh make them stop please its so annoying!
Tricia: Oh would you guys just shut up! [The two stop fighting]
Tricia: You’ve been fighting this whole time and it’s very annoying to us.
Tyler: Hey theirs a door up ahead! [The walk over to the door and Tricia reads the note that’s on the wall.
Tricia: [Reading the note on the wall] Somebody go on in first and the others think about good thought while they’re gone.
Gia: So who going to go in their?
Tricia: That should be me! [She rips the whole bottom of her dress]
Tricia: My Mom wouldn’t like me doing that. [She quickly goes inside the door and closes the door]
Melissa: Wow that kitchen is really on fire in their.
Clair: The best thing to do is wait.
Chief Officer: I guess we’ll be waiting for a while so I’ll put your cuffs around here so you can’t get away. [Many minutes pass as Tricia is gone. Sam keeps reading the note over and over]
Sam: Clair what do you plan to do once we all get out of here?
Clair: Well if we get out of here I’m going to finish my senior year and marry Tom.
Tom: And I plan to go on to the all star football team.
Ellen: I plan to have a good life with our new baby.
Tracey: Hopefully it’s a girl.
Ellen: And goto your first film premier and my son’s graduation.
Spirit: I plan to have a good first year of collage if we get out of here.
Casey: We plan to have Angela’s first day of first grade once she graduates from kindergarten.
Sam: I plan to get back together with your mother if she doesn’t hate me.
Twilight: I was planning to get on this ship and go somewhere else to start a new life but that’s not going to happen.
Chief Officer: Hey nobody asked you to share what you were going to say!
Twilight: Yeah well I had to… [Chief Officer Kicks her very hard in the side that Twilight hangs from the bar]
Twilight: [Screaming in pain]
People: [In shock]
: Stop kicking Twilight!
Chief Officer: Twilight?
: That’s her name!
Chief Officer: So you know her?!
: Yeah I’ve known her all this time and she’s very nice. So what’s she ever done to you?
Chief Officer: She’s a stowaway! And she is not a nice person!
: How do you know?
Chief Officer: Did you get that black eye from falling on the ship? [ doesn’t say anything]
Chief Officer: See just because she seems nice their must be evil inside of her! [He picks her up and slams her against the wall and theirs a tear on her face. Then Tricia comes out]
Tricia: It’s pretty bad in their. Does everyone have cloths to cover their faces?
Everyone: Yes.
Tricia: Alright good we’re going in. Now let’s go. [they go into the burning kitchen]
Tricia: Come on! Come on!
Everyone: [Coughing!]
Tricia: Keep your faces in your cloths! [then they comes to the burning stove]
Tricia: Be careful everyone theirs a burning stove in the way here we don’t want to get burned. [they all go around the burning stove. Tricia gets the other door open and they all get through]
Tricia: Is everyone alright?
Jenny: We’re all fine Tricia.
Tricia: Let’s keep moving the group is too far ahead of us and it might take along time to catch up to the others.
: Come on Star.
Star: You don’t have to pull me!
Faith: Are you doing alright Spirit?
Spirit: Yes. [Then they come to the flooded hallway of water. Tricia goes into the water]
Tricia: Come on guys it’s not the deep.
Chief Officer: Get in their stowaway! [He kicks her in and makes a big splash]
Chief Officer: Come on swim like a dog! [Tricia slips on something where Johhny slipped]
Tricia: [Spitting out water]
Sophie: Trish you okay?
Tricia: Yes but be careful right their everyone! [The keep going to they all get to the top.]
Tricia: Come on let’s keep on going everyone. They keep walking through the hall when they come to the elevator]
Tricia: We have to go through here now.
Jake: Then let’s open it. [He goes over to it and puts his hand on it and is burned]
Jake: OW!
Sophie: What’s wrong Jake?
Jake: I got burned!
Mrs. Black: Oh I think that you’ll be fine. Sam hand me your jacket.
Sam: Here. [He throws her the jacket and Tricia opens it with the jacket.
Veronica: The others went across this?
Gia: This must have been the elevator that crashed.
Tricia: almost everything is on fire.
Rudy: So do we have to go threw here?
Tricia: Yes.
Brenda: But how are we going to get through here? [She looks at a piece of wood on the wall]
Tricia: Jake, Tyler help me get this piece of wood off the wall.
Jake: Alright. [They rip it off the wall and put it across the elevator and it stays put]
Sophie: What are you doing?
Tricia: It’s to get across this elevator.
Gia: Theirs no way that all of us can get across this elevator.
Tricia: Not without good balance. Jake go across first then I’ll go and open the elevator door.
Jake: I’m on it.
Sophie: Be careful Jake.
Jake: I’ll be careful baby. [They kiss. Jake heads across on the board and makes it across to the other side]
Jake: Alright come on Trish. [Tricia goes across and makes it to Jake.
Tricia: Now lift me up to that elevator. [Jake lifts her up to the elevator and Tricia gets it open and she hops in. Tricia help Jake up into the elevator and then Tyler, Sophie, and Gia get in the elevator]
: Need some help getting in Star.
Star: Just this once! [They go across together. puts his hand down and Star puts her foot in and climbs up. She steps on his head a lot]
: OW! Watch it!
Chief Officer: Hey first get this stowaway up! [Twilight goes across and makes it. Then they pull up and the Chief Officer come across]
Tricia: Zeke I want you to help Hazel over! [Hazel and Zeke step on to the ledge and move across. Zeke helps up Hazel and the two make it]
Tricia: Alright then Spirit your in critical condition so you have to come first.
Faith: Alright I’m right behind you Spirit.
Tricia: Well Faith I’m going to ask Mrs. Black to lead Spirit across the board.
Mrs. Black: Alright come on Spirit let’s get you across. [They carefully go across on the board]
Mrs. Black: Okay Spirit I’m going to try to lift you up with out moving your arm do you think you can trust me?
Spirit: I trust anyone Mrs. Black
Mrs. Black: Alright. [Mrs. Black easily brings her up to the elevator]
Mrs. Black: Oh great job you got her up without easily touching her dislocated arm.
Tricia: Time to pick you up Mrs. Black. [She gets into the elevator]
Tracey: Alright come on Mom.
Ellen: Oh Tracey I don’t know if I can do this I might break this piece of wood.
Tracey: Mom you won’t break this.
Tricia: Besides Mrs. Scott this piece of wood is really strong since it held two people at once.
Jake: I’ll hop down to help them just in case. [He hops on to the board]
Tracey: See Mom now come on we don’t have time to chatter.
Ellen: Alright you don’t have to be inpatient. [Tracey helps Ellen across and makes it hard for Jake to lift up Ellen]
Jake: Oh I didn’t know pregnant woman would be so heavy.
Tracey: Hey if you’re going to make fun of my mother then you’ll have to deal with me!
Jake: What are you going to do?
Tracey: Very bad things in your future which is probably deafness, blindness, or death.
Jake: Give me your foot.
Tracey: What you want me to go into your hand so you can knock me off the board.
Jake: No I’m going to get you up into that elevator! [He gets her into the elevator]
Sophie: Don’t be mean to my boyfriend.
Tracey: He was being mean to my pregnant mother.
Sam: Do you want me to go with you Faith?
Faith: No I’m fine Sam. [Faith goes across and makes it. Then Clair and then Melissa go]
Sam: Great going baby now it’s my turn. [Sam makes it across. Then Rudy and then Frank go and make it. Then Veronica and Jessie go across]
Sophie: We’ll lift you up now Jake. [They lift up Jake into the elevator]
Tricia: Come everyone let’s keep going. [They travel through the hallways. Then they reach the upside down lobby]
Gia: So how do we get across this lobby?
Tricia: Look!
Ellen: Is that a rope? We have to go across that?!
Tricia: If Johhny says we have to do it. What he says goes. [They all go over to the rope]
Sophie: So how do we get across without killing ourselves to death?
Tricia: Does anyone have a bow in their hair?
Gia: Yeah some of us do. [Tricia picks up a bent pipe. She puts it across the rope and swings across]
Ellen: What is that girl doing? [Tricia lands at the other end of the lobby]
Tricia: come on guys this is the right way to go.
Jake: Care to come with me baby?
Sophie: I’d love to Jake. [Jake goes across with Sophie on his back]
Both of them: WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
Tricia: How was that guys?
Jake: That was so fun.
Zeke: come on hope let’s go.
Hope: Is it okay if I go with Zeke Brenda.
Rudy: You can come with me Brenda.
Brenda: Yeah I’ll go with Rudy.
Hope: Alright come on let’s go Zeke. Here’s my bow. [They slide across the rope together]
Together: WOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rudy: Alright come on Brenda.
Brenda: It really looks fun doesn’t it Rudy?
Rudy: Let’s go. [They slide across the rope]
Spirit: Tricia how am I going to get across this rope with a dislocated arm?
Jenny: Wait take your two ribbons out. [She gets her ribbons out of her hair]
Jenny: Now we can tie these together. Someone can go in the mean time.
Melissa: Come on Frank we can go together.
Frank: Is it okay if I go on you because of my burned arm.
Melissa: alright fine come on we’ll use my bow.
Jenny: Now this will make it look like a seat for you.
Spirit: Are you sure I’m not going to fall out in that?
Jenny: Faith can you go to the end first do you catch Spirit when she gets their.
Faith: Alright Sam come on. [They go across and get to the end]
Jenny: alright Spirit just sit down in this. [She sits down on the two ribbons]
Jenny: Now these are triple knotted so they won’t even come loose so you can get to the end safely.
Spirit: You’re are great doctor Mrs. Black.
Jenny: Thank you darling I’m glad that you trust me. [They push her down and Spirit hangs on very tightly]
Spirit: AAAUUUUGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! [Then she makes it to the other end and Faith and Sam catch her]
Faith: Are you alright Spirit?
Spirit: Just kind of shocked from all of it.
Faith: Come on let’s all go sit down. [Then Mrs. Black goes across]
Jenny: Are you alright Spirit?
Twilight: Now how do you expect me to get across this? [The Chief Officer take one hand cuff off of one hand and puts it over the rope]
Chief Officer: Now don’t drop the key into the pond of water.
Twilight: I won’t. [She goes across the rope and makes it across. Tricia unhooks the cuffs and puts them back on. Then Chief Officer goes across]
: Star do you want to go with me?
Star: Are you kidding I’d use something else! [ tares two things off of the bottom of his suit]
: Here use this.
Star: Thank you. [The two go across]
Star: [Screaming]
: Stop screaming! [They both make it across. Then Jessie and Veronica make it across. And then Tyler and Zeke with Hazel on his back]
Sam: I’m going across then Clair take Melissa on your back.
Melissa: No way I’m going on Franks back!
Clair: Fine with me! [Sam goes across and makes it and then Clair goes across]
Frank: Ready Melissa.
Melissa: Ready. [The two of them go across the rope]
Both of them: WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Then they make it across]
Tricia: At least we were all able to make it across now we’d better keep on going.
Spirit: At least we all made it over that dangerous thing!
Faith: Let’s go on and see what’s next.

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Wow! Very long! Good though...

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Do you like the story so far. Because it took me like four months just to write this whole thing

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Haha! Yeh it is good...

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Chapter 64: Twilight is free
Back with the group they are coming to the ladder that Johhny found

Nancy: So we have to go up this way.
Johhny: Yeah I don’t know where it leads to though.
Nancy: But I’m claustrophobic!
Johhny: Nancy you just got through that vent how could you be claustrophobic?
Nancy: This is smaller!
Johhny: you help her up with you.
: Okay.
Johhny: I’ll lead. [People go up the ladder and then we zoom in on the vent door]
and Star: [FIGHTING!!!]
Tricia: Oh who ever is fighting back their shut up now!
Gia: Finally! [Then they reach the big smokestack]
Tricia: Zeke I want you behind Hazel.
Zeke: I’m on it!
Tracey: Okay careful Mom!
Angela: Mom can you hold my teddy bear?
Casey: Sure hun I promise that it won’t fall.
Veronica: Go first Jessie!
Jessie: Fine don’t yell at me! [ helps Star on to the ladder]
Star: Hey I could do that by myself!
: Fine! [ goes right behind her]
Zeke: Okay Hazel grab your moms hand to the left of you! [Hazel gets into the vent]
Tricia: You’re doing great Hazel.
Hazel: Thanks Mom. [Then everybody is in the vent except the Chief Officer and Twilight still haven’t climbed up]
Twilight: So how do I get up?
Chief Officer: I’m taking these cuffs off for now for you to climb so I can trust you?
Twilight: Well I’m taking the key! [She pushes him back in the vent and climbs up the ladder]
Chief Officer: Hey get back here! [The Chief Officer Gets on the ladder]
Twilight: I don’t want to be treated like this anymore!
Chief Officer: Give me that keep or I’ll shoot you right now! [He grabs her foot]
Twilight: Let go of my foot! [She hits him on the face]
Chief Officer: OW! [Then they here rumbling noises]
Chief Officer: Hang on everyone! [Then the flood of water from the water comes bursting out at Chief Officer and let’s go of the ladder and hits him on the wall and falls down to the bottom]
Everyone: [SCREAMING!!!]
: Twilight come on!
Star: Just leave her their.
: No way Star! [Twilight climbs into the vent]
Gia: Hey can we trust you to stay with us?!
Twilight: Yes you can. [The group travels through the vent and they make it to the open vent and get out]
Star: Oh we’re finally out of that!
Tricia: Now which way do we go?
Sophie: Didn’t your Mom write down where to go?
Tricia: She forgot to.
Gia: Now what do we do?
Tricia: The only thing that we can do is you have to wait here while I find the way.
Sophie: Are you sure that you can find the way?
Tricia: I’m sure that I can do it. [Tricia goes down the middle hallway]
Tracey: Good luck Trish!
Hazel: I hope you find the way Mom!
Sam: And now the only thing that we can do is wait.
Tracey: I’m going to watch this video so far.
Ellen: Maybe if we get out of here they can show this at a premier.
Tracey: Cool.

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Haha! Good early on joke! I'm chlostrophobic!

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The next chapter is when Gromit and twilight have some romance. :-X!

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Chapter 65: Twilight and Gromit love
Back with the other group they finally come out of the very small group

Johhny: Okay guys we’re finally out!
Nancy: [Gasp]
: Are you alright Nancy?
Nancy: Yes I’m fine.
Johhny: We must be getting close to the engine room! So that must mean we’re almost out!
Mark: GREAT! [Lady Tottington puts Tricia’s name on the wall before she climbs up. Meanwhile with the other group walks over to a hallway]
: How are you holding out?
Twilight: Okay
: I’m sorry about what’s been happening to you.
Twilight: I’m just glad that I’m away from him now and my hands are free.
: Do you think that you’ll ever trust a human when you get off this ship?
Twilight: Not the dog catchers.
: Oh you can never even trust those guys.
Twilight: I’ve been doing this for my mother this whole time and she must have done it for me.
: Your Mom would be proud of you right now.
Twilight: I bet she would be.
: Now that the Chief Officer is away from you I promise to get you out and no one will ever know that you’re a stowaway.
Twilight: I never even thought that I would make a friend on this ship.
: We’ll be with each other when this ship might go down.
Twilight: Is that a promise?
: Like I said I won’t let anything happen to you.
Twilight: That is so thoughtful! [She hugs him. She pulls away quick]
Twilight: Whoa I don’t know where that came up.
: And if we get off this ship I’ll be right next to you holding your hand.
Twilight: Oh how sweet. [She kisses him on the cheek. They look into their eyes at each other. They kiss. Then they kiss again while arms rapped around and kiss for a long time]
People in background as a gag: OOOOOOO!!!!!
: What the heck just happened?
Twilight: I think that we just you know…
: Kissed.
Twilight: I guess it’s odd that we’re coming a thing at this time.
: Then we’ll last together as long as we can till the ship goes down.
Twilight: Those will be the last great hours I’ll spend with my boyfriend. [They kiss some more]
Star: I wouldn’t be making love with that stowaway right now. We only have a matter of time before death occurs.
: What is your problem Star?
Star: My problem I’m trapped in a ship, my owners cheating on another woman, and her.
Twilight: Why me?
Star: Stowaways always case bad luck to happen. So you’re a stowaway this ship is turned over so this all your fault!
: Star it’s not her fault!
Star: What ever.
Twilight: I don’t know what her problem is. [Meanwhile Clair is just walking around]
Sam: Clair come over and just sit down.
Clair: Fine.
Tom: Come on over here Clair. Snuggle with me. [Clair begins to walk over but then slips on something and lands in the water and hits something sharp on her leg]
Clair: OW!
Mrs. Black: Oh are you alright?
Clair: OW!
Sam: Clair are you alright?
Clair: No SST OW!
Mrs. Black: Let me fix this up for you. [She fixes up her leg]
Tricia: Guys I found the way to go it’s this way! Clair what happened to you?
Clair: I slipped on something.
Gia: Hey she slipped on a piece of soap!
Tricia: Come on let’s go everyone I think we’re getting close to the others.

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Haha! And they kissed again then everyone went OOOO!!!!

SavedbyBishop Posted: Jan 8th 2009

Yeah i just made that up for a gag

SavedbyBishop Posted: Jan 8th 2009

Hey Crackersandcheese are you really busy because you haven't answered to us in a while:-(

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Yeh I thought that!

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Chapter 66: Swim
The group makes it to the flood of water

Gia: We have to cross this?
Tricia: Looks like they all could have made it.
Casey: But Angela can’t hold her breath that long.
Tricia: Hold it as best as you can. [Everybody gets in the water]
Star: There is no way I’m getting in the water!
Sam: Star quit moaning and get in you know how to swim and hold you breathe.
Star: Well maybe I just don’t want to get my dress wet and my whole make up could get ruined…
: Twilight pin again. [She hands the pin to ]
Star: And I’ll have to get my… [ hits her with the pin again]
Star: OW! [She jumps up and falls into the water]
Star: [GASP!]
Twilight: hold my necklace in your pocket for me.
: Sure.
Twilight: Let’s go. [Underwater the group travels through the water. Zeke is right next to Hazel and helping her. Then Frank accidentally pulls a switch up with his foot. Something starts to open up and everybody looks at it and it starts to suck in the water. Everybody holds on to the rope. Gromit puts his arm around Twilight so she won’t fall off. Her bow comes loose and flies into the machine. Everybody keeps on moving through the water trying to be pulled be pulled in. Then Tricia gets to the top and helps everybody in]
Tricia: Did we loose anyone Sophie?
Sophie: I don’t think that we did.
Tricia: We’ll ask Sophie when everyone comes up.
Star: [GASP!] [ helps her out and then Twilight]
Twilight: Is my necklace safe with you?
: Here.
Tricia: Gia did we loose anyone?
Gia: Negative.
Tricia: Great. [Sophie taps Tricia’s shoulder]
Tricia: Oh my god!
Sophie: It’s Ms. Courage.
Gia: Guys what are you looking at? [Tricia moves out of the way and Gia sees Marie lying their on the ground]
Gia: [Screaming when she looked at Marie] [She accidentally bumps Twilight and she drops her necklace in the water]
Twilight: My necklace!
Gia: Oh I’m so sorry!
Twilight: My Mother gave that to me!
Tricia: You can get a new one if we get out of here!
Twilight: That was good luck for me! [ looks at her and looks into the water. He makes a brave look]
: I’ll get it. [He jumps into the water. In the water follows the rope along with the current pulling him. Then he sees the necklace up ahead. He follows it. Then the necklace gets caught on something. goes after it but it’s near the vent that’s pulling things in]
: [In his mind] I don’t want to get blown in their but I have to do something to get it. [He looks at the rope. He puts out his claws and then he swipes part of the rope. The rope starts to go over to the thing that’s blowing. He lands on to the machine with his feet. Then the necklace let’s go of the thing but grabs it just in time. He is able to put it over his head. Then he follows the rope back to the others. He keeps a good grip on the rope and keeps going. Back with the others they wait for to come back]
Tricia: What do you think is taking him so long?
Twilight: He could be in trouble!
Sophie: What should we do if he doesn’t come back up Trish?
Tricia: If he doesn’t come back in five minutes then one of us will go find him. [Then pops up in the water]
Twilight: There he is!
Gia: Come on get him up! [They help up]
Tricia: What the blazes made you do that?
: I had to get Twilight’s necklace back.
Twilight: Oh thank you. [She kisses him]
Star: [Huffy]
Tricia: Come on guys let’s go on we must be getting close to the others by now! [The group follows the hallway to what they have to do next]

thetopbun Posted: Jan 9th 2009

Ohh cool! How sweet of Gromit fr getting the necklace!

SavedbyBishop Posted: Jan 9th 2009

I always think of all this stuff in my sleep, in school, pretty much everywhere i go

thetopbun Posted: Jan 10th 2009

Hehe! Daydream in school?

SavedbyBishop Posted: Jan 10th 2009

Only when i have an acedemics class in the libry and i can just do nothing and write stuff down of what to do next in a story

thetopbun Posted: Jan 10th 2009

Ohh cool

SavedbyBishop Posted: Jan 10th 2009

Chapter 67: Veronica’s brave goodbye
The group makes their way through the hallway and goes through some wreckage

Tricia: Careful Hazel it’s a bit hard to walk here. [Then they climb out of the wreckage and walk through the hallway. Then Sophie starts to here something in the back]
Sophie: Tricia I think I’m starting to hear some sort of sound back here.
Tricia: Johhny told me that sound. [She thinks about it for a while]
Tricia: Oh no!
Gia: What is it Trish?
Tricia: fire is coming our way!
Hazel: What are we going to do? [Tricia sees a hallway coming up]
Tricia: Come through here I think we be safe! [They go into a hallway and then in another hallway. While they are running Angela drops her bear on the ground]
Angela: Mommy!
Casey: Everything’s going to be okay Angie! [They all get into the hallway]
Hazel: Luckily I can’t see anything.
Tricia: No I don’t want you to look at the fire.
Casey: Angie where is your bear?
Angela: That’s what I was going to tell you but you didn’t listen.
Casey: You could have spoke up again hun!
Angela: I want my bear!
Casey: Tricia do we have any time to get it?
Tricia: No we don’t.
Angela: I want my bear! [Zeke is protecting Hazel. She is listening to Angela crying and looking at where it’s coming from]
Zeke: Don’t worry Hazel your love bird is right here next to you keeping you safe.
Angela: [Sobbing] I want my bear!
Sophie: The sound is getting deeper I don’t think she can get it unless someone who’s fast can get it.
Hazel: I’ll get it! [She runs away from and Zeke falls to the ground because he was leaning on her]
Tricia: Hazel get back here! [She’s about to go after her but Veronica and Jessie hold her back]
Jessie: Just see if she comes back. [In the hallway Hazel senses where the bear is and she finds it lying on the ground. The others are watching her in the hallway to see if she comes back. Then Hazel trips on a light]
Tricia: Hazel get up quick! [Veronica runs into the hallway]
Jessie: Veronica come back! [Veronica runs over to Hazel]
Veronica: Hazel get up you shouldn’t be out here! [The fire crashes on the wall and keeps coming towards them]
Veronica: Get in the hallway quick. [The fire is so close to them. The girls run into the hallway in slow motion. Veronica pushes Hazel into the hallway and hits her head on a wall to another hallway and falls in their. Veronica is about to run into the hallway but is covered by the big thick fire. She fire rushes into the other hallway and the two girls are still not in the hallway to be safe in yet]
Jessie: Trish get in now [The two jump in slow motion into the hallway and make it just in time the fire comes. Gia holds on to Zeke tightly, and Twilight cuddle together, Star blocks her ears and Sam puts his arm over Star to. Then the fire stops and it’s now safe]
Sophie: Did it stop?
Tricia: Yeah it did.
Gia: Thank goodness.
Zeke: Gia why do you have you arms around me?
Gia: [Grossed out]
Zeke: See I knew you cared about me.
Gia: [Lying] No I thought you were Tyler but I wasn’t paying attention.
Tricia: Hazel! [She runs into the hallway and sees Hazel lying in the other hallway]
Tricia: HAZEL!
Mrs. Black: Is she breathing?
Tricia: I think she is.
Mrs. Black: Yes she is. [Hazel puts her head up]
Tricia: Oh Hazel are you alright is anything broken? Do your eyes hurt? Is any part of your body burned?
Hazel: Mom I’m fine.
Tricia: Then don’t ever do anything to scare me again!
Hazel: I’m sorry Mom.
Angela: Did you get my bear.
Hazel: Yeah here.
Casey: Oh thank you so much.
Tracey: I think your baby is okay Mom. [Jessie gets into the hallway and looks for Veronica]
Jessie: Where’s Veronica?
Hazel: I thought Veronica came with me after she pushed me in here.
Jessie: Oh god Veronica! [She runs out into the hallway and in front of her is Veronica’s partly burned up]
Jessie: MRS. BLACK!
Mrs. Black: Is she breathing?
Jessie: I don’t know. [Mrs. Black checks Veronica’s pulse and she is still breathing]
Mrs. Black: She’s still alive.
Jessie: Good. [Veronica’s eyes move]
Jessie: Veronica can you hear me?
Veronica: My head kills so much.
Mrs. Black: Let me check you up. [Mrs. Black checks Veronica’s body to see how it is. When she’s done Mrs. Black shakes her head]
Jessie: What’s wrong will she live?
Mrs. Black: You’ll die in five minutes.
Veronica: Be brave and get out for me and Mom Jessica.
Jessie: Veronica I want you to say my name is your last words.
Veronica: I promise in four minutes.
Jessie: I don’t want to be alone.
Veronica: You’ll be with the Tottington family if you get out of here. [Hazel walks over to her and bends down]
Hazel: Thank you for saving my life Veronica I used my senses to find the bear.
Veronica: You senses are good then. [Many people are crying listening to Veronica. There is then one minute to go and know body knows]
Veronica: Look up Jessie. [Jessie looks up but doesn’t see anything on the ceiling]
Jessie: I don’t see anything. [Veronica still has her eyes on the ceiling]
Jessie: Veronica?! [She snaps in her face]
Jessie: [Sobbing]
Tricia: We’d better leave her here Jessie.
Jessie: No Trish we can’t.
Tricia: Jessie we’re still your family now let’s go. [Jessie get up and looks back at Veronica’s body lying on the ground as they leave in the hallway]

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