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crackersandcheese Posted: Jan 17th 2009

can u help me have it as ma avatar? gtg now but ill speak to u guys 2morrow! Bye!

thetopbun Posted: Jan 17th 2009

Wait 24 hours then tommorow at 18:14 choose it...

crackersandcheese Posted: Jan 18th 2009

Okay! thanks.:D why do i have to wait 24 hours though?

thetopbun Posted: Jan 18th 2009

Cos if you upload it, it will be the old one...

thetopbun Posted: Jan 18th 2009

You could probably upload it now... It might do it... Go on! :D

crackersandcheese Posted: Jan 18th 2009

Okay! :D

crackersandcheese Posted: Jan 18th 2009

It still won't let me :'( maybe u could find me a picture of lady T's prize carrot! :D

crackersandcheese Posted: Jan 18th 2009

have u guys heard the rumour about Nick Park retiring. I can't beleive it! :'(

SavedbyBishop Posted: Jan 18th 2009

Yeah i can't beleive it either. I hope it's not true because he's the best director ever

Chapter 72: Rescuing Hazel and Zeke
Tricia, Gia, and Tyler run threw the flooded hallway to find Hazel and Zeke.

Gia: Hey aren’t these Hazel’s glasses?
Tricia: She lost them.
Tyler: Come on the water seems to be flooded down here! [The water gets deeper as they go along till they are up to their waist]
Gia: ZEKE!
Tricia: HAZEL!
Zeke: GIA!
Tricia: I hear Zeke but what about Hazel.
Hazel: MOM!
Tyler: Where are you guys give us shout!
Zeke: We’re over here behind this gate! [The three run through the water and then swim to them. They get some wreckage out of the way]
Gia: Zeke how the heck did you get behind their?
Zeke: I don’t know we went under and I guess we went through a door!
Tyler: Do you know what do you came from?
Zeke: I think the door was somewhere down their!
Tyler: Okay I’m going to try to find it you to keep them calm.
Hazel: But what would happen if you don’t would we drown all together?
Gia: Be careful Tyler. [She kisses him before he leaves. Tyler goes off in the water. Zeke goes under the water]
Gia: Oh he went under! [Gia goes under and tells him to come up]
Gia: Zeke don’t go under or you will drown!
Zeke: You care about me don’t you Gia?
Gia: Right now at the time I do!
Hazel: [COUGHING!]
Tricia: Try not to put your mouth under Hazel.
Zeke: Grab this Hazel! [Gia goes under the water. Zeke goes under to and he sees that she crying and trying to get the gate out. The two put their on the gate where they have them]
Gia: [mouthing it out in the water] I love you. [Meanwhile with Tyler he’s swimming through the water and goes underwater. He finds the door but has wreckage in the way and gets it all out of the way. He tries to open the door but it’s stuck. Back with the others in the hallway]
Sophie: Fifteen minutes have passed so far.
Mrs. Black: I hope they make it back.
Clair: I hope so to.
Frank: They should have just left the ball it didn’t mean that much it was my Dad’s anyway.
Melissa: What a rude man. [Back with the others the two girls are still trying to get the gate away]
Tricia: We’re not strong enough.
Hazel: I wish I could see you Mom!
Tricia: Hazel I want you to be brave still okay.
Gia: Come on! Get open you dumb…
Tricia: Gia!
Gia: Sorry. [Then something pulls Zeke and Hazel under water]
Gia: Zeke!
Tricia: Hazel!
Gia: Where did they go did something pull them under? [The two girls both go down in the water but don’t see them]
Gia: I don’t see them!
Tricia: [Sobbing] What of they got pulled into something and drowned!
Gia: [Sobbing] No that couldn’t have happened I promised my parents that Zeke would get out with me! [Then Tyler pops up with the tow on his shoulder]
All three of them: [GASP!]
Tricia: Hazel!
Gia: Zeke!
Tyler: Guys don’t you think that emergency doors might go down?!
Tricia: We have to hurry out of here! [They run out of the flooded room quickly]
Sophie: Twenty minutes. Ten more minutes and then we leave.
Clair: What if they’re in trouble and they need our help.
Tracey: Yeah they could be in danger.
Sophie: Come on some of us should go find them. [Some of the group runs through the hallways to find them and see the water making a flood]
[The water is getting deeper through the halls]
Gia: Come on Zeke!
Tyler: You guys get in front of me I’ll be in back! [Then they see an emergency door starting to close up ahead of them and hop of it. They jump over a few more. The others get into a hallway where they can see them at a far away distant]
Sophie: Run for it guys!
Jake: Wait this one is going to close get in back of it!
Tyler: Hurry guys. [They all get over another one. Then when Tyler is running in back of the group to the last one water blows out on him and her hits his head on a wall and is bleeding]
Gia: Tyler get up!
Tyler: Go without me Gia get out of here!
Tricia: Gia come on its closing! [Gia gives Tyler a good bye kiss before she leaves]
Tyler: Now go!
Tricia: Gia hurry up we’re getting over this one it’s almost closed! [Gia runs as fast as she can to the emergency door closing]
Faith: Come on Gia you can make it!
Tyler: [Getting weaker] Come on Gia. [Gia jumps into the air and dives through the door and gets through just in time when it closes and does a somber salt on the ground. In the flooded room Tyler closes his eyes and his face falls in the water]
Tricia: Great job Gia.
Gia: He’s gone!
Tricia: Come on we have to keep going.
Frank: I’m sorry Zeke.
Zeke: That’s okay Frank you didn’t mean for that to happen.

crackersandcheese Posted: Jan 18th 2009

WOW that's a long chapter and a very good chapter too! well done !:D

SavedbyBishop Posted: Jan 18th 2009

And I like how i change a character. At the beginning of the story Gia never cared about her brother now she cares deeply about him

crackersandcheese Posted: Jan 18th 2009

yeah thats true! have u heard the rumour about nick retiring???

SavedbyBishop Posted: Jan 18th 2009

Yes I have. It's sad. :'( But why do you think he wants to retire?

crackersandcheese Posted: Jan 18th 2009

I don't know but I hope he doesn't. :'( I hope that if he decides to stay then he will make some more w and g films! :D

SavedbyBishop Posted: Jan 18th 2009

Well i sent a letter to Nick Park and it was a copy of one of my and stories but he never replied back for some reason. It cost me like $400 dollars just to send it by plane to England!

crackersandcheese Posted: Jan 18th 2009

so i guess u don't live in england then! maybe it got lost in the post or something. he might write back. u never know! :D

SavedbyBishop Posted: Jan 18th 2009

It's been like two years! And i live very far from england and i don't live anywhere near you

crackersandcheese Posted: Jan 18th 2009

do u think if i wrote him a letter he would reply to me cos me and ma cousin r making a short w and g movie??? r u angry at me SavedByBishop?

SavedbyBishop Posted: Jan 18th 2009

Yeah that's okay to do! You can tell me what he sad to you! That would be so cool!

crackersandcheese Posted: Jan 18th 2009

okay! when i sed "i guess u don't live in england then" I wasn't being nasty. have u spoken to thetopbun latley cos I havn't he hasn't been online for a while.

SavedbyBishop Posted: Jan 18th 2009

TheTopBun was on only 52 minutes ago

crackersandcheese Posted: Jan 18th 2009

oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

SavedbyBishop Posted: Jan 18th 2009

So what do you predict will happen in the next chapter of Wallace and Gromit?

crackersandcheese Posted: Jan 18th 2009

the next chapter in your story?

SavedbyBishop Posted: Jan 18th 2009

Yeah. Because theirs fire in this chapter

crackersandcheese Posted: Jan 18th 2009

I don't know what will happen next but i'm sure whatever it is it will be good!

crackersandcheese Posted: Jan 18th 2009

got to go now. ill speak later! Bye!!! :D

thetopbun Posted: Jan 18th 2009

Crackersandcheese! What!? Why didn't you use my photo!? It took me a while to get it!

crackersandcheese Posted: Jan 19th 2009

It keeps saying there is an ERROR and I can't have it as ma avatar

thetopbun Posted: Jan 19th 2009

Wait one sec!

SavedbyBishop Posted: Jan 19th 2009

Chapter 73: FIRE!
Back with the other group who reach the burning boiler room

Nancy: Oh my god!
Johhny: Does anyone have a fear of fire?
Nancy: I kind of do since theirs a ton around me right now.
: Nancy we can get through this together.
Johhny: Come on just keep your noses and mouths in something.
Heather: Girls don’t touch anything!
Johhny: Come on theirs a door ahead of us! [The group runs through the burning boiler room]
Susan: Are we almost out of this place because it seems like a long way out. [Fire shoots out at them]
Johhny: Watch out everyone it’s very dangerous in here.
Hope: What if these boilers explode?
Johhny: They could fall so get out of here fast. [They get to the door and open it and theirs no more fire]
Nancy: Oh finally no more fire!
Johhny: Come on we’re almost out of here! [Back with the others. They have just entered the engine room. Instead of it being flooded it’s on fire everywhere]
Sophie: Oh my god!
Tricia: Come on everyone. [They walk through the engine room when they come to the hatch of fire]
Gia: They expect us to walk across this thing.
Tricia: I guess so.
Sophie: They must be crazy theirs a hole in the middle of it!
Tricia: Then let’s jump! [Tricia walks on the ledge and then jumps across the hole]
Ellen: But I can’t jump with my baby.
Tricia: Walk across Ellen and then give me Toni. [Ellen gets to the hole and then hands baby Toni to Tricia and then Ellen jumps across]
Tracey: I have a really good video going. Here Faith tape me jumping across! [Faith films Tracey jumping across the hole]
Tracey: Now that was great and it was no stunt double doing it.
Faith: Okay I guess I’ll go next.
Sam: Be careful.
Faith: I will. [Sam is about to kiss her but Faith puts her finger on his lips]
Faith: I want you to get back together with Wendy.
Sam: I promise.
Clair: Thanks Faith.
Faith: You’re welcome. [Sam makes it across]
Sam: Clair come on you can make it!
Clair: Melissa I think you should go first.
Melissa: Okay. [Sam goes on the ledge and helps Melissa across the hole. Then Clair goes across]
Tricia: Can somebody help Hazel across?!
Hazel: Mom I can sense the jump it’s after you do ten steps to jump over!
Jessie: Let her do it Trish I think she’s confident that she can make it on her own.
Tricia: Okay try for it. [Hazel walks on to the ledge and takes four steps straight and then takes ten running steps and jumps across]
Tricia: Did she make it?
Jessie: Yes Trish we made it across together. [Tricia helps Hazel and Jessie down]
Hazel: See I made it Mom.
Tricia: You’re a really smart little blind girl Hazel.
Spirit: Mrs. Black how will I get across with a dislocated shoulder?
Mrs. Black: I will help you hun. [The two walk on the ledge slowly]
Mrs. Black: Now just take a god jump and as soon as you land I will jump.
Spirit: I’ll do my best. [Spirit jumps across the hole and lands on two feet then Mrs. Black and helps her back down]
Mrs. Black: Sit down right here Spirit.
Spirit: Mrs. Black can I ask you something?
Mrs. Black: Why yes Spirit anything but wait a minute. Rudy come across right now!
Spirit: What made you want to become a professional doctor?
Mrs. Black: Well my health/nurse teacher made me want to become a doctor.
Spirit: Really.
Mrs. Black: I remember that one day I was playing football with the boys.
Spirit: You actually played football?
Mrs. Black: Girls sometimes could play the sport now…

Back then voices:

Tony: Alright Jen try catch this.
Jenny: I’m sure I can catch this one.
Ron: If you don’t I’ll catch this one.
Jenny: Don’t worry I will. [The nurse comes out]
Mrs. Goodyear: Now you know not to touch those.
Hazel: After I learned so much from you.
Mrs. Goodyear: Now go on Hazel your Mom is waiting. [She watches the football game]
Louise: Do you think you can catch this one Jen?
Jenny: Yeah I think so.
Tony: Alright try to catch this Jenny! [He throws it high into the sky. Jenny gets very close to the cliff and then she jumps for the ball. She catches it]
Louise: She caught it! [Then Jenny lands on the rocks]
Jenny: AAUUGGHHH!!!! [She falls down on all of the rocks and keeps rolling down the rocks]
Mrs. Goodyear: Oh my goodness! [She runs over]
Karen: Louise go down and see if she’s alive.
Louise: Alright. [She goes down the rocks]
Mrs. Goodyear: What happened here?
Tony: I was throwing Jenny a football she caught it but she toppled down the hill.
Mrs. Goodyear: I’m going down. [Mrs. Goodyear goes down the rocks]
Louise: She hasn’t moved. [The three others come down another way]
Tony: Should I get some more help?
Mrs. Goodyear: Go get the principle.
Tony: I’m on it. [Two hours later]
Mrs. Blacks voice narrating: An hour had passed I remember my parents were their crying with joy when I was awake.
Jenny’s Mom: Jenny do you remember what happened.
Jenny: I was playing football.
Mrs. Goodyear: You fell down those rocks and was knocked out. I got you up.
Jenny: Then let’s go home. – She tries to get up but she is wounded.
Jenny: OW!
Mrs. Goodyear: Your arm and side are badly injured.
Tony: Jen I should have caught that ball. I should be the one who’s bandaged up
Mrs. Goodyear: That’s very nice Tony but I think that Jenny really needs her rest now.
Mrs. Black’s voice: A few months later when I was better I went to her.
Jenny: Excuse me Mrs. Goodyear.
Mrs. Goodyear: Why yes Jenny what is it?
Jenny: I was going to say thank you for saving my life and you’re such a great doctor.
Mrs. Goodyear: Why thank you Jenny.
Jenny: But what made you become a doctor anyway.
Mrs. Goodyear: Well my mother was a doctor and I really want to become a doctor.
Jenny: Can I stay after some time because I think it’s really fascinating to become a doctor.
Mrs. Goodyear: Why sure hon.

Reality voices:

Spirit: That’s nice.
Mrs. Black: Good job Rudy.
Casey: Should I jump with Angela?
Tricia: Yes just try that. [Casey holds Angela and she jumps with her with Angela in her arms]
Casey: We’re still safe Angela.
Angela: So I really will graduate from kindergarten won’t I?
Tricia: Hopefully.
Frank: I don’t know if I should jump this.
Melissa: Frank you should at least try.
Frank: But I mess up on things!
Melissa: Please. [Frank makes the jump across and then Brenda jumps]
Melissa: Nice jump Brenda.
Brenda: Thanks. [Then Zeke jumps across the hole]
Gia: Great jump Zeke I’ll be over their soon to join you and we will make it for Mom and Dad.

SavedbyBishop Posted: Jan 20th 2009

Chapter 74: Star’s life

Twilight: I guess it looks easy so you go first I want to see you make it.
: I know that you can make it Twilight.
Twilight: Go on let me see you make it.
Star: Yeah let’s see you make it for your little girlfriend.
: For once I’ll say this and I’ve kept in my mouth this whole trip.
Star: So what do you want to say?
: Shut up!
Star: WHA..! [ leaps across the whole]
Sam: Nice going I’ve always wanted to say that to Star one day because she won’t shut up!
Star: I could hear that from here Sam!
Sam: Good for you!
Star: Doesn’t anybody have feelings for me?
Twilight: Well nobody likes you because you’ve always been a big snob.
[Star’s face is in disbelief. Twilight gets to the hole and just looks down]
: Come on Star I know that you can make it.
Tricia: You said that you wanted to get out starting a new life so come on! [Twilight moves back]
Star: What are you two scared to jump because it would be a total loss if we lost you and…
Sam: Star would you shut up and just get over here!
Star: I didn’t see her jump over that!
Twilight: I went fast Ms. Blabbermouth!
: So come on Star we’re waiting for you! [Star steps on the ledge]
Sophie: Go on Star hurry up or do we need to poke you with a pin!
Star: I’m going! [Star jumps across the hole and keeps walking. Just when she’s at the end theirs a huge explosion and she hits her head on a pole. catches her when she faints]
Mrs. Black: Bring her over here!
Sam: Jenny is she alright?
Mrs. Black: Looks like her head is just a little bruised but she’ll live. [Tom jumps across]
Tom: Is you dog okay?
Clair: Yeah she said that Star was going to be fine.
Mrs. Black: Just keep this on her hun. [ keeps the wet sponge on Star’s head. Stars eyes twitch and open up and he sees starring right over her]
Star: OH! [Star hits ’s hand away from her and immediately sits up]
: Don’t you have anything to say to me?
Star: Yeah. Don’t stair down at my pretty little face its disgusting!
: Star I just saved your life!
Star: I could have grabbed on to something and I would have lived.
: Star you are such a snob.
Star: I am not a snob!
: You know I wasn’t born where ever you got born.
Star: Oh so I bet your were born on the streets with a family and was torn out because you wanted to live with the man you love.
: Yes I was born on the streets but I wasn’t torn out I was separated.
Star: I guess you still want to be on the streets.
: I like my life the way it is with Wallace.
Star: I’m glad that I have a home when I was on the streets it felt cold, weak, depressing, wet…
: You don’t know what your talking about you were never born on the streets you only walked and looked at the homeless people!
Star: What do you mean I don’t know what I’m talking about I’ve been on the streets for six years. And ever since that day I just had to sneak away that morning and bring back dog catchers and I guess I was the only one to escape. [She turns her head back]
: [Can’t speak] Star… I had… you never… Star I had no idea that you were on the streets for all those years.
Star: Yeah well now you do. And for all those years people just treated me like I was dirt instead of a living thing. They just kicked me on the leg everyday. This is the whole point why I where long dresses over my legs to block people from seeing this. [Star lifts up her dress to show a huge bruise on her leg. widens his eyes when he sees that]
: I feel so bad for treating you like this. I guess this is why you act like this.
Star: I don’t why I just want this beauty queen act sometimes and think I’m all that.
Twilight: I guess you guys are making up now.
Star: I’m sorry for how much of been acting towards you stow… Twilight.
Twilight: You really seemed to have changed her good.
Sam: Hey you alright now Star.
Star: My head hurts a bit by I’m fine.
Melissa: I guess you not going to be a big jerk anymore.
Star: Nope I’ll be a great dog for you to live with.
Clair: this feels weird that she’s being nice.
Mrs. Black: now you don’t mind me checking up your head to see if it hurts?
Star: Go ahead. [Mrs. Black sees if theirs any damage on Star’s head]
Star: OW! I think that’s where it hurts!
Mrs. Black: Wow theirs a big bruise right on your head.
Star: I think I’ll need some ice on that because I’m getting a big headache now.
Gia: This looks like the high school balance beam in the gym except theirs no hole in the middle.
Tricia: Just pretend that you have a rope right their and a hole of water.
Gia: Okay. [Gia runs across and jumps over the hole but falls on her knee]
Gia: OW!
Tricia: Gia what happened.
Gia: [In pain] I landed on my knee and I think it’s broken.
Zeke: Come on we have to get her.
Tricia: Their can be no more then one on each ledge.
Sophie: Gia try calling to them.
Gia: I can’t move an inch.
Mrs. Black: Her knee must be dislocated bed if she can’t move it an inch.
Sophie then I’ll jump across and help her.
Jake: Careful Sophie.
Sophie: I want you to be careful to. [Sophie walks across the ledge and then jumps across to Gia]
Sophie: Gia where does it hurt?
Gia: I think it’s in the middle somewhere and I have a feeling as if I’m loosing blood.
Sophie: Oh my god you are.
Mrs. Black: Sophie quickly get her to me I have to fix it up! [Sophie helps Gia crawl to the others and Tricia and Mrs. Black carry her over to the seat. Then theirs another big explosion and Sophie is still on the ledge near the hole]
Sophie: [Scream!]
Tricia: Sophie grab on to something or you’ll fall in the fire. [Jake jumps across and catches Sophie almost about to fall into the fire]
Sophie: Oh thank you Jake you saved my life! [The ledge makes a big creaking noise the one that the two are on]
Tricia: Guys get off of that ledge now! [The fire rumbles down below them]
Jake: Go on Sophie save yourself!
Sophie: No we’re going together! [The ledge creaks even more and the fire rumbles even more. Then the fire shoots up]
Jake: Oh my god Sophie go! [Jake pushes Sophie and she falls off the ledge on to the floor. Everybody duck when the fire burst up at Jake and covers him. The ledge cracks and falls down into the fire]
Sophie: Jake!
Tricia: At least he saved your life again.
Sophie: I’ll never forget this day when Jake saved my life!
Gia: OH! OW!
Mrs. Black: It doesn’t seem like you’ll be walking on this leg for a while.
Zeke: She’s going to slow us down.
Gia: Zeke if I don’t get out promise me that you will get out for me.
Zeke: Anything for you!
Tricia: Come on I feel as if we’re tipping a bit!
Mrs. Black: Here put you arm around our shoulders. [The group walks off into the hall carrying Gia]

SavedbyBishop Posted: Jan 22nd 2009

How come you guys aren't reponding?:-(

thetopbun Posted: Jan 23rd 2009

Hi I saw them but couldn't really be bothered and the second time I had to go! But I like them!

SavedbyBishop Posted: Jan 23rd 2009

Oh that's okay.

thetopbun Posted: Jan 24th 2009

Next chapter...?

SavedbyBishop Posted: Jan 25th 2009

In this chapter the rescuers come to the ship

Chapter 75: The rescuers
Meanwhile outside the capsized ship another ship appears a little far away from POSEIDON

Captain Clark: Stop here Johnston we’re here. [The rescue ship stops beside the POSEIDON.
Officer Henderson: So this is the ship the capsized last night on New Year’s Eve.
Daren Clark: Wow it’s bigger then the picture on the computer.
Chief Officer: do you really think that people are still alive in that ship?
Captain Clark: We’ll have to see because I saw a ton of dots in the ship and that means that theirs people still alive.
Daren: It doesn’t even look like it.
Officer Heart: There could be people in that side of the ship yelling for help!
Captain Clark: Officer Reko untie the lifeboat we’re going out to that ship! [Officer Reko unties the lifeboat and the Captain and some officers hop in the boat]
Captain Clark: Daren are you coming or not?
Daren: You mean I can come with you guys?
Captain Clark: Yes this is your first mission.
Chief Officer: I’ll get everything ready when you bring back survivors sir!
Captain Clark: Thank you Chief! [The boat goes out to the upside down POSEIDON. Back with the group. They have just entered the room of the fire lasers]
Sophie: So we just go straight threw this room?
Clair: It looks very easy. [Clair walks near it and then fire shoots out at her. Clair gets out of the way fast but her hand is burned]
Clair: [In pain]
Melissa: Clair are you alright.
Clair: Does my hand look okay to you Melissa?
Tom: That looks really burned.
Mrs. Black: I think your hand will be alright dear.
Clair: Good so my hand will just be red.
Tricia: These might be lasers that shoot out fire!
Frank: These boilers must have fallen from the ceiling and I guess they’re doing this now but I think that they have a switch to press down and then they will stop.
Tricia: Do you know where the switch is?
Frank: It must be somewhere on that end.
Tricia: I’ll go across to see if I can find them. [Tricia runs through the lasers and hops over the fire coming out and slides through the last one]
Sophie: Great going on Trish it’s like trying not to get hit with a dodge ball!
Tricia: I can’t seem to find it anywhere Frank!
Frank: Okay then I’ll come across to help you find it.
Melissa: Your really going to do this Frank?
Frank: I want you to get out safely Melissa.
Melissa: Thanks. [They kiss each other before he leaves]
Frank: Here I go! [Frank runs through the lasers and makes it to the end]
Tricia: Great job Frank you made it!
Frank: Now the switch was always near a ladder so it’s up on the ceiling still.
Sophie: So we still all have to go through the fire.
Gia: I’m going to go to slow I could die!
Frank: No I’ll climb up! You stay here! [Frank climbs up the ladder and sees the handle up ahead of him. Frank pushes the handle down]
Frank: Did it work?!
Tricia: I don’t know!
Frank: One of you walk in then immediately jump back if theirs fire still coming out!
Tom: I’ll try.
Clair: Tom be careful. [Tom steps in it and then jumps back. Nothing flashes out of the boilers]
Tom: Nothing is coming out so I think that we’re safe!
Frank: I think you should all go through quickly because it might come on every two minutes.
Mrs. Black: Wait two minutes now! [The fire blasts out then it stops]
Tricia: Now quick! [Frank climbs down from the ladder. Everybody keeps running across]
Tricia: Jessie just pick Hazel up and run for it.
Jessie: Okay that would work!
Hazel: No I’ll run. [Hazel runs faster then Jessie and is at the end]
Jessie: I am the world’s slowest runner.
Frank: Come on two minutes are almost up! [The fire blasts out. Jessie leaps into the air. She is almost to the end when the fire hits her foot]
Jessie: OW!
Tricia: Did you get hit with the fire?
Jessie: Yes on my foot!
Mrs. Black: Don’t worry Jessie you’ll be fine.
Jessie: Well this is how my sister died!
Tricia: Jessie you don’t have to scream!
Jessie: Sorry!
Tricia: It seems like we’re getting closer to getting out of here so let’s go!

SavedbyBishop Posted: Jan 26th 2009

In the next chapter the others will finally get out of the ship

SavedbyBishop Posted: Jan 27th 2009

Chapter 76: The others get out of the ship
Back with the other group. They have just reached the end of the ship

Nancy: so this is the side of the ship?
Johhny: Yes but I don’t know how we’re going to get out. [Outside the ships the rescuers come a little close to the ship]
Captain Clark: Okay stop here.
Daren: It looks so big up close.
Captain Clark: Officer Bell some of these shoes on, see if you hear anybody in the ship, then set the bomb.
Officer Bell: I’m on sir.
Captain Clark: Take this to.
Officer Bell: Thank you. [Meanwhile in the burning boiler room we finally meet back up with Stella, Bess, and Hillary]
Hillary: Do you think we’re close to being out?
Stella: Well I think that we could in front of those others.
Bess: Wait girls we shouldn’t go this way it’s too dangerous!
Stella: Yeah let’s go back through the door. [Then theirs another explosion. On the ceiling a boiler falls to the ground.
Bess: OH! Get out of the way now girls! [The run out of the way and falls in front of the door. The fire burns Bess’s foot]
Stella: Now we can’t get out that way maybe you were right Hillary we should have followed the other group!
Bess: Hillary I want you to go find a way out my foot hurts so Stella will stay with me!
Hillary: Okay. [Hillary runs out to see if she can find someone. Then the other group enters the burning boiler room]
Casey: Angie don’t touch anything!
Tricia: Stay by me Hazel you could easily fall and get burned in here! Now come on let’s go! [They all run quickly through the fire. Meanwhile with Hillary]
Hillary: [Coughing] Hello is anyone here?! [COUGHING CONSTANTLY!] [Hillary falls to the ground]
Hillary: [COUGHING CONSTANTLY!!!] [Hillary looks ahead and sees the group in the smoke]
Hillary: [GASP!] Help!
Tricia: Oh come on hun. [Sophie and Tricia help her up and carry her. Then they get out through a door]
Zeke: Hillary!
Hillary: Zeke!
Zeke: What happened to Stella and her mother?
Hillary: They’re still in their but I have to go back in.
Hazel: I’m sure they’ll come for us.
Hillary: But Stella’s Mom’s foot is injured.
Brenda: Wait did you come out from the flooding ballroom?
Hillary: Yeah!
Brenda: What happened?
Hillary: This lady just came through the vent and starts shooting everyone and then glass window!
Brenda: You should have killed Groove now she killed all those people!
Melissa: Brenda calm down! [Meanwhile on the outside of the ship. Officer Bell keeps knocking on the ship. Heather begins to hear the knocking]
Heather: Hey I think I hear…
Nancy: Oh we’re saved!
Johhny: Start screaming now!
Everybody: [Screaming help to get the officer’s attention] [The man hears the noise and goes over to where it’s coming from]
Officer Bell: Who’s in their?
Everybody: [Screaming with joy!]
Officer Bell: How many!
Johhny: Eleven!
Officer Bell: Bell to Clark!
Captain Clark: Go ahead Bell do you have any passengers in there?
Officer Bell: I have about eleven passengers!
Captain Clark: then blow a hole now!
Officer Bell: Hey survivors I want to move back as far as you can we’re going to blow a hole in the ship!
Johhny: Everybody get behind that thing! [Officer Bell puts it on the ship and times it and moves down the ship]
Bomb voice: 10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… 0 WATCH YOUR HEADS! [The bomb explodes across the whole ship. In the engine room Stella and Bess are almost to the doors when all of the boilers fall to the ground]
Bess: Stella save your self honey! [Bess pushes Stella to the doors and the boilers fall on Bess]
Stella: Mom!
Hillary: I hear her in their! [Tricia opens the door]
Tricia: Hey young girl get in here!
Stella: [Coughing]
Hillary: Stella where’s Bess?
Stella: She was crushed by the boilers from above!
Tricia: That didn’t sound much like an explosion!
Sophie: Why what did it sound like?
Tricia: The others got out of the ship!
Gia: Are you really sure about that because it could have been one of those huge explosions!
Tricia: No I know that it was a bomb going off outside the ship so the others got out safely!
Sophie: Well what are we waiting for let’s go! [Back outside the ship all the passengers are in the lifeboat]
Captain Clark: so is this all of you?
Johhny: No there were still others in the ship and they could be in their somewhere!
Captain Clark: Officer Henderson, Reko, Bell, Cory, Goodwarm, and Daren go in the ship and find the other survivors.
Daren: You want me to go inside the ship with them?
Captain Clark: Daren this will be your first mission.
Officer Cory: Luckily I brought this ladder along!
Officer Bell: I don’t know if we need that.
Officer Cory: You never know that it could come in handy to save all of us.
Captain Clark: Get a move on! [They all jump into the water]
: Let’s hope they bring back .

SavedbyBishop Posted: Jan 28th 2009

Chapter 77: The huge explosion
Back with the others

Tricia: Come on guys a see a bright light far off ahead of us!
Twilight: At least we’ll see day again.
: Now you can have a new life that you always wanted!
Twilight: All thanks to you! [Then theirs another explosion]
Tricia: Hold on everyone!
Sam: Hold on girls!
Spirit: OW! Watch the arm Faith!
Faith: OH! Sorry. [Then they begin to hear a cracking noise around them]
Sophie: What’s that noise?
Tricia: I don’t know maybe it’s down below us. [Then the floor cracks below them and then they all fall to the other deck of the ship. Tracey and Ellen hold on to something and are on a small piece of floor]
Tricia: Is everyone okay?
Sophie: I think so?
Spirit: OW!
Faith: Spirit did you hurt your shoulder?
Spirit: I Think I hurt it even more.
Mrs. Black: RUDY! Where are you?
Rudy: No need to scream Mom I’m right here!
: Twilight are you alright?
Twilight: Yeah I think so.
: Did my stitches come apart?
Twilight: No.
Clair: OW!
Sam: Your leg doesn’t look good Clair.
Tricia: Are you guys okay up their?
Tracey: We’re alright we were able to stay on this little small piece of floor that was still here.
Gia: OW!
Mrs. Black: Oh my goodness this leg is bad.
Gia: It’s killing me that I feel as if I can’t move.
Angela: MOMMY!
Casey: Oh my goodness one of you grab her from up their!
Tracey: But if we take one misstep we could fall off of here.
Casey: Please just get my baby for me now!
Tracey: Keep Toni safe Mom I’ll get her. [Tracey moves slowly on the small ledge]
Tracey: Come on Angela give me your hand! [Tracey pulls her up]
Tracey: She’s okay!
Casey: [Relief]
Sophie: Tricia how are we going to get of here?
Tricia: I don’t know where the hallways go to but it’s flooding down here.
Gia: So do you mean that we’re trapped down here?
Tricia: Ellen can you try to get out of the ship or are you stuck their?!
Ellen: I’m sorry Tricia but I might be stuck in this place.
Daren: Hello is anyone here.
Star: What was that?
Officer Henderson: Is anyone down here?
Tricia: Rescuers!
Everybody: [Screaming for help!]
Officer Goodwarm: Are you four alright?
Ellen: Yes but theirs more people in this hole.
Daren: Is anyone injured down their?
Mrs. Black: This one is she has a dislocated knee and its broken good!
Clair: My leg is also hurt to.
Spirit: I also have a dislocated shoulder.
Ellen: Is their anyway that we can get over there because we’re stuck!
Officer Cory: It’s a good thing that a brought this ladder wasn’t it. [He sets the ladder down where Ellen is]
Ellen: Now what do I do?
Officer Cory: Climb over it!
Ellen: Are you sure that it’s safe?
Officer Cory: Yes. [Ellen walks over the ladder to the end]
Ellen: Can someone bring out my baby for me I want her to see the light of day!
Officer Goodwarm: I’ll take her for you mame.
Tracey: Bye Toni you can go and see you big brother! [Officer Goodwarm runs out to the hole in the ship and crawls down with his sticky shoes and doesn’t get the babies head wet when he hits the water]
Captain Clark: Who’s that Officer Goodwarm?
Officer Goodwarm: This is Toni Scott.
Mark: Wait that’s my baby sister.
Officer Goodwarm: Here.
Mark: It’s amazing she had her inside the ship! She’s still alive.
: Then has to be alive!
Nancy: Oh hopefully. [Tracey crosses the ladder with Angela and makes it across]
Daren: Now put the ladder down. [The officer lowers the ladder down the hole]
Officer Reko: Youngest first!
Mrs. Black: But what about the most injured?
Officer Henderson: They will go next.
Casey: Go on Angela. [The two climb up the ladder]
Sam: Okay you two are next. [Clair and Melissa climb up the ladder. And then Zeke climbs up]
Tricia: Alright Sophie I want you to take Hazel I’ll go last. [Sophie goes up with Hazel]
Daren: Wow a blind girl!
Hazel: I’m blind so what. [Then Twilight and go up]
Sam: Go on Star. [She climbs up the ladder with the long dress on. And then Stella, Hillary, Frank, and Zeke climb up the ladder]
Mrs. Black: Alright Gia try to climb up with one leg. [Gia makes her way up the ladder with Mrs. Black below her]
Mrs. Black: You’re almost up Gia and then you’ll be safe with your brother.
Officer Bell: Wow that’s one broken leg.
Mrs. Black: Bring up Spirit Faith.
Faith: Now just be careful Spirit. [The two girls climb up the ladder]
Mrs. Black: Great job Spirit. [Then Sam climbs up the ladder and then Rudy and Brenda climb up. Then Tom climbs up the ladder]
Tracey: Okay I’ll be right behind you Mom and I’ll film as we go along. [The two climb up and Tracey keeps filming the way up]
Tracey: See people we’re finally getting out of the ship and here are the rescuers.
Daren: Hey nice camera.
Tracey: Thanks I was able to get every single shot while going though the ship even my Mom having her baby.
Ellen: You got that?!
Tracey: Most of it.
Sophie: Come on Trish it’s you turn now! [Tricia is about to climb the ladder but hears screaming somewhere in the ship]
Officer Henderson: Come on Ms. We don’t have much time!
Tricia: Wait I hear screaming off in the distance!
Daren: Your probably just hearing things now come we have to get out of here!
Tricia: No I’m going to find those people I’ll be back soon!
Hazel: Good luck Mom!

thetopbun Posted: Jan 29th 2009

Where are you crackersandcheese!?

SavedbyBishop Posted: Jan 29th 2009

Yeah Crackersandcheese your always busy. What are you up to?

SavedbyBishop Posted: Jan 31st 2009

Chapter 78: Tricia to the rescue
Meanwhile outside the ship in the lifeboat

Captain Clark: Clark to Daren what’s going on in their.
Daren: We’ve rescued the other survivors!
Captain Clark: They found the others.
Lady Tottington: Are they coming out soon?
Captain Clark: Are you almost out of their?
Daren: Actually Tricia Tottington heard screaming and went to find who it was she might rescue some people.
Captain Clark: Your daughter might rescue so people Campanula.
Lady Tottington: Really? [Back with Tricia she is walking threw the flooded hallway. The water begins to get deeper is she goes and then takes a big breath and goes underwater. She travels threw the hallway and goes through doorways and up stairways and then reaches the surface]
Tricia: Hello?
Priscilla: Over here!
Dana: Who’s their?
Tricia: Are you two alright?
Priscilla: Yes we thought that no one would come for us.
Tricia: Mame I’m going to take your daughter with me first and then I’ll swim back for you.
Priscilla: I’ll see you soon Dana.
Tricia: Okay Dana I want you to take a big breath because we’re taking a big swim.
Dana: [Taking a big breath] [They hop into the water and swim down the stairs and through the corridors. Tricia puts her hand over Dana’s mouth when she begins to loose breath. Then she finally reaches the surface]
Tricia: Are you alright Dana?
Dana: Yes.
Officer Bell: It’s been almost fifteen minutes I don’t know if the ship can hold out any longer.
Sophie: But we can’t leave without her!
Tricia: Guys I found one of them!
Daren: Then get up the ladder now the ship can’t hold out that much longer!
Tricia: But her Mother is still in that flooded room I have to go back for her!
Officer Henderson: Do you need any help with that Ms. Tottington?
Tricia: No I can do this! [Tricia goes back into the flooded hallway]
Captain Clark: Daren you have to get out of their now what’s going on?
Daren: Tricia is going back to find this girls mother!
Captain Clark: Well hurry the water is almost up to the hole in the ship!
Nancy: Hopefully they all get out safely.
: I hope.
Nancy: Can you feel still alive?
: Yes I can still feel it but if we were dead I would have felt something by now.
Johhny: And Tricia is really going back for those other people in the ship?
Captain Clark: They said it was her.
Wendy: Oh I do hope my girls are with them.
Heather: What about your husband.
Wendy: He might be with the girls. [Back with Priscilla in the flooded room. The water is getting very deep and almost over her head. Then Tricia pops up]
Tricia: Priscilla Dana is safe!
Priscilla: The water is almost over my head!
Tricia: We go under the water on three. One, two, three, take a big breath now!
Priscilla: [Taking a big breath] [The water goes over their heads and they go through the water. They go downstairs and through the hallways. The door that Tricia went through is now closed all of a sudden. Tricia tries to budge the door. Priscilla helps her and then it comes loose and they keep going. Then they come to the surface]
Tricia: Now come on this place is beginning to flood fast. Pretty soon we’ll be underwater! [Then they reach the ladder and it’s flooding their to]
Daren: Come on guys get her up here quick we don’t have much time!
Tricia: Go on up first Priscilla I’ll go last. [The water gets deeper and deeper]
Gia: Come on Trish! [Tricia is about to climb up but a wave comes up to her and covers her]
Sophie: Trish! [Then they all see a hand come up]
Officer Cory: Hey I think she’s still on the ladder! [Tricia’s head pops up and climbs up the ladder]
Daren: Are you alright Ms. Tottington?
Hazel: Mommy!
Tricia: Yes I’m fine! [Then theirs an even bigger explosion]
Daren: Daren to Clark was that an explosion or the ship?
Captain Clark: That was the ship get out of their now the water is almost to that big hole!
Officer Henderson: Come on everyone! [Officer Cory gets his ladder up. They are all almost to the hole]
Daren: Come on everyone! [Outside the water pours into the ship and the hole starts to go underwater]
Officer Henderson: Hold on to something everyone! [They all hold on tightly when the wave comes dashing into them. Officer Cory gets thrown off of his feet. He still has the ladder in his hands and gets stuck between two things. Clair grabs on to it. grabs Twilight and puts her on the ladder. Tricia keeps Hazel safe by her side. Officer Bell points to go and they all go towards the hole. Officer Cory taps at him and gives him a look for bringing his ladder along]

SavedbyBishop Posted: Jan 31st 2009

How have you enjoyed the story because it's almost over. Theirs just one more death when they all get out of the ship. Poor...

thetopbun Posted: Feb 1st 2009


thetopbun Posted: Feb 1st 2009

Come on who!?

SavedbyBishop Posted: Feb 1st 2009

It's a she and it begins with an S.

thetopbun Posted: Feb 1st 2009

Sophie or Spirit?

SavedbyBishop Posted: Feb 1st 2009

no. Keep looking for one that begins with an S. If you don't get in then i'll tell you.

thetopbun Posted: Feb 1st 2009

No, not star!

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