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SavedbyBishop Posted: Feb 1st 2009

Yes. Did you like Star?

thetopbun Posted: Feb 1st 2009

Yeh! Amazing!

SavedbyBishop Posted: Feb 1st 2009

Chapter 79: The others are reunited

Captain Clark: DAREN! Can you hear me! Is anyone their answer me!
[The survivors swim out of the ship underwater. Star is way behind them all]
Captain Clark: DAREN! [Angela is around Casey’s shoulders and they swim out of the hole. and Twilight keep together. When Star is going out she is going past wires and her long dress gets caught on them and is stuck! When is going out with Twilight something bangs into ’s stitches and brakes when he doesn’t know. In the lifeboats and Nancy put their hands together. Some people begin to turn away. Captain Clark puts his radio down. Then Hope sees some figures in the distance and it’s the survivors]
Hope: LOOK!
Captain Clark: It’s the survivors!
Daren: We found them Dad! [They all swim towards the ship]
Melissa: Do you see Mom in that lifeboat Clair.
Clair: I can’t really see her. [Down below in the water Star is till trying to get the wires off of her dress but they’re stuck tight. Then we see her not moving anymore when we see her hands go up and disappear in the water]
Daren: Dad some of these people are wounded!
Johhny: Trish!
Hazel: DADDY!
Lady Tottington: Oh I thought I’d never see you again!
Jocelyn: ZEKE!
Zeke: Mom Gia is injured you have to help her. [Some people help her in and lands on her wounded knee]
Gia: [IN PAIN]
Jocelyn: Gia what happened?!
Gia: When I was jumping on the ledge I hit my knee very bad.
Mrs. Black: And now it’s dislocated and their must be at least three broken bones and loosing a lot of blood.
Zeke: What happened to Dad Mom?
Jocelyn: There was a flood that came and he fell in.
Gia: Poor Dad.
Zeke: Mom Gia saved my life from that. But I was swept away by it and she came looking for me and saved me!
Jocelyn: Gia is that true?
Gia: I’m afraid so.
Heather: Spirit my darling what happened to you?
Faith: She fell from the poles and. dislocated her shoulder.
Heather: FAITH! [The two hug]
Melissa and Clair: MOM!
Wendy: Clair are you alright I haven’t seen you since you left the ballroom!
Clair: I’m fine Mom.
Melissa: Yeah we were with Dad the whole time.
Faith: Sam get back together with Wendy I think I should marry another person.
Heather: Oh Faith.
Faith: I’m sorry about what I said Mom.
Heather: It’s alright.
Hope: [Whispering] Hey I don’t think she remember the train trestle anymore!
Peace: So we are safe!
Heather: And that reminds me! You two are grounded for two months.
Peace: You had to say it so loud didn’t you Hope?
Hope: Sorry I have a big whisper voice. [Then Twilight gets into the raft]
Nancy: Isn’t that the stowaway.
: :
: OH! ! [The two hug each other]
: you’re crying!
: With joy now that you’re here. I was so worried about you. You must have done so well with those people in the ballroom.
: Actually I wasn’t helping the people.
: What were you doing?
: I was really helping Twilight here get out of the ship. [ sees the blood on ’s face]
: Lad your stitches came apart.
: Oh it must have when that thing hit me in the head.
Twilight: You’re lucky to have such a great dog sir.
: Twilight you’re shivering.
Twilight: I’ll be fine.
: Here put my jacket on.
Twilight: Thanks.
Sophie: MOM!
Susan: Sophie!
Sophie: You’re out of the ship.
Susan: Where’s your father?
Sophie: He stayed in the ballroom when it flooded down their.
Susan: So it’s just the two of us now I guess.
Mark: Guys I can’t believe you had the baby inside the ship.
Tracey: Yeah and I got it all on my camera.
Mark: Totally cool.
Spirit: Mark
Mark: Spirit I knew that you could make it out.
Spirit: With a dislocated shoulder.
Tracey: Look here’s the part. [Daren is looking at Tracey with a love face]
Captain Clark: Daren!
Daren: What?
Captain Clark: You did a good job getting all those people out son.
Officer Cory: See guys I knew that ladder would come in handy.
Officer Henderson: Yes it came in real handy. [Then theirs another explosion]
Captain Clark: Get this ship to safety.
Sam: Wait a minute where is Star?
Wendy: She’s not in the boat.
Sam: She’s still in the ship I’m going back in the water to find her.
Captain Clark: I’m coming with you! [The two jump into the water and go back to the hole. They see Star still hooked on to the ship and unconscious. Captain Clark takes her dress off the ship and Sam carries her up threw the water]
Melissa: I hope she’s okay.
Clair: She was going to be so nice to us and now she can’t do it anymore.
Melissa: I’ll take back what ever I said that was really mean to her.
Wendy: Oh girls I guess she was important in the family. [Then Sam and Captain Clark come up from the surface]
Sam: Get her in the lifeboat.
Captain Clark: Put this on her. [They put the air mask on her]
: And you got her off the streets?
Sam: Yeah I did she was two weeks old.
: Wait a minute.
Twilight: What?
: One morning when I was on the streets I woke to find my whole family gone and she said she accidentally brought the dog catchers to them and I was behind a trash can. She said she was born on the streets. She said that her brother was never named. I never knew one of my sisters name's.
Twilight: Yeah so?
: She is my sister that I didn’t know the name of!
: You really think so?
: Yeah I remember she looked just like her.
Twilight: Well at least you spent some time fighting with her. [A while passes and it doesn’t work]
Captain Clark: She must have gotten shocked by the wires very bad.
Sam: I guess I’ve always been very hard on her.
Melissa: If only there was a way to bring her back to life.
Captain Clark: We’ll have to drop her into the ocean.
Sam: Good bye Star I’ll pray for you in heaven. [They drop her into the ocean]
Captain Clark: Okay come on let’s get out of here! [They take the boat to the ship]
Captain Clark: Chief Officer grab the rope and tie us to the ship.
Chief Officer: Yes sir. [They tie down the raft to the ship and everyone gets out. Everyone helps Gia out]
Clair: OW!
Captain Clark: Now I see that some of you are really injured.
Gia: That’s for sure.
Captain Clark: And I think I need to give you ladies some appropriate clothing.
Nancy: Thank you.
Heather: Yes I need a better dress to.
Alice Dressy: I could be of assistants to you to ladies.
Nancy: I’d say so can you make a million new ballroom outfits?
Alice: Sure.
Heather: Now that’s what I’m talking about. [Nancy and Heather go down with Alice]
Captain Clark: Now we should all bring you to your rooms you all must be tired.
Melissa: I’ll say.
Daren: I’ll take this family sir.
Captain Clark: You can take three to a room Daren.
Daren: Alright. Scott family, God family, and Growler family come with me.
Tracey: Lead the way to our room Daren.
Ellen: [Clearing throat]
Tracey: What.
Ellen: Aren’t you a little young to fall in love?
Tracey: I’m sixteen I already had one but died.
Captain Clark: Some of you can come with me like you four without parents go with Officer Goodhearted.
Stella: Make it a good room.
Hillary: Yeah we don’t want to be with these losers the whole trip.
Frank: See you soon.
Melissa: See you I hope you have a good time with Ms. Peterson.
Captain Clark: Okay let’s go.

SavedbyBishop Posted: Feb 2nd 2009

Did you get sad during that chapter at all?

thetopbun Posted: Feb 3rd 2009


SavedbyBishop Posted: Feb 3rd 2009

It's almost over now. Then you can try to make it into that movie

SavedbyBishop Posted: Feb 5th 2009

Chapter 80: Settling in
Daren brings the three families to their rooms

Daren: Here you go people. I hope you enjoy our ship.
Mark: Tracey now is your chance to ask the question.
Tracey: Okay hey Daren do you… [Daren slams the door on Tracey’s face]
Tracey: OW!
Ellen: What’s wrong Tracey?
Tracey: The door hit me in the face.
Ellen: Then you should be more careful.
Tracey: At least I can get this movie to a film premier.
Mark: Get me the crowd hasn’t seen me for a long time. [Later that day Nancy and Heather come back with great outfits and have wonderful outfits on]
Nancy: Wait until sees me.
Heather: The girls will be jealous.
Nancy: Oh let’s get these two officers up ahead. [They walk past the two officer and look at them]
Nancy: Hey this ship is nice!
: Yeah they give you free slices of cheese.
Nancy: Why don’t you turn around? [ sees Nancy’s beautiful outfit]
: [Can’t speak]
: I think he’s trying to say you look nice.
Nancy: And I also got this for a good wedding dress.
: Alice can sure make clothes. [Then Heather goes to her room]
Heather: Girls I’m back.
Faith: Nice outfit Mom.
Heather: Where’s Spirit?
Faith: Some of the doctors took her down to look at her arm.
Hope: Come on let’s turn on the TV.
Heather: Uh girls go on outside theirs some better things in life then watching a TV.
Peace: Oh yeah it will be cool being grounded for a good two months.
Hope: We can still walk near the train trestle.
Heather: And I mean never to.
Casey: Come on Angela I need to get you cleaned up.
Melissa: I’m going to see how Frank is doing.
Clair: Yeah and I’ll go down to see if Tom’s leg is okay.
Wendy: You and me.
Sam: Wendy I’m sorry for what happened.
Wendy: What made you fall for Faith?
Sam: I don’t know she acted like you a bit.
Wendy: I heard you talking with Faith. You gave a good talk.
Sam: So we still going to go on with each other baby?
Wendy: I guess but you really broke my heart.
Sam: Wendy I promise you that this sort of thing will never ever happen to us again.
Wendy: You promise.
Sam: We’ve know each other since first grade so yes. [The two kiss each other]
Sam: You know I might not want to have been with Faith.
Wendy: Why not?
Sam: She was too young.
Wendy: Are you saying that I’m old?!
Sam: No I’m not saying that you were old.
Wendy: Then what were you saying?
Sam: We wouldn’t have been married for a long time and we will go for a long time. [They kiss each other]
Wendy: That’s so nice.
Melissa: They made a truce!
Sam: Girls come in here.
Clair: Great now we’re in trouble.
Sam: No you’re not in trouble.
Melissa: Then what do you want to tell us?
Sam: While I was on board the ship I had some sort of flash forward that this was going to happen.
Wendy: Then why didn’t you warn the Captain?
Sam: I was afraid that they would think that I’m crazy.
Clair: They would have believed you.
Sam: Faith kept saying that to me. [Clair throws a pillow on Sam]
Sam: Clair what was that for?
Clair: For almost making death occur. [Melissa throws a pillow on Sam to]
Sam: Was that the same for me to Melissa or something else?
Melissa: Probable the same thing. [Then Wendy throws a pillow on Sam]
Sam: What was that for Wendy?
Wendy: Two things. One for dating Faith on the boat and two not telling the flash forward.
Sam: And did you ever go in water?
Wendy: Only when I had to go underwater and when that flood of water came.
Sam: Well somehow I saw you drowning in my flash forward.
Wendy: Well I wasn’t drowning you probably saw another person looking like me drowning.
Melissa: Well I’m going to see how Frank and Brenda are doing with Stella and Hillary.
Clair: And now I’ll check how Tom is doing with his hurt leg.
Sam: And you’re Mother and I will stay here.
Clair: Probably making out with each other see you when I get back. [Meanwhile in another room]
Gia: Mom who are you calling?
Jocelyn: Hello is this Mr. Deal?
Zeke: Mr. Deal?! I want to talk to him.
Gia: I’m the one with the broken knee!
Jocelyn: Shhhhh! I’m on the phone.
Mr. Deal: Yes this is. Is this Jocelyn Anderson wife of Mike Anderson?
Jocelyn: Yes it is.
Mr. Deal: It’s usually Mike who calls me why are you calling is Mike sick?
Jocelyn: No. Did you here about POSEIDON?
Mr. Deal: Oh yes you set sail how did it go?
Jocelyn: You didn’t get the message that we capsized?
Mr. Deal: You’re calling inside the capsized ship?
Jocelyn: Now we were trapped inside since midnight we just get out like 20 minutes ago.
Mr. Deal: Can I speak to Mike please?
Jocelyn: Mike is no longer with us.
Mr. Deal: You mean he died on the ship?!
Jocelyn: It hurts to say but yes.
Mr. Deal: I’m very sorry but…
Jocelyn: Mr. Deal can I please just take over the job my self please?! I promise I’ll make money.
Mr. Deal: Alright Jocelyn I’ll give you a chance.
Jocelyn: Oh thank you Mr. Deal.
Gia: Wait before he hangs up can I please have a boy my age to sing with me?
Jocelyn: Could Gia have a male singer that is young like her age to sing with her?
Mr. Deal: Yes I’ll get a hot one and one who’s a good singer.
Jocelyn: He’s going to get you one.
Gia: Thank you so much Mr. Deal!
Mr. Deal: Your welcome Gia my little baby girl.
Gia: How old do you think I am?
Mr. Deal: Your still fourteen aren’t you?
Gia: Are you deaf or blind the last time I saw you I’m nineteen years old!
Mr. Deal: I’ll get you a good man! – He hangs up.
Gia: He’d better get me a handsome eighteen or nineteen year old man.
Jocelyn: Now come on Gia we have to get you down to the doctor to fix that leg. [Meanwhile up in the bridge]
Navy: Captain Clark did you get all of the survivors off of the ship?
Captain Clark: Yes sir.
Navy: How many did you get?
Captain Clark: 37 people.
Navy: Then all of your crew get 37 dollars.
Daren: 37 dollars we should get more then that we broke our back just to rescue them.
Captain Clark: Daren please stay out of this.
Daren: But we should get more we almost got burned to death!
Captain Clark: 37 dollars is enough money Daren.
Daren: Alright fine.
Navy: You did a very good job Captain Clark and to your son to if you weren’t their then those survivors would defiantly have died.
Captain Clark: I rescued the daughter of Trevor Heriman.
Navy: Well that is great.
Captain Clark: And you’re never going to believe this I rescued Tom Brady!
Navy: The football player?
Captain Clark: Yes.
Navy: Good going Clark!
Captain Clark: And I also rescued Lady Campanula Tottington and her daughter. And the people of Mike Anderson but he is no longer alive.
Navy: Way to go Clark!
Daren: So are you going to double the money?
Navy: I’ll make it to forty dollars that’s my final offer.
Daren: Oh come on make it like fifty dollars please?!
Captain Clark: Daren do you want to be grounded for two weeks?
Daren: No.
Captain Clark: Then stay out of this.
Navy: You did a great job Clark I’ll be here when your voyage ends.
Captain Clark: Alright sir I’ll be waiting for you. [Meanwhile on deck Faith passes by a young officer]
Terry Parker: Hey their.
Faith: Hi.
Terry: I’ve never seen you on the ship?
Faith: That’s because you never did.
Terry: Hey I was in my room sleeping where did you come from but I heard we picked up POSEIDON passengers do you know where they are I want to se some of the girls they got.
Faith: You’re looking at one of them.
Terry: How old are you?
Faith: Twenty.
Terry: Oh the same with me.
Faith: Yeah my whole family got out with me.
Terry: Cool.
Hope: OOH! Faith is with a boy!
Faith: You two are grounded so go back to our room.
Peace: Fine but didn’t you already have a Romeo, Juliette?
Faith: You two had better get out of here or I’ll do something bad. [Meanwhile with Melissa]
Melissa: Hey guys.
Frank: Thank goodness you’re here Melissa.
Brenda: Yeah they’ve been torturing us.
Hillary: Well get out of our room we’ve had a terrible day!
Melissa: So Brenda what are you going to do now that Groove is out of your life?
Brenda: Get back with Mom of course I haven’t seen her in years.
Melissa: What about you Frank do you have anyone to go live with?
Frank: I don’t know where all my Grandparents are I’ll go to an orphanage.
Melissa: Wait. Come on.
Brenda: Okay nice talking to you guys! [Meanwhile in the nurse’s office]
Jocelyn: Excuse me my daughter is here.
Doctor Care: Just sit her right down on the table.
Gia: OW! Not so hard!
Doctor Care: Now what happened to you in the ship?
Mrs. Black: She was jumping across fire on a ledge.
Gia: When I hit me knee.
Doctor Care: Now first we need to take these bandages off. [She removes the bandages off her leg and her knee is really bad]
Gia: I can even move it a centimeter without it hurting me.
Doctor: I’d say Surgery would do.
Gia: Surgery but that would cause a big scar if I were singing on stage.
Mrs. Black: Well either that or you’ll have to get it taken off your body.
Gia: Fine I’ll get the surgery why don’t you just do it now.
Doctor Care: But I can’t do it sweetie.
Gia: Can you do it Mrs. Black?
Mrs. Black: You’ll have to wait we can’t do it on a ship.
Gia: Then what do I do with this broken knee?
Doctor Care: Here walk on these crutches for now.
Gia: Just what I need.

SavedbyBishop Posted: Feb 8th 2009

Chapter 81: New Home’s
Melissa and Frank go into her room

Melissa: MOM! DAD!
Wendy: [Scream]
Frank: Whoa those two were totally making out with each other!
Sam: Melissa did you need something your Mom and I are busy?
Melissa: Doing?
Wendy: Something.
Sam: Well what do you need hun?
Melissa: Can Frank please live with us?
Sam: Live with us?
Frank: Please I have nowhere to go.
Wendy: What about any of you grandparents?
Frank: I don’t know where they all are now?
Sam: Welcome to the Growler family then Franklin.
Melissa: OH! [The two kiss each other]
Wendy: On one condition.
Melissa: Why what’s that Mom?
Wendy: don’t kiss when we’re with other family they’ll think that you two are insane.
Sam: Yes we don’t want that to happen.
Frank: Hmm. Frank Growler has a better ring to it then old Mess Up.
Melissa: Well your not a Mess. Up anymore you’re a Growler. [Clair comes in the room]
Wendy: Hey Clair how was Tom.
Clair: He’s doing okay.
Melissa: Clair guess what?
Clair: What?
Frank: I’m part of this family now.
Clair: How long was I gone for?
Wendy: Clair aren’t you glad?
Clair: Uh yeah I guess I am. [Back in Stella and Hillary’s room]
Hillary: So where are we going to live now?
Stella: Beats me maybe the orphanage.
Hillary: Oh that’s dumb
Stella: Hey My Aunt June can take both of us and then we’ll have a perfect life.
Hillary: Is that her last name?
Stella: Stella and Hillary Perfect has a good ring to is doesn’t it.
Hillary: I’ll say it does.
Stella: I guess Zeke is having a good time with his new girl friend.
Hillary: Their will be other boys Stella.
Stella: Yeah your right Hillary. [Then theirs a huge explosion that rocks around the ship. Everyone goes on deck]
Heather: Faith!
Terry: Faith are you okay?
Faith: Yeah I think so.
Heather: Get your hands off of me daughter!
Terry: She just feel when that big explosion came!
Faith: It’s true Mom.
Captain Clark: Johnston get this ship moving now!
Johnston: Yes sir.
Captain Clark: Is everyone alright here?
Johhny: Yeah.
Doctor Care: What happened Gia almost fell down the stairs!
Captain Clark: Sorry it was an explosion from the capsized ship!
Gia: Oh finally how long did it take just to get up the stairs?
Zeke: A very long time.
Johhny: Well we’re all safe and everyone of us is happy.
Twilight: All except me.
: What?
Twilight: I got out of the ship but now what am I going to do I can’t go on the streets.
Melissa: Oh can we please.
Clair: Well she was a stowaway.
Sam: I trust her.
Wendy: Well we do need another dog in the family.
Clair: Twilight your adopted into our family!
Twilight: Oh thank you so much.
Johhny: Okay now everyone is happy.
: How do you like life now Twilight.
Twilight: I love it all because of you now.
: Well I’m glad that I got you out.
Twilight: And it’s great to be alive.
: The same with me.
Twilight: Now I’ll be happy to do this. [Twilight pulls near her and the two kiss each other]
:How’s it feel to have your first kiss lad?
: It wasn’t my first it was the sixth with Twilight.
Twilight: It felt good.

SavedbyBishop Posted: Feb 9th 2009

Have you guys been very busy? Not that it matters you just haven't been aswering that much

thetopbun Posted: Feb 10th 2009

I have been very busy!

SavedbyBishop Posted: Feb 10th 2009

Oh. Well this is the final chapter of the story

Chapter 82: A Happy Ending

Johhny: I just wish that we all could have made it out of the ship together.
Tricia: Johhny you did the best that you could do you were able to get 37 out.
Hazel: Yeah and you were a great leader to Mom.
Johhny: But I just promised to get one person out of here.
Wendy: Oh you still feel bad about Marie don’t you.
Gia: Oh yes I saw her and scared me and I accidentally bumped Twilight’s necklace off.
Twilight: And thank you for getting it back for me it would have gotten sucked into that thing.
Daren: Wow hey Tracey are you getting this on your camera?
Tracey: I sure am this is the last sequence I can get of POSEIDON.
Clair: Your video is defiantly going to win at school.
Daren: Hey what happened to your eye Tracey?
Tracey: Oh you accidentally slammed the door in my face.
Daren: Oh I’m sorry. [Then theirs another big explosion and wreckage flies over to the wreckage ship]
Captain Clark: Duck everyone!
Nancy: Get down!
Captain Clark: Johnston what’s taking so long?
Johnston: I’m down in the boiler room.
Captain Clark: Well what are you doing in the boiler room?
Johnston: They’re getting everything ready first.
Captain Clark: Well you can hurry on up to the bridge fast and get us moving!
Johhny: All those people.
Brenda: Groove had to kill them.
Hope: Brenda it’s not your fault.
Brenda: I know she had such a black heart.
Melissa: Why could she ever be good.
Tricia: Hazel why are you crying.
Hazel: I’m crying because Becky and Veronica are gone.
Jessie: Well at least I’m still with you guys. [Then theirs another huge explosion. We look at everybody’s faces as the ship sinks. There are pictures of the people who didn’t make out]
Officer Emotional: Oh this is so emotional.
Captain Clark: Officer Emotional you don’t have to watch this you know because you can go up to the bridge.
Officer emotional: No I can handle it. [Then another huge explosion goes off from the ship]
Captain Clark: Johnston get us out of here right now!
Johnston: I’m on it sir! [Then the ship sinks down into the ocean and is gone]
Johhny: Looks like it’s a little past 7:45 it sank just in time.
Captain Clark: Who taught you about ships?
Johhny: My Father James Manson has been on a capsized ship before he got out with everybody and then he taught me about every single detail of a ship.
Captain Clark: Well I think your Father is Captain of a ship right now.
Hazel: Dad you should become one after Grandpa you got everyone to safety.
Nancy: I’d say it’s good idea.
Ellen: And I can still keep going on my writing career.
Tracey: What are you going to have it be about Mom?
Ellen: Well about all of going through this ship and the same things that happened to us.
Tracey: Even you having Toni?
Ellen: Yes even me having Toni.
Captain Clark: What will you call your story?
Ellen: It will be called The POEIDON Adventure. [The music comes on in the background. Some of the passengers cuddle together while they look out to the sea. Some on the other drew come down to the side of the ship to look out at the sea. Then the ships wheeler Johnston comes down on the ship]
Captain Clark: Uh Johnston?
Johnston: Yes sir?
Captain Clark: Shouldn’t you be driving the ship?
Johnston: OH NO! [Johnston runs back up to the bridge. Then we zoom out of the ship and then into the sky. We see the sun wink and then close its eye


Nick Park: Action

Twilight: Do I really have to kiss him?
Nick Park: Action.
[Twilight and are about to kiss]
Twilight: [Sneezes]

Johhny: Come on threw this door OW! This door is to low!

[Peace stands up on the ledge of the wall and keeps putting her foot in the place where she’s supposed to fall]
Peace: Where I’m I supposed to fall?

Groove: Nobody touch him... uh!
Nick Park: Is your dress caught?

Hazel: It’s hard to run threw this water!

: Nancy would you just shut up!
Nancy: ...! Wait.

: Star I had no idea. [Star turns her head but doesn’t say anything]
Star: Yeah well now I forget my line.
Nick Park: Action.
Star: Oh so you were born on the streets and then… I should remember my lines more.

Jake: Okay let’s see if you can walk. [The lady gets up but misses Jake’s arms]

Nancy: Like theirs always dead people with their eyes open and… [She faints on the wrong side and misses the air bag]
Nancy: OW!
and : [LAUGHING]

: Twilight pin again.
Star: And my dress… [He hits her with the pin]
: Oh I think I really got her!

[Nancy looks at herself in the mirror]
Nancy: [In shock] [Drops it on her foot]
Nancy: OW!

Nancy: Now I really have to take my dress off?
Heather: Don’t look girls.

[Groove shoots Ethan]
Ethan: [Making pain noises]
Groove: [Laughing]
Ethan: Can I make the sounds or not?


thetopbun Posted: Feb 10th 2009

Great!:D Loved it! Especially the bloopers at the end!:D

SavedbyBishop Posted: Feb 10th 2009

And you said that you were going to make it into a film when it was done?

thetopbun Posted: Feb 11th 2009

I had an epiphanny during it and saw the expense... It would reach up to about the spending limit for Aardman! About £15,000 because of all the sets, armatures, and plasticine with detail!

SavedbyBishop Posted: Feb 11th 2009

What does epiphanny mean?

thetopbun Posted: Feb 11th 2009

Sudden realisation...

SavedbyBishop Posted: Feb 11th 2009

Oh okay, but that sounds like a lot of money

SavedbyBishop Posted: Feb 12th 2009

But do you think i should upload the beginning of the story because i only uploaded the middle and the end of the story

SavedbyBishop Posted: Feb 13th 2009

Crackersandcheese did you like the rest of my story?

Gromits little bro Posted: Feb 14th 2009

and the start

SavedbyBishop Posted: Feb 15th 2009

the start of the story?

thetopbun Posted: Feb 15th 2009

Yeh he wants to know where to find it...

SavedbyBishop Posted: Feb 15th 2009

My whole story you mean? I only posted it on here but the other parts are on the if you had... forum. But i can't post the beginning of the story if you want me to.

SavedbyBishop Posted: Feb 18th 2009

He's the beginning of the story if you want to read it

Chapter 1: Poseidon
A taxi brings Lady Tottington, , and to the pier to wait for the POSEIDON

Lady Campanula Tottington: Thank you sir.
Taxi driver: Have a good New Years Eve.
: You to.
Lady Tottington: I thought Tricia was going to be here with Johhny I hope that they’ll make it in time.
: How long haven’t you seen her for?
Lady Tottington: Oh she lives far away and I haven’t seen her since she was eighteen and now she’s twenty eight and her daughter Hazel is fourteen but she’s blind.
: It must be hard for her.
Lady Tottington: She is a good singer and dancer to and she also has a maid and two nurses to. [Then they here a car horn honk]
Lady Tottington: Oh that must be her. [The car stops. Johhny gets out first]
Tricia Jane “Trish” Tottington: Hi Mom.
Jonathan “Johhny” Manson: I’ll take our bags. [Johhny takes the bags to the dock]
Lady Tottington: Hello Johhny.
Johhny: Hi Campanula it’s nice to see you again.
Tricia: Come on Hazel. [She helps her out of the car]
Jessica “Jessie” Grand: I’ll take her on the dock Tricia Jane.
Veronica Grand: And I’ll take you suitcase Trish.
Tricia: Thank you Veronica and Jessie just call me Tricia.
Hazel “Haze” Tottington: Is the ship here?
Tricia: No it still hasn’t come we’ll be on the dock for a while.
Lady Tottington: Hi Tricia.
Tricia: Hey Mom. [smooch] Hazel it’s your Grandma Campanula.
Hazel: Grandma!
Lady Tottington: Hi honey sorry I missed your fourteenth birthday
Hazel: It’s okay but it was really fun.
Lady Tottington: I’m sure it was.
Rebecca “Becky” Grand: She had tons of fun with her friends.
Jesse: Same with us.
Veronica: We had great fun with Hazel to.
Hazel: It seems like we’re the only ones on the deck because I thought it would be very noisy here.
Tricia: Well Mom you haven’t introduced us yet to your two friends here.
Lady Tottington: This is Wallace and his dog Gromit.
: It’s nice to meet you.
Tricia: The pleasure.
Hazel: Can I touch your face to feel what you look like?
: Sure. [Hazel feels around ’s face]
Hazel: You have such a nice smile. [Then she feels ]
Hazel: And you feel like a very cute dog. [She feels the white board in his hand]
Hazel: What is this thing in your hand?
: This was an invention built by and was built for dogs to talk.
Hazel: That’s so cool! [Then they hear a horn blow out in the distance]
Tricia: Here comes the POSEIDON.
Hazel: POSEIDON was the god of the sea!
Tricia: Oh see how smart she is! [The boat stops at the dock. Captain Jones comes down from the gang plank]
Captain Clark: Hello everyone. I am Captain Jones.
: Nice to meet you.
Captain Jones: Well Campanula Tottington and her daughter and husband who is this little girl?
Tricia: This is my daughter Hazel.
Hazel: You have a thick beard on your face.
Captain Jones: I see that you’re blind Hazel but we‘ll make it fun for you.
Hazel: Thanks.
Captain Jones: You can all climb aboard now I’ll wait for anymore passengers to come aboard.
Tricia: Okay come on Hazel. [They all climb aboard the POSEIDON]
[Then another limo appears at the dock. The butler opens the door and it’s Groove Rich.]
Captain Jones: Hello mame and you must be Groove Rich the dancer.
Groove Rich: Yes I am Groove Rich and I hope my room is ready because I don’t like waiting for anything.
Captain Jones: Yes it is go right on up Ms. Rich. [Meanwhile inside the ship]
Hazel: So what’s our room number?
: It’s B10 and here it is.
Hazel: Does it have it in Braille so I now how to find the room.
Tricia: Yes it’s right here. [She feels the Braille underneath the letters]
Lady Tottington: Wow what a big room.
Hazel: I can actually imagine what it looks like.
: Let’s get unpacked.
Jessie: do you want me to help you unpack?
Hazel: Sure you can put things in the drawers for me.

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How do you like the first part of it? Should i upload the rest of it?

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Chapter 2: The Ballroom
Later that night they are all getting ready to go to the ballroom. Lady Tottington is brushing hazel’s hair.

Veronica: Hey I think this ribbon would go good in her hair.
Lady Tottington: That looks nice.
: So how do I look?
: Like a black and white penguin.
Tricia: Alright ready. Oh Hazel you look so nice.
Johhny: Alright I’m ready.
: Then let’s go.
Tricia: Are you sure that your going to come with us guys?
Becky: Oh enjoy yourselves we’ll be fine here.
Jessie: Oh come on Mom can we go it’s our first night on the ship I want to see what it looks like down their.
Becky: Jessie I said that we could go another night. [They all walk down the hallway]
Hazel: It’s very long way down.
Tricia: I know. [Then they get to the ballroom]
: Whoa it looks better then I imagined it. [They walk threw the crowd of people]
Tricia: Sit right here Hazel so you won’t get lost in here. I’ll get some punch for us.
: Wow it looks very nice in this place.
Samuel “Sam” Growler: Hey honey that voice sounds familiar. [The Growler family goes over to Wallace]
Sam: is that you?
: Sam it’s been so long!
Sam: It’s great to see you!
Winifred “Wendy” Growler: Isn’t it our old friend from school.
Sam: you remember Wendy I am so married to her right now.
: You’re very lucky.
Wendy: Sam is a great husband to have.
Sam: And these are my two daughters Clair and Melissa. And my dog Star.
: Hi their.
Star: Don’t talk to me!
: Okay.
Sam: Wow you changed so much !
Wallace: So have you!
Heather Mcrennalds: Well I have to see it to believe it Growler is on this ship.
Sam: Oh god it’s Heather Mcrennalds.
Heather: Hey guys I haven’t seen you since you moved away.
Sam: Heather I think you remember Wendy Growler.
Heather: Wendy it’s nice to see you again. Are these your two daughters?
Wendy: Why yes this is Clair and Melissa.
Heather: Well this is Faith, Spirit, Hope, and Peace.
Wendy: You always beat me to things and are these two twins?
Hope Mcrennalds: Why yes we are.
Heather: I always beat you to everything didn’t I?
Nancy Rogers: And so did I.
: Nancy?!
Nancy: Hey there. Come here you! Remember this that we made up? [They do the hand wave together and then they kiss]
People in background as a gag: OOOOOO!!!! [Then Lady Tottington appears]
Lady Tottington: I… [She drops her punch. Nancy turns around]
Nancy: Cluts.
: Nancy this is my friend Lady Tottington.
Nancy: Oh Campanula Tottington!
Tricia: I’m back… Mom you dropped your glass.
Lady Tottington: By accident.
Trevor Heriman: Well isn’t it Campanula Tottington.
Lady Tottington: Trevor!
Trevor: I didn’t expect for you to be here!
Lady Tottington: Neither did I. I thought I saw the last of you years ago.
Susanna “Susan” Heriman: And Trevor is still married to me that is.
Lady Tottington: Well hello their Susanna.
Susan: Campanula you can still call me Susan.
Lady Tottington: Alright.
Tricia: Mrs. Heriman!
Susan: Tricia look how big you’ve gotten and your twenty nine?
Tricia: Sure am.
Susan: Sophie would be glad to see you.
Tricia: Please tell me you’ve brought Sophie along I haven’t seen her in years.
Trevor: If you think that you’re going to spend all your time with our daughter again you are…
Susan: She’s right over their on the dance floor.
Tricia: Thanks.
Susan: Trevor you know the girls haven’t seen each other in years.
Trevor: Well they always wasted a phone bill.
Lady Tottington: They were best friends. [Tricia goes over to the dance floor. She sees the figure of Sophie]
Tricia: Sophie? [Sophie turns around]
Sophia “Sophie” Heriman: Trish?!
Tricia: Oh it’s been years you look so nice at twenty eight.
Sophie: So do you.
Gina “Gia” Anderson: Who’s your friend Sophie?
Sophie: This Tricia who I told you about I haven’t seen her in years and now I can see her.
Tricia: Are you with anyone Sophie?
Sophie: No I’m not really meeting with anyone.
Tricia: I married Johhny Manson.
Sophie: Good for you.
Gia: Hi there I’m Gia Anderson and I’m part of the band on stage.
Tricia: Cool.
Gia: Since I’m 20 years old my fifteen year old brother has to sing with me.
Tricia: So Sophie I have a daughter now.
Sophie: Really where is she?
Tricia: She’s right over their in the cane.
Gia: Oh is she…
Tricia: Yes I’m afraid she’s blind.
Tricia: It happened when she was just three years old.
Sophie: What happened?
Tricia: She stared up at the sun so long. I remember as if it yesterday.

Back then voices:
[Tricia sees Hazel staring up at the sun she runs outside]

Tricia: HAZEL! Don’t stair at the sun!
Hazel: It went blue then orange and then purple.
Tricia: Hazel how long have you been staring at the sun.
Hazel: I don’t know fifteen or twenty minutes.
Tricia: I’m taking you to the doctor right now! [They go to the doctor. The doctor checks Hazel]
Doctor: How long was she staring at the sun.
Tricia: She said fifteen or twenty minutes.
Doctor: I think you should keep an eye on her it might damage her eyes.
Tricia: Okay. Come on Hazel. [For the past days Hazel is seen tripping over things. Then one night when she is walking she bonks into a plant and it almost falls over]
Tricia: Hazel!
Johhny: Be careful.
Tricia: Didn’t you see that in front of you.
Hazel: I saw it kind of.
Johhny: We’re starting to get worried about you you’ve been tripping over thing for the past few days.
Hazel: Everybody makes mistakes.
Tricia: Go on up to bed. [Hazel goes upstairs to her room but then hears Tricia and Johhny talking]
Tricia: I’m beginning to worry about her. What if she becomes blind?
Johhny: I hope she doesn’t. [Hazel closes the door. The next morning Hazel gets up from bed but then she falls out. Hazel tries to open her eyes but won’t come open]
Hazel: MOMMY!
Tricia: What is it Hazel. Oh you fell of bed. Next time open your eyes.
Hazel: I can’t their stuck!
Tricia: JOHHNY!
Johhny: What?!
Tricia: Call the doctor get him over here. [The doctor opens Hazel’s eyes but then they immediately close]
Doctor: Okay Hazel I’m opening eyes do you see two fingers right in front of them?
Hazel: No I can’t see anything.
Doctor: My dear Mr. and Mrs. Tottington I’m afraid your daughter is blind.
Tricia: Oh god!

Regular voices:

Sophie: It must be hard for here.
Gia: It seems a little bit hard for her because she is missing great pictures and colors.
Tricia: I know but I think she imagines it.
Michael “Mike” Anderson: Gia Anderson come up to the stage it’s time for rehearsal.
Gia: Oh theirs my Dad guys I have to go.
Sophie: See you later.
Passenger: Gia can I have your autograph?
Gia: Maybe later.
Tricia: Now come on over I’ll have you meet Hazel. [Tricia and Sophie walk over to Hazel. Hazel senses them coming over to her]
Hazel: Mom is that you.
Tricia: Hazel this is my best friend Sophie Heriman. [Hazel touches Sophie’s face to see what it feels like]
Hazel: You have such smooth skin and a great smile.
Sophie: Why thank you Hazel.
Johhny: Hey their Sophie.
Sophie: Hi Johhny.
Johhny: I haven’t seen you in a while.
Sophie: How does it feel to be married to Tricia finally?
Johhny: It feels good and I love Hazel as my…uh our daughter.
Sophie: If I had a husband I would love a son or daughter. [Backstage]
Gia: Dad do I have to sing this reunited song with Zeke.
Zachary “Zeke” Anderson: Yeah it doesn’t seem that you know cool to sing with my twenty year old sister.
Jocelyn Anderson: You two are perfect to sing with together.
Gia: Come on Mom can’t I just have a hot boy sing with me for once?
Zeke: And can’t I have Stella sing with me for once.
Gia: Stella can’t sing that well.
Zeke: Well she’s wanted to sing with me all her life.
Jocelyn: You can sing with her some other time.
Zeke: Fine but I want her to sing with me tomorrow night.
Mike: Maybe that’s possible.
Gia: Well that’s not fair for him to have a partner to dance and sing with but I don’t have one.
Jocelyn: Gia that I enough!
Gia: Fine.
Mike: Alright let’s go. [Gia and Zeke go on the stage]
Mike: Good evening POSEIDON passengers!
Passengers: Good evening Mike!
Mike: I guess you people are all ready to rock tonight!
Passengers: Yeah!
Mike: Alright here’s Gia and Zeke give them a hand phocs! [Clapping]
Gia: alright Poseidon passengers this song is called Reunited!
Zeke: Now let’s start!
Gia: 1, 2, 3, 4 [The music starts]
Gia and Zeke: [Both singing] When you get reunited it can feel really good!

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Chapter 3: Twilight
Meanwhile with and Star their over in the end of the hallway

: So do you…
Star: Just so you know I’m have no interest in you.
: I wasn’t going to ask you to dance.
Star: Sounded like you were because I don’t want to dance with a guy like you.
: Then I guess we can just talk for now.
Star: Fine with me as long as it’s not boring. [They don’t talk for a while]
: So do you like to knit?
Star: I’m getting more punch.
: Alright. [While Star is walking a girl bumps into her and doesn’t turn around]
Star: Rude! You bumped into my perfect little arm! [The dog keeps running. Then without looking she bumps into and they both fall down]
Twilight: Oh my god I am so sorry!
: You should have been watching where you were going but I guess it was an accident.
Twilight: Sorry for that little bump. [ gets up and he helps Twilight up]
Twilight: Thanks.
: So why were you running so fast anyway.
Twilight: Oh I like to run.
: So uh what’s your name?
Twilight: Names Twilight.
: Names .
Twilight: So do you have an owner?
: Well if I didn’t I would be totally alone so my owner is the inventor of the white board.
Twilight: Cool.
: So who’s yours?
Twilight: Uh… Bianca… Castafiore.
: You’re owner is the famous opera singer?
Twilight: You like opera?
: Yeah do you like opera singers?
Twilight: Uh… Well… Mostly… uh… Other singers. Yeah.
: Oh cool. [Then we see an officer with a picture]
Ethan Mean: Excuse me have you seen this dog we caught this picture and it’s not one of ours and we think that it’s a stowaway.
Faith Mcrennalds: No sorry sir but I’ll keep my eyes open.
Spirit Mcrennalds: The same with me.
Ethan: Thank you anyway. [Then he sees Star walking]
Ethan: Hey dog.
Star: [huffy] Did you just call me dog my name is Star.
Ethan: Whatever.
Star: What a terrible Officer you are not caring about anything you should be fired by the captain.
Ethan: Look have you seen this dog or not? She’s a stowaway.
Star: I’ll keep my pretty little eyes open.
Ethan: Whatever. [She goes back to ]
: So we have some things in common.
Twilight: Yeah I guess we do.
: So do you want to meet my owner?
Twilight: Uh well… [She looks at the Ethan who has the picture of her and is close to where he can see her]
Twilight: Maybe some other time the Madame is expecting my home right now I’ll see you tomorrow.
: See you. [Star comes back with her punch]
Star: I’m back did I miss anything.
: I just met this girl.
Star: What did she look like?
: Well she has blue eyes, a cool gold heart necklace, and…
Star: She sounds very boring.
: Well she looks the same as you except with a bow in her ears.
Star: Do you not like me without a bow in my ears to you?!
: No I’m not saying that!
Star: Good because my perfect little ears are perfect without a bow.
[ roles his eyes. Star sees him do it.
Star: I don’t like when people role their eyes at me.
: Why do people always role their eyes at you.
Star: Yeah for some reason when I’m talking about my perfect self and my perfect little life.
: I can’t imagine why.
Star: Do you find it boring about my perfect little life.
: No.
Star: Good because I’d be sad if you said no you didn’t like my perfect little life. [ roles his eyes without her looking]

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Crackersandcheese you haven't posted since January 19th what are you up to?

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Hey thetopbun sorry i've been a little rude of where you were. But here's the other half of my and story

Chapter 4: Don’t make a big deal
Meanwhile backstage Zeke is bored waiting to start the fourth song

Zeke: Dad can we just start the fourth song already?
Mike: Zeke you have to be patient.
Zeke: Dad can I just go out into the audience and talk to somebody please.
Jocelyn: Don’t take so long Zeke.
Zeke: Call me on the microphone. [Zeke goes out on stage]
Estella “Stella” Peterson: Oh I gotta go theirs Zeke my awesome boyfriend. [Zeke is walking. Hazel has her pole out Where Zeke is coming. Zeke trips over the pole. Hazel gets out of her chair and feels Zeke who fell]
Hazel: Oh my goodness did I trip you.
Zeke: It’s okay… Hey are you… uh. You know… well…
Hazel: Blind it’s okay you can say it.
Zeke: I’ve seen blind people walking around how do you think it feels to you?
Hazel: It feels weird because all I see is just the dark color black.
Zeke: Does it ever bother you when somebody says look at colorful thing.
Hazel: Well it bothers mean that I can’t see it but I can imagine what it look like.
Zeke: Can you imagine what I look like right now?
Hazel: Is it okay if I touch your face and then I can imagine what it looks like?
Zeke: Sure go ahead. [She feels over Zeke’s face]
Hazel: Wow you have spiky hair Zeke.
Zeke: Thanks. [She keeps feeling his face. Then Stella sees Hazel feeling Zeke’s face]
Stella: [GASP!] Oh that little brat. [She goes up to Hazel]
Stella: Hey hands off the boyfriend! [Stella pushes Hazel down her black glasses go flying off into a crowd of people]
Stella: Zeke is my man not yours!
Zeke: Stella don’t do that she’s blind! [Zeke bends down to help her up]
Zeke: I can’t find your glasses.
Hazel: Don’t look at my eyes Zeke!
Zeke: Why not?
Hazel: Because my Mother said don’t let anybody see my eyes they’re pretty bad.
Zeke: Just show me them I won’t laugh I promise.
Hazel: You really do.
Zeke: I do. [She removes her hand from her eyes and he sees that they’re closed]
Hazel: See.
Zeke: Closed eyes aren’t that bad.
Hazel: Oh.
Zeke: Here I’ll help you up. [Zeke helps Hazel up and gives her, her stick]
Hazel: [SIGH] I hope I can find my glasses.
Zeke: Great you had to knock her over Stella.
Stella: She was touching you on the face!
Hazel: That’s how I can make out and imagine what people look like. Like I can see what you look like. [She puts her hand near her face but Stella stops it from coming near her face]
Stella: Hey first of all know one touches my face!
Hazel: Alright sorry.
Stella: Why don’t you just crawl on the floor and just look for them?
Hazel: I can just look with my hand.
Peace Mcrennalds: Hey whose glasses are these?
Hope: I don’t know but who where sun glasses on a ship?
Melissa Growler: I think they belong to that girl right there who is looking for them.
Peace: Come on let’s give them to her. [The girls walk over to Hazel]
Hope: Hey are these your glasses?
Hazel: Why yes they are.
Melissa: I’m sorry to say this and I don’t really want to but are you uh…
Stella: Yes she’s blind what’s the big deal?
Peace: It’s just that we feel bad for you Hazel.
Hazel: A lot of people actually feel sorry for me.
Stella: What about your Mom does she feel bad that she had you in the first place?
Zeke: Stella that’s a mean thing to say.
Hazel: Well of course my mother loves me and she can’t stand to be without me for at least 2 hours. [Back with Tricia. She is walking back to where Hazel was seated]
Tricia: [GASP!] I thought I left Hazel here 2 hours ago. [She goes over to Johhny]
Tricia: Johhny where is Hazel.
Johhny: I thought you were watching her.
Tricia: I was talking with Sophie the whole time I wasn’t watching her.
Johhny: Maybe she went to the bathroom.
Tricia: Maybe I’ll go ask Wallace. [She walks over to and Nancy who are still kissing]
Audience in background as gag: OOOOOOH!!!!
Tricia:! [ doesn’t hear her]
Tricia: !
: Yeah?
Tricia: Have you seen Hazel?
Nancy: Of course not we’ve been obviously standing here kissing the entire time so we wouldn’t be watching anything.
: Don’t be rude Nancy she just asked a small question.
Nancy: Alright I don’t know where she is.
Tricia: Oh I have to find her. [Then she sees Hope and Peace helping Hazel up from the ground. She runs over to Hazel]
Tricia: Hazel there you are what were you doing on the floor did you fall?
Hazel: No this girl accidentally bumped into me and I couldn’t find my glasses and these two girls found them so they helped me up.
Tricia: Did she bump into you by accident or on perpous because you’re blind?
Hazel: Well I think so because she didn’t want me to be touching his face.
Tricia: How dare you do that just because you she was touching him!
Hazel: Mom don’t make such a big deal out of me being blind.
Tricia: Well Hazel I don’t want you to be knocked down by anybody!
Bessie “Bess” Peterson: Is their a problem over here?
Tricia: Are you this girl’s mother?!
Bess: Yes is it a problem.
Tricia: She just knocked my blind daughter over just for touching his face.
Bess: Well it’s true that this boy Zeke is Stella’s good rock boyfriend.
Tricia: So what your saying is that you would knock a blind person down just because they touch a face and imagine what a person looks like?!
Hazel: Mom…
Bess: Well nobody ever knocks the Petersons down.
Tricia: Well I don’t want you to do that again! Come on Hazel sit down!
Hazel: Mom you made such a big deal back their!
Tricia: Hazel I just don’t want you to get knocked down that’s all.
Hazel: Well I just want to get a friend on this ship.
Tricia: You’ll have to do it with me when I’m around.
Hazel: Mom I’m blind it doesn’t make any difference!
Tricia: I know hun I don’t want you to be sad that’s all.
Hazel: I’ll just sit down for a while my feet kind of kill after standing up for a long time.
Tricia: Sit down right here. Don’t go away!

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Crackersandcheese hasn't answered in long time. I wonder what they're doing

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Chapter 5: Touring the Ship

Peace: I feel really bad for her. She can’t even see the greatest things in life.
Zeke: She’s gotten used to it.
Stella: Don’t let her touch you again on the face. I’m your girlfriend she’s not.
Zeke: She just wanted to tell how I looked.
Melissa: Yeah I never knew any blind people before so now it’s my first time.
Hope: The same with us.
Stella: Blind and deaf people seem kind of weird to me.
Hope: Well a blind person can’t even see anything and a deaf person can’t even hear a thing.
Stella: Well a blind person is always bumping into things.
Hope: That’s because she can’t see anything and you know she’s the Grand daughter of Lady Tottington.
Stella: So the new Tottington will be blind I guess.
Zeke: Say do you guys happen to know your way around ships?
Peace: Well not that much why do you know them well?
Stella: We’ve been on forty six ships all together.
Melissa: So why were you asking about it Zeke?
Zeke: Well I was just wondering if you all wanted to take a tour of the ship tomorrow.
Stella: And we’ll be your tour guides.
Hope: How long do you think that we will be gone?
Zeke: I don’t know probably like breakfast at 10:30 AM.
Peace: I’m down.
Hope: Double.
Melissa: Triple.
Stella: And if you girls are coming along with us you have to be a foot away from Zeke.
Zeke: Stella they don’t have to be that far away from me.
Stella: Alright whatever they can be close to us.
Hope: So should we meet here in the ballroom tomorrow.
Stella: The ballroom is never open early at 7 in the morning.
Stella: So should we meet tomorrow morning on deck at 7:00.
Zeke: Yes meet on the port side of the bow.
Stella: Then we tour the ship at 7.
Clair Mcrennalds: Sounds like theirs something cool going on over here.
Melissa: Clair go away this is none of a seventeen year olds business.
Clair: So where are you going at 7:00 Am tomorrow and be back by 10:30 AM?
Stella: It’s none of your bees wax.
Clair: Melissa you know that would have to tell Mom and Dad so you’d better tell me.
Melissa: Do you promise that you won’t tell their parents.
Clair: Will you do my homework when we get back to school from the holiday?
Melissa: In your dreams Clair.
Clair: Alright I’ll go tell Mom and Dad where you’re going to go tomorrow.
Melissa: Alright!
Clair: Then where are you going?
Melissa: We’re going to tour the whole ship tomorrow so if Mom and Dad are wondering tell them that I told you I couldn’t sleep and took an early walk.
Clair: And that is a deal. [Clair walks away]
Peace: Tough sister huh.
Melissa: Yeah but I tend to get along with her sometimes.
Zeke: You know she might tell your sisters.
Hope: So she’d tell them not to tell them to our parents.

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I just saw the wallace and Gromit tell tale games. They look very interesting. But in the trailer it doesn't sound like Wallace's voice. :-(

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Chapter 6: Tom Brady
Clair walks over to the girls

Clair: Hey you guys the girls are going to tour the ship tomorrow.
Spirit: Should we go tell Mom and Dad.
Clair: Oh no I made a promise to my sister to do all my homework till the end of two weeks.
Faith: Good promise.
Thomas “Tom” Brady: Hey do any of you ladies know where the punch bowl is?
Clair: Tom Brady it’s actually you!
Tom: Hey little lady do you know where the punch bowl is?
Clair: My name is Clair actually.
Spirit: Did you really need punch or did just want to come over here and impress us ladies?
Tom: Both.
Clair: I’ve watched you a lot on collage football.
Spirit: Wait you’re still in collage I’m nineteen and I’m going to collage after this semester is over.
Faith: I’m already in collage.
Clair: I’m a senior in high school.
Tom: Well actually I was held back like two times in the first grade.
Spirit: In first grade?
Clair: I really seem to enjoy football a lot and I can’t wait for the champion ship.
Tom: You’re the only girl I know that watches football.
Tracey Scott: Oh my god keep on smiling I got you so many times on camera.
Faith: Hey who are you?
Tracey: I’m Tracey Scott. I’m a freshman in high school.
Clair: So what’s the camera for?
Tracey: Oh we got them on Friday from school. Who ever has the best video wins!
Spirit: What does the winner get?
Tracey: I don’t know they said it was a surprise.
Tom: Then I have a feeling that your going to win because you got me on their.
Tracey: Yeah I know that I’m going to win.
Tom: But I’m afraid that you have delete some of the pictures and shots you got me of smiling and talking.
Tracey: Why?
Tom: Because you didn’t get my good side which is this.
Tracey: [SCREAMING!] [Tracey falls back but her brother Mark is behind her]
Mark Scott: Tracey watch it what is with you?
Spirit: [Love sigh]
Tracey: Mark look.
Mark: Oh my god it’s Tom Brady.
Tom: Hey their. Didn’t I sign a football for you once?
Mark: Yeah it’s on my shelf at home so my sister won’t come in and touch it.
Tracey: I’m sure when Mom has the baby she will go in and touch it.
Mark: What makes you so sure that it’s a girl it could be a boy because if it’s a boy it could play football with me. [Cell phone text message ringing. Mark open his phone up it reads “Mark I need help with getting to bed please come to the room now”]
Mark: Looks like Mom needs help I’ll be right back. [Spirit keeps starring at him]
Faith: Spirit do you want me to get you some punch? [She doesn’t answer yes in manual alphabet]
Faith: I’ll take that as a yes. [She walks over to the punch bowl. Sam shows up]
Sam: Hey Clair what’s going on over here? Oh my god is that Tom Brady?
Tom: In fact you are right sir it’s nice to meet you sir.
Clair: Wow everyone is in love with you Tom.
Tom: I’m glad that you are to.
Sam: I’ve never missed one of your games. EVER in my life.
Tom: Well I’d better get going now I’ll see you all tomorrow.
Clair: He sure is handsome.
Tracey: And I got like 45 pictures of him and I got a good film so far. I’m sure that I would defiantly win.
Clair: Were you coming over to tell me something Dad?
Sam: Oh yes uh what was it? Oh yeah it’s time for bed…
Clair: What it’s only 9:48 I’m not even tired.
Sam: I ment for your sister your mother wants you to put her to bed and then you can come back down.
Clair: Oh okay.
Tracey: So you’re Clair’s Dad say something for the camera.
Sam: Hey all you sweet people out there enjoy my face.
Star: Don’t you mean enjoy my pretty perfect little face world!
Sam: Star you stay out of this. [Star pushes Sam out of the way]
Star: So everyone in high school look at the prettiest face in the world!
Tracey: Alright I’ve had enough of you.
Star: Hey get more shots of perfect, pretty little me!
: I’m sure the whole world wants to see you.
Star: Yeah what do you think?
: Yes. [Clair walks over to Tom]
Clair: Uh Tom do you want to come to my room tonight.
Tom: What’s your room number?
Clair: I have my own room it’s B100.
Tom: Wow you’re lucky. Sure I’ll go to your room tonight.
Clair: Good come at 10:15.

crackersandcheese Posted: Apr 14th 2009

Hey guys, so sorry I havn't been on the site for ages and ages! I totally forgot! Sorry :-(

crackersandcheese Posted: Apr 14th 2009

SavedbyBishop Posted: Apr 17th 2009

Hey Crackersandcheese The topbun isn't hasn't answered to me since march 10th. I don't know where he is.:-(

crackersandcheese Posted: Apr 17th 2009

I'm sorry I havn't been on the site for ages. I forgot. I'm sure thetopbun will be back soon! :)

SavedbyBishop Posted: May 2nd 2009

Hey sorry i haven't answered. I just got back from Disney. But here's another chapter to the Wallace and Gromit story

Chapter 7: Brenda Glorious
At the punch bowl Hope is getting some punch and then a girl comes at she spills punch on Hope’s shirt.

Brenda Glorious: Oh my god I am so sorry.
Hope: My Mom is going to kill me this shirt belonged to her when she was young!
Brenda: I don’t know how that happened I guess I just tripped over something.
Hope: Oh it’s alright I’ll live with it for now.
Brenda: So who are you traveling with anyone?
Hope: I have a twin sister and two big sisters and Mom and Dad.
Brenda: Cool.
Hope: So who are you traveling with?
Brenda: Wait not here not now come on into the hallway. [The girls go into the hallway]
Hope: What is it Brenda.
Brenda: I don’t want anyone to know.
Hope: Why is something wrong with this?
Brenda: I’m on here alone. I’m not a stowaway though I had enough money. But years ago when I was two my Mom had to send me away because she said that there was a war going on where I was. She sent me away on a train and she said that she’d be with me in a year and I went to an orphanage. Two years past she still never showed up I didn’t know if she was dead. Then a person came and said that she was going to protect me till my mother came for me. She’s been very mean to me and to the other girls to who were her dancers and once [she looks around at people to see if no one is listening] she threatened me and the others with a gun.
Hope: What?!
Brenda: I ran away from her like two weeks ago and I hope to never… Oh god.
Hope: What is it?!
Groove: There you are!
Brenda: We’ve gotta hide! [They run into the hallway. Groove follows them]
Groove: Get back here Brenda Rich!
Brenda: Is she still behind us?
Hope: I think we kind of lost her. [They go around another corner and Brenda opens the door to her room and she slams it]
Brenda: Okay I think we’re safe now.
Hope: Brenda who was that?
Brenda: I didn’t even know Groove would by on this ship!
Hope: You mean Groove Rich is your guardian?!
Brenda: Yeah the dancer. Everyone thinks that she’s a harmful person but she’s not!
Groove: [Outside the door] If I ever catch you Brenda you’re going to regret what you just did!!!
Marie Courage: Do you mind people are trying to sleep in this hallway.
Groove: Well sorry. [15 minutes pass and the girls peak out into the hallway and Groove Rich is gone out of sight]
Brenda: Oh that was a close one!
Hope: You were almost captured by her again.
Brenda: It might have been a nightmare. I’m defiantly not going down.
Hope: Alright I guess I’ll see you tomorrow but it was nice meeting you tonight. [She walks back down to the ballroom]

crackersandcheese Posted: May 4th 2009

cool chapter!!!

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