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cherry66 Posted: Nov 26th 2008

heres something i wrote last night its only short, hope you enjoy.

"Ooweee. Ooooch" Gromit looked away in shame as wallace , injured yet again, rolled around of the floor. The whistle blew and everyone walked off." Well lad an improvement from last week eh, we only let in 9 goals, half of last week.
"MR Wallace Sir!"exclaimed pip "You forgot your football!"
Pip drop kicked the ball to wallace , he tried to control it but nded tripping over his laces and falling on the floor. Gromit rolled his eyes. "Cheers lad! Weell win soon!
Gromit raised an eyebrow, " Oh come on lad were bound to win once.... and i know how. The door flung open before wallace even touched it. "Chedder!"
"Aw lad we forgot to get hutch his cheese." Ah well he can have some vegetables eh hutch."
"Plllpt. Lovely foood, for rabbits that is." he remarked.
Wallace led gromit to the base ment. Carrying a bo the seemed to sparkle. He carefully placed the box on the table. " Behold lad my new boots.! Gromit put his head in his hands. The boots were a yellow colour and wer big but yet streamlined. "These are my Nikey Half 45s. These babies will make WWSFC, west wallaby street fc, win the moors cup.
Hehe nothing will stop us!"

It was the game against south grimsley fc. Wallace was there nice and early. Mr Mulch arrived. Flippin eck lad, what are those, pointing to his boots.. "I have a feeling we might just win today hahar." he replied.
The game kicked off, and wallace called for the balll "Over here, Im open.". Mr dibber passed to wallace. He flicked a switch on the boots and started doing all kinds of tricks and skills. "Woohehar" he cheered wiuth joy. A tackle camre in. "Gasp".! Amazingly wallace was kicked right on the booots but did not go down. "It carnt be !" exclamied the watching Mr Growbag. "Yay for Mr Wallace " cheered pip. He rean thorugh and scored. "YEEE" cheeered the crowd.The goals just kept coming , it finished 10 nil to WWSFC with wallace scoring all 10 goals. " It be a miricle cheered mr growbag.

Yipeee Gromit we won, we finally won. Its all thanks to the Nikey Half 45s. Soon the boots were the talk of the town and it was the final. West Wallaby street vs East Wallaby street. It was the morning of the game. "GAAH" Were are me boots. Wallace had loast his boots . They searched everywhere but couldnt find them . "Ooooh, i do like a bit of gorgonzola." They stared at hutch sitting on the bottom step. Eating something yellow. " Ahh me boots!" Hutch was eating wallaces' boots. "Oh dear" said wallace. They went to the gae and ... lost 9-0 . " I think ill make them look less like cheese next time lad hah ... ha" his voice slowed down. Gromit rolled his eyes and shook his head.

The End.

I hope you enjoyed the story and thanks for reading it. The attached image is an attempt of Hutch eating the boots ( yellow things in pic)

W&G4ever Posted: Nov 26th 2008

wow nice story

cherry66 Posted: Nov 26th 2008


SavedbyBishop Posted: Nov 26th 2008

That's a really great story

cherry66 Posted: Nov 27th 2008

once again thanks

cherry66 Posted: Nov 27th 2008

does anyone else have their own stories

SavedbyBishop Posted: Nov 27th 2008

I have a lot of stories about Wallace and Gromit and other stories i write. One Wallace and Gromit story is 253 pages long.

cherry66 Posted: Nov 27th 2008

thats a fair it longer than mine :)

Rioley Posted: Nov 27th 2008

I like it. I think it is very good.

SavedbyBishop Posted: Nov 27th 2008

You can read some of it on the foram "If you had..." because i posted some of it their.

cherry66 Posted: Nov 27th 2008

wow they are really good

SavedbyBishop Posted: Nov 27th 2008


hutchrocks Posted: Jan 7th 2009

WOW nice story, it sounds a lot like wallace and gromit

Well Done!!!

hutchrocks Posted: Jan 8th 2009

I wish I could see it if you actually made it,which I think you should, as a vidio


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