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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Sep 3rd 2007

The Animated Adventures Exhibition tour continues as Aardman pack their bags in Liverpool and make their way down to Woking. The exhibition will mark the opening of The Lightbox Gallery and Museum on the 14th of September.

In addition to being able to look behind the scenes of the Wallace and Gromit sets, the exhibition will also feature exclusive material from the new CBBC Shaun the Sheep animations, previously unseen by the public, and 'Hut 17', the memorable roosting place from the makers’ Chicken-Run movie.

Co-creators of Aardman Animations, David Sproxton and Peter Lord, are also former Woking Grammar School boys who shared their love of drawing cartoons in the school magazine. The Lightbox says it is hopeful that one or both will return to the town during the opening weekend.

The Lightbox opens Tuesday-Saturday from 10-5 and Sundays 11-5. It is closed Mondays, except Bank Holidays.

For more information on the Light Box and the Animated Adventures Exhibition please visit:

jordan Posted: Sep 4th 2007

awww shaun the sheep stuff i want to see! i really do hope it comes back to the north east/yorkshire area please.

CheeseGromit Posted: Sep 11th 2007

Ohh And By The Way When Does This One End?

Harry :D

doug-bob-emo-pants Posted: Sep 12th 2007

please come down round fareham /southampton or portsmouth area please i luv all aardman stuff:D

natnet Posted: Sep 13th 2007

is there going to be anthor:wallace:&:gromit: movie

anti-pesto Posted: Sep 27th 2007


Hutch Posted: Sep 28th 2007

Yup :)

Crazycheesebob Posted: Sep 29th 2007


darrel Posted: Oct 3rd 2007

i hope Wallace and Gromit come back on T.V

AyUp_Marc Posted: Oct 4th 2007

could you come up to scotland please?

ambs99 Posted: Oct 4th 2007


katie Aardman Staff Posted: Oct 4th 2007

hi Darrel, I had to edit your message. for your personal safety please don't give out your personal details online. thanks |-)

niallswand Posted: Oct 4th 2007

Are you coming uop to the Highlands?
Probably not.:'(:'(

stephen9643 Posted: Oct 4th 2007

Are you bringing the exhibition to the south west?

shaun 123 Posted: Oct 6th 2007

i can not wait till new movie
i love shaun the sheep

shaun 123 Posted: Oct 6th 2007

shauns the best
so is wallace
so is gromit
so is hutch

darrel Posted: Oct 7th 2007

i like Wallace and Gromit

cavor Posted: Oct 7th 2007

I take it this Animated Adventures Exhibition is on like a tour? does anyone here know what parts of the uk it will be stopping off.

Just would love to go and see this Exhibition

GROMO FAN Posted: Oct 9th 2007

I wish Wallace and Gromit stuff would happen in Australia! I would go to them!!

olwynn Posted: Oct 9th 2007

Please bring the exhibition to Canada! You've got tons of great fans of W&G over here also!

darrel Posted: Oct 9th 2007

is Wallace and Gromit comes back is there going to be anthor:wallace:&:gromit: movie

wendoline07 Posted: Oct 9th 2007

i.e. ME!

Shaun <3

darrel Posted: Oct 10th 2007

i love you Wallace

darrel Posted: Oct 10th 2007

i love you Wallace

eimear Posted: Oct 11th 2007

will wallace and gromit please come to ireland!!!

wandgfan21 Posted: Oct 14th 2007

where are all the exibitions going to be and weres my nerest one in the east

darrel Posted: Oct 15th 2007

is Wallace and Gromit comes back is there going to be anthor now wallace:&:gromit: movie

i love you Wallace

Josephine Posted: Oct 18th 2007

How about Manchester???!?!??!?!?!?!?!!?!??!!

ellzbellz Posted: Nov 9th 2007

cheese gromit

Tish Posted: Nov 25th 2007


abbey07 Posted: Nov 26th 2007

can you tell me if the exhibition is still on and where abouts it is thankyou:D

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Nov 29th 2007

hi abbey, its still on at the LightBox in Woking until January 13th. It then plans to move to Woodhorn Gallery - in Northumberland on the 25th January - we'll provide more details once this date is confirmed.

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 1st 2007

Katie, could the exhibit possibly come to Glasgow or Edinbrugh? If so, could you please tell me? It would be an amazing day out for me and my family!

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