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wallace and gromit fan no1 Posted: Dec 3rd 2008

do you think the show would be better or worse if gromit could talk.

crackersandcheese Posted: Dec 5th 2008

I think worse because gromit looks funny with all his facial expressions and body language. Also i think if gromit does not talk it makes him seem like a more realistic dog.:D thanks for posting a comment on my thread (if you had.....) cos no1 has replied 4 ages!!! :)

Future Animator Posted: Dec 5th 2008

If he had a mouth it would be stupid in a way because its cool that most of the time gromit cleans up wallaces mess without saying anything because he cant

iantimothy Posted: Dec 5th 2008

well, if nick had gromit talk from the beginning and he would talk til now, we would not know how good it would be if he didnt talk, so it would not be better or worse, but if he randomeley started talking i dont think it would work

PoisonIvy Posted: Dec 5th 2008

I think it's better if you doesn't talk, though.

wallace and gromit fan no1 Posted: Dec 6th 2008

i think its better that he dosnt talk

FlufflesRocks-xx Posted: Dec 26th 2008

if Gromit talked it wouldn't be right, if you know what I mean... His awesome eye brow raising and stuff, he's the brains of the duo and if he spoke it would make him to human... after all he is a dog

thetopbun Posted: Dec 26th 2008

Better is he doesn't talk cos if he could the films would be over to quickly! Like in AMOLAD if he said Piella is the killer then done in a flash... I am glad he chose an expressionet dog instead of a talking cat!

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