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Mark the shark Posted: Dec 15th 2007

Listen, Feathers was in Wrong Trousers and Project Zoo. They ain't gonna put him in anything else! Peroid.:-|

anti-pesto Posted: Feb 8th 2008

he has been in a close shave and curse of the were-rabbit 2 u no. yes it's possible

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 8th 2008

No I don't think so. :-(

Squish Posted: Feb 10th 2008

Yes he has!! (exited yelling, not mean) is in a close shave for a split second in bottom right hand corner in the scene where Wallace and Gromit are on the motorbike!!
He Is in CotW-R in the scene where the Were-Rabbit is stomping at the vegetable contest. He doesn't play any role them though. He just shows up.

P.S: My First Post!!!!!:D

conty Posted: Feb 12th 2008

welcome squish :)

gromitnhutch4ever Posted: Mar 2nd 2008

Hi this is my first post too.
What is Trouble at Mill???. Sorry for being a bit brainless. (:wallace4:)

gromitnhutch4ever Posted: Mar 2nd 2008

wghtmf Posted: Mar 25th 2008

Mark the Shark, they are gonn a put him in The Return Of Feathers mcGraw.

OwenAnimate Posted: Apr 5th 2008

Squish- Welcome!:D
gromitnhutch4ever- Trouble At Mill is the new WALLACE AND GROMIT episode being released this Winter!
wghtmf- There's a return of Feather s McGraw?!:O

wghtmf Posted: Apr 15th 2008

yeah, its not really by aardman, its gonna be by me

joshua2 Posted: Jul 5th 2008

i dont thinks so but it would be good if he was

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