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62westwallabystreet Posted: Dec 6th 2008

I think it's piella i'll list some reasons in a bit...

62westwallabystreet Posted: Dec 6th 2008

1)Look at the pic attached it looks like some sort of 'do it or the poodle get's it' scenario.

2)She owns her own bakery buisness...trying to get rid of the opposition

Please give your comments....

cool chris Posted: Dec 10th 2008

errrr she doesnt own a bakery besnus ive seen it

62westwallabystreet Posted: Dec 13th 2008

oops sorry mistake she was in the cmmercial for a slimming bread

Gromitfan115 Posted: Dec 13th 2008

I Would like it to be Feather's McGraw, because he would be the best come back for W&G

cool chris Posted: Dec 15th 2008

no its not:'(

thetopbun Posted: Dec 15th 2008

Definatley Piella! I think she will hit fluffles with that rolling pin!:-(:'(

Sammy the lamb Posted: Dec 17th 2008

I like to think that then feathers comes in through the door and points a gun at her (Mirroring Wrong trousers). He's reformed and come back as a chief police detective, and wants to thank Wallace and (Mainly) Gromit for stopping his life of crime - SPIN OFF SERIES Detective Feather Mc Grawl!

Dr Gromit Posted: Dec 17th 2008

It was Fluffles! (Sorry, fluffles) look at the evil in that dog's eyes!

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 17th 2008

It's Piella. It is. :)

62westwallabystreet Posted: Dec 17th 2008

I think it's intersting people think it's Feathers Mc Grawl
i still think it's piella though...But i'll have to wait and see

62westwallabystreet Posted: Dec 26th 2008

I watched it yesterday and iwas right!!!YAY and i was also right about the pic (top of page)

thetopbun Posted: Dec 26th 2008

Yes I was right! I said she was going to hit fluffles with the rolling pin! But I said she was the killer!

lucymac Posted: Dec 30th 2008

i watched it on christmas day
and i thought it was piella because gromit
found her book and she had crossed and killed
them and she had a rolling pin in her hand

Wallace&Gromit&FeathersMcGraw Posted: Feb 13th 2009

Hey Sammythelamb, that's genius, they should make a show of him, he's great.McGraw, Ace Detective

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