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DarkDaniel500 Posted: Dec 8th 2008

I want to know how to make a skin creamy colour for my animation movie

maurice701 Posted: Dec 10th 2008

You can mix red and white togeter to get a skin color. Dont use to much red. Do it carefull.

DarkDaniel500 Posted: Dec 30th 2008

thats makes pink

iantimothy Posted: Dec 30th 2008

they make flesh colored plasticine

Kenji67 Posted: Dec 30th 2008

Hello, I want to make an animation movie with characters made with plasticine. I have plasticine and I have a camera. What do I do next? Where do I get a software to put all my pictures together and make a film? Thanks for your help

womble1 Posted: Dec 31st 2008

try jpg its free

concon Posted: Dec 31st 2008

use a little red, a medium size bit of orange and a medium bit of white

thetopbun Posted: Dec 31st 2008

If you use Newplast use peach and a bit of stone and a bit of white...

kaiiak Posted: May 25th 2009

how long does it take in the andfilms to move in about 15 secounds

1 minute? 1 hour ? 1 day?
i'm not sure

cheesefanatic Posted: May 30th 2009

I mix pinky-red with white!:)

Ronn Posted: Jun 10th 2009

Try downloading Monkey Jam, its free and easy to use..

LufseN Posted: Jul 24th 2009

i'm using this one!

15 colours and each on 350 grs ;) it also include a "skin" colour :)

LufseN Posted: Jul 24th 2009

kaiik. I have heard that every animator tries to animate about 4 sec a day...

Groeneg Posted: Aug 21st 2009

4 seconds of film can be between 48 and 96 separate pictures, so it doesn't surprise me ;)

shaun the lamb Posted: Oct 2nd 2009

Actualy if you mix in enough white with red you will get flesh...
Thats what I do for my lenny models.
But you can buy big chunks of flesh coloured clay in hobby shops like Hobby Craft, or Hobby centre.
I recomend using Flair plasticine though.

yianni Posted: Sep 2nd 2011

use pink and mix with white to create this colour

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