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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Dec 10th 2008

Great news for gaming fans! We have just released our brand new Wallace & Gromit online game entitled "Top Bun".

Baker Bob has been murdered and it is your job to help Gromit fulfill his baking orders so the people of West Wallaby Street don't go hungry!

Follow the link below to start playing:
If you have any questions, comments, or want to brag about your score ;) please feel free to post below!


Michael2008 Posted: Dec 10th 2008

oh its grand! thnx

jordan Posted: Dec 10th 2008

my last score was 4011 before it was released , i havent played it since...BUT I WILL! is that peter sallis voice?

Chocachoc Posted: Dec 10th 2008

I think its good!

kieran Posted: Dec 10th 2008

this is my score i think it looks quite good, any way i think the game is brilliant well done.

iantimothy Posted: Dec 10th 2008

GREAT! very original! 3900 was my score

iantimothy Posted: Dec 10th 2008

what is the difference in the gold and silver ovens

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Dec 11th 2008

Gold ovens cook the bread even quicker than silver ovens. Great scores everyone! :)

iantimothy Posted: Dec 11th 2008

thanks, yeah i figured that out the second time i played, again very original, never really played a game like it, is it peter sallis?

Chocachoc Posted: Dec 11th 2008

If it isn't its a very good impressionist!

iantimothy Posted: Dec 11th 2008

yes i agree!

iantimothy Posted: Dec 11th 2008

hehe choc you are ranked number 2

cjayp33 Posted: Dec 13th 2008

cool game

Got to level 4, but unfortunately there was too much stuff happening i.e too much bread, the timing of the oven and the extra stuff, tjhat in the end it got so messy and confusing i gave up.

I need more practice though,, to get passed level 4

Squish Posted: Dec 13th 2008

I beat it! My score was: 4660. AWESOME!

Gromitfan115 Posted: Dec 13th 2008

I Love this game! i just cannot get off of it!

jills Posted: Dec 13th 2008

Well I didn't think I'd play, but the game is really fun! Not to mention difficult... I love Wallace's comments as he's just sat around not helping

woofit134 Posted: Dec 14th 2008

the game is gret.icudlud not sotp peling it its so good.

jills Posted: Dec 15th 2008

How did someone get 11,000+ points?!

alana harlan Posted: Dec 17th 2008

its fun:)

crackersandcheese Posted: Dec 18th 2008

Top Bun is really cool! My last score was 4400 and something! :D

Crakin Cheese Gromit Posted: Dec 21st 2008

Itz ace!

wgrock1015 Posted: Dec 24th 2008

well done lad!

wghtmf Posted: Jan 2nd 2009

Itz great fun kaite!

baby_fluffyx Posted: Jan 3rd 2009

i think the game is difficult but thats probebly because my mouse is doegy:'(

Leia233 Posted: Jan 12th 2009

i played it just a min a go and i didn't read my score and i got to the end :'( brb just gonna play it now again8):'(

Leia233 Posted: Jan 12th 2009

soz about the message

thetopbun Posted: Jan 12th 2009

No problem

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