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dug Posted: Dec 4th 2007

I have not seen anything new from wallace and gromit in some time.Is that all there will be? I'd hate to seen this end. Maybe Aardmann could do short little Mini Movies with Wallace & Gromit.Just a few minutes long each.

Take-offs on the Ben-Hur Chariot race,The Batman films, Harry Potter,and I could really see Wallace in a STAR WARS take-off getting ready to Battle light sabers with "The Wrong Trousers" Penguin (in a full black suit and short cape)Wallace would fumble with his light saber and accidentally turn it on---unfortunately backwards.His robe & clothes fall to the floor and he's left standing there in a glowing transparent blue color. He looks down at himself and says "....oh,dear"
Gromit (dressed as Han Solo) could be shooting Porridge Guns at Tie Fighters. Stormtroopers could be a group of bad tempered, trigger happy, clumsy, White Refrigerators (or whatever the box with wheels thing was on the Moon on "A Grand Day Out").

please Consider. Thank you

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Dec 5th 2007

Hi dug, I don't think Nick Park will give up just yet, especially if the new short film "Trouble At' Mill" does well! I'm sure he has loads of exciting ideas that haven't been used yet....

Seb Moderator Posted: Jan 5th 2008

As always, Nick works simply for the joy and fun of animation and whilst he still enjoys Wallace and Gromit I'm sure they won't end!

goatmaster99 Posted: Jan 6th 2008

ya go nik park totaly dude crank it 2 the max baby cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

Fourthtry Posted: May 14th 2008

I really think you should consider making a sequel to Flushed Away,I mean sure,the first one may have been a flop,but maybee a sequel should make up for all that eh? Just a thought.

Fourthtry Posted: May 19th 2008

Like you know,Roddy And Rita get married and have like a GAZZZZILLLLIOOON KIDS!!!!

Squish Posted: Dec 11th 2008

I hope they make more W&G, but Peter Sallice as getting somewhat old. They Can't Have Wallace and Gromit without Wallace.

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