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YueSiFu Posted: Nov 3rd 2010

this is my goku tell me what you think

Clay Fighter Posted: Nov 4th 2010

YueSiFu- I would love to see Goku (from dragon ball and dragon ball-z) but the image didnt appear, Maybe you need to resize it?

ajmole Posted: Nov 4th 2010

Nope, Aardman needs to approve images when people are on moderation. ; )

mmasonghi studios Posted: Nov 10th 2010

New drawing of chicken

Sniper chicken with a bubble gun LOL!

tiptopgolfy Posted: Nov 10th 2010

wow thats great!!!

mmasonghi studios Posted: Nov 10th 2010


conty Posted: Nov 12th 2010

wow some good drawings guys, youve all been busy

Clay Fighter Posted: Nov 20th 2010

Thats great!

conty Posted: Nov 21st 2010

thanks clayfighter

claymotion247 Posted: Nov 21st 2010

Ellie M Aardman Staff Posted: Nov 22nd 2010

Sorry Conty- I had to remove that picture as it wasn't appropriate for the forums

ajmole Posted: Nov 22nd 2010

Nice rocket.

Clay Fighter Posted: Nov 23rd 2010

Sorry Conty!
Well, I didnt think it was innapropriate! it was art- and she was'nt showing any rude bpdy features, but I suppose Ellie's word is final ;)

conty Posted: Nov 23rd 2010

hummm i did post it a few months ago on the same thread as a work in progress, and asked if it was ok, so i dont know what happened there then. as it was ok to post last month??, everyone agreed its just art and not in bad taste, but never mind i understand

Gromits little bro Posted: Nov 25th 2010

tbf Ellie has a duty of care towards us and if she deems it inappropriate, then it's inappropriate

Sniggles Posted: Nov 25th 2010

These are all such good drawings!

conty Posted: Nov 29th 2010

thought id have a go at doing a acrylic painting today, only took about 35 mins and its of my all time hero Pablo Picasso

thespazicat Posted: Nov 30th 2010

meh, just me messing with adobe illustrator

Clay Fighter Posted: Dec 15th 2010

A Peach Faced Lovebird I drew!
please tell me how I could improve, ideas, suggestions, if you liked it etc.

ajmole Posted: Dec 16th 2010

Aw, so cute! It looks so realistic and awesome!

Clay Fighter Posted: Dec 16th 2010

Thankyou Ajmole!

Clay Fighter Posted: Dec 17th 2010

A Mysterious Cat I drew!
please tell me how I could improve, ideas, suggestions, if you liked it etc

mmasonghi studios Posted: Dec 18th 2010

mmmm mysterious.......

Ursrut Posted: Dec 18th 2010

That looks good Clay Fighter.

Clay Fighter Posted: Dec 18th 2010

Thanks Ursut and Mmasonghi Studios!

ajmole Posted: Dec 19th 2010

Epic awesome. : D

Clay Fighter Posted: Dec 19th 2010


Clay Fighter Posted: Dec 19th 2010

claymotion247 Posted: Dec 20th 2010

super clay fighter:D

ajmole Posted: Dec 20th 2010

Aw, I love the Santa hat!

mmasonghi studios Posted: Dec 20th 2010

awesome turtle!

cavor Posted: Dec 23rd 2010

Great work guy' the festive santas hat Clay Fighter;)

Here's a festive picture I did for Aardmag last year

cavor Posted: Dec 23rd 2010

This is the cover I did for this years Festive Aardmag front cover.. but Sebs ( is have a bit of trouble with his work load I think! but I'm sure normal service should be back soon!!

Purple&Brown Posted: Dec 23rd 2010

They're amazing Cavor! How time flies, I can't believe its been a year since you drew that, I can remember it like it was yesterday! |-)

Noorithelion24 Posted: Dec 27th 2010

Well Done!

Noorithelion24 Posted: Dec 27th 2010

I love your Picture

NooraldeenA Posted: Dec 28th 2010

Hi,I am new Member

dogman Posted: Dec 29th 2010

hi every one i'm dogman you probably know me from whitepool , female gromit and gromit xmas i created thoe pictures and soon youll see my new one its called wallace and gromits big mobile girly manicure van. - ha,ha,ha

tiptopgolfy Posted: Jan 1st 2011

Happy New Year Everyone!!!
I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on something. My question is if i want to draw good cartoons do i need to stop copying comics and draw from life. I ask this as i worry i will never be able to draw from my imagination and will have only learnt to copy comics. Also if I need to start drawing from life where do i start what should i do?


cavor Posted: Jan 2nd 2011

Crackers can be so dry!!....with out cheeese!! :D

tiptopgolfy Posted: Jan 2nd 2011

great drawing cavor! wish i could draw like that!

cavor Posted: Jan 2nd 2011

Me too tiptopgolfy!! secret is I usually do several sketchy drawings then pick the best one, next I stick the best sketch on my light box and over trace with a fine ink pen

tiptopgolfy Posted: Jan 3rd 2011

oh clever!!

tiptopgolfy Posted: Jan 3rd 2011

cavor can you please do a tutorial on how you draw your wallace?
I have saw one in the wallace and gromit annual but its not as good as yours

cavor Posted: Jan 3rd 2011

I will see what i can do

tiptopgolfy Posted: Jan 3rd 2011


cavor Posted: Jan 3rd 2011

Hi tiptopgolfy
Done a bit of a tutorial...... sorry for the bleached out colours cheap web came.

Start your sketch using a 3or4B pencil (nice and soft) make all your lines faint,
first Lay down some construction lines,build your drawing up in a measured fashion around your constrution lines.

If you have a lightbox transfer your sketch to it then trace using a fine tipped ink pen, the ink drawing then can be scanned into a computer for colouring and finishing

Hope the video helps;)

666joshy666 Posted: Jan 3rd 2011

Great video Cavor! :D

cavor Posted: Jan 3rd 2011

Did not see this................ but I have answered you questions

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