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tiptopgolfy Posted: Jan 4th 2011

Thanks cavor! I might tryit out using my new mechanical pencil (its brilliant)

Hazzahoo Posted: Jan 19th 2011

wow your amazing conty


cavor Posted: Jan 20th 2011

I've had this idea in me head for so long...........just had to do!! hope you all like the picture

conty Posted: Jan 22nd 2011

good one cavor another one for the mag?

sorry ive not been posting but the drawings that i have been doing have not really been for this site, but i am working on a commission at the moment that i will be able to post here. its of my headmaster 'Mr Beaven' when i am closer to finishing i will post the drawing next to the photo so you can see the likeness.

The drawing has only really just started so it only has one layer of pencil, so none of the darks are showing yet, its just the very beginning;)

oh edit...i fogot to say i am now independant!!! woop woop passed my driving test this week:D

Sniggles Posted: Jan 22nd 2011

this looks really good! the proportions are just right! well done!

Ursrut Posted: Jan 22nd 2011

Cavor- That's is fantastic :D I think you chose the correct Doctor as far as fashion choice goes for Wallace :)

Conty- That's you second one of beavan isn't it? and congrats on passing you driving test- Look out world!

conty Posted: Jan 22nd 2011

yep but i was 14 when i done the last one. he commissioned this one after he seen the will smith drawing. and he will be paying for the original of this drawing

cavor Posted: Jan 23rd 2011

Looking good conty!! usual fantastic standard!!
Thanks guys for the coments on the picture....Oh congrat's in passing your driving test conty:D

Tetro Posted: Jan 27th 2011

hey its me potsy, whoah conty i just cant belive that you can draw so well at a young age! i'm doing pretty spiffing drawrings as you may have seen before but i dont know how to improve! anyway heres my latest drawing of sonic the hedghog its the best drawing i've ever done. hope you like it but again it's the wrong way again

Sniggles Posted: Jan 27th 2011

One of my drawings based of of George McClean's skteches. Please give feedback and comments!!!

Sniggles Posted: Jan 27th 2011

ah picture not loading!!!! i'll get it later

Ellie M Aardman Staff Posted: Jan 28th 2011

Tetro- I've edited you post as you revealed your age. Please do not ever mention your age on the forums!

cavor Posted: Jan 28th 2011

Great job Tetro....... hope you don't mind but I thought your picture deserved to be up loaded the right way up:)

mmasonghi studios Posted: Jan 28th 2011

good job tetro

Tetro Posted: Jan 28th 2011

thanks fellas oh and thx for putting it the right way cavor it looks much better:)

Heres another drawing i just did yesterday it's actually a drawing of a dog that conty did called Junior it took me bout 5 hours to do and i made it big so i could capture as much detail as i could let me know what you think, thx

Tetro Posted: Jan 29th 2011

here it is hope you like it!

cavor Posted: Jan 30th 2011

Looks good Tetro, keep up the good work;)

ollyg123 Posted: Jan 30th 2011


Sniggles Posted: Jan 31st 2011

finally! here is my baby deer sketch!

Sniggles Posted: Jan 31st 2011

please give helpful feedback and comments!!

conty Posted: Feb 1st 2011

tetro sonic is great, youve done a good job:)
your dog drawing is very good, it looks like my junior drawing. is it a sheltie?

sniggles your drawing is very good, maybe draw your drawing larger next time, you will be able to add alot more detail, your proportions are good:)

ive done a bit more to my portrait drawing, its still not finished though

Sniggles Posted: Feb 1st 2011

wow this looks really good! it looks more natural then the picture before when it was unfinished! i might even stop the picture there.

conty Posted: Feb 1st 2011

tetro sorry i just re-read your last post, what a compliment to draw one of my drawings! thankyou, i thought it looked like mine too. well done :D

sniggles, thankyou but i cant leave it there yet. ive got hours and hours of work left to do on it, none of the drawing is done, i need to add to the darks, work on the skin, the mouth/teeth, hair and the clothes. all of it really

Tetro Posted: Feb 2nd 2011

thx conty oh and i hope you don't mind that i did copy Junior, any ways i could improve on him?

conty Posted: Feb 2nd 2011

tetro you have done a great job and i dont mind you drawing junior at all. if you want to improve, just dont rush to get it done. it takes apox 20 hours to draw a dog, just keep adding to the drawing going over what you have done adding more darks. if something is white on the drawing dont draw on that bit of paper, keep the whites white.

if you really want to get better, you need to be drawing on bristol smooth paper and need a really good set of hb pencils and a putty rubber, hope that helps;)

Clay Fighter Posted: Feb 4th 2011

I love My Putty Rubber!
I always mold it into shapes when thinking of inspiration to draw!

flicster Posted: Feb 5th 2011

While visiting my daughter's kindergarten classroom today, I noticed the following assignment of hers up on the wall along with those of her other classmates. While most of the kids answered the question "If I went into outerspace, I would see ..." with things like the moon or planets, my daughter, no doubt thanks to Wallace and Gromit, had a different response.

conty Posted: Feb 7th 2011

a cooker on ski's perhaps he he

i have some very good news.... i have been sent a photo from Stephen Frys PA to do a drawing of him. i have put the headmaster to one side for the moment as i cant wait to get started on it.

The Stephen Fry drawing is being done on A2 so is going to be much larger than what i normally do. i will post an update of the drawing as soon as i have enough on the paper to show you:D

Gromits little bro Posted: Feb 7th 2011

Wait- Stephen Fry has commissioned you to do a portrait of him?


cavor Posted: Feb 7th 2011

Well done conty!!......starting to go places....and not before time too:D

conty Posted: Feb 7th 2011

humm i dont think he'll be buying it if its not any good. so i gotta do a good job of this one. and keep my fingers crossed
thanks cavor but i dont know about that, early days yet. ive got a long way to go, but im gonna give it my best shot;)

cavor Posted: Feb 7th 2011

You always do a super job conty;)

Tetro Posted: Feb 8th 2011

yeah keep it up and thanks for the advice ill keep that in mind

Vidpal Posted: Feb 8th 2011

potsy Posted: Feb 10th 2011

hey fallas im backas potsy again instead of tetro

Hry do you think i should draw my friends at school?

brenna3t Posted: Feb 12th 2011

These are all super cool!

potsy Posted: Feb 15th 2011

i showed my drawing of JUNIOR TO MY Art teacher today and she said that some yr10's can't even draw that good and im in yr7

P.S- Iv'e got a first customer! He asked me to draw a wolf for him and that he'll pay me $15 for it!

Clay Fighter Posted: Feb 15th 2011

Thats awesome Potsy!

potsy Posted: Feb 16th 2011

I KNOW! I hope more people ask me!

conty Posted: Feb 17th 2011

potsy thats fantastic news, thats how it all started for me. and i used to draw my friends at school, mainly girls though;)

every drawing you do, you learn from your mistakes and dont make the same mistake on the next one, so practice makes perfect.
if you are drawing a portrait of a friend, take a photo of them to use as reference, if your not sure if the drawing looks right, you dont need to ask anyone else just hold your drawing up to the mirror and you will see ALL of the things you havent got right. its a great tip:)
The lady that commissioned me to draw Junior seen your drawing and she said it was lovely and she could see it was Junior. keep up your good work

potsy Posted: Feb 18th 2011

awesome conty!

I asked a girl today if i could draw her and she sorta just stared at me and walked away...
Any ideas why?

conty Posted: Feb 19th 2011

LOL dunno potsy, the girls always asked me to draw them. maybe try drawing a famous girl/woman then when the girls see youve done a good job they will ask you to do them;)

potsy Posted: Feb 19th 2011

thanks for the tip conty.

i might draw Opra Winfery.

conty Posted: Feb 21st 2011

heres a pastel drawing that i have just done of 'Dyson' a Clumber Spaniel

mmasonghi studios Posted: Feb 22nd 2011

i have some pastels but i'm no good with em

conty Posted: Feb 23rd 2011

that was my first go at using pastels, but i am working on another at the moment getting a bit more practice in using them. i do prefer pencils;)

Sniggles Posted: Feb 23rd 2011

hey guys!!!!! i just got asked to make a huge card for a play writer!!!!!! and i get payed!!!!!

conty Posted: Feb 25th 2011

congratulations snuggles!! what good news:D post your card here when your done i would love to see it.

ive just finished another dog portrait

Gromits little bro Posted: Feb 25th 2011

Sniggles Posted: Feb 26th 2011

awwww!!!!!!!!!!! this is amazing!!!!!!!! the texture of the fur is really good!

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