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conty Posted: Feb 27th 2011

just finished the headmaster drawing. now i can get on with the stephen fry drawing that i cant wait to get started on:D

Sniggles Posted: Feb 27th 2011

wow this is so good!! i love the detail around the eye!

conty Posted: Feb 27th 2011

thanks sniggles, i dont know why my pictures dont come up any more, any one got any ideas why please???

cavor Posted: Feb 28th 2011

is the file size to big !!

Sniggles Posted: Feb 28th 2011

here is a part of my drawing i did for my english project

potsy Posted: Mar 1st 2011

wow conty thats amazing, but how did you get that' bronze browny' sort of colour it looks really good!
Sniggles your drawing is great but you could probably go darker with the outline of the animals and like conty says... dont be afraid to make the darks darker.
hope this helps!

P.S I'm starting a drawing of rowan atkinson now!

cheesehead302 Posted: Mar 1st 2011

does it have to be w and g

conty Posted: Mar 1st 2011

cavor, i dont think so i re-sized it 300x400 pixels so that i can download to the internet, and its never happened before and im using the same camera. i think ive done something but i dont know what ive done.

sniggles, good drawing;)

potsy good luck with the rowan atkinson drawing, and i dont know why it looks a bit bronze, it may be the camera as i had to take a photo of the drawing as it was too large to scan, and it was taken in doors so maybe thats why

potsy Posted: Mar 2nd 2011

ok conty and i hope my drawing goes well too.
ill put it on here as soon as i can!

conty Posted: Mar 3rd 2011

My own web site is now live, please take a look :D

cavor Posted: Mar 3rd 2011

Super website conty is it the free version?

conty Posted: Mar 3rd 2011

no unfortunatly, i have paid for my own domain and website for 2 years, but i am pleased with it. i was recommended to wix by the company that produce my ltd editions, it was'nt too hard to set up, and i can add more to it as i produce more art/sculptures. ive already had 2 orders, so its a start

Nathan M Posted: Mar 3rd 2011

That is one cool website, :D

potsy Posted: Mar 3rd 2011

thats cool. do you think i could get an order from you?!

cheesehead302 Posted: Mar 3rd 2011

ive got a few game characters and to the conty :su:Orprise: how do you do that its so realistic!!!! hooooooowwwww!!!?????!!!??!!!!!!!!!!!!!??!!!!!!!

conty Posted: Mar 4th 2011

potsy, you can order what you like at my web site, contact me there;)

potsy Posted: Mar 5th 2011

cool thx conty but imnot sure if i can afford it cause thats roughly $300 over here

Sniggles Posted: Mar 5th 2011

have any of you guys heard of george mclain? he is a really talented artist. he paints wildlife but it is incredible!

potsy Posted: Mar 6th 2011

heres the start of Rowan, hope you like it so far.
This is the first time i've done a deccent drawing of a person that actually looks good and realistic. It was als o the first time i ever drew hair on a person so i think i've done well

potsy Posted: Mar 6th 2011

heres the start of Rowan, hope you like it so far.
This is the first time i've done a deccent drawing of a person that actually looks good and realistic. It was als o the first time i ever drew hair on a person so i think i've done well.

potsy Posted: Mar 6th 2011

judging by this pic though, you can tell i don't have the right photography equipment

Ursrut Posted: Mar 6th 2011

That looks great potsy!!!!

conty Posted: Mar 6th 2011

potsy, the hair is brilliant! well done mate, keep at it:)

cavor Posted: Mar 6th 2011

Well done potsy .....Mr Bean is coming along nicely

Sniggles Posted: Mar 6th 2011

it is looking really good so far!!!! i love the expression on his forehead!!!!!

conty Posted: Mar 10th 2011

i dont know if you remember the Will Smith drawing i done? well i have just had a address sent to me for me to post the drawing to him.. just holding my breath now.. will i get a reply? erghhh

Sniggles Posted: Mar 10th 2011

more good news! my school musical is bye bye birdie and me and my friend got our posters both chosen to be posted all around school to go see the musical out of fifteen other people!

potsy Posted: Mar 11th 2011


potsy Posted: Mar 11th 2011

OH AND THANKS sNIGGLES yeah he does have a funny expresion on his face. sorry about the caps lock it'sa typo

conty Posted: Mar 16th 2011

heres the start of Stephen Fry, it doesnt look much but its the largest drawing ive done yet its A2, lots and lots of work to do

conty Posted: Mar 16th 2011

try again, why does it keep doing that?

conty Posted: Mar 16th 2011

its still not working

potsy Posted: Mar 17th 2011

Well your doing relly well, especially on an A2 piece of paper. Thats big!

potsy Posted: Mar 25th 2011

Heres my update of Rowan for you.
It needs to be darkened and I need to fix the bottom of his face up a bit, so there's still a lot of work I need to do

conty Posted: Mar 28th 2011

potsy its looking great, like you said you still have plenty more to do, dont give up keep working on all the small details;)

potsy Posted: Mar 29th 2011

thanks for the advice conty.:)

Can you tell me what you used to create your website?

conty Posted: Mar 29th 2011

you need to own the domain first, then i went and designed the website myself at then you link the domain name and your web design together. it wasn't really easy to do and took quite a bit of time plus its costly to do. it cost me just over £200 and i only own the name < Link removed by EllieM as it contained personal details > for 2 years. i wouldnt recommend you do it unless your thinking of drawing for your job, theres plenty of very good sites to show your work for free with your own page. like

Ellie M Aardman Staff Posted: Mar 31st 2011

Hi Conty- I've removed the link to your site (which is very nice by the way!) as it contained personal details including a phone number. Please do not post that link again on the forums

conty Posted: Apr 1st 2011

Ok Ellie no problems, and thankyou I'm pleased you like it. I thought that I would get loads of spam and people messing about but luckily I have had none, everyone has only used the contact for the purpose it was intended. Think I've been lucky so far lol

potsy Posted: Apr 3rd 2011

thanks conty. I might put some of my things on deviantart. I've seen their site and it looks quite good.

I've just about finish Rowan. I changed alot of things on him to make it look more llike him. Like I changed the shape of his jaw because it was too big and square, now it looks more like him.

However I am a bit disappointed. I think I could have done better but practice makes perfect right?

conty Posted: Apr 4th 2011

it is a good place to show your art work and its free.
so are we going to see the finished drawing? and if it helps. i always feel exactly the same i am never satisfied with my drawings even when they are finished. i always look at it and think of all the things i could of done better. but i think thats just the way it is for most artists, i am my own worst critic

potsy Posted: Apr 5th 2011

Yes you will see Rowan soon. I just need to upload it on my p.c. and then I should be right to go. I'll put it on here soon
And thanks for that conty. it made me feel a bit better and that I can never be absolutely satisfied with my work.

potsy Posted: Apr 8th 2011

sorry about the delay. Here he is! Let me know what you think...

conty Posted: Apr 12th 2011

great job potsy!! the hair and eyebrows are very good, you could of done better on the clothes, dont forget there are no harsh lines its only shades of light and dark, you just probably rushed to get it finished, the same with the line around his chin, just needs more shading/softening to make it look more real. but over all you have done a fantastic job. it looks just like him. your art teacher should be very pleased:D

thespazicat Posted: Apr 12th 2011

hello everyone, long time no see, recently i have been practicing using charcoal pencils to create monochrome drawings, i have then scanned them into photoshop to colour them in, the results actually turned out pretty smart, heres one of a dog in a suit, its litterally a "reservoir dog"

thespazicat Posted: Apr 12th 2011

and heres one i just did today in my sketch pad, its kind of an anti-smoking drawing

thespazicat Posted: Apr 12th 2011

oops, didnt laod, try here

Ursrut Posted: Apr 12th 2011

Very stylistic spazicat!! Both sketches look great!

thespazicat Posted: Apr 12th 2011

thanks, if u ever try charcoal pencilsa, u'll find they are quite good for drawing with than regular graphite or lead

thespazicat Posted: Apr 12th 2011

heres another sketch from my sketch book, its everyones favourite menace, dennis, coloured in photoshop to mimic those old bad colouring in beano books,though this one was drawn with anger and rage for 2 reasons.

1. I watched an episode of the new dennis tv show, and i am very very annoyed on all the political correctness added, he is no longer a menace.

2. Years ago, when i was about say 12 or 11, i sent a letter to dc tomphson, the people who publish the beano, dandy, broons and oor wullie about how i wanted to work for them as an artist when i was old enough. I included drawings to show how into comics i was, ones i worked hard on, they never responded. i sent 3 letters to them, and they never responded, not even just a little advice on how to improve drawing skills. being 11 or 12, that actually kind of hurt

since that day i have had a grudge on that company and because of it, stopped buying the beano all together.

sadly aswell, they were the company who inspired me to draw in the first place

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