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Sniggles Posted: Jun 2nd 2011

here is a drawing i did from september. our class was doing bamboo stick and ink drawing. this is a practice one of a fish! the real picture was much better.

mmasonghi studios Posted: Jun 2nd 2011

looks great conty

conty Posted: Jun 3rd 2011

sniggles thats good, its not easy using ink;)

cheers mmasonghi, ive done a bit more to it

mmasonghi studios Posted: Jun 3rd 2011

cool :D

conty Posted: Jun 3rd 2011

a bit more of the Stephen fry i promised

Sniggles Posted: Jun 6th 2011

it's looking really good conty!

conty Posted: Jun 9th 2011

FINISHED Rhino Drawing :D

conty Posted: Jun 9th 2011

close up of drawing

aleglezu Posted: Jun 9th 2011

Hi! I'm a production master degree student. I must do a homework about animation. I must describe how I will organize the production of a shortfilm. But I don't even know how much time it takes to make the popets/characters? How much time does it takes to shoot a short animated film? how much money does it cost to produce the characters? Can anybody help me please.

Sniggles Posted: Jun 10th 2011

conty! wow the rhino looks fantastic!!! this is probably one of the best drawings i have seen you post on this forum!

conty Posted: Jun 11th 2011

cheers sniggles

potsy Posted: Jun 16th 2011

Hey there guys. Sorry I havn't been on here for a while. I've been busy on deviantart putting my drawing up on there.

Havn't made any progress on Jay Sean. I've been too busy =(

Rhino is great conty!! I couldn't do that.

I'm entering a competition to win roguhly in pounds 100,000!!!/ In AUS $50,000

I have to make a design on a Converse All Star shoe.
got 4 days to do it....
Wish me luck

@aleglezu- It depends on what sort of materials your working on. If you wanted to make an animation from clay, it would approx take about 4 hours to have the finishing product film last around 2 and a half minutes. It's a lot of work...

It costs a fair bit to shoot even a short film. As you need helpers to do it, and the right animation equipment...
For me it takes about a week to finalize a character/puppet. That includes doing a rough sketch of it deciding how it acts and finally producing that certain character.

Hope that helps. Sorry I don't know much seeing as I have never worked in any sort of animation and I am still in high school in year 7.

cheese gromit cheese Posted: Jun 18th 2011

How do you get a image profile :)

conty Posted: Jun 21st 2011

just finished a Cocker Spaniel drawing:)

Sniggles Posted: Jun 21st 2011

that looks really good! and god luck posty!

Gromits little bro Posted: Jun 26th 2011

Conty, you're too talented! Those are really really good!

conty Posted: Jun 28th 2011

thanks thats kind to say but i have so much more to learn yet:)

nam man06 Posted: Jul 1st 2011

potsy Posted: Jul 4th 2011

Good pic though seeing as it's done on the pc. :)



nam man06 Posted: Jul 4th 2011

oh, yeah. I also posted this other picture i did on the "your creations" page, do you think it will get featured or will it be too off topic? (i guess the guy in the picture is wearing W&G pants so thats a start)...

nam man06 Posted: Jul 4th 2011

creepy, it got featured just as i refreshed my page... :O

Abbi1234 Posted: Jul 5th 2011

potsy Posted: Jul 5th 2011


nam man06 Posted: Jul 8th 2011

-New pictures!-

response to a funny thread i saw (you have to see it) :

nam man06 Posted: Jul 8th 2011

the new Daleks remind me of a product made by apple:

conty Posted: Jul 16th 2011

I thought you guys might like to know, Stephen Fry tweeted a photo of me with his drawing global last night and he sent me a message, my inbox nearly had a melt down, i am SO happy!!:D:D:D;)

Gromits little bro Posted: Jul 17th 2011


potsy Posted: Jul 17th 2011

Great work conty! You deserve it...
I have to draw someone a picture of a GypsyVanner horse.

conty Posted: Jul 19th 2011

Thanks guys, things have gone a bit mad since Stephen Fry Tweeted my art work. David Shepherds wildlife foundation have rung me up as i am drawing a Tiger and they are tying to save the Tiger, its called Tiger Time.

YOU can help save the Tiger by visiting this site, sign up and show your support

also a few newspapers have contacted me, so looks like i will be in the papers next week LOL
heres a photo of me drawing the Tiger, still got loads more to do yet :)

kld loves wallace for eva Posted: Jul 19th 2011

conty Posted: Jul 21st 2011

ive just been training and my sports coach came in carrying this!!!! he got it on a board outside a news agents LOL what a shock:O


conty Posted: Jul 21st 2011

heres what they are talking about, this drawing i done of Stephen Fry:D

Gromits little bro Posted: Jul 21st 2011

Haha, I had to go on twitter to see it. It's VERY GOOD. :D

Ursrut Posted: Jul 22nd 2011

Well Done, it's Fantastic ;):D

KirstenW Aardman Staff Posted: Jul 22nd 2011

Great work everyone - and well done conty, what an excellent drawing! :)

conty Posted: Jul 22nd 2011

thankyou kirsten, apparently i was on the HTV news tonight about my drawings!!

:OThey didnt tell me so i missed it LOL

The Daily Mirror rang me up yesterday so i dont know if its going in that paper too, Its been in 4 newspapers today. its all gone a bit mad

Sniggles Posted: Jul 23rd 2011

ahaha! that's amazing! congrats though!!!!

Clay Fighter Posted: Jul 23rd 2011

Great Job Conty!! :D

conty Posted: Jul 25th 2011

im on TV again tonight on HTV at 6 oclock :) gotta rush:O

conty Posted: Jul 27th 2011

anyone that would like to see me on TV talking about my drawings heres 2 links, my knees were like jelly!!

Roosterlee Posted: Aug 1st 2011

Your a amazing drawer Conty. Absoluely brilliant!!!

conty Posted: Aug 1st 2011

Thankyou roosterlee :)

Roosterlee Posted: Aug 1st 2011

I didn't see the link your posted about you on TV. Wow your a great artist!

Wilsations Animations Posted: Aug 10th 2011

Well Done Conty!!

cheesehead302 Posted: Aug 11th 2011

cool stuff conty all of that to the creation contest ill vote 5 stars

Gromit Fan47 Posted: Aug 11th 2011

Roosterlee Posted: Aug 13th 2011

aleglezu -
It takes a couple of days or about a week to make a animated short film,which runs for about three to five minutes. As you have to move the models and edit the video afterwards.

It depends on what materials you use for your set. But the set and armatures would cost quite alot.

Good luck with your project. Hope my information helps.

wallace05man Posted: Sep 10th 2011

here's one i just drew

Sniggles Posted: Sep 11th 2011

Well the other day I drew a picture of the American Flag, and my friends took it down to downtown Manhattan and placed it on a wall dedicated to the victims of 9/11. Just remember this day and pray for all the victims of that day. I am glad my artwork was able to make a small difference.

potsy Posted: Sep 15th 2011

Hey there drawers! here's Avril Lavigne for ya!

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