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LoveShaun19 Posted: Nov 5th 2012

Pretty yellow colour. :)

Dr Jimmy Jam Posted: Nov 25th 2012

Im going to do one for ya! Hey, do you know how to pass level 9 in wallaces workshop?
could you put the code on for your way of doig it? 

cheesehead302 Posted: Nov 26th 2012

Here's a much better drawing of Link. (It's colored this time!)

cheesehead302 Posted: Nov 26th 2012

Um, maybe it'll work this time?

LoveShaun19 Posted: Dec 31st 2012

Nice drawing.  May God bless. :)

LoveShaun19 Posted: Jan 10th 2013

This is another/better drawing I did of singer( 1960‘s-present), Neil Innes. Mr. Innes was a member of " The Bonzo dog doo/dah band".He worked with Monty Python for a little while, writing songs and sketches ( For those who have seen " Monty Python and the Holy Grail", he had bit parts as a monk, an unfortunate servant, and Sir Robin‘s Minstrel, and he also wrote the music for the movie). He wrote and sang songs as a member of the well-known Beatles Parody group," The Rutles" He later had a singing career in his own right, and is still performing today.

mmasonghi studios Posted: Apr 4th 2013

I made this as a thumbnail for a youtuber named wheezywaiter.

PeaceandBiscuits Posted: Apr 7th 2013

Wow, just found this forum... All your art is amazing! I should seriously post some soon. :)

bowserjr Posted: Apr 10th 2013

Have to agree with Peacenadbiscuits, you guys are really talented. I used to draw a lot when I was younger but somehow lost interest over the years...

Anyway, looking forward to seeing more of this good stuff coming! :)

Jose Antonio Posted: Apr 18th 2013

I love it

Morph123 Posted: Apr 22nd 2013

this is my drawing which is on the creation of the month please vote for it and like it of course.

gromitrox123 Posted: Apr 28th 2013

Awsome drawing morph123!

mmasonghi studios Posted: May 2nd 2013

I painted this a couple months ago, and I Photoshopped it a little today.

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