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luke Posted: Dec 5th 2007

I want to make a film with all of these characters but i can't think of a storyline. I have made 10 1minute animations with the blue on but i am having trouble incuding these new characters

luke Posted: Dec 5th 2007

here are the characters

dan123 Posted: Dec 5th 2007

Cool characters and u could do a episode were all six of them enter themselves into a six a side footy tournament but if you like it you might hav to make more characters

Harry Posted: Dec 5th 2007

i have a idea,well they could have names but its your choice if they do but heres the story,the blue one is walking down the set then the others 1 by 1 fly in from the sky doing what they do and then they all stand still looking cool,well that could be a trailer but heres a tip,dont take big stride pictures,good luck luke, harry

dug Posted: Dec 5th 2007

Wallace might be doing some "HARMLESS DNA ALTERATION" on the basement mice so that they eat less of his cheese.
As usual a frayed wire or broken lever turns them into Mutated soccer loving creatures who trash the house and the kitchen (eating everything BUT cheese) Then Gromit would have to use a soccer ball to lure them to a local football field and let them tear into each other (not literally)because their mutant HOOLIGANS! They cheat, they bite, they kick groin. Wallace and Gromit could then be seen sitting in the bleachers waving flags and cheering them on so they exhaust themselves completely falling to the ground in a heap on each other. Then one by one the HOOLIGAN mice "pop" back into the mice they were at the start. Except to the horror of Wallace they start to slowly chant "..cheese...CHEESE...CHEESE!!!!"

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