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F4G Posted: Dec 16th 2008

Just a place for crazy obsessives like me... it's a tribute to Aardman's amazingness that not only did they create an incredibly likeable poodle, they also actually created a coupling worthy of each other in her and Gromit! After having to see so many terrible ships (e.g. Hermione and Ron in HP, Will and Kate in the West Wing, Max and 99 in Get Smart - what is WITH them???) it's wonderful that Gromit's found the perfect match. And YES, I am slightly insane.

F4G Posted: Dec 17th 2008

... ah. i see. it hasn't come out yet. that would explain a lot. hmm...

F4G Posted: Dec 21st 2008

Oh. My goodness. I just found - I swear it's true - the PERFECT Fluffles counterpart. Checkit!!!

FlufflesRocks-xx Posted: Dec 26th 2008


They are an awesome couple, the only other couple more obvious than them is Hermione and Ron! Fluffles is a work of art, she is pretty and a little nervous but she looks so dainty and if you ask me, it's about time Gromit found Fluffles... yay!

F4G Posted: Apr 10th 2009

YAY!!! Somebody else likes Fluffles, i'm not actually mad!!! Oh this is cool!!!

EchoRose Posted: Apr 12th 2009

Fluffy and Gromit are so cute together. I know her name's realy Fluffles, but I'm not very comfortable with using that name (and I don't think she was too fond of it ether). I hope they make a new series with her in, that would just be cool. CUTE!

Fifi1997 Posted: Apr 14th 2009

Fluffles Rocks and it would be and A N M A Z Z I N G DVD if they made one with her in huh huh i think that`d be cool yeahhhh (h)

funkycheese7000 Posted: May 27th 2009

Fluffles is fantastic! Not only is she :OAMAZINGLY CUUUTE:O but she's also really brave! You'd have to be pretty brave to take on Piella! She must also be quite clever to be able to drive a fork-lift truck!

gromitfan1 Posted: Jul 21st 2009

i think that fluffles is a good match for gromit but i never really tought that gromit would have a romance? he isn't that kind of dog.

gromitlovefluffles Posted: Jul 25th 2011

if fluffles can
be the next movie i'll say a load YES!!!!

sheperdess Wendolene Posted: Feb 17th 2012

She is just lovely, can she be more beautiful and charming?

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