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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Dec 6th 2007

Wallace & Gromit fans in the US will be pleased to hear that "Wallace & Gromit: 3 Amazing Adventures" has now been released with bonus material!

This cracking DVD collection features the 3 classic short films (A Grand Day Out, The Wrong Trousers and A Close Shave) plus 2 bonus episodes of Aardman's newest TV series, Shaun the Sheep!

You can get your copy from all good entertainment outlets. Click here to view product information on Amazon.

kieran Posted: Dec 6th 2007

why do they keep bringing new versions of this dvd?

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 6th 2007

Who cares? It's great!

jills Posted: Dec 6th 2007

Not sure, Kieran, but it's likely because the previous version has gone out of print, and since they have to make more anyway, they may as well update it with extras, in this case, a new show, which is a great way to advertise and make fans. I'm happy

jills Posted: Dec 6th 2007

Oh yeah, it's a great cover, too :D

EDogg Posted: Dec 6th 2007

Does anyone know if this actually has the "cracking contraptions" segments that previous DVDs have contained? I already have the three old regular W&G episodes, but would like to get that extra twenty minutes of shorts that previous DVDs (which are no longer in print) contained.

EDogg Posted: Dec 6th 2007

Oh yeah, I should point out I'm in the US and trying to get these such that they'll play on various DVD Players in the house (not just the region-free player purchased for UK edition 'Ali G' episodes)

jills Posted: Dec 7th 2007

EDogg, I just ordered the DVD yesterday. When it arrives, I'll let you know if the CCs are included.

Mibso Posted: Dec 7th 2007

Cracking Contraptions is only available as extras in Curse of The Were Rabbit. I think its only with the double disk special edition. It could still be in there, anyway. Hope I have helped!

cavor Posted: Dec 8th 2007

Looking on the website of this new W & G DVD release I noticed that the run time is 190 mins, I have an earlier W & G DVD release "Wallace & Gromit : Three Cracking Adventures [1990]" ( ) which runs for 96 mins, this new DVD does appear to be a fair bit longer.

jills it would be a nice idea if you could give us a full review (brake-down of all the content) on the new DVD when you have watched it Thanks.

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 8th 2007

Yeah, good idea, Cavor!;)

jills Posted: Dec 8th 2007

Shall do. Amazon says it has been sent, so it should be soon.

Cavor, I think the run time may be longer on the latest release because of the Shaun the Sheep episodes (it's very good if you haven't watched yet), but hopefully the Contraptions are on it as well. The Curse of the Were-Rabbit DVD I have has only a few of them. Since it isn't mentioned as a bonus feature, I worry that they're not included There's still a chance, of course :D

(I thought I'd add that 3 Adventures is on sale at Amazon until the end of the year. I got it for $11)

cavor Posted: Dec 9th 2007

Hi jills you do have a point about the shaun the sheep episodes extending this new DVD but that should only put about an extra 20 mins on to it?

jills Posted: Dec 9th 2007

Yeah, that's right Cavor, there's still time unaccounted for, even if they ran more than 20 minutes plus the trailers. If no one else here has watched it yet we'll just have to wait until mine arrives...

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 10th 2007


jills Posted: Dec 10th 2007

I'm pleased to be the bearer of good news. In the nicely packaged new DVD release, we all get Cracking Contraptions, two episodes of Shaun the Sheep, a "featurette" which I'll comment on when I've viewed it, plus "Inside the Wrong Trousers" and Nick Park's commentary on all 3 shorts. Yay! Cavor, you were right! :D Now I've finally replaced my W&G VHS tapes. ;) Enjoy, everyone!

(That's the fastest shipping I've seen from Amazon in a long time!)

EDogg Posted: Dec 12th 2007

Thanks a bunch for posting the infor - this is terrific news!!! I'm off to Amazon to order it now!

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 14th 2007

Yeah, same!

jack2468 Posted: Dec 25th 2007

I've noticed that this DVD was released by HIT Entertament and 20th Century Fox;)

jills Posted: Dec 26th 2007

I found it funny that the HIT announcement that the dvd comes with their Autoplay feature "for our convenience" actually slows down the starting of it :-| hehe

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 26th 2007

Where did 20th Century Fox come in to Aardman?:D

jack2468 Posted: Mar 24th 2008

Which Shaun the Sheep episodes are inculded? Plus I have 3 Cracking Adventures. It has the three flims, a film about the making of Wallace and Gromit (called The Amazing World of Wallace and Gromit) and 12 BBC 1 Christmas indents.

kieran Posted: Mar 25th 2008

i wish the wallace and gromit dvd would have play all

jodyblue1 Posted: Mar 26th 2008

yes i have that dvd(but in video) cavor

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