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mmasonghi studios Posted: Nov 17th 2009

do you yuose helium frog

thetopbun Posted: Nov 18th 2009

I do sometimes. It is my main one now though

666joshy666 Posted: Jan 7th 2010

Purple&Brown Posted: Jan 8th 2010

Thats a mould thing for lip sync, marc spess talks about it on his site somewhere.

666joshy666 Posted: Jan 8th 2010

Ahh! Do you know what it is made of?

Purple&Brown Posted: Jan 8th 2010

Some type of plastic, I'll try and get the link, I think its somewhere in this video:

666joshy666 Posted: Jan 8th 2010

It might be resin. I want to make one but I don't know what to use for the mould and the lip-sync model.

Jamie Gomersall Posted: Jan 8th 2010

All I use for lipsync is about twenty different mouths. I have mouths for:


And it goes on.

womble1 Posted: Jan 11th 2010

Can Chocaspazibunianby staff or anyone else who could help me with lipsincing because i have not done a animation with sound yet i was wondering how you get the software and use it. i've got mouth pieces script, models ect also i'am going to start recording soon though not sure what to do.

Ursrut Posted: Jan 11th 2010

So first of all you've got the sound planned ( script) and the models. Good start. Now what you need to do is realise the mouth movement that were needed to make the sound. A good way to do this is to film the recording of the sound so you see the mouth shapes
A good piece of software is helium frog (it's free)- you can get this on .
I believe with this you can sync it all very well like on Stopmotion pro ( an expensive piece of software).

Umm that's a quick thing of what my tips are and good luck!

womble1 Posted: Jan 11th 2010

Thank Ursrut. though what do you mean with your second bit ( about realise the mouth movement.And by the way i have got stopmotion pro already.

Ursrut Posted: Jan 11th 2010

Basically, what i mean is, film the person saying the words on the script as well as record it that way you can match the movement of the lips with the sound of the word - realising the mouth movement ;)

womble1 Posted: Jan 13th 2010

ok thanks Ursrut
Does anyone know how to use stop motion pro for the lip sincing also why are the photos you upload become very fuzzy

Jamie Gomersall Posted: Jan 13th 2010

Speaking of Fuzzy a new pic is on the Fuzzy idiots site

666joshy666 Posted: Jan 13th 2010

Here is my lip-sync test:

womble1 Posted: Jan 17th 2010

tried to record but very quiet,why? On window movie maker.

womble1 Posted: Jan 17th 2010

Heres my first animation with sound. This just to test if the sound was working.

666joshy666 Posted: Jan 17th 2010

You have to export it from windows movie maker because no one can watch it.

womble1 Posted: Jan 17th 2010

how ?

666joshy666 Posted: Jan 17th 2010

gromit go for him Posted: May 18th 2010

does anyone know wallace mouths

iantimothy Posted: May 18th 2010

The way it is done? Or the different shapes?

gromit go for him Posted: May 29th 2010

any photos of the ouths and what they are representing

gromit go for him Posted: May 29th 2010

soz mouths

thetopbun Posted: May 29th 2010

Well yes there are a few online... Hold on 1 sec!

gromit go for him Posted: Jun 2nd 2010


harryboy8080 Posted: Oct 8th 2011

Sorry for bumping, but I don't think this thread should get sent down in the depths of the forum to parish (I mean perish, thanks Ian! ) .
Anyways, working on a lip sync test around ten seconds long... Can't wait to show it!

iantimothy Posted: Oct 8th 2011

what parish? St. Mary's? 0:)
sorry couldn't resist the wordplay there, I believe you meant "perish."

But in all seriousness. what kind of lip sync you doing?

harryboy8080 Posted: Oct 9th 2011

Oh dear, I've been dumbfounded by homophones.
I just went to the craft store today to pick up some plasticine. Got a good eight pounds of it. Also bought some wooden modelling tools.
Anyways, here's the model I am using, during this picture I think his mouth is sounding out "L":

Gromits little bro Posted: Oct 10th 2011

looks good! Is it just a test or will there be an animation with this character?
And I just ROFL'd, I read homophones as homophobes

harryboy8080 Posted: Oct 10th 2011

Thanks GLB! I will most likely just be using this little guy for a test. Actually, he was modeled off of this character:

And he actually did look exactly like him. But, for lip sync, I added the mouth, and I put bags underneath his eyes because it seemed relevant to the speech clip.

mmasonghi studios Posted: Oct 10th 2011

I'm gonna post a link to a Lip sync i did of one of my models tomorrow ;)

harryboy8080 Posted: Oct 27th 2011

womble1 Posted: Nov 22nd 2011

Have finished mouths and shall test them out soon!

womble1 Posted: Nov 23rd 2011

Have just finished my first test doing lip syncing and think it was ok but could improve it


mmasonghi studios Posted: Nov 23rd 2011

I have many good comments on my lip sync in my ducky town film(if you skip the first scene)

thespazicat Posted: Feb 4th 2012

so much dust on this thread,cough cough, where have i been? who knows, who cares, but none the less, any young aspiring animator who is new to the site best have a look into this thread, you may learn something.

This is the spazicat, disapearing into the mist once again................................. also the image is animated if you click on it btw.

Clay Fighter Posted: Feb 4th 2012

haha spazicat that animations was awesome!

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