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thetopbun Posted: Dec 30th 2008

Probably not

debeller Posted: Dec 30th 2008

cool carnt wait!

l beaf Posted: Dec 31st 2008

does sound really kl:D

Morph007 Posted: Dec 31st 2008

hope its on Xbox 360 or psp

thetopbun Posted: Dec 31st 2008

Probaby XBOX and 360 but I don't think PSP!:O

shaun the snowy christmas Posted: Dec 31st 2008

the game is going :to be on drumroll plz it is going to be: on pc ps2 ps3 xbox360 and the best bit it is going to be on the ................... WII OH YES
it looks like great fun so i hope i enjoy it and all of you enjoy it.
the price is £5 to £30 insh going to be less then £35 on wii about £30 what the internet said cant wait :-(|)

shaun the snowy christmas Posted: Dec 31st 2008

hope you like what i said

chomho Posted: Dec 31st 2008

the only systems it will probably be on is:
play station 2-3
the new XBOX 360
ummm well thats the only ones i can think of i hope i helped im exitedand im very knowledgeable on video games soo.....8)COME OUT ALREADY PLEASE COME OUT OUT OUT!umm...awkward well:-|great game!.........i type tooooooo much!

Ross09 Posted: Jan 1st 2009

Will This Game Be On PS3

wallace and gromit155 Posted: Jan 1st 2009

cant wait::wicked;)

rumney Posted: Jan 1st 2009

oh goo:wendoline:d weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee|-)eeeeeeeeeee wahooo wat r u talkin about again0:)

fidget56 Posted: Jan 1st 2009

it will be well cool if it was on wii, pc, ds, xbox8)

gromit300 Posted: Jan 1st 2009

hey have you guys played the were rabbit one or the project zoo one ? there both W&G games! they are best games ive played on the ps2! i bet this one is going to be better!!!

8497 Posted: Jan 2nd 2009

:wallace4:gromit3::looking go:wallace1:od:wallace:wallace2:3:

OrangeDragon Posted: Jan 2nd 2009

Any chance this will be an episodic releade like many of Telltale's games? On WiiWare hopefully...

Matty Hamo Posted: Jan 2nd 2009

hope its on the xbox 360 cause i love wallace and gromit:D

ilovehutchaaw Posted: Jan 2nd 2009

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I can't wait!

wee gem Posted: Jan 2nd 2009

i hope it'son the wii or DS cause i love wallace and gromit

themoonofcheese Posted: Jan 3rd 2009

Hey this game looks great that u actually get to be them and nort just watch them.:OI'm shocked!

peter kay is pc mac Posted: Jan 3rd 2009

I've only got PC so i hope they release it on PC! It's looks good

Sonicfan Posted: Jan 3rd 2009

Everyone telltale games only make games for pc and wii, this game is very likely to be only avalible on pc. It is possible that it will come out on wii.;):)

TomM Posted: Jan 4th 2009

cant wait !

wallace and gromit fan no1 Posted: Jan 4th 2009

:smile:beaming::this is :-|amazing0:):bigsmile:

eye to eye Posted: Jan 4th 2009


wandgfan21 Posted: Jan 4th 2009

hang on! i just thought as it may be on wiiware it may be on the new dsiware the dsi is a new ds with a camera and it can save the games it downloads!

thetopbun Posted: Jan 4th 2009

Ohh yeh! Good thinking!

Yatesy Posted: Jan 5th 2009

I hope it comes out on wii

dantheman09 Posted: Jan 6th 2009

it probably will come out on the following consoles:

Xbox 360
& PC.

I dont think itll come out on the ds or the normal xbox but all the other consoles besides they dont even make normal xbox games they just make xbox 360 games .

dantheman09 Posted: Jan 6th 2009

i hope it at least comes out on pc, ps2, psp, or wii cos thts all ive got:D

dantheman09 Posted: Jan 6th 2009

but it would b good if it came out on every console so that every1 can buy it0:)

dantheman09 Posted: Jan 6th 2009

*thats the only consoles i have*

*= mistake from second last message posted

Gromit Fans Posted: Jan 6th 2009

When will gromit and ( & ) his owner getting married and ( & ) have kids ?

Gromit Fans Posted: Jan 6th 2009

Will gromit getting married with Piella Bakewell's female dog Fluffle ?

Gromit Fans Posted: Jan 6th 2009

When will gromit ( & ) wallace coming together with Mr Nick Park as in arriving in Singapore one day ? Will gromit and ( & ) wallace able coming with Mr Nick Park as I am hoping by waiting that they come to Singapore !

emperadalek Posted: Jan 7th 2009

I hope Feathers McGraw features in it

No 1 fan Posted: Jan 7th 2009

It would be cool if you could do the moves with the Wii. I think this game will be the best yet! :D

Sammy the lamb Posted: Jan 7th 2009

The thing that gets me is that you have to DOWNLOAD the game of the Taletale games Website! I'd rather buy it in the shops... and I probably won't get it till Ages! It'll come out SOMETIME in 2009... but I'm kinda Impatient... we could do with some new screen shots... and A new video... Maybe something showing the gameplay a bit more?

TomM Posted: Jan 8th 2009

wandgfan21 Posted: Jan 8th 2009

on mac hope fully telltale still have not replied to my e-mail.

Dibin Posted: Jan 11th 2009

Will there be a computer vertion

kennedyman Posted: Jan 14th 2009

look what i made

Oakes Posted: Jan 15th 2009

i doubt u can play it online becos then all ther time will of gone and they wont of made any profit out of it

Pieman411 Posted: Jan 16th 2009

I heard it will be on Wiiware and pc only, I hope it will be on more than that though

sonic the werehog Posted: Jan 16th 2009

cool! i know it is going to be on wii and ps3 xbox 360

tobybro125 Posted: Jan 16th 2009

It wont be on xbox but will be on 360 :O
it mite be on ps3 -ps2
il be :O if it on mac but it mite be on pc

fluffles the poodle Posted: Jan 16th 2009

is it definately going to be on the wii?

thetopbun Posted: Jan 16th 2009

Yes! The main console!

daniella Posted: Feb 3rd 2009

Where can I find Wallace & Gromit in the zoo game?? I want download it from the internet and I cannot find it:-(:'(

Terry T Posted: Feb 3rd 2009

Don't you have to BUY it?


TTG-David E Posted: Feb 4th 2009

Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures is going to be released for Xbox Live Arcade and PC this spring!

More details and screenshots have been posted to the Telltale Games blog:

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