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thespazicat Posted: Dec 25th 2008

I have to admit, i am one of those very naughty people to watch the new wallace and gromit on the internet. I wanted to post this thread when i saw it, but i thought this would be the best time for us brits so, this is my review of amolad.

- thespazicat

the plot:

once again, the infamous duo are back, but this time , instead of catching rabbits or cleaning windows, they are bakers, and deliver bread from door to door, But they are very concerned that a serial killer is mudering bakers in the area.
Wallace again, gets another gf ( piella bakewell), but gromit soon realizes that piella, is the killer. and then the film goes completely bananas from then.

the good parts:

As usual, aardman continually amuse us with their clever storylines and animation. the jokes were gags as usual, you could never get confused of what was going on and it brings back the fun and serious tone of the original 3 shorts. thats how i like wallace and gromit.
The music was cheerful, amusing and basicly sets the tone of the film , the same goes for the voice talents.
and the best part was, no breaks or adverts. THANK U BBC!

The bad parts:

these are just minor, but i just didnt like these parts.

1. in the middle of the film, piella picks up gromit to put him in a chair. why is this bad, gromit has no tail. nofby (i think) did show a photo still of this scene. i thought at first that i wouldnt notice that, but its just stares u right in the face.

2. There is a scene where gromit tries to find fluffles (piellas dog) but actually finds a monkey with symbols. why i dont like this? becaudse when the monkey jumps, its stock sound from the hit videogame "super mario 64".

3.Piella abusing fluffles, wait, this is a kids movie right?

feathers mcgraw easter egg:

as usual, feathers makes a hidden apperance in the newer films so i had to name these ones which probably every one noticed.
When they are riding out of control on the bike and go into the zoo, a wanted poster for a split second is on the wall with feathers on it, and at the end, you see at the zoo, a cage with penguins in it. COME ON NICK, GIVE THE GUY A COMEBACK!

A great short, great story and great charcters,
i give this movie 5 hidden feathers

squigly Posted: Dec 25th 2008

one other editing flaw i noticed was in the Top Bun delivery scene where Piella's bicycle brakes supposedly fails. Gromit starts off driving the Top Bun on the right side of the van. When Wallace decides to help Piella with her out-of-control bicycle, Wallace is on the right and hands the steering wheel to Gromit, who is now sitting on the left as a passenger.

thetopbun Posted: Jan 25th 2009

Ohh yeh!

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